Is Anybody Listening?

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How much longer will we continue to ignore the impact of our continued refusal to do anything to mitigate the planet’s long-standing climate emergency?

California and Oregon are in flames, forcing half a million people to abandon their homes, and exceeding in a matter of weeks the area burned last year: yet we still refuse to accept that this is a direct result of the increase in global temperature caused by human activity that has turned our forests into tinder. The orange skies lending an apocalyptic, science-fiction air to San Francisco illustrate the terrible magnitude of the catastrophe we all now find ourselves part of.

And it’s not just California and Oregon: the Amazon rainforest is burning at a faster rate than ever; the ice in the Bering Strait and Greenland is melting beyond the point of no return in a loss that keeps increasing every year, threatening floods that will surely create millions of climate refugees; temperatures in the Arctic exceed 100ºF; the Atlantic hurricane season seems to be preparing to break all records and wipe out entire areas; human activity is destroying biodiversity at an unprecedented rate, storms flatten entire towns in Iowa, and huge clouds of mosquitoes rising from flood debris are killing cattle and horses in Louisiana. For once, the term apocalyptic is no exaggeration.

The science is beyond question: our carbon dioxide emissions are killing the planet by turning it into a hothouse. Last year, the climate emergency generated more than fifteen weather phenomena the cost of clearing up each exceeded $1 billion, and threatens to destroy our economies, especially if we continue voting for politicians who do nothing to prevent it or even make the problem worse.

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  1. The article highlights a big issue that has been threatening the whole world in the last century, and it focuses on showing that we should care about climate change. In the past ten years, many natural catastrophes have happened, and they were caused mostly by climate change, so we caused all these problems in the world. We should care about keeping nature as it is since if we do not care about it, many catastrophes would come. Many companies should be regarded more from the pollution point-of-view since they are ruining the world. Pollution has been threatening biodiversity, the climate, water, and anything that has been created by nature. The author provides the right sources and the right example to start to care about climate change and its consequences. California’s and Amazon’s fires are the best examples to show what we are doing to the world and the consequences that we will create in the future. I have never cared about climate change, and I have always thought that nothing would have changed in nature, but I changed my idea and everybody should start to think about keeping the world safe.

  2. This article highlights the ignorance in our world when it comes to issues stemming from climate change. It is real, and it is rapidly destroying our environment and our economy. The fact that the leadership of our nation does not take this seriously and goes so far as to claim it is fake or not a threat is sickening. As this article states, “We have to take action, and we have to do it now.” This is not background noise anymore; this is an emergency that our world needs to respond to immediately.

    The problem is that we hear about nature being destroyed once or twice on the news, but then we ignore it because it is not directly affecting us. By doing this, we are shortening the gap to the day where we will wake up and see that it is our backyard that is on fire. The world needs to unite in the effort to fight the climate emergency we are facing. In the past, families have attempted to take small measures to reduce their carbon footprint such as recycling or carpooling. Clearly, that is not cutting it anymore. As this article stresses, drastic measures need to now be taken worldwide to begin to reduce the threat we pose to our environment. This should start with major companies adapting their manufacturing facilities to be more eco-friendly. Products being produced should also be of this nature, in turn making it easier for humanity to make this transition. Our world also needs to become more informed of the problems climate change creates as well as how much damage already exists that is beyond repair. Lastly, our nation needs a leader who is prepared to lead this fight and enact changes that our world is ready to abide by. Without the effort of one person, there is no effort at all. The people of our world are in for a rude awakening if they believe humanity can survive for another century under these current conditions. Ultimately, there can be no doubt of scientists or administrators. We all need to adopt a common trust and unity to be able to save our world from the damaging effects created by our own carbon dioxide emissions.

