14 LinkedIn Profile Summaries That We Love (And How to Boost Your Own)

from LinkedIn Talent Blog

We get it. Writing your LinkedIn Profile summary isn’t at the top of your to-do list. You’re not sure what to write. Your photo and headline make your Profile complete enough. It’s not worth your time since your company already attracts so many great candidates. [Insert your own excuse here.]

Well sometimes you need a great example — or 14 great examples — to see the summary’s magic and figure out how to write your own. Read on and prepare to be inspired.

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  1. I found this article about LinkedIn important and interesting because I want to get my LinkedIn profile started and get going. This article taught me about the ways to improve my LinkedIn profile. I believe that having a good LinkedIn profile is important because it can help you get yourself out there and it can help you with networking. The first thing I learned from this article is that in your LinkedIn profile you can show how flexible you are as a worker. You can show how flexible you are by talking about your former accomplishments. For instance, you can show that you worked in one place and at a different place. By doing this make sure that you mention your best accomplishments are the ones that stand out the most. Also, making sure that your main focus is mentioned is important. I feel that the most important thing when mentioning your accomplishments is actual proof because you can just be lying and showing proof will put you over the rest of the people that just said that they just worked somewhere or got a degree a whatever school. The last important thing I learned is that hooking your reader is big. Hooking your reader is big because a lot of people will have LinkedIn profiles and you need to stand out compared to everyone else. That is why having a good LinkedIn profile is important.

  2. I really loved this article. I believe LinkedIn profiles are seen by college students as something scary and it really isn’t. The first example here where the person shows that he is a ‘nerd’ and says he has been to many different countries in the world show that a LinkedIn profile could be good regardless of the seriousness, if it is creative and original. I noticed people are concise in their writing as they can briefly write a lot of information about themselves and go straight to the point. Another interesting note is the freedom of style as some people wrote in a storytelling style, others just listed and some as an autobiography. It seems that it doesn’t matter in what way it is written as long as it is good enough to captivate readers and make them more interested in looking at the full profile.
    My favorite quote was “It strengthens your first impression in a way no other Profile section can”. I agree that the first impression is the one that sticks to a person and a well-developed LinkedIn profile is such a good and underrated way to cause that good first impression.

  3. I think this article is funny that it is on this blog due to us as a class talking about this topic. LinkedIn came up in class due to me saying that I did not have a profile on the website. Professor Shannon couldn’t believe I did not have a LinkedIn account and scolded me in front of the whole class. Now, I see this article on the course blog. This article shows different examples of LinkedIn profile pages on their website and why they are good profiles. The first profiles sets up a potential conversation when listing different countries he has been too, which could resonate with an employer. Another profiles lists their greatest feats, which should be somewhere on your profile. LinkedIn in its simplest form is a first impression. Employers will judge you solely based on your LinkedIn, and that is why it is so important. LinkedIn is connected to almost every company in the world, and your profile is your reason why you should be interviewed and hired.

  4. Having a LinkedIn profile that stands out is very important for a variety of reasons. Learning to market yourself is a skill that will always benefit you in any facet of life. In the job market or during an interview, you are pitching yourself to a company or organization and make them see the kind of person you are, the skills you have, and what you bring to the table overall. Obviously, it is challenging to put yourself on the radar of various organizations just by connections or job applications. In the digital age that we find ourselves in, LinkedIn can aid us in that challenge. On one page, you can summarize your whole life, every skill that you have picked up along the way, and any interests you have.
    Another reason is that many times, your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a potential future employer will see. First impressions are very important, and having a solid LinkedIn profile can catch the eye of said employer and give you a leg up on everyone else. On the other side of the first impression coin, you can also look into a company’s page and figure out what their mission is, what they are trading at in the market, and things related to them. Overall, LinkedIn is a great tool to boost your professional career. The connections you are able to make are limitless, and it all starts with a well crafted profile.

  5. As a current junior who has started looking for internships and job opportunities, making sure you have a LinkedIn profile, as well as presenting it in a way that is appealing to recruiters, is extremely important. This LinkedIn article shows me and people in positions like mine, some key points to look out for and make sure you are applying to your LinkedIn profile. The article starts out by explaining all of the different sections of your profile, such as the summary, The summary should be a short paragraph or a few sentences that allow job and internship recruiters to get to know a little bit about who you are. It should also highlight some of your past experiences, as well as some of your largest achievements. The article then provides some good examples of some LinkedIn profiles and what we, as students, should be looking to include in our’s. It is important to provide enough information to these job and internship recruiters as this might be their first look or interaction with you and your profile. After looking at some good examples of what your profile’s opening summary should look like, the article outlines its readers with a few straight forward tips. Some of these tips include highlight your present and past work experiences and to be yourself and tell your story. We can do these things by adding insightful media, crafting an impactful opening statement, and writing how you would be speaking with these recruiters.

    As I have a LinkedIn profile of my own, I can utilize some of these tips as I continue to edit and improve my profile to make it look more intriguing and professional to the recruiter’s eye. My summary as of right now could use some more detail and information, rather than just being a few sentences. I can add some details from some of my past experiences at work or at extra curricular activities to help enhance my summary. I feel as if I have gained some more perspective as to what goes through a recruiter’s mind when searching through people’s profiles and what they are looking for when recruiting somebody for an open position.

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