The President’s Daily Brief and Presidents-Elect: A Primer

from Lawfare

Incoming U.S. presidents inherit institutions to help them gain insight into the capabilities and intentions of global competitors. These tools include the President’s Daily Brief, or PDB, which contains the nation’s most sensitive intelligence reporting and analysis.

The president-elect’s toolkit overlaps with that of the president. For more than 50 years, components of the intelligence community have delivered the top-secret PDB to the commander in chief every working day. Along with other support, the PDB helps the president remain the world’s best-informed person on a wide range of national security challenges.

A president-elect is normally brought into this briefing process early in the transition to support a smooth transfer of power and to avoid national security vulnerabilities on or after inauguration. But not this year. Joe Biden, despite his wide recognition as president-elect, is not yet seeing the PDB.

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  1. This president election has been like no other. It is the first time where people were not allowed to go in person to vote. It is also the first time a president has not conceded. There has been lots of talk of there being widespread election fraud throughout the country. Based off of the electoral college, there were many states that were very close between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Disputes and lawsuits are still going on three weeks later and it looks like it will go on a few more. While I still wanted Donald Trump to win reelection, it looks highly unlikely that he will be able to flip all these states. While he still believes he is going to win, the odds are not in his favor. Because he is not willing to give up on the election, he is not conceding to Joe Biden. Due to the fact that he does not plan on conceding, there will not be a smooth transition of power. If Donald Trump still thinks he is going to win, why would he start helping the process for Joe Biden? States have up until December 8 to certify their elections. After that point, I do not think there is much Donald Trump can do since Inauguration Day is quickly approaching. If Donald Trump loses all his lawsuits and recounts, I do believe he will eventually concede. However, being the type of person he is, I do not think he is willing to have a smooth transition of power. Joe Biden has shown that he does not care if the Trump Administration helps him because of everything he already has in place. This country is so divided that I do not think there is ever going to be a peaceful transmission from one administration to the next. The only way that would happen is if a president in the second term is leaving office and the president elect belongs to the same political party. We saw in 2016 that the process was not easy between the Obama Administration and Trump’s. It is just the way how political parties are nowadays. In time, the division between the two continues to get worse.

  2. This year and this election has been far from ordinary, and it’s honestly not surprising at this point to see how unorganized and disastrous this transition of power has been between President Donald Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden. Despite a rather clear and convincing victory for Joe Biden from my perspective, the President has continued to deny the fairness and result of the election and as a result has not given any classified information or the PDB to President-Elect Biden. It’s now clear to me that the consequences of the this could be dire, as with every day that goes by without the Biden administration having access to this information they will be less prepared for the countless issues they must face when Biden takes office in January. I can’t even imagine the amount and importance of the information that must be passed on from one administration to the next, and other countries across the world are undoubtedly witnessing the mess that is currently ongoing in Washington. I hope new information surfaces soon that forces the President to finally concede, as it’s clearly best for the future of our country and its citizens that the next administration is well prepared to take office when the time comes.

  3. Although this election is far from anything that we have seen before, the response from the Trump administration should of been expected. He has stated months before that only way he could lose is with voter fraud. I’m not a fan of either Presidential candidate but i think there is hypocrisy from both sides, personally i believe that the election was a fair one unless there is any evidence to prove otherwise. President Trump is acting very un-presidential and childish but the same democrats that are calling this election to be a fair one are the ones that did not want to accept the results from the 2016, claiming that there was Russian interference. The transition of power should be a smooth process, it would be a detriment to the US if that didn’t happen. These foreign governments (Russia and China) want the US system to look flawed, they don’t care if Trump or Biden wins they win by making our system look flawed. We need to come together and stop this division, hopefully the next four years will be just that.

  4. When I wake up in the morning, one of the first tasks I do is checking my phone for any updates on things that concern me, ranging from friends reaching out, a professor handing back grades or even game updates to games I play. What I also do is check the news for current event recaps, entertainment news and recently COVID-19 updates in my area. In doing this, I am both engaged with my surroundings and able to absorb information about things that both pertain to me and interest me. So when I first heard of the Presidential Brief about seven years ago, I thought it referred to the president getting a fun personalized message to start his day. Now, I understand that the Presidential Brief is a bit more crucial to receive than the latest news from TMZ. So when I heard word from many sources all at once demeaning a recent presidential choice, I first assumed it was just the president acting like a child again. However, it became clear that this was an atypical event based solely on the subject of the presidents rival Joe Biden, and the presidents decision to ignore the results of the election. This meant that the traditional rule book guiding the peaceful transition of power was thrown out the window, and the Biden team left confused and unsure of what will happen next, as is the country as well. While some have said that this is just the Trump team lashing out without anything new to add to the conversation, it actually means that the next president of the United States has no real outlook on he world at large that can help him plan the future of not only the country, but our foreign policy as well. The biggest example that gets thrown around (and thus the most controversial) is the 9/11 attacks that happened, and the chaos around the 2000 election contributed to a lack of preparedness for these tragic attacks. Foreign powers around the world do see this transition time as a source of weakness in America, so to delay or ignore the results only increases the potential for something to occur, whether it be huge or small. Even worse, the actual funds and protections the president receives upon the transition beginning are also delayed with the previously mentioned intelligence briefings. Simply put, in order to preserve the safety of America and the trust in democracy, Trump must give the president elect the means to BE the president elect.

  5. This years election has been nothing short of historically laughable. From egregious smear campaigns ran from the Trump administration and practical defamation of character against his opponent. The incumbent president has done little of what he has promised during his 2016 campaign and yet roughly 70 million people still figured it would be a good idea to vote for him. As useless as the current president has proven to be, he has caused a title wave of drama in the American public. Not only did the president neglect to acknowledge the current existence of white supremacy, but openly discriminated the brave Colin Kaepernick as he took a stand for equality for people of color. The president has been everything but productive in his four years even though he has claimed to do so much for the economy. What his supporters fail to recognize is the simple fact that Donald J. Trump inherited a very strong economy that was already on an upward trend. The minute the global pandemic of Covid-19 spread to the United States, the economy went into a recession. The president failed to properly handle the virus and as a result, was unable to keep one of his many failed promises to the American people. Donald J. Trumps rhetoric is what put him into office. He essentially created an environment so hostile it swept a world of politics which was already very harsh. I do not believe the president will leave office peacefully, I expect the man who has already ripped a hole in the very fabric of this nation to cause more issues for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The next four years will become focused on rebuilding the immense damage that Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence have done.

  6. This president election has been the most wanted to must win for another president then the other one in charge in history. its been the most viewed and most voted presidential history. With Joe Biden winning and trump losing I feel like we will turn this world around and make sure we get everything back to normal and have equality throughout the world. I feel like the reason why this has been the most voted election, because of the things that happened previously. All the killings and the racism that African Americans have been facing and I feel like it was way too much of it and we got tired. This was my first time voting, but I was eligible to vote since a few years back. I thought my vote didn’t matter, but it doe matter and I feel like if us the US stand together and fight together for what is right I feel like we wanted to show president trump, like you had your time now get out, and you made us be in a huge hole and we have to dig ourselves out. Trump didn’t know how to handle the virus and it showed. when asked he said they’ll be okay, but tons of thousands of people have died and millions have the virus, and the virus on the spread now, we have to rely on biden to take control and do whats right for America and make sure we don’t get into another pandemic. trump wanted to open up America by easter and that’s when it hit about the worst. this president didn’t know what he was doing, the first debate, it was very childish and not professional of him and it showed he has lack of respct for others, and its an terrible act. There has been too much drama with trump in as president and putting an end to that was the best thing 2020 has seen

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