Covid Is Now a Crisis for the Unvaccinated

from NYTs

Case counts are rising, some hospitals are filling up, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is again recommending universal masking in areas where cases are surging. But to suggest that Covid-19 is an escalating emergency in the United States is not quite right. The truth is that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics right now. If we don’t confront that, the nation can’t address either appropriately.

The C.D.C.’s announcement will lead many to believe that the pandemic is getting worse. But if you and most of the people in your area are vaccinated, things are substantially better than they used to be. Hospitals are relatively clear of Covid-19. Few deaths are occurring. People may still be worried, and some may be masking, but much of their panic is that the stuffy nose they woke up with may be Covid-19.

Sometimes it is. As has always been the case, breakthrough infections of Covid-19 remain possible. Such reports have become more frequent. Because the vaccines are not 100 percent effective, some vaccinated people will get infected, some will get sick, and in rare cases, some may even be hospitalized. The success of the vaccines has long been predicated on preventing severe illness, which they do, rather than on preventing any infection.

If a vast majority of vaccinated people who get Covid-19 recover with no real issues, how much should we worry?

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  1. I agree with the article that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are experiencing two very different pandemics right now. Although vaccinated individuals can still contract Covid-19, they experience mild sickness, if anything, which is why I believe that we should be encouraged. With that being said, I still think there is a reason for concern. Unvaccinated individuals still struggle with severe sickness, hospitalization, and in some cases, death. I believe that the leading cause for concern is that everyone is not as careful as they were when the pandemic started. The Covid-19 situation in the U.S. calmed down around June of 2021, which led to many people being more relaxed about the virus. Since then, cases have been on the rise, but people still seem nonchalant and do not want to take the necessary precautions. With the Delta variant being a real threat to the unvaccinated, I believe they need to be more careful. While I think that unvaccinated people need to take more precautions, I do not feel that this will solve everything. At the end of the day, to be entirely safe, unvaccinated people need to take the vaccine. Unfortunately, even with everyone doing their part and following all the precautions that have been set in place, many unvaccinated people will still get the virus, especially with a more infectious variant going around. I genuinely believe that the government and everyone in the country are doing everything in their power to encourage all to get the vaccine. Therefore, the percentage of vaccinated Americans will continue to grow. Still, I firmly believe that there will always be a large chunk of the population that simply refuses to take it because they are not comfortable. Because of this harsh reality, we need to continue to take the recommended safety measures like wearing masks. Ultimately, I think that we should be highly encouraged that the vaccinated population, for the most part, is not experiencing any severe illness. However, there is no reason to celebrate just yet because a large portion of the country’s population is still unvaccinated; therefore, we still need to take the suggested safety measures and continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

  2. This virus has ravaged our country and this article is just emphasizing the effect that it has had on the unvaccinated population. Although the vaccines ate not 100% effective, the drastically decrease the health risks that come with being infected with COVID-19. Stopping the spread of the virus is essential in putting an end to this pandemic that we have been suffering for the last 20 or so months. The increase in cases and deaths as of late is being blamed on the unvaccinated population, but like the article states, the vaccines as not 100% effective and some people who have been vaccinated unfortunately still fell victim to the virus, some even resulting in casualties. The vaccine is not the solution nor is it the cure, but it can help reduce the spread amongst both the vaccinated and unvaccinated and slow down the effect that the virus is having on the country and the world all over again. In some states hospitals are overpopulated, stopping some regular patients who need to get certain procedures done from getting the treatment that they need in order to stay alive and well. Some hospitals are also understaffed and have too many patients for the small amount of employees that are working at the moment. This crisis has become more than just a pandemic, it’s a threat to the livelihood of everyone and is a threat to our futures.

  3. I do believe that those who are vaccinated in a particular are at a much lower risk of getting sick or dying from Covid. I also think that American citizens should consider becoming fully vaccinated so that they do not put their own health at risk. At the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, this virus had a devastating impact on Americans, which caused hospitals across the US to be flooded with sick patients. However, once people had access to different kinds of vaccines against Covid, there was a significant decline in cases over time. While some Americans are worried that there can be severe long-term effects from getting the vaccine, research and stats have shown otherwise. There are very few cases across America where people have died from receiving the Covid vaccine. The FDA has approved these vaccines and health experts say that they are completely safe for people ages 12 and older. Although people can still test positive for the coronavirus even if they are fully vaccinated, their health would be at much greater risk if they chose to stay unvaccinated. Even when people end up getting Covid after receiving the vaccine, it’s extremely rare for them to pass away because of the Coronavirus. American communities would no longer have to suffer from this ongoing pandemic if they took repercussions against this deadly disease. Even with the majority of America’s population vaccinated, we may never see herd immunity anytime soon. Also, since there is a very contagious delta variant spreading in the United States, unvaccinated citizens will only be at greater risk of suffering from this disease. There will always be citizens who are against getting the vaccine, which is not only putting them at risk but also risking other people’s health and well-being. As of now, becoming fully vaccinated will not make a person completely immune from covid, but they have shown to dramatically slow the spread of this disease. America will not have to suffer anymore from this pandemic if more American citizens choose to become fully vaccinated.

  4. I think everyone can agree that the virus has left a tragic impact on the world. Especially in the beginning stage when the world was just beginning to understand and unravel the virus. People around the world were getting hospitalized and not enough ventilators were available for people that were greatly impacted. Now humans are forced to live with strict guidelines and recommended to get vaccinated in an attempt to combat the virus, but as the article mentions the vaccine is not 100% guaranteed to provide immunity. Many people are still reluctant to get the vaccine after it was FDA approved because they want to see how it affects a human body in the long term. As of right now, the unvaccinated population poses a greater risk of contracting the virus and spreading the virus. Especially now with the Delta variant that is contaminating humans. The previous article I read on the blog explains how quickly a virus or bacteria can evolve over time and even double its rank within 45 minutes. Covid may be a problem for the unvaccinated, but the vaccine is not a permanent solution. I encourage people to get vaccinated in an attempt to return to normal-hood, but that’s far from being close to happening. The virus will continue to evolve and the human population must evolve with it as well.

  5. The coronavirus has truly caused a split in the US society today, as many have questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine. As stated in the article, the vaccines aren’t necessarily 100% effective to protect you from the virus, but has been advocated to be taken due to its protection from you getting minimal to no symptoms. In the perspective of anti-vaxxers, with already low trust in today’s government, the excessive force to take the vaccine makes it very difficult to switch their views. A quick example is the US Food and Drug Administration just recently approving the first vaccine (Pfizer), but it has been administered to citizens for well over 6 months prior. Not to mention, based on recovery from COVID-19, it’s highly unlikely to catch the virus again due to natural human antibodies taking over and heavily benefiting the immune system to fight it off. With this being fuel for ammo for people who have not taken the vaccine, this has left the nation in a stagnant position.

    Although the mask mandate continues, the vaccine must be prioritized. States and areas with high percentages of unvaccinated people have resulted in hospitals once again filing up, as many are still fighting for their lives. Additionally, fewer than 1,200 vaccinated people have died of COVID, while over 97% of people hospitalized due to COVID are unvaccinated (Carroll 2021). More so, it also comes down to morality to protect others. Children below high school aren’t even eligible to take the vaccine, and the elderly (who are the most vulnerable) need protection more than ever. More importantly, the entry of the Delta variant provides a major threat to the unvaccinated as it’s much more infectious and spreads quicker.

    I see both sides of the situation and understand both perspectives, but to sum it up, vaccination is key to even remotely returning back to how society was prior to mid 2020. I personally was reluctant to take the vaccine as well but with further research, morality and the FDA finally approving the vaccine, there should be no fear to protect yourself and especially others. The pandemic was a tragic year and took a toll to many families, which no one enjoyed, but ignorance will only continue to keep us in this pandemic. Everyone does have a choice on what to put into their bodies, but shouldn’t be angered when they deny the vaccine and are continually forced to wear masks. In all, progress has and will continue to be made, but only if we all come together for this one goal to protect ourselves and one another.

  6. After reading this article, there is a clear connection between the spread of covid-19 and the unvaccinated citizens. As the article states “the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics right now”. (NYT) For the unvaccinated citizens, they are experiencing a much higher infection rate solely due to the fact that their body doesn’t have the necessary antibodies to protect them from the virus. While people who are fully vaccinated, can still contract the virus, the odds of them spreading it to others is much lower. With that being said, I agree with the general argument of the article being that it is important for society as a whole to get vaccinated because it will reduce the further ‘damages’ that covid-19 will bring upon society. As the article mentions, the vaccinated population who have contracted covid-19 are experiencing much lesser symptoms when compared to people who are unvaccinated. Currently, at my University, it had become a mandate that all students must be vaccinated in order to obtain the ‘full college experience’ (i.e., campus events, housing and in person classes). I personally feel that the vaccine should be strongly recommended, and not mandated due to external reasons. While there are medical and religious exemptions, some people may just not be comfortable getting the vaccine due to it being a relatively new vaccine.
    I found this article to be very interesting especially when it comes to how businesses are handling the pandemic by enacting their own restrictions. In states such as New York and New Jersey, they have lifted the mask mandate; however, many businesses still require that their customers wear a face mask and utilize hand sanitizer before entering their establishment, regardless of the customers vaccination status. With that being said as of September 15th, of 2021, there have been some restrictions put on the unvaccinated population which were put into place not too long ago. According to a separate article that I found that goes hand and hand with this article; posted by the New York Times, the article discusses how New York City will “require workers and customers to submit proof of at least one dose for indoor dining and other activities.” (NYT). The restrictions have been enacted due to mayor de Blasio’s anticipation of a possible ‘third wave’ of the virus due to the new delta variant.
    Some of the restrictions that have been placed among the unvaccinated population would be places such as gyms, indoor dining at restaurants, entertainment and performance venues, movies and concerts, etc. According to the article, people will have to download an app or carry their paper card in order to show proof a vaccination to businesses.
    In one of my classes, we recently just went over the effects that the constitution has on everyday business operations. I found the topic of the unvaccinated to go hand and hand with the material I just learned. I personally believe that the mandate which has been enacted to be mildly in violation of our first amendment rights. The reason why I feel this way is due to the fact that the first amendment touches base of freedom of religion. The reason why I bring this topic up is because in some religions around the world such as Judaism they do not believe it getting vaccinated. “Judaism does not permit people to take vaccines because they are (often) derived from animals, and therefore are not kosher.” ( I found this to be interesting because since New York is enacting this restriction amongst the unvaccinated, Jewish people will be unable to adhere to those guidelines since they are unvaccinated. Overall, I find that the restrictions being enacted are mildly unconstitutional due to the fact that it is essentially going against people’s first amendment rights, such as freedom of religion.

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  7. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down in more ways than one, and has 100% been the single most interesting historical event that I have lived through (so far). I no longer afraid to admit that at one point I was opposed to taking the vaccine due to sheer anxiety and skepticism. I am fortunate to have realized recently that most of my vaccination apprehension was fueled by the spread of misinformation in the media.

    There seems to be a constant war between various news sources and the doctors/scientists responsible for creating the vaccine. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, the consumer of the media is left to decide: who is more credible in their claims – the professional doctors and scientists, or the people who know nothing about the science of this vaccine other than what they have heard through word of mouth and anti-vax facebook groups?

    There are many people who feel strongly about either side of the debate, but there is one main point that I like to bring up when speaking about this. An idea that I find to be fairly common with people who oppose the vaccine is that there are going to be life threatening complications down the road for people who took the vaccine such as infertility, birth defects, and death. My response to this claim is that over 5.8 billion doses of the vaccine have been administered so far – roughly equal to 76 doses per 100 people. This is obviously the vast majority of the world… so: if the people who oppose the vaccine are correct, that would mean most of the billions of people who took the vaccine will have serious consequences. If this were to occur, the world would practically stop working. The odds of this are extremely slim, if there are any at all.

    Aside from this, the only reason the pandemic is still going as strong as it is (with no end in sight) is because of vaccine skepticism. I find it hard to believe that people choose to believe biased media over the science that proves the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. If vaccine skepticism was never placed into the minds of so many people, it is likely that life would have completely returned back to normal at this point – making the Coronavirus a thing of the past.

  8. What really stood out to me in the blog is the fact that its hard to tell when someone really even has covid. There has been many instances where I have woken up with a cough or a stuffy nose and am never sure if it is covid or not. The worst part is that the covid tests are not 100% accurate either. Every time I have gotten one when I was not feeling well, it always showed negative which could be the case but my cousin got tested at 3 different areas when he was sick and 2 of them showed negative while one of them showed a positive test result. I also agree with the fact that vaccinated people are less likely to get severe symptoms but I also am a firm believer in choice and the fact that no one should be forced to get the vaccine if they are not comfortable with it.

