Fully Remote Companies Are Hiring – 4 Ways To Make Your Application Stand Out

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FlexJobs, a job site that focuses on remote, work from home and flexible job opportunities, recently released a list of 50 companies that allow 100% of their workers to work remotely 100% of the time. The companies spanned various industries, including technology, financial services, health and wellness and more. Recent job postings went well beyond engineering, including marketing, operations, finance, legal, HR, even admin roles.

If your goal is to land a fully remote job, you don’t have to only focus on tech companies or tech roles. Whatever industry or function you target, you will need to show you can get results in a remote work arrangement. Best practices for the resume may still leave it too focused on in-person work. Here are four ways to tailor your job application for remote work specifically:

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  1. Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, technology has progressed tremendously and companies are beginning to go full remote. In this new era, technology-based jobs are being created and are continuing to go full remote. So now, people have to start getting educated on technology and building their technological resumes. To briefly summarize this article, this article gives advice on how to build your resume and to make you stand out or companies that are fully remote. First, you need to have experience in remote job working. Now, working from home is like working at the office, so employees need to have the mentality that this is a regular job. Employers are most definitely looking for people who have experience working from home since this can lead to distractions. Additionally, you need to empathize with skills that could be at use. For instance, having good technological skills and being able to focus for a long period of time. These skills can aid you into getting a job in the future, since employers and companies are starting to go full remote.
    Moreover, as an employee, you have to be genuinely interested in working at the company. Many people would be interested in this job because of the choice to work from your own comfort. You have to show you are genuinely interested because employers are expecting you to be of interest due to being fully remote. There are a number of advantages to working from home. For instance, safety and comfort. Workers may be able to have more motivation to work because of the arrangement. There is no manager or boss physically looking over your shoulder or no coworkers bugging you for anything. You can work at your own pace as long as you get the work finished for the day. Lastly, you have to be responsive. It can be more difficult to reach back out to employers, but this is key if you really desire to be hired and have the job. You have to be organized and reach back out to people in a timely manner. In the future, numerous jobs that are fully remote will start to open up and become the norm. So, having technological skills is vital for the future.

  2. As a sophomore who is actively looking for internships, this article is extremely helpful for me. I am personally looking for any kind of internship, whether it be fully remote or in person, and this helps us understand how to build a resume for completely online work. Jobs have become remote now much more frequently, since the beginning of the pandemic. There are certain things that you can put in your resume to make it more suited for a fully remote position. You want to be able to show that you are technologically responsible. You also have to be able to stay on task which is much harder when you are not in an office.

  3. Remote working is anything but new. However, the recent pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt to the changing world and broaden accessibility to working remotely. As college students, we are all looking for internship and eventual job opportunities, and now the options have expanded as more companies are offering full-time remote work. This article, written by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, is extremely helpful in its step-by-step process to help aspiring workers make themselves more competitive when applying for these types of jobs. As with any job, the contents of resumes and cover letters are crucial for employers. However, employers seeking remote working are looking for workers who highlight their remote skills and establish that they have the ability to successfully work in this non-traditional setting. Remote working is obviously not for everyone, and especially not for people that are either technologically inept or are poor at skills such as time-management and responsiveness. Ceniza-Levine also made sure to point out that employers are not only looking for workers that appreciate the flexibility of a remote position but are truly skilled enough to handle the unique medium.
    I think a common misconception that people have about remote workers is that they are automatically “lazier” or are doing less work than their in-person counterparts. This is simply not true, as we as students all understand that online work is still hard work. Of course, there is a certain convenience about working online but that is no substitute for long hours. As with applying for any type of job, people should be applying for remote jobs because it fits their specific skillset, and the work actually interests them. Luckily, because of the state that most of the world was in during the worst months of the pandemic, many people now have real experience working remotely and can use this experience to help them excel in future jobs. As we all, at Seton Hall University, communicated with one another last school year on Microsoft Teams, Blackboard, Zoom etc., we understand that being remote still demands being attentive and responsive. I think the main point that this article is trying to highlight is that technology-based jobs are no longer the only ones looking for completely remote workers. Whether we search for professional positions in the marketing, engineering, health and wellness industries, etc., we must all consider that remote work is an increasingly common set-up, and that we have to adapt along with these changes.