  3. The article speaks about one of the biggest ongoing issues we have in our world. An issue that is life changing not only for us, but for the future generations. The answer to the question is no. No one is listing to any of these problems. Climate changed is being ignored by people all over. The sad thing is, it is very hard for one person to make a change. I use plastic straws, pick up unnecessary trash, and recycle. Although that is good, it is not enough. Many people do not believe in climate change, although there are many facts that prove it. I love how the author not only talks about the fires, that are polluting the air and destroying nature, but he talks the ice melting. Animals are dying and losing their homes, but this topic is being ignored for what, politics and celebrity drama? I think it is ridiculous when people think climate change does not affect them. When someone sees that it is dark out at three in the afternoon and thinks it is cool. Although it may be pretty, smoke is covering the sun, damaging our ozone. The sky looks very pretty when it is orange, but one does not understand that the orange is fire. And that soon that fire could be affecting them next, I like how Nicole comments on that and how the world needs to unite if we want to overcome this problem. And I agree, but I am afraid that the world is too immature and childish to come together right now. Its tales more than just one person to make a change. It takes more than half of the people to make a change. Unlike the government, we need everyone onboard instead of two thirds of the population. The longer we wait to solve this problem. The more of a problem it will become. If we do not do something soon, our own children could live in a world where there is no more nature. Where the sky is dark, and the trees are burnt. The sun will be so hot, one might not be able to go outside. That is without the fact that the ozone will probably be gone, and one would get sun poising from just being in the sun. This is a change that needs to happen now. This topic needs to be more publicized and talked about, if we want a future for the world.

  4. This article exposes the ignorance of our world and recently our country. Recently in a press conference about the California and Oregon fires, Trump said that the science on global warming is wrong. This alone shows the answer to the question of the article, no. If the leader of the strongest country in the world says that the science is false, we have a long way to go before any real sort of change is to occur. With the situation in California and Oregon worsening by the day, we have to act now before the problem is too big for us to fix.
    “The time for promises and kicking the can down the road is over: to save ourselves and much of life on the rest of the planet, means taking drastic, radical and meaningful measures. These measures are still unimaginable for many people, but there really is no alternative: if we do not change course now, then we are bound for disaster.”
    This quote speaks volumes, as we do not have time to wait around, we must start acting now before we create an unfixable problem for future generations. We have a great task against, but we must start now. Already, the Amazon is being burned at faster rate, glaciers are melting in Greenland and in the Bering Strait, temperatures in the artic have exceeded 100°, and most surprising to me, mosquitoes rising from flood debris are killing cattle and horses in Louisiana. The scariest thing about this article is that with everything going on and all the evidence backed up by science, people still do not believe that climate change is a threat or even real at that matter. There are people in the world who could singlehandedly, end these climate problems. There are around 15 global climate phenomena and each of them cost over a $1billion. Another under expressed topic in the article is voting. We must vote in November and try and stop the world from being potentially destroyed. Hopefully, people have seen this article and it can be a rude awakening for them.

  5. The article brings to light one of the numerous issues that our country, along with the rest of the world, faces that has somehow been transformed into no more than a political opinion, depending on who you ask. The drastic increases of global temperature, along with the numerous national disasters that occur each year should without question raise red flags to world leaders, yet those issues usually go unaddressed, or even worse, are written off as nothing more than a fluke occurrence. Unfortunately the health of the planet has joined the list of national emergencies that the current Presidential administration considers a fault on the side of science, or nothing more than just a political opinion as previously stated. These destructive wildfires, record-breaking hurricanes, and dissolving ice caps now rank among human rights and a medical pandemic on the aforementioned list. Politics and the existence of unusual natural disasters should not coincide, yet they sadly do in our current political environment.

    There is no denying that the skies on the west coast are tinted orange and red due to raging wildfires. There is no denying that society has seen an unprecedented amount of hurricanes and tropical storms in the previous handful of years. There is no denying that the average global temperature is rising entire degrees, causing millennium-old ice formations to melt and raise sea-level. There is no denying the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide being released annually into the atmosphere. Still, the current presidential administration, and the party it represents, currently, and historically, fight tooth and nail to do so.

    In my opinion, the root of these issues stems from an embarrassing sense of nationalism. The current affairs of the United States are too focused on job creation, “fighting” immigration, eliminating outsourcing, and other centralization to consider the wellbeing of the planet. The changes that must be made to even attempt to save the planet have the possibility of altering the current economy and threatening the current system of capitalism, and therefore, conservatives are increasingly hesitant to take action. Creating an economy that is environmentally-sound carries expensive implementation costs, and large adjustments to the current methods of business, therefore business magnates would rather die on a pile of paper than create a better future for their future generations.

    The connection between these issues is simple. Our politicians hold the power to make the changes and set the standards that will create a course toward planetary survival. However, they cannot, and will not take such actions, because those heavily invested business magnates are always over the politicians’ shoulders. We unfortunately live in a country where political opinion and actions are highly motivated by monetary gain. Science consistently proves these natural disasters are a result of climate change. They have facts and figures to prove their research. News stations report on the damage done by these disasters with depressing images and videos of destroyed communities. Through all of this, nothing is done, simply because the influence of a pretty penny is stronger in the eyes of our leaders than the thought of a prosperous future on a healthy planet.

  6. In California and Oregon there are currently large fires burning which have forced nearly 500,000 people to leave their homes. The fires have in several weeks burned more area than was burned in the entirety of the previous year. This is because the actions of humans have raised the temperature of the planet. This has in turn dried plants turning them into kindling which fuels the fires. This is not limited to just the United States, this is also happening in the Amazon rainforest where the temperatures have also dried the wood.
    Forests are not the only environment affected by human actions. Human actions raising the temperature has also affected the Arctic environment. The Polar Ice Caps have also begun to melt which has affected the wildlife their most notably polar bears. As the ice caps melt the polar bears are literally losing ground to stand on. If polar bears are unable to find ground, they will eventually drown from exhaustion. Hurricanes in the Atlantic are also poised to be record breaking. Storms are destroying entire towns while floods from the storms lead to huge clouds of mosquitoes that come from the debris of the flood which then kill cattle and horses.
    The rate of destruction is predicted to only increase which is demonstrated by the climate change being attributed with creating more carbon dioxide than fifteen different weather events combined. Each of the weather events cost over one billion dollars to clean up, and climate change threatens to do even more damage if it is not reversed. However, politicians such as Donald Trump would rather continue to destroy the environment since it is good for the economy in the short run. Ways that could help reduce pollution include forcing car manufacturers to meet stricter emissions, this would cost car manufacturers a lot of money and would hurt the GDP which is one of Trump’s primary focuses.

  7. Climate change is not a new and foreign issue. This article brings to the light the danger of ignoring this very serious issue. A big contributor is the lack of action politicians take. Climate change should not be up for debate. The question of whether or not global warming is real is absurd. There is an endless amount of science that proves its existence and extremeness. It is also evident in plain sight. California suffers constant wildfires, the Amazon rainforest is burning, and ice caps are melting. Politicians typically have opposing views, which makes sense. There are different political parties because people have differing opinions. However, climate change should not be a differing opinion. Politicians should not be debating whether or not climate change is real, but rather what steps to take to fix it. Caring about the state of the world is about human rights, not political gain.
    Politicians take little to no action regarding climate change because it does not directly benefit them. As the article states, fixing these issues will be costly and affect the economy. While they would be doing what is right, it is easier to ignore the issue and focus on short term wins. Spending copious amounts of time and money on something that does not show immediate results may make a politician look bad. Long term, however, taking these steps will benefit all of humanity. Long term effects do not affect politicians nearly as much as short term, so they tend to focus on the latter.
    It can be difficult at times to acknowledge two parties have the same beliefs. It is vital to put the mentality of the need for differing opinions aside and focus on bettering the planet. No matter where someone stands, climate change will affect their world and ultimately be a detriment to them. Trivial debates mean nothing if the ground is burning below you. Climate change needs to be viewed as a human rights issue so that everyone can come together and see what is happening to the world. The technology is all available, so there is no excuse that action is not being taken. Climate change is the most serious issue, as it is on track to ending the world entirely.

  8. This article touches on arguably the most pressing issue facing the entire world moving forward: Climate Change. Unfortunately, in the past few decades climate change has been questioned, attacked, and politicized instead of us striving to improve our habits and save the earth for generations to come. Every year it seems that more and more alarming news and disasters occur due to climate change, and the mass wildfires across the west coast of the U.S. is as alarming as ever. Despite these fires destroying millions of homes and taking countless lives, the problem does not seem to be further addressed or taken any more seriously than it has been in the past. This is a terrifying reality for me and many others, as people are now denying basic science of the harm we are doing to the earth primarily for political gain. It is essential that we put any political disputes aside and all come together to further educate ourselves on how we can try and slow down the rapid rising global temperature. One of the most important questions in this election and over the foreseeable future is what steps will our world leaders take to move this issue to the forefront of people minds and make sure everyone understands that climate change is very real, and the affects are already getting deadly.

  9. The ignorance of the world to the effects of climate change are staggering. According to the BBC an estimated 480 million animals were either killed or affected by the forest fires in Australia. California looks like a scene out of Mad Max and Oregon currently has the world’s worst air quality by about four times. The rational that “It’ll cool down, you watch” by President Trump just about sums up how seriously this administration is taking global warming. To think that there is nothing we can do or that we are not the cause of this is a selfish and ignorant stance that will have catastrophic effects on not only the current generations but the future of mankind. At the root of the problem, just like everything else, is money. Politicians love to use the excuse of a lack of funds or the loss of jobs. They seem to always leave out the part where a shift into green energy has the potential to bring millions of jobs by expanding clean energy sectors. The loss of jobs cannot outweigh the potential loss of life on earth. It is very much embarrassing to watch as the United States pioneers the climate denial movement by pulling out of the Paris agreement, defunding the EPA, and putting gag orders on scientific research. Tackling climate change should be an issue that unites not only this country but the entire world. For once in the history of the world there is a problem much bigger than any one country, the stakes are high for everybody, and there is a solution. Yet, rather than using this opportunity to unite a broken nation and world, the politicians see it as a way to stuff their wallets and get reelected with the promise of the status quo. It is going to be expensive of course, but the opportunity cost of ignoring it is human life itself. The devastation of ever strengthening storms and heat waves is already costing billions of dollars a year, but we need more than a band-aid to fix this problem. Once the world realizes the true cost of ignoring this problem, they will realize that the cost to fix it was not as outrageous and socialist as they were told.

  10. The article informs about a topic that is not new to society. I knew about the fires in America and the Amazon, but I felt uneasy when I began reading about the Artic recording temperatures of 100 degrees F. Some people still do not believe in climate change even though there is a science to prove it is happening and at a rapid rate.
    The article does well at pointing out the fact these natural disasters and changes in different geographical areas around the world are all happening at one time. There are many problems with trying to decrease humans’ carbon footprint. Firstly, I do feel we need to elect leaders into office, who have a genuine concern for the climate, but I do not feel there is a real sense of care for the environment when it comes to politics. Many politicians care about the “business” aspect of the country, and that aspect is what allows for so many carbon emissions to enter the atmosphere. The second largest problem is how uneducated people are when it comes to climate change.
    Many people claim to know climate change is a problem but lack the sense to complete acts to help the environment, but still litter and still do not recycle. The mindset of how “it does not affect me personally,” is what will continue to allow carbon emissions to rise.
    People will begin to care when it is too late for the environment and the safety of humans.