  9. I completely agree with the author of the article that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are now experiencing two different pandemics. On the one hand, there are the unvaccinated people who have to comply with stricter rules as the number of cases increases again, and on the other hand, there are the vaccinated people who are getting more and more of their freedom back and can live their lives almost without restrictions as they knew it before the pandemic began in spring 2020. Some cities, such as New York City, are now introducing a two-class society. That means that only vaccinated people are allowed to attend events, go to restaurants, are not required to keep distances, etc. Whether this is morally or ethically correct is debatable, but it gives the impression that vaccinated people are now invulnerable to the coronavirus. This assumption is simply wrong! A vaccination protects a person from severe symptoms of disease and generally makes it more difficult for the virus to infect the person, but the person can still become infected and transmit the virus to unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people could therefore become infected at public events and then pass on the virus unnoticed to unvaccinated people at private events such as family gatherings.
    Mutations confront our society with further challenges. The virus operates evolution at top speed. This means that it is constantly reproducing itself, creating random new variants that adapt better and better to the environment in order to become more established. This could lead to vaccinations losing their effectiveness and possibly confronting us with some kind of new pandemic.
    In conclusion, the vaccinated people should be aware of their responsibility to respect rules such as social distancing to protect the unvaccinated and really do everything they can do to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated to increase vaccination rates.

  10. With all the news coverage and scientific data, we have on COVID-19, the majority of citizens have gone to join a party on two opposite stances. There is one stance that we must all be vaccinated, and the unvaccinated people are not doing their role in society. The other side of the argument believes that there should not be requirements for vaccination, as it is a right to not be vaccinated and there is not enough data on the long-term side effects. We have learned that the vaccine is effective, as there has been a significant decrease in hospitalizations and deaths since the vaccine has been accessible. Reflecting on the article, I don’t believe that our country has anything to worry about. Every day people are continuing to get vaccinated, and less and less of COVID-19 is discussed, as we are continuing to move back towards a sense of normalcy. I agree with the article in regards to a different past few months in progression for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The vaccinated have an increased amount of privilege, as many places have uplifted COVID-19 restrictions for only the vaccinated individuals. The clear solution to resolve this problem is for everyone to get vaccinated. Vaccination will secure the greatest level of safety for all individual’s health. A higher level of vaccination will correlate with decreased hospitalization rates and cases. Overall, all individuals becoming vaccinated will cause unity among individuals as we all rally together to overcome the conflicts elevated from the virus. Outside of the uncertainty, there isn’t any reason why one shouldn’t get vaccinated. Science and medicine are more advanced today than ever before, so there is no reason why one shouldn’t trust the vaccines being distributed throughout America. The fastest way back to normalcy would be all American citizens getting vaccinated, as it will also eliminate the problem the article discussed relating to the different lives vaccinated and non-vaccinated Americans are living.

  11. I totally agree with this article, the United States has worked in a really good way with vaccines. People were getting vaccinated in March in their local pharmacy, meanwhile in Latin America governments were celebrating the first vaccines arriving for the first-line workers. The problem in the United States is totally different than the one in the rest of the world, here many people don’t want to get vaccinated even though they have the opportunity, in the rest of the world people didn’t get vaccinated because there aren’t vaccines. The author of the article says something important “vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics right now”. Most vaccinated people live now with little worries about COVID, unvaccinated people must worry about the virus, even more, every single day that passes, but many of these people don’t even believe in the virus, so they are unmasked and an easy victims for covid. Also, I think that the author could add that most of these unvaccinated people are not taking the vaccine because of political reasons, and when people turn health issues into political issues things get bad.

  12. This article does a great job of pointing out the obvious, which is that those who choose to stay unvaccinated against COVID-19 are the issue in this country. At this point in time, with the ample evidence and scientific backing that the vaccines are safe and effective, there is absolutely zero reason as to why there are still those who have the vaccine available to them and are choosing not to receive it. Unfortunately, there are still many people in this country that do not have easy access to vaccine distribution and those less fortunate citizens are the ones that vaccinated people are protecting – not the ignorant ones who choose to listen to misinformation and make up their own excuse not to receive it. Just to clarify, there is no such thing as a 100% effective vaccine for any illness, but that is no excuse for refusing to take this vaccine in particular. As the article mentioned, “the success of the vaccines has long been predicated on preventing severe illness, which they do, rather than on preventing any infection” (Carroll). Statistically, it is extremely clear that areas with lower vaccination rates are more prone to higher infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.
    The United States government does not have the authority to require every single citizen to get vaccinated. However, it is completely reasonable and understandable for the government to restrict opportunities for those who are unvaccinated to gather publicly, visit certain places, etc. There should definitely be consequences for choosing the option that ignores scientific data and statistical evidence. The article also pointed out some of the positives and negatives of masking recommendations throughout the country. It was highlighted that the CDC relied heavily on mask mandates earlier on in the pandemic, before there was a vaccine, but is not necessarily as prominent at this point in time. While masks are important for everyone to wear, they are mainly suggested because of those who are still unvaccinated. However, mask recommendations now will most likely only be followed by those who are vaccinated and those who still are not are already less likely to follow the recommendation. Overall, this article very clearly points out why vaccinations are crucial to our combined well-being moving forward in this country and how the people on either side of the argument are living in two very different realities right now.

  13. This debate has been riddled with political biases and misinformation from the beginning. It amazes me that we have to take sides on this issue when we could much more easily come together and accept each other’s differences of opinion. I respect that the author of this is in favor of vaccine mandates, but only for the reason of having genuine care for others’ well being and health. As it relates to forcing citizens to do something they may not feel comfortable with, I cannot exactly agree with such an intrusive policy. For starters, many people from both the vaccinated party, as well as the unvaccinated party would argue that a vaccine mandate is an infringement upon our human rights and civil liberties. In order to refine this hearsay to get to the substantive point we are looking for, we have to note the delineation between human rights, as well as civil liberties. Human rights are those rights that all people hold simply by virtue of existing, whoever they are and wherever they live. This includes the idea that all people have the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to freedom of religion. Civil liberties, however, refer to the rights afforded to people under the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights, or other forms of legislation. There are a couple Supreme Court decisions that speak to the authority of state officials to issue vaccine mandates. The ruling of these decisions concluded that these governments may tell people to get vaccines, unless they belong to an exempt group, or face a penalty. Further than that, In a recent lawsuit on the federal level, a court declined to grant an injunction against a public university’s vaccine mandate. On August 2, 2021, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling in favor of the university, finding there was not enough evidence that the students’ constitutional rights were being violated. With this being said, there is enough evidence to make the claim that vaccine mandates on both the state and federal level are not an infringement on human rights or civil liberties. Even considering the fact that the Biden administration has a right to do this, I would argue that this is still a vast government overreach. Nobody should be forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing, and the way I see it, there are two different parties in this debate. Party A is people who are unvaccinated and do not feel comfortable being forced to be vaccinated. Party B is those who are vaccinated and should not have to worry about covid if they received the shot already, as you can transmit the virus either way. I can’t wrap my head around why party B is calling for those in party A to be forced to do something they are not comfortable with doing, and are willing to make such a big deal of people that do not affect them. I hope this will all be resolved soon, preferably without the vilification of good people with different opinions.

  14. There will be many questions about the new crown vaccine during the vaccination process. The new crown vaccine is mainly used to prevent the new coronavirus. Although the vaccine has been put into use, the prevention and control of the epidemic cannot be completely dependent on the vaccine. At the same time, we must also pay attention to other prevention and control measures, which require active efforts from all parties to eliminate the harm caused by the epidemic. After being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, it is not possible to prevent other coronaviruses. Therefore, we have to do a series of safe and effective prevention and control measures for the epidemic.

  15. I agree with the article that vaccinated and unvaccinated are currently experiencing two different types of a pandemic. Right if you are unvaccinated or vaccinated you are being treated differently. From reading the article I can agree with the article that getting vaccinated is necessary for getting society back to the way it was before 2020. Unfortunately if is not a law to get vaccinated, and there will always be skeptical people or any other reason that no one can argue with. Everyone always has a choice whether to get vaccinated, but because of this you should not have the right to complain about wearing masks. An interesting topic in this article was how businesses are handling the pandemic. Some states lifted the restrictions on masks but some businesses still require masks indoors and have hand sanitizer out. This is a major decision to make for the business because they could lose customers if they have to wear a mask. The vaccine is going to be a topic for a while, that is because over all this time the vaccine is still skeptical to some people. In my opinion that shouldn’t be an issue. If you have doctors and researchers working around the clock for a vaccine, why release it so soon, why recall a vaccine when you let millions of people get it. Some of the information is misleading because the media doesn’t always tell the whole truth. Because they put the consumers in a tuff spot. The article brings up a very solid point: who is more credible in their claims, professionals, researchers, and doctors, or the people who know nothing about the science behind the vaccines other than word of mouth which they hear from word of mouth. All in all the article was very informative and the author made very clear points. Like vaccinated and unvax people live very different lives as of right now. Vaccinated people are starting to get their lives back and everything is starting to feel right, but what about the unvaccinated people. Regardless of this, vaccinated people need to understand and respect their rules that are still in place like social distancing to protect the unvaccinated. They need to be encouraging the unvaccinated by showing them how much freedom that they have even though it really is just a taste of what’s to come. I hope this article reaches more people and is very informative to the viewer.

  16. Reading this article really shows the effect of not taking the vaccine has. A lot of people don’t want to get the vaccine because of their own personal reasons, or because they don’t trust/understand it. This could be viewed as selfish in a way because a majority of the reason for getting the vaccine is to protect those around you. Of course its going to have an immediate effect on. your body, but you will be helping those around you as well. Through scientific research, the vaccine has been deemed safe and the scientists are working hard everyday to create safe vaccines for people of young age. One of the only ways the number of cases drops is if we can all get the vaccine. Otherwise the pandemic will continue to get worse, especially in the United States where some states have gone into another state of emergency. Although the vaccine doesn’t prevent sickness, it will prevent the effectiveness of the disease. Overall, I think the indicative of some states to boost the number of vaccines is good, for example offering rewards for getting the vaccine. If enough major cities implement this idea, then I know the number of vaccinated citizens will increase by a large percentile. I am personally vaccinated and so is everyone who lives in my home with me and this is because we travel a lot and its becoming mandated soon to get vaccinated to air travel. Also some places like MSG don’t allow their viewers to attend unless they are fully vaccinated with a negative covid test. Overall I support the vaccine and I believe everyone should get it

  17. I understand where the article is coming from because if we think about it, the unvaccinated and vaccinated are fighting different wars when it comes to Covid. I believe Covid is getting worse even if individuals are vaccinated because you can still get Covid but those individuals just get mild symptoms. However, individuals that are vaccinated can have their symptoms lead to being hospitalized or even death. I feel that we should make masks mandatory because it gives the individuals that do not want to take the vaccine the opportunity to not spread covid to others and limit the chances of the disease spreading faster. Also, I wished that we could get more information about how many cases are at this moment. It would give society a better understanding of what covid looks like currently. I would say that we have to make the information accessible for everyone because as a college student I would say that I don’t hear that much about covid as if I were to watched the news every day. If it was possible to have the youth post the report then we could understand how important it is to help the unvaccinated influence because as we know it they are fighting a different war than the vaccinated. Moreover, both vaccinated and unvaccinated should still obey COVID prevention protocols because they still have to take the same precautions as if they were unvaccinated. According to PewResearch “around eight-in-ten unvaccinated Americans (78%)” As a community, we should encourage each other to wear a mask if some of us chose not to get the vaccine. I believe it lessens the argument against the unvaccinated. We should all see ourselves coming together to fight this inhumane disease instead of pointing fingers and blaming each other over the issue. During this time, unity and peace should be the only way we can cope. We have to understand that the value of human life is better than petty arguments. We should take action instead of not doing anything at all. Working for the common good is the best way to go!

