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There are really only two ways to approach this:

“We don’t cheat.”

“We cheat when we can get away with it.”

The posture of, “our side doesn’t cheat,” is the belief in the validity of the game itself. It’s a statement of moral authority, a promise of consistency and valor. It respects the process.

The posture of, “cheat if you can,” is the belief in the ends at any cost. It degrades the system, because if everyone cheats, then there is no system left.

Cheaters often brag about their exploits, because they want to normalize them.

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  1. Cheating is something I was raised to go against in my life as it signifies not really learning the content you are being taught, you are finding other means to present that information as if you know it. It is always wrong to cheat, and the people who do like to boast how easily they skated through their course load. They do not even have the character to admit that they were wrong, because it got them that passing grade. “Cheaters often brag about their exploits, because they want to normalize them.” I have had first hand exposure to this, one of my cousins who has been in college for a while now said she “cheated her way through high school because high school doesn’t matter.” I just thought to myself about how hard she would get hit when she went to college and after her first semester she came back telling everyone how much REAL studying she had been required to do to pass her classes. It showed me that if you were brought up on cheating, you would cheat and cheat until it seemed unfeasible to do so, then you’d start trying to learn. The problem with this is, say you cheated through high school, then you are missing the building blocks that were supposed to set you up to be ready for the mass influx of work that comes with going to college. You need to use the resources provided during high school so you can learn to take notes, and to study properly, and to learn how to research properly so you can do it for the rest of your life. I liked the statement “Because being on a team that wins by cheating is ultimately self-defeating.” Not only because it rhymes, but because it is very true. If a team cheats to win the super bowl, are they really winners? Of course not because they broke the rules of the game, plain and simple. Being against cheating should not come across as you not being “chill” or “cool.” It should make you come across as a more sophisticated person who is willing to put in the time and effort to really earn those great marks!

  2. In our world, today cheating is becoming normalized because of entertainment and the “new generation”. We do not value the importance of knowledge. We do not value the importance of enlightening ourselves. We are scared to expose ourselves to the beauty of knowledge and wisdom. We’d rather scroll and watch things on the internet than actually putting a book in front of us or learn. We give our consolidated opinions on matters that we don’t even bother educating ourselves about. We just want to get the work done nowadays. We feel like education is unnecessary and tiresome which is true but what we get from it is much greater than what we think. We get power. Power to see the world differently regardless of what we study. I also blame those who changed the system. They view that learning how to work for somebody is better than acquiring knowledge. Our generation also lacks motivation and we do not bother to put effort into whatever we do. A person who puts in the work to study and enjoy what they are learning will not ever bother to cheat because they already know the power in all the resources around them. (for example, the teacher, library, etc). The cheater lacks the moral obligation to themselves to enlighten themselves so they just resort to what they have always known- cheating. They think they are doing the right thing by getting a good grade but in the long run, they are just fooling themselves. They are like the prisoners in Plato’s analogy of the cave who are comfortable with what they know but don’t realize that they are miserable. The reality is that a cheater is also not as fulfilled as someone who paid attention, studied, and retained knowledge from the context. The person who studied knows that they have done good work through hard work and might remember what they learned a few years from that moment. In sports, a person who abuses steroids, drugs, and other things might not feel at peace with themselves because they are dependent on a substance that does not even allow them to feel natural endorphins. It just leaves them crippled to weakness in the end.

  3. Integrity, and what it means to you. That is ultimately what it comes down to. When people can cheat and get away with it, several often do. However, if those people were to have put in the work in the first place, would they even have to cheat?

    Cheating is such an interesting topic as you can “cheat” almost anything. When I think of cheating I first think of school. For most, I feel that is where testing the limits start. When kids figure out they can cheat in a class, they stop paying attention, stop doing the extra work, stop studying, etc. While they might get a passing or even above average grade in the class, they didn’t learn anything. While this might not matter in a high school elective course, what happens when a nurse cheats their way through nursing school? What happens when a lack of knowledge could mean life or death? You might say “they know they need to know that information, they wouldn’t do that”. However, if that individual has cheated their entire life, they have no idea how to do anything else. If someone has never learned how to study in a way that is conducive to them, it can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. If all they have ever known is cheating, it’s not a far stretch to assume they will resort to that.

    Growing up, it was always stressed, amongst everything else, how detrimental cheating was to us individually. I carried these belief and fears with me to college, thinking many of my peers had the same views. I quickly learned just how naive I was in this thinking. Teammates would send their past papers to underclassmen, others would pay people to do their homework, sometimes even an entire classes, and more. I was and still am a bit mind blown. That being said, and to the author’s point, all of these people cheat because they know they can get away with it. Ask anyone who does. “Why would you do that? Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get caught?” Without fail, the routine response is “no, my professor doesn’t even notice” or “no, so and so did it before me and never got caught”.

    During the two COVID semesters, several of my acquaintances received significantly higher grades than they had in previous semesters. I asked one individual and she simply responded “It’s because I can cheat on everything”. Because I can. This statement brings another one of the authors point’s to fruition: “It degrades the system, because if everyone cheats, then there is no system left”. The way courses were structured, students had plenty of opportunity to capitalize on taking exams without anyone watching. As a result, C students became A students. Suddenly, being an A student carries less weight than ever before.

    At the end of the day, whether an individual cheats or not, will always come back on them in one way or another. In the case of knowledge, not knowing something when it matters the most, will always come back to bite you.

  4. Cheating has started to become an increasing issue in our society. The article “Cheating” on Seth’s Blog is a short piece describing cheating and why people cheat. Humans have been cheating since the beginning of time because it could be argued the thought of cheating is natural. It enhances one’s chance to get a task done either quicker or more efficiently. Cheating can be as easy and simple as dealing yourself one less Uno card, copying down an assignment for a class, to taking an exam with notes written on your hand. Motives to cheat can vary from pure laziness and lack of effort, to as the blog states, ” there are people who believe that the only chance they’ve got is to cheat.” The irony with something like this is the cheating will set these people even further back because if they are caught, the road comes to an end. Being caught for cheating will ruin their reputation, as well as depending on the life point, potentially end their career or job. If a cheater is not caught, they will continue to progress in their path, but due to the cheating, they will have less knowledge and skill than the ones who realistically passed without the use of cheating. The main reason for the progression of cheating is the internet. The internet allows very easy accessibility to sources that allow cheating. This is such a huge problem because it allows easy cheating to occur at a young age, which will then lead to more cheating over time. Getting away with anything in life is always terrible in the long run because it will encourage an individual to continue to attempt to get away, such as by cheating. It is immoral and frowned upon everywhere, yet society will still do it because the rate people are caught cheating is very slim. As stated earlier with the internet, it’s very simple to get away with, causing it to become a habit. A habitual cheater will then be developed, which is someone when caught can never be trusted again, showing how the cheater reveals one’s character. Cheating is an issue that we attempt to crack down on, but the issue of technology is in the way of the full stop of cheating online, let alone the natural cheating that occurs in person.

  5. This article made me think about my country. Colombia is one of the countries where more cheating exists, we live in a society flooded by corruption. Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon that causes poverty, hinders development, and makes investment flee. It also weakens the judicial and political systems that should serve the public good. It is not surprising, then, that as the rule of law is undermined and the voice of the people is ignored, citizens’ trust in government officials and official institutions diminishes. Where it is present, this scourge encompasses public officials, businessmen, and private individuals, who commit illicit acts such as embezzlement, influence peddling, bribery, and kickbacks. Outrageous examples include public officials stealing billions from their countries’ coffers and multinational companