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Sweet Romance Reads: Happy Pi DayPi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi. Pi Day is observed on March 14 (3/14 in the month/day format) since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant figures of ?. It was founded in 1988 by Larry Shaw, an employee of the Exploratorium. Celebrations often involve eating pie or holding pi recitation competitions. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

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  1. This blog post caught my eye because I remember learning about Pi in math class during middle school. I learned the meaning of it and I would always try to remember all of the numbers inside of my head. Before reading this I could not imagine someone using Pi in their everyday life. I have learned that Pi is in the bible stating that Pi is 3 or 30/10. Additionally, Pi is in our artificial intelligence and it helps us make new machines. You might ask how is Pi in our Artificial Intelligence? The answer to that question is in order to make this advanced technology these people need to solve these formulas and Pi is a big help to them. I find it very impressive that Pi helps us today in our lives. Even though I do not use Pi in my everyday life I can see how some other people can use Pi in their everyday lives and not even know it.

  2. Pi Day is a celebration of one of the most important numbers in history. The famous 3.14 value makes the date March 14th the best anniversary. The number Pi is utilized in many different methods. The most widely used is as a representation of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and a formula to find the area of a circle. Other applications include studying infinite stars in astronomy, accurate measurements in construction, researching the behavior of light waves, studying the structure of DNA in biology, and inspirations for various entertainment industries. The irrational number Pi is common in everyday life and assists workers in numerous careers.
    We all learn about the symbol pi in geometry class during high school. Pi is celebrated because it has many real-life applications and is associated with many processes. I would like to focus on the use of Pi in biology/medicine and the several accomplishments it has played a role in. In 1952, the mathematician Alan Turing proposed an analytical model explaining the simple principles of pattern formation during morphogenesis. Morphogenesis is the appearance of an organisms’ body plan. He proposed that an embryo becomes patterned into different functional features within the body and is diffused into the tissues by chemicals. Computer simulations of this process disclose a unique arrangement of patterns. The size and spacing of many patterns are encoded by the constant Pi. It’s one of the governing laws in biology.
    We all encountered Pi at some point in our education and should realize its true potential.

  3. I never realized how significant the pi number set was. I only correlated it with the circumference of a circle. Little did I know pi is used in a lot of key mathematical concepts and theories. Sergei P. points out interesting, albeit hard to fathom, mathematical concepts in this article. He points out how legendary mathematicians used pi in their theoretical formulas. Albert Einstein figured out the equation related to the balance of energy must at all times be kept for compressible flows, and the adiabatic condition is a consequence of the fundamental laws in the case of smooth solutions, using pi in his formula. I would never in a million years guess that pi was used in any formula related to energy. Another interesting concept that I will be using in my quantitative analyst career is the Cauchy distribution. This concept is used in probability models that deal with infinite exponential growth. Pi is used in all aspects of real-world mathematical computations.
    I did not realize that these mathematical computations can be utilized in real-world scenarios. This is especially true in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pi is a key computation in eigenvalues that are used in the principal component analysis, spectral clustering, computer vision, and gradient. I personally do not know the exact meaning of these concepts, but after a quick google search, they seem to be key concepts in the artificial intelligence conglomerate. Pi is used everywhere and seems to be the foundation for many math and science. It is easy to look over the importance of pi as it is just an irrational number. I had never looked into why pi was such a celebrated concept until reading this article. I now see the importance of pi and the justification of the march 14th celebration.

  4. I always knew that Pi was a special number, but I was never aware of how important this number is. Pi is used in science, math, and machine learning. In the future, humanity will probably discover that Pi is used in countless other aspects of life, and innovative technical pursuits. Pi is even mentioned and partially calculated in the Bible. I was extremely shocked when I learned this because I never would have expected one of the world’s prominent sacred texts to reference mathematical calculations. I thought the Bible focused on religious ideas and was unaware of how its authors integrated mathematics in its passages. I believe that if Pi is mentioned in a religious text, then the number must carry an extremely significant meaning or purpose. This reference of the number Pi in the Bible, must be what sparked many different ancient civilizations to begin to try to understand this number and calculate its significant figures. Ancient non-Christian civilizations also joined the effort to further understand this number and its applications in science and mathematics. As humanity progressed and the information revolution began scientists began to use technology to try to discover all of Pi’s significant figures. Technology has been extremely helpful in allowing people to discover more of Pi’s significant figures, and has created an intense race between mathematicians and scientists alike in order to discover more of Pi’s significant figures. Unfortunately, we will mostly likely never know all of Pi’s significant figures as Pi is an irrational number. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers, which means that Pi is an infinite number. Since Pi goes on for infinity, it is impossible to discover all of its significant figures. So, there will never be one person who can claim they have discovered all of Pi’s significant figures. Sadly, people will always be interchanging who gets bragging rights for discovering more of Pi’s significant figures. Currently, 62.8 trillion figures of Pi have been discovered. I am in awe of how strong our computer systems are. It is hard to believe how such a complex task, like discovering 62.8 trillion significant figures of Pi, can be done by advanced technology. Although computers programs have discovered 62.8 trillion significant figures of Pi, most people know that Pi can be rounded to 3.14159.