  18. The article explains the differences between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated against COVID. People who believe the vaccine is not effective concur that you can still get covid, so they do not understand the point of getting vaccinated. Additionally, others cannot be vaccinated because of allergic reactions, or they are at a higher risk of infection, like the elderly. This is when we have to do our part and where masks and for the people who can be vaccinated, you should do so. If not for yourself, but the sake of others. As said in the article, “…the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics…” (Carroll, 1). The vaccinated can get COVID, but it’s not as contagious or not as fatal. Although the chances of getting COVID is not 0%, there is a significantly lower chance of being infected than the unvaccinated. So, the unnvaccinated have to be way more careful to get contract the virus.
    There is a significantly higher chance of being infected, hospitalized, or even potentially fatal for the unvaccinated. This is due to the Delta variant, which the unvaccinated has a higher chance to contract. We are in a time where the virus is developing and mutating into different variants. From this, both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated are in a panic. From this, we all have to do our part to minimalize the chances of contracting it. Wear a mask, sanitize, and be mindful of where you are and who you are with.
    Additionally, for the people who can not get the vaccine, we also have to do our part for them. I have friends who live with their grandparents who have a higher chance of contracting the virus and are paranoid that they might give it to them. So many people are living in fear now, and we have to find a solution to this. The worst part is that we do not know what the future holds, but we can now change and prevent the worst that can happen. As human beings, we have to look out for ourselves and each other for the greater good.

  19. The article “Covid is Now a Crisis for the Unvaccinated” by Aaron E Carroll sheds light on the effects of the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. As described as the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are fighting two different pandemics, which I find interesting. The statement that the unvaccinated are at risk for covid is true, but I slightly disagree with this piece. The vaccines that were provided to citizens are not only not 100% effective, the vaccinated can still transmit the virus, they just are less likely to become hospitalized and become affected as bad. As stated in the article “As has always been the case, breakthrough infections of Covid-19 remain possible. Such reports have become more frequent. Because the vaccines are not 100 percent effective, some vaccinated people will get infected, some will get sick, and in rare cases, some may even be hospitalized”. Which goes to show that the fact that both parties can still be infected and transmit the virus and that it’s essentially the same pandemic still and both parties still need to adhere to CDC rules. In the media, there’s a clear division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and I feel as though there shouldn’t be a forceful nature with getting vaccinated when the same risk is still applied. The focus should be on social distancing and practice wearing masks, it’s people’s personal interest to get vaccinated, although they should, it’s still the same fight. Also stated in the article “Many may read the C.D.C.’s continued focus on masking and distancing as an acknowledgment that the vaccines don’t work well enough. Leaning heavily on masking and distancing is what we did when we didn’t have a vaccine”. This idea should still be implemented, people feel as though that they have the vaccine that they don’t have to adhere to the rules, and everything is back to normal. Although things might be better health-wise, the transmission rate of the virus will not lower, and we won’t get back to normal unless there are stricter enforcements. Though the article made good points about the vaccinated and unvaccinated, I think that should be less of the focus and making stricter enforcements should fight the one pandemic.

  20. This is a great article to read because in todays society, we have to live with that fact that the corona virus is all around the world. With the vaccine coming out we have an option to be vaccinated to protect yourself from the virus. The article points out that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are experiencing two different pandemics. People without the vaccine have to focus on keep a 6ft distance from everyone and always wearing a mask. Being quaratined most of the time while not being vaccinated. may receive more mild sickness and a higher percent chance of getting the virus.
    In the article it states that C.D.C statements are saying that the pandemic is getting worse and everyone should go back to be quarantined. According to the article, that is not the case because if most people i your area are vaccinated, the cases are going down and society is getting better. Hospitals are not as full as they used to be and the cases have been declining.
    In the article it states that people who are vaccinated that if they get sick, their sickness is not as severe. On the other hand, people who are not vaccine may deal with higher sickness rates and the sickness is also very severe. There is a higher chance of being hospitalized.
    This article is very helpful because it gives people a perspective of the pros and cons of each side and may help them decided weather they want to get vaccinated or not.

