How To Improve Your Working From Home Game With These Hacks

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Working from home for the last eight months has certainly created its share of challenges for me as an entrepreneur and I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone. It took me a short while to get myself and my team situated, and, thanks to their adaptability and dedication, we were able to flex to our new reality and demands rather easily.

As the months of working remotely wore on, I decided to begin adapting my home office to better meet my needs on a more sustained basis. I did a lot of research and was pleasantly surprised to find some key products that have made my home office a work environment that really supports both my work style and productivity as well as my comfort. I thought that it might be interesting to share some of the more innovative and helpful office enhancements that I’ve benefitted most from in 2020.

I realize that everyone has their own preferences and tastes and that the nature of work can vary quite widely so I am not suggesting my favorites would be a surefire hit for you but, if you’re interested in getting settled in the work-from-home situation over the long-term, then these might be worth checking out.

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  1. This article caught my eye because recently we as a society had to transfer from being in person to using technology more. Since Covid-19 a lot of businesses have had to go virtual which causes some employees to be lazy but it made some individuals work harder than when they were working when they had to be at their jobs. However, the article describes the feelings of changing to technology instead of being in person or being able to interact with each other. This article made me think about my reality when it comes to working with others because I haven’t communicated with others for a year and that made me antisocial. With me being antisocial I was nervous about how I was going to be able to make conversations with students at my school but I had to realize that our new reality changed for everyone, not just me. Also, I love that the author talked about the hacks to working at home but these skills can also be used when we start to interact more with my classmates and at home. The author stated that he had to change the way his business was being run to fit the new era that we as a community have to insure for some years to come. Which made me conclude that a lot of businesses had to become adaptable and dedicated to keeping their businesses afloat. I feel that working from home made them more productive when it came to their job at hand. I love that one of the facts had to do with headphones because the noise we have at school made me realize that having headphones that cancel out noise is great. Since I have bought some cancellation headphones I have been able to do my work and get good grades. Therefore, it helps me learn more effectively when it comes to my college courses. I would say that staying focused is another tip that can help you when it comes to zoom meetings. As we have to know, zoom has given us burnout that we have tried but we should find things that make us feel comfortable such as get a great chair, make sure you have pillows, and decorate your area to make it more comfortable. As I kept reading these hacks I realized that it makes you have positive energy as well. Which can cause you to do all the hacks that were mentioned.

  2. When it comes to small businesses in the pandemic, the struggle was truly real. My father owns a CrossFit gym in Clifton NJ. When the pandemic hit, the gym had to be closed for months. There was absolutely zero money coming in, and there was almost nothing we can do about it. The governor stated how all gyms, restaurants, schools, and much more. I gave my father some suggestions on how to gain some income without the business being open. One suggestion was having virtual classes. We could have zoom meetings where the coaches can teach the classes. Another suggestion I had was renting out our equipment. We have bars and weights at our gym just sitting there. We can let our clients rent our equipment monthly. To top it all off, I thought of combining the two ideas together, where clients can rent our equipment and use them in our virtual classes. There are a few problems with my ideas though. One of them is that clients don’t really have to pay us to find workouts to do from home. You can look up plenty of workouts for free on Youtube. Another problem is about renting our equipment. Why pay for used weights and bars monthly, when you can buy the equipment new for a one-time payment. Just one visit to Dicks sporting goods would be sufficient in getting all the equipment you need. Owning a gym during the pandemic was a struggle. These ideas didn’t last long and ended up not working out. We were about to close the gym until finally restrictions were lifted. If the business was closed another month we would have had to shut down. We got lucky.

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