The Safest Ways to Log In to Your Computer

from Wired

Whether your computer runs Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS, you have options for how you log in. And your choice doesn’t only affect how convenient it is for you to get into your laptop or desktop; it also affects how easily someone else can gain access.

These are the different login options that are available and that you need to be aware of, so make sure you choose wisely. The right one for you will depend on how your computer is set up and just how cautious you’d like to be.

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  1. What caught my attention about this particular article was that I talked about security within technology and what tips or concepts I could apply as I use technology every day. Living in the twenty-first century is filled with technology and it is essential that we know how to properly protect ourselves from people who want to steal from us. Stealing people’s identities and personal login information has never been easier as there are several different ways to trick or hack somebody’s accounts or logins. This is especially important for people who go to school and/or work because there could be very personal things that are related to the line of work you are in that could potentially have you fired. On the other side, if you computer is only used fro personal use, this article is also applicable as there could be information that is also personal.

    The three platforms that are being discussed in this article are Windows, Mac, and Google Chrome. As I have products from and use all three of these platforms, this article is beneficial to me and my safety. The article begins with the several different and safest ways of logging into your windows computer. Personally, my Windows computer is for strictly for school use, so I need to make that my login information for school websites and my school related documents are safe. The article guides the audience through how to access and adapt any login settings or preferences you see fit. Additionally, the author provides their opinions on why each method of login can be beneficial to any user. Next, the author dives into the varying ways to login to your Mac computer. Personally, for me my Mac laptop is only for personal use to surf the web and produce music. It is important for me to find ways to keep my login information secure for my social media account as well as my music production software. Lastly, the article touches on the ways to securely login to Chrome. As Chrome is probably the most commonly used web browser, it is important to keep your information safe and accessible. All in all, I appreciate how the article provided various ways to login as well as showing us how important or secure each method is.

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