  4. With technology have substantial impact on the world, there is a lot of jobs where you can stay at the comfort of your own home using technology rather than going into a office everyday to talk in person. There is no big need of it anymore because of zoom meeting being able to be done online. With this being said when making a resume and application, there are many others working to get the same spot. So Flexjobs made a website in order to stand out from the others. This is good because it will give you a much better chance at getting the position at the job.

  5. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy and set mankind forward at least ten years. We are operating in a technologically advanced world which is evolving even more rapidly than it should because of humanities response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a global society we began to shift toward remote work, school, and medicine. These changes were destined to happen in the future, but significant social change had occurred out of necessity. It is normal to want to work and learn remotely now, in fact in many situations remote or hybrid work is expected. Changing social norms has led to an increased demand for fully remote workers in addition to making it a necessity for people to learn how to best market themselves for an online job.
    In order to achieve fully remote employment, one must adjust their resume, so they can become more attractive to online companies. Highlighting remote work experience on one’s resume is a great start. If one can show potential employers that they are capable of effectively working in this type of environment, then employers will feel more comfortable hiring them for the job. If potential employees list the accomplishments they achieved while working remotely, they will look like an even better candidate for the job. Showing potential future employers that you can, not only, work in a remote environment, but that you can achieve significant accomplishments, will be significantly helpful for you. Employers want to see that you will work hard and achieve more than the minimal required tasks. They also want to see a progression of how your skills were applied from one job to the next. If remote work experience and accomplishments are listed, then candidates should be in a good position.
    Finally, if potential remote employees demonstrate genuine interest in the work and not the arrangement, then they should be looked upon highly favorably. If employers have the feeling that you care more about working at home then the actual job you are hired to do, then you will not be hired. Simple as that. Employers will not believe that you are dedicated to your job, or that you are even interested in the jobs tasks. Showing a genuine interest in your work will make your employers feel more comfortable that you will actually complete your tasks.
    Moving forward it is extremely important to be prepared to work in a remote, hybrid, or in person model. Each work model is different and thus demands different skills from employees. Each work model demands employees to organize their resume in a slightly different way. If one follows the advice from the Forbes Blog post, Fully Remote Companies Are Hiring: 4 Ways To Make Your Application Stand Out, then they should be well set for a remote work career.

  6. Nowadays technology is present in every aspect of our lives. With its fast-evolving speed, we are obligated to get used to living in a virtual world. With emerging technological advances like the metaverse, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, humans must prepare to live in a world that will look like the ones we once watched in futuristic movies. One of the main aspects of life is working. Working might be the most important aspect of life since we look for it to be able to have economic and social stability and thus have a prosperous life where we can live happily. In the present and mostly in the future, remote working will take on in-person working, as many jobs only look for output and ignore the person that is behind that work. With the present covid-19 pandemic, this way of working is rapidly getting its way in many companies around the world. With this new job opportunity, future workers and also the current ones need to start thinking about how to get into this new world full of opportunities. I believe this new working experience has many pros that will allow people to have more opportunities and find jobs easier. On one side, taking into account that we live in a world with very marked and often discriminatory stereotypes, not having meeting spaces where people can judge things that are irrelevant when hiring someone makes that choice much more impartial and less biased. Also, virtual hiring means that there is a greater weight in the results achieved by the person who is applying for the position, this is because by not having a physical meeting space, such as an interview, the only way to know the person is from the things they have achieved throughout their career. This brings a great advantage because people will be judged on their performance and other aspects related to their job skills, their physical characteristics will not be relevant at all. Also, this will allow people to work regardless of their geographical location and more opportunities will be able. In the end, this will help people to create a more competitive market where everyone is expected to have a better preparation.

