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Even When Weed Is Legal, Employees Face Risks

from Fast Company As more states legalize or move toward legalizing medicinal or recreational cannabis, many may assume that they’re free to partake in accordance with the law. But, for employees, smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana could possibly lead to disciplinary action or termination by your employer—even if you get high on your own time. […]

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Mapping the Odyssey Isn’t Easy

from kottke We’ve looked before at maps of Odysseus’s travels in The Odyssey (as Jason wrote in 2018, “that dude was LOST”). But it turns out — and maybe this shouldn’t be surprising — that it’s not easy to figure out exactly where Odysseus was in the Mediterranean Sea for all that time. Scholars have […]

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Ignoring Cable Industry Protest, FCC Says It Will “Unlock the Set-top Box”

from ars technica Pay-TV providers would have to make video programming available to the makers of third-party devices and software under a proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. The FCC is planning for a software-based, cardless replacement for CableCard. Without needing a physical card that plugs into a third-party set-top box, consumers would be […]

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How African-American Writers Have Revived And Reshaped “Black Panther”

from co.CREATE When Marvel Comics announced this week that red-hot cultural commentator Ta-Nehisi Coates would be writing its new Black Pantherseries, comics fans and people who are invested in progressive views on social justice both had serious freakouts. Coates is one of the most perceptive and thoughtful writers working today, and he’s also a lifelong comic book fan—a […]

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