  5. If anyone asked me what Pi was before reading this article, I would say 3.14 and the ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter. It’s one of the only formulas and definitions that I know from math class. However, I never knew the history of pi or the basic historical facts of math formulas. The origin of pi goes all the way back to being mentioned in the Bible. Many different infinite series of pi have been invented throughout the years from Archimedes in 250 BC, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in the 1660s, and Tamar Friedmann and Carl Hagen in 2015. These are not the only people who revolutionized pi, but they did in their distinct field of study. The earliest version of pi that is most popular was invented by William Jones in 1706. I never knew how many formulas and equations rely on pi in every type of field of study. I always find math conspiracies appealing, and the question on the different digits in pi and the number of digits is interesting. Throughout history, many mathematicians tried to figure out the real value of pi and its importance. Without pi, there is no artificial intelligence in today’s world. Pi is so critical to eigenvalues that artificial intelligence would not be possible. Many laws stretching from thermodynamics and magnetic fluids to healthcare and finance need pi.

  6. When I hear someone mention Pi day I always think of 3.14 because I’ve never really knew much about it. After reading the article I was more informed about what Pi actually is. “Did you know that not only Pi is mentioned in the Bible, but it’s also calculated there? I talk about it below.” Out of all the facts being told this one stood out to me the because I always assumed Pi was strictly math related. Pi can be so versatile because it is used in quantum mechanics, physics and helped various mathematicians with creating formulas.

  7. The first thing you would think of when someone mentions “pi” you would immediately think of the infamous number we all learned in high school. Throughout my academic career I only knew the first three numbers by heart and just plugged the symbol into my calculator whenever I needed to use it. To celebrate and acknowledge the never ending number, a day was set to celebrate it. The day is March 14th after the first three numbers 3.14. The day was established Larry Shaw in 1988 and it has stuck ever sense. I learned a lot from this article that I didn’t know about the number as well as the day we celebrate it on before. For example, the number of equations that this number is in expands way past what we learned during school. I also learned that Pi was mentioned in the bible which shocked me as well.

  8. This was a nice little article to read regarding the unique 3.14 value known as PI. I think that it is already fascinating that numbers are infinite and do not stop, but to think that PI is so specialized and utilized in so many unique ways. I remember learning about this value in high school in geometry class as a way to measure a circle’s circumference to its diameter, as well as a formula to find the area of that circle. I had recently looked up where the word “PI” came from because although they teach us about the number, they don’t teach us about the name. According to national geographic, William Jones called the number “PI” given the Greek word perimitros which means “perimeter”. I think it is also extremely interesting that we can find pI pretty much everywhere in today’s world as well as in our lives. It just amazes me that we can look around right now and it is almost a guarantee that we can find PI. We often joke about trying to remember the value of PI considering it is an unimaginable number, but Rajveer Meena at VIT University in Vellore, India was able to recite over 70,000 decimal places. Meena did this for ten hours straight all while being blindfolded, and it is absolutely incredible (https://twitter.com/GWR/status/973859428880535552).
    Another cool fact I learned about PI is that there is an actual language that originated from the number PI. The dialect is known as “Pi-lish” and it works like this: The number of letters in each word match the corresponding digit of pi. So it would be like the first word has three letters, the second one has one letter, and the third has four letters and etc… Pi is so important to us because it helps us understand and measure our universe more clearly. With Pi being invented, it inspired a new notion in the measurements of angles, as well as provided a new unit of measurement known as radian measure. Overall, I never really truly realized how significant the value of Pi was, and that you can encounter Pi performing everyday tasks. I feel that it is important that we acknowledge this aggressively long value.

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