  7. Companies offering more full time remote positions allows for a very different job market than people are traditionally used to. There are a lot of large corporations and companies that are hiring for 100% remote positions, allowing its employees to live in different states, or even countries. In the past, people were competing individually and were also looking for a job in the area they lived in, but now that pool has expanded across the globe.
    It is going to be even harder for people to find jobs in the remote setting because of the increased level of competition in the job market. Having an impressive resume is the first important step towards getting hired for a remote job. People who have experience working remotely have an advantage, because they can highlight that on their resume and the company will know the concept is not foreign to them. The rest of the hiring process is going to be incredibly similar to traditional companies, with the exception of increased competition.
    I had two remote internships during the pandemic over the summers. The first one was during the start of the lockdowns in 2020, and the company was not prepared for so many of its employees to be online. Considering it was a large bank that had headquarters all over the world, they had plenty of technological capabilities and were able to adjust with the times. The onboarding process and getting all the interns online was a challenge, but mostly because they were more worried about managers and other senior executives being able to work remote. I am also thankful that at the time, the job was supposed to be in person, so I was only competing with people who lived in the New York and New Jersey area. There were hundreds of people that applied, but if the positions were remote from the start, I am sure the pool would have increased.
    One restriction is the timezone barrier some employees would face if they worked for a company that they lived across the world from. Even if they could adapt to a different language and working culture, some people would have to essentially work throughout the night and sleep during the day. That would discourage some parts of the world from applying for certain positions, but for the right opportunity, anything is possible.

  8. The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in one of the worst job crises since the Great Depression. This will increase poverty levels in America and widen income inequalities within society. In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached 14.8 percent and the labor force participation rate declined to 60.2 percent in April 2020. According to The ILO (International Labor Organization), it estimates working hours lost in 2020 were equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs, leading to $3.7 trillion in lost labor income.
    Since the pandemic has caused millions of people to lose their jobs, we must create a resilient and tough labor market that will be able to confront challenges in the future. One of the most essential steps we have initiated is remote jobs with the utilization of our advanced technology.
    In order for college graduates to be prepared for the new world, they ought to create unique applications and resumes to stand out for potential employers. According to the New York Times, “By this past December, there were 25,800 out of 243,000 virtual jobs postings in key industries or 10.6 percent.” This reveals that companies are hiring online and applicants need to ensure their job applications are perfect. Prior remote work experience and specific results that you have achieved should be included in your resume. In addition, you should provide an interest in the role you are applying for and indicate why you like the company. Furthermore, you should be a good communicator and be flexible to schedule with. All these skills will help you be ready for new job searches.
    I believe that there are significant pros and cons to fully remote working. Although there are better work-life balance experiences for the workers and decreased infrastructure costs for the employers, there is no face to face connection and a lack of access to necessary information. There are increases in productivity and the ability for companies to hire and retain the top candidates. In addition, employees have more freedom and are flexible to create schedules. After outweighing both the pros and cons, I think that remote working is beneficial but there should be mandatory events where employees will have to come to work.

  9. Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic took over the world has moved to being virtual. If it is either school or work, everyone has the access to do everything they need to from the comfort of your own home. A list was recently released of fifty companies that allow their workers to 100% work virtually from their homes. There is no range of the jobs. It goes from engineering, marketing, finance, and even administration roles. In today’s world, when you are building your application the first step is to highlight remote work experience. Companies these days want people who can work virtually when need to. They look for how you handle it. Describe your skills, expertise and experience. I have a prime example of this. I was interviewing for a job in my town and they specifically told me that the interview would be conducted online so they can see how I work virtually. The second way to build a stronger application is to emphasize tangible results and skills. Companies who work virtually can not see you in the work space so they can only see your results. They care about if you can bring something valuable to them. They want to see your success and how you operate. The third way is to demonstrate genuine interest in the work. They want to see that you actually have interest in the field and that your not just in it for the hours or the money. Demonstrate that you are involved and up to date on the topic. The last and final way is to be responsive. Give proper feedback. Respond to calls and emails promptly. Also be flexible with your schedule. I feel that this is the most important way. It makes you be professional. Companies do not want you to be a robot. If they need you they want to make sure they can reach you. Being able to communicate with people is something I believe society today lacks. Everything today is behind a computer or phone screen. There is nothing better than having a company that is polite and genuine.

