Here’s What Facebook Is Doing To Ramp Up Groups (And Fight Their Misuse)

from Fast Company

I’m not sure when it happened. But at some point in the last couple of years, my use of Facebook in its most familiar form—posting on my wall and those of other members—has dwindled. Instead, I spend most of my time in Facebook groups devoted to a variety of my interests, from old cartoons to e-bikes.

There’s no question which Facebook groups are the best. They’re the ones that are managed by administrators and moderators who care enough to have a strong point of view that manifests itself in how they cultivate conversation. That includes how they deal with trouble, from minor tiffs between well-intentioned members all the way up to full-blown troll attacks.

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  1. Social media has become a platform over the years to grow businesses, share interests, and share ideas. Fast Company’s article on the facts of Facebook groups could not be more spot on. Everyone in my family uses Facebook groups. They do not use them for keeping in touch with others, but rather selling their used home items that people are interested in. Facebook has created a convenient way to sell items, connect with people who share the same hobbies, and even sell products from a business. These are just some common uses for groups. Towns in New Jersey use Facebook groups to talk about the news in town, or even inform other members about the school system. It is a way for people to ask about local references and get other people’s opinion about recommendations. The creators of Facebook would have never known that groups would expand this much, since I did not even hear about them until 3 years ago when my high school class started one for prom dresses. Luckily, these groups have administrators and moderators to make sure that the group stays civil. There are cases in which members promote hate and spread negative energy, and admins and moderators have the privilege to remove their comments or posts. Other groups are part of Facebook, not for recommendations, but to just spread positive energy. Although, for all the positive Facebook groups, there are many negative ones. People start groups to promote hate and violence, and in recent times many groups are started to form violent protests. Luckily, Facebook has started to remove these negative groups, but there will never be complete positivity on these groups. Regardless of whether they are spreading hate on the group directly or meeting up in private, people will find a way to do it. Even if groups were to be shut down, if they arise again after the 30-day ban, they will find a way to stay in touch outside of Facebook. This is the negative effects of these Facebook groups, people can find a way to connect with someone in a different country and spread negativity and violence, and outsiders would never connect it to social media. Unfortunately, Facebook groups have such good use and positive outcomes, and it is a few thousand people, in this case, that will ruin it for everyone if something bad happens that can be connected with Facebook groups. Hopefully, in the future Facebook can stop negative and violent groups before they can even join the group.

  2. Now personally, I do not use Facebook, but in my last post I wrote about how Facebook and Google were protected by the Communications Decency Act that in Section 230 ultimately protected those two powerhouses from what they post. Other news sites as an example cannot get away with things Facebook and Google can. Facebook can post controversial content that can be very racist for example, but all they will do is slab an advertisement on it to make money.
    Back to this article where this was focusing on the Facebook groups and the pros and cons of the Facebook groups. Some of the pros of Facebook groups are the ones who do the best to create a change for society and those who fill the interests of people. There are plenty of groups out on Facebook for certain interests such as specific sports teams, video games, or certain types of people (mothers). The groups give people the opportunity to meet new people who are into the same things. If I were to join Facebook that would be my incentive to join so I can meet people who hold similar interests as I do. The other plus to these groups are the causes they go for. There are groups such as for Susan G Komen and social justice groups.
    The cons of Facebook are the groups that are not necessarily of the best intention. Facebook groups have been given the ability to get away with posting controversial things. This article pointed out a group getting away with plotting to shoot protesters in Kenosha, Washington and a group that is anti wearing masks. People within the organization at Facebook have said that they are starting to become more aware of groups with malicious and inappropriate intentions and begin to get them off the sites. It is a step in the right direction but there is more to be done. An idea can be to start recommending the good groups, those who take the initiative to better society. There is more work to be done to make these changes of ridding the wrong and promoting the right, but time is in their favor.
    A last thing I would like to mention is those advertisements efforts. Facebook will make money off placing money next to their content and truth be told the content majority people want to see are the clickbait content. If they are serious about making a change to their efforts they should continue to rid themselves of the negative groups and move those advertisements towards the positive groups. It goes hand and hand with what I was saying as a way to fix the wrong of the company. Recommending the positive groups at the top can create more views and gain ad revenue off of that. Groups that want to create change for the better of society should be what Facebook should want to promote. It would be cool to see Facebook make these changes and this would easily boost their reputation amongst their peers.

  3. Facebook has changed drastically since its inception. As stated, Facebook was a way to connect with friends and family. It has since evolved to include groups. There are many individuals that still use Facebook just to connect with friends and post about their adventures, while others primarily use Facebook to use the group feature. I believe this was especially true during the heavy lockdown periods of Covid. People joined groups that were for entertainment such as Facebook Bingo groups. Others used groups to sell unwanted items since they were cleaning up their homes because there was little else to do. In addition, there are groups associated with individuals local towns, schools, PTO’s, and politics to name a few. Many of these groups are well run and provide useful information. However, there are many groups that spew hate and false information. At times, people can get drawn into this negatively and be dealing with misinformation that they are then spreading to others. While I believe Facebook is a great avenue to share information with friends and family and gain become informed about many situations, it can also be a negative. People get addicted to being on Facebook. Some individuals have constant notifications going to their phones and their face is always looking at a device for their updates. While all that is available through Facebook is good for people, it might be good to walk away and enjoy life as well.

  4. Facebook has changed so much over the years and they continue to. Facebook has always been a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Now you can use it for so much more, finding a place to live, sell something, belong to groups and the list goes on. My family and I just moved to a new town which meant we had to send our kids to a new school. The parents had started a Facebook group for the school and it was such a huge help in finding new friends and people that live in our new neighborhood to keeping up with information about school, school groups and even rec programs for the kids to join. Something that also I find help in the groups is being able to ask questions and opinions about certain topics and getting so much feed back from so many different people. I have enjoyed Facebook’s groups.

  5. I remember Facebook, being so basic. just comments and posts that’s it , no really ads you see now and no where near the amount of groups you can join now. For example, if you’re into something specifically or you like something, Facebook has a group now for almost every topic you can choose, for example, if you’re into shoes or if you’re into clothes, or cars, there is always a group that you can join and discuss topics and prices. This is very popular now because of the way things can work now because of a pandemic, even though this has been there for a couple years. also when people don’t wanna buy something for the actual price, and can find it cheaper, they may go to Facebook and see if It can be cheaper and make a deal with someone. This is better for many people and helps the purpose of helping others. However Facebook does need to improve their security system and what they let that is allowed to post which it shouldn’t. Some people post very ignorant things and racist things and they should be blocked from that privilege. Facebook should also put away the racist groups and the negative posting groups, for example, there is groups that shouldn’t be shown or even made and Facebook lets it happen, which I mean is very bad and not fun to look at. Also there are groups to help us or the younger kids education wise, whether its tutoring or help with your classes, and maybe some of the people in your group will help you. I find this very helpful overall, and want to make sure that it is safe as well and I believe it is, but fixing the minor mistakes can attract more people and even make more money on Facebook so it can be a win win for both parties.

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