  11. This article is a clear call to action for people to begin being environmentally conscious and take the issue of global warming very seriously, as it is having horrid effects globally. There are many fires, extreme temperature risings, melting ice that will begin to flood, and much more. The author, Enrique Dans, suggests that we have the means to help solve the problems that we have created on this Earth, however the issue, like many, has become quite political. There are world leaders who have decided to ignore science and denounce the concept of global warming, such as Donald Trump. This country, as well as many others, have the means to support extreme environmental repair initiatives but refuse to intervene despite calling attention and offering condolences to those who have lost a great deal, due to the actions of humans on this planet. For instance, it is scientifically proven that carbon dioxide emissions are causing drastic temperature changes worldwide. It is suggested, with urgency, that continued ignorance, in regard to climate change, can have adverse effects on the economy and completely destroy our environment and extremely harm all life forms on this planet. I find it very interesting that the author chose the words “apocalyptic, science-fiction air” to describe the way that global warming is greatly changing the world. Visually, everything seems like it should be the cause of smoke and mirrors however, this is very real and can eventually end the world as we know it.

    I would also like to comment on the fact this issue is made to be very political and denial, along with inaction will undoubtedly have irreversible effects on Earth’s climate. Additionally, it is much worse that there is access to different technologies that can effectively replace some that prove to be extremely harmful however, there is no strong environmental program that has been established or proposed by the Trump Administration. As Enrique Dans suggests, there is no denying the fact that this is a real issue and that there are resources that can aid the clear issues at hand. Also, while it is evident that endangering the planet is also endangering the human popular, and while that might not be a priority for the older generation, it is essential in ensuring that the world maintains and prospers. Voting for leaders who do not promote ignorance and being vocal about the issues we are facing in this world because there is much risk in turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the salient issues.

  12. The issue of climate control has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember people saying that if we acted now we could save our planet for future generations. Every year since then I have seen the urgent message to act now, or else. Dans issues what might be the final warning until our world changes forever. Already, however, is the world changing forever. The Amazon rainforest, Greenland and the Artic are all suffering damages beyond repair. It is time to people to, for once in their life, take responsibility.
    Although the issue of climate change should be the opposite of a political issue, I fear that it has become one. Due to the extremely divisive nature of politics today, many people pick a side and stick to it. Recently, our president has been seen continuously downplaying the virus. In interviews not only has he not worn masks; he actually encourages others to take theirs off. To top it all off, he held rallies and none of the people who attended these rallies wore masks. Unsurprisingly, there were record high numbers of COVID-19 after these rallies. He is doing the same thing with climate change. Through ignoring science and creating lies about things people have said, he has convinced people that climate change is not real. All the way back in 2009, Trump said if the U.S. failed to act, there would be “catastrophic and irreversible consequences”. Only a few years later he says that the Chinese created it to weaken the U.S. Recently in 2018 he said that since it was so cold in NYC that it disproved climate change. The list goes on.
    People must take initiative and realize how serious of a problem this is. Each year the consequences of climate change get more serious and more irreversible. In the past, the option to slowly change your lifestyle to help climate change was realistic. Washing your clothes with cold water and using solar panels, as easy as it sounds, was something that people could not deal with. Now, the whole world must cooperate are take dramatic measures just so the next generation of children can live the same life all of us are going to be able to live.