  10. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us the United States has changed as a whole. Most of the United States has changed to a virtual life. School went virtual and you can still go virtual and jobs rather took a break or went virtual, unless your job was viewed as essential such as a grocery store because everyone needs food and water. This affected me because I had to transform from normal school to online school and I had to take a leave of absence from my job for a while. In addition to missing school I missed the whole senior year of high school experience. Since the United states and the world is changing this involves new opportunities for people such as job hirings. The impact of this pandemic has led to lots of companies going fully remote such as Clevertech and Endgame360. In order to get these remote jobs you need good networking or a good resume to put yourself over your competition. In your resume if you have online/remote work in there that would put you at a huge advantage. Next, a portfolio that shows what you have done in the past is important because your employer/manager can not see what you have done or what you are doing because you are in a remote setting. In addition to both of those things you need to show that you are actually interested in this job and that you will put your maximum effort into such said job. You can show the manager that you have interest in such said job by letting them know exactly what you want to do. Lastly, make sure that you are flexible with your schedule because after all you are working from home.

  11. This article highlighted useful tips on applying to companies if one were aiming to land a fully virtual job from a company. It’s main points are to highlight remote work in resumes, emphasize tangible results, demonstrate genuine interest in the work (not just the job and the fact that you get to work from home), and lastly, be responsive to calls and emails promptly and professionally. A few more specific tips littered throughout the article are to “highlight specific things about the company that attract you,” such as their mission, history, customer base, etc. The article advocates for the FlexJobs list as a resource to find companies that are looking for employees to work 100% online. Overall, the point of the article is to express that a resume made for traditional in-person jobs may not cut it for employers hiring for a

    It’s comforting to know that I can focus on any field of my choosing and still find companies that are willing to hire 100% virtual workers. I checked out FlexJobs, and at the moment there are 30,196 job listings from 5, 858 companies. The Covid-19 pandemic introduced the concept of mainstream 100% online jobs, and I love the fact that it’s here to stay. I’m going to get started on a new resume tailored to apply to remote jobs as soon as I have free time!

  12. The coronavirus has made countless businesses shut down which has caused many people to lose their jobs. With the virus being so contagious, it was mandated in many states for all in person small businesses to close down. We did not know a lot about the virus at the time since it sprung out of nowhere, so it was best for public officials to just shut everything down. Therefore, as stated, countless Americans lost their jobs because of this. A solution that has come up for this has been online remote working. A lot of companies have been offering remote work for their companies so that people can start getting to work in this hard time. It is very important to make your resume stand out to these companies however, because in my opinion, these companies do not want to just hire somebody that is only applying because it is their last resort. They want to hire employees that seem genuinely interested in the company and that seem to be able to do a good job in the online work place. Another way to improve your resume is to emphasize your work results so that your employer can see that you are doing a good job. As stated in “Forbes”, “In a remote work environment, your manager can’t see you working so they can only judge you based on your output. Your application, therefore, needs to be heavy on tangible output – e.g., specific results that you achieved for past employers, relevant skills that can easily be verified with work samples. A portfolio or website that showcases past projects is an efficient way to share this information. You can include relevant links in both your resume and online profile. Certifications and licenses are additional ways to demonstrate a level of expertise.” It is important for you to emphasize how good of a job you are doing because your employer can not see exactly what you are doing in your remote work. Unlike an in person job, your employer can not directly see you while you work, so it is very important for you to be doing your best work online.

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