  21. I would like to provide a recent update surrounding the COVID situation since it has been nearly 8 months. The number of cases was constant until December 2021 when the virus significantly increased from December 2021 till February 2022. At the peak of the escalation, there were nearly 1,000,000 new cases every day. This was mostly due to millions of Americans traveling for holiday plans and celebrating the holidays. The advanced waves and several variants made the virus predominant once more. Restrictions were implemented once again and people were in agitation. Luckily, the severity of the virus wasn’t as substantial as during the commencement of the pandemic since there were various vaccines available. Covid-19 hospitalizations have dropped significantly and many state governments have lifted mandatory mask restrictions in schools and government buildings.
    The controversial debate on vaccination is still a major issue today. According to the CDC, at least 254,599,776 people, or 77% of the American population have received at least one dose. In addition, 216,690,804 people or 65% of the population are considered fully vaccinated. The most approved vaccines are produced by the pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna. There are side effects but they are usually resolved a few days later. The nation has progressed in providing its citizens with the cure against the deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, the vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection. They still provide a high level of protection and lower the issues associated with the virus. Furthermore, they defend against the risk of severe illness and strengthen the immune system by stimulating antibodies. Many unvaccinated people don’t believe the efficiency of the vaccines or believe the news has magnified the seriousness of the pandemic. Some have their personal reasons and are free to practice their right. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly recommended to continue wearing masks and ensure the safety of others.

  22. As someone who has been living through the pandemic, I would definitely agree with this article regarding the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated. I would say that we are very lucky to live in a place like the US because while we were getting vaccines the earliest, we found that month later other countries were finally getting vaccines after we have had them for a while now. Yet I sometimes feel that we do not deserve the treatment that we have been getting. Meaning there are a surprisingly large number of people in our population who still refused to get vaccinated from the dead virus. For example, as of July 28th 2022, there are over 120 million people out of the 332 million living in the USA we are NOT vaccinated. I have seen videos on multiple different social media platforms of people interviewing non-vaccinated people and they all have the same thing to say. Better yet, they always make it so political and blame the government for trying to help. Some even go as far as to speculate that the government is putting a tracker in the vaccine and using it to track your every move (because you can use fluid as a tracker apparently). Another common theme I see is that there are the people who want to get vaccinated but cannot due to certain allergies and different reaction levels towards the vaccine (which at that point is completely reasonable than just blaming the president or someone).
    The article is essentially saying the problem with this country is the people who choose to not get vaccinated, because they are hurting themselves and those around them by running the risk of transmitting the virus. This is why I feel as though we should be encouraged to get vaccinated like we have been because it not only decreases the risk of others getting sick, but you are also protecting yourself, it’s a win win. I wish that more people would be open minded towards getting vaccinated because I hear so much about politics such as “I’m not getting the virus because Biden (or whoever) says to get it I can do what I want” and people just make it so much harder than it needs to be. I think that politics not only destroys relationships, but they divide and destroy this country. We saw it all during the pandemic when different states (meaning the ENTIRE south) lifted mandates and did what they wanted with no consideration for others, and we only saw cases go up and even more deaths because of it. People need to be more open minded towards reality because everyone thinks that they know everything when in reality we all are the same, we’re just learning new things on different days, but the moral of the story is that if you are not vaccinated, just go look at the death toll and number of people getting sick and risking long term health conditions. The whole non vaccinated crisis is almost as worse as the pandemic itself, it is a threat to our living conditions, and a threat to our future health conditions.

  23. I found an interesting article “Covid Is Now a Crisis for the Unvaccinated” which said “The truth is that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are experiencing two very different pandemics right now.”. I totally agree with them. We know that coronavirus found a way that divided the society. To those who were questioned and doubting if the vaccine was actually effective. During this time we saw “Case counts are rising, some hospitals are filling up, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is again recommending universal masking in areas where cases are surging.”. To what we said before the experience between people during the pandemies. Also what the “C.D.C.’s announcement will lead many to believe that the pandemic is getting worse. But if you and most of the people in your area are vaccinated, things are substantially better than they used to be. Hospitals are relatively clear of Covid-19. Few deaths are occurring. People may still be worried, and some may be masking, but much of their panic is that the stuffy nose they woke up with may be Covid-19.” . There were a lot of things going on during this time. This is someone that is this happening with people saying. I agree with this that the virus has left a tragic impact on the world. Just from the beginning when everyone was understanding everything and how powerful it was going to be. Just from how these people were being hospitalized and not enough ventilators were available for people that were greatly impacted. Now we are being forced to live in a new way. All the strict guidelines recommended getting vaccinated in an attempt to combat the virus, but as the article mentions the vaccine is not 100% guaranteed to provide immunity. That was what people were not too sure about. We know that the unvaccinated are posing a more risk of spreading it. Now that there are more variants of this virus. There are more problems for the unvaccinated. I think that this pandemic has people believing many things. To what may not be true just based on media over the science that proves the safety and the effects of vaccines.

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