  13. It is truly a shame that we have to even ask ourselves the question, “Is anyone listening?” Are we really so consumed with societal standards that we’re willing to jeopardize all of humanity? The truth of the matter lies in the short amount of time we have left to take action. This article touches on the long-standing climate emergency that we all know is occurring. Despite the wildfires in California and the Amazon rainforest fighting flames, we’re still sitting here doing nothing to solve the equation. “How much longer will we continue to ignore the impact of our continued refusal to do anything to mitigate the planet’s long-standing climate emergency?” Time is running out. Matter of fact, in honor of Climate Week, a group of scientists and activists have planned to reset the digital clock that lies on the side of a building in Union Square, NYC. The “ClimateClock” will display the countdown of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds that Earth has to stop global warming from completely overtaking. The clock’s calculation is based on the world’s current emission rates and the amount of CO2 that can be still released into the atmosphere. If by some magic we manage to lower the planet’s current emissions, more time will be added to the clock.
    Seven years. We only have seven years until Earth’s carbon budget is depleted. A total depletion would send the world into further turmoil and suffering through more flooding, more wildfires and extensive human displacement. So—the question is where do we go from here. Maybe, just maybe, this “ClimateClock” will finally open our eyes to the damage that has been done and shift us from our normal ways. The author of the article makes it a point to describe how politicians are a major part of the problem. Given the complexity of climate policy, it all comes down to replacing everything powered by fossil fuels with zero-carbon alternatives. Although that sounds like a stretch, it is far from impossible. Not to mention, we have no choice.
    Now is the time to invest in solutions that will create good jobs, improve equity, enable more vibrant and healthy communities, reduce pollution and finally help us build the resilience to crises.

  14. Is anybody listening? This title is frightening in itself. I was nervous to read what this blog was about, only because I know what our world has evolved into these past few months. The issues talked about in this blog are interesting, scary, and can be life and world-changing. The fires, climate changes, storms, human activity, etc. all have extreme impacts on our everyday lives. I think reading this article put things into perspective for me. I was aware of the issues, but the hyperlinks gave it a real-life feel. I was able to read articles about things I was most interested in to get more of a grasp on what happened, the people it affected, and how it all unfolded. The articles and news sources in my opinion sugar coat what is happening and who Is affected. The affected people are truly the only ones who know what it is life. People are only involved in half of these issues, the rest has to do with the planet we live on. Everyone in the world relies so heavily on the earth and what it has to offer, yet treats it like it doesn’t matter. Each bottle thrown on the ground, or plastic bag in the ocean has a massive effect on the future of the earth, whether it doesn’t seem big or not, it is happening. I do not believe many people are listing or want to comprehend what is happening. It is sad and upsetting. Some people, however, take big steps in trying to help the planet, people, and natural disasters that are occurring. It is because of those people we are making any progress at all. I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone, that if there is anything at all you can do to help, do it. It will help in the short and long run. These are all changes that need to be happening now. Not a day, week, month, or year(s), now is the time to make a change. The change needs to be made for the better. These topics need to be public and talked about more often than they are if we want to see any change at all. Imagine walking outside and seeing the whole world in front of you be purple, blue, orange, or black. It is scary what we know as well as the un-known of the world. I can only do so much and encourage so many people to help. I think issues like this should be taken as well as looked at more seriously. Very interesting and good blog.

  15. Forbes’s article regarding climate change on Earth is very terrifying. On a smaller scale, the West Coast is burning and was burning rapidly for weeks. Living on the East Coast we do not think it directs are lives directly, but we are so wrong. Two weeks ago, I was driving at about 7:15am and watching the sun rise. At first, I did not even realize it was the sun because it was not shining, until I realized the moon was not rising at 7am. Later, I read an article on the effects of the fires from the West Coast on the East Coast. The smoke in the atmosphere was changing the look of the sun because of the amount of smoke there was. For me, this was a scary thought, so I could only imagine how the people who saw orange skies for weeks felt. There is so much that can be done on a small scale to make sure fires like this are started as little as possible. Things like biking instead of driving and recycling can save our planet. In my house, we recycle everything possible, leaving little to no waste behind. Unfortunately, biking is not an option for me in the area I live in, so I must drive, but a big factor in carbon emissions in the atmosphere is the amount of driving delivery services provide. People have become extremely lazy, using delivery services instead of getting their food directly. Unfortunately, this makes it, so cars are never off the road, these delivery drivers are constantly on the road. If people were to go to the restaurant and pick up their own food it is point a to point b and back, they would not stay on the road for hours. Other factors are apart of driving emissions as well, such as bus transportation, but busses are some people only means of transportation, so it is difficult to eliminate them. The alternative for cars is electric cars, but they are expensive and require resources that not everyone has access to. Another problem contributing to carbon emissions is the food sources we eat from. The most beneficial thing to do for our planet is to eat locally. Most, if not all the produce in my house is from a farm that attends our local farmer’s market. This is what every community should have access to, to push the idea of buying food from local resources. There are many things we could do as a united community to save our planet, things that we should start doing tomorrow. In order to prevent climate change, we need to change.

