Self-Directed, Project-Based Learning

from Seth’s Blog

Why do educated people too often fall for foolish scams and conspiracy theories?

The problem is that no one taught us to understand. Instead, we are pushed to simply to memorize. To be educated enough to do well on the test, and then to forget what we were taught, because we never actually learned it.

Understanding opens the door to insight and to comfort with the data. Understanding is the platform we need to go to the next level… memorizing is a fragile house of cards, with no foundation. And the compliance mindset of “will this be on the test?” simply sets us up to believe the next thing that we’re supposed to learn.

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  1. I agree with most of the things that Seth said in “Self-directed, project-based learning”. I agree that most people just memorize things and most of the time they do not understand them, and it goes away from their head weeks later. I believe this because of also what Seth said about people’s mindsets. The mindset of “Will this be on the test?” (Seth). I feel that a lot of people have this mindset in life and it is bad to have. This is a bad mindset to have because this is a mindset of if I do this one thing now I won’t have to do it ever again. I also feel that this can somewhat apply to me because in some classes that I take I only remember parts from that class and not everything that I learned and applied. Which I feel can be a huge problem in the future for jobs such as doctors because now with classes online they can apply that mindset and become a doctor, which in my opinion is scary. This is why I tend to agree with Seth in his blog.

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