  16. Climate change and global warming have been the top controversial issues for the past decade. It’s only recently been taken seriously due to the physical environmental effects. The west coast region has taken a lot of damage due to the planet’s long-standing climate emergency. “California and Oregon are in flames, forcing half a million people to abandon their homes, exceeding in a matter of weeks the area burned last year: yet we still refuse to accept that this is a direct result of the increase in global temperature caused by human activity that has turned our forests into tinder.” I have seen countless wildfires in California on the news. The ice in arctic regions are melting and creating dangerous floods due to the exceeding temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit. It’s crazy to even know that there are people who don’t believe in global warming or that humans have any contribution to climate change. I guess it’s a matter of opinion. I personally believe we are all accountable for these disasters. Humans have polluted the air and water with factories and cars emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We have destroyed ecosystems for personal gain. As a result, our planet is in danger and is in desperate need of our help.

  17. Majority of people understand that Climate Change is very real however, the problem is that not much is being done about it. The article “Is Anybody Listening” highlights what is happening around the world and something has to be done about it and now. It has to be a drastic change because if something is not done immediately it’s only going to get worse. As the author writes “ we need to drastically change the energy map, regardless of the cost and the economic interests involved, and start measuring the real impact of all human activity on the planet, and stop lying to ourselves” ( Dans).
    According to the article “Is it too late to prevent climate change” the author writes “ global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades, if not centuries. That’s because it takes a while for the plant (for example, the oceans) to respond, and because carbon dioxide- the predominant heat-trapping gas- lingers in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. There is a time lag between what we do and when we feel it”( NASA). However, it’s our duty to protect the planet that we live on because we only have one. We need to reduce greenhouse gasses and learn to adapt to the environment that we created.( NASA). If we start now, it could potentially reverse or slow down some of the disasters we are currently seeing. In the future, the global temperature may slowly decrease as the environment fixes itself . There may be less fires and the ice in the Bering Strait may melt at a slower rate.
    For as long as I can remember, there have been discussions about what we need to do however, everyone needs to do their part.This means from the individual level to state level to a global level. It is not enough for a few countries to take the initiative. Limiting waste, planting more trees, recycling, redesigning our infrastructures, driving more fuel efficient cars is not enough. There needs to be global cooperation. All states need to do their part. We need to push for international policies/agreements in order to do better. We can continue to let these disasters get worse or we can do something about it now. The future is up to us. I encourage everyone to contact their governors, senators, and house representatives and let them know that we need to do something about climate change and now before the damage is irreversible.

    “Is It Too Late to Prevent Climate Change? – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet.” NASA, NASA,

  18. Almost every week I watch the news, I see that Northern California and Oregon have wildfires. The wildfires in the West Coast of the United States, especially Northern California and Oregon, have been devastating and truly scary. “Half a million people were forced to abandon their homes” (1) due to the Amazon rainforest burning at an insane rate. It is crazy to me that people including citizens and the government are not focusing their attention to the increase in global temperature, which is actually caused by human activity. Personally, it is crazy to me to think that the fire started because of the work production rate increasing in the area. The government has spent and exceeded more than one billion dollars, but the treatment that has been given is not enough. Also, I cannot believe that the sky in this region is orange and smoky. During my 19 years of living, I have never seen an orange sky, ever. Furthermore, I think that people should focus their attention to the election as well. President Trump has done a minimal job and shown minimal effort to such a big emergency and I believe that he needs to step up. Although President Trump has shown little effort to help this emergency, the wildfire is a problem that is like no other. These wildfires are very hard to stop as the flames catch very easily in the rainforest. In order to stop the wildfires, helicopters are called to drop gallons of water on top of the wildfire. The problem with that is that the helicopters are very expensive and can take time before the fire really spreads. The solution might be costly, but this is an emergency that needs to be solved because these wildfires are affecting too many people with their daily lives. People are losing their houses and jobs because of this problem, and there must be immediate action to help stop these wildfires. President Trump must take action now, and make a plan efficient enough to stop these wildfires. It is costly, yes, but this problem is way too big of a problem to not fix.

  19. This article focuses on how our environment is being affected by modern technology. To be specific, the article focuses on how human activity is affecting climate change, and how we must take action in order to prevent certain disaster. The current state of the planet leaves much to be desired, as global warming continues to become a serious issue over time. Carbon dioxide emissions from machines and other forms of technology are polluting the air around us. Glaciers are melting in the arctic as a result of global warming, threatening to flood various parts of the world. The increase in global temperature has made it easier for sudden fires to occur, burning down parts of the Amazon rainforest, California and Oregon homes, and more. As directly quoted from the article, “California and Oregon are in flames, forcing half a million people to abandon their homes, and exceeding in a matter of weeks the area burned last year: yet we still refuse to accept that this is a direct result of the increase in global temperature caused by human activity that has turned our forests into tinder… The science is beyond question: our carbon dioxide emissions are killing the planet by turning it into a hothouse”. These unnatural environmental conditions are a direct result of human activity, and so this article proposes that the people of the world must discard the technology causing all of this in favor of newer technology that can reduce these effects.

    The article also stresses that the best way for people to go about making these changes would be to drastically change the energy map as quickly as possible. It is also mentioned that the cost incurred by companies as a result of climate emergency is growing at an alarming rate, further prompting that even businesses cannot last much longer while things remain as they are; Quoted again from the article… “the climate emergency generated more than fifteen weather phenomena the cost of clearing up each exceeded $1 billion, and threatens to destroy our economies”. The combination of the worsening condition of the planet, the risk of endangering all life, and the increasing costs incurred by businesses, it is encouraged that people make a change so that modern technology won’t cause damage to the people and the planet.

    This article had me remember that it’s important for corporations to have a fair balance between people, profits, and the planet. The Earth’s worsening condition is a direct result of people and corporations who completely disregard the planet’s well-being. Resources are limited, and so is our time. The author is clearly stressing the importance of immediate change here. As a student who aspires to enter the business field, I hope to see that all corporations are actively pursuing ways to efficiently run their businesses so that there is an ideal balance for the people, the planet, and business profits.

  20. Climate Change is not something that is new, it has been around for years, but nothing has been done to solve this underlying issue. Within the past few weeks, there were multiple wildfires in California and Oregon, which devastated many families. Even with these devastating events on the West Coast to the Amazon, people still think that global warming and climate change are not a thing. Reading within the article that our carbon dioxide emissions are killing the planet, is something that is very serious, and we need to better as a whole country, to make sure that we are not harming the Earth as much as we are now. If people keep saying that they are going to wait to make changes or that they don’t believe climate change is a real thing, then it is only going to get worse as we are still in the same predicament, instead of working towards ways in which we can solve these issues and work towards bettering the environment.

    One of the main factors in which I believe has had such a big impact on climate change is the thought of pollution. Pollution has been known to harm our country, as you see many trucks, cars, etc. pollute exhaust into the air. Everyone as a whole needs to come up with ways to solve these issues that are causing harm. For example, maybe one could ride a bike, walk, or even carpool with others to lower the pollution that is harming the air and the world around us. We all have to work cohesively around one another to come up with ways to stop global warming or climate change because if we don’t find a way to lower the risk, then it will continue to gradually get worse in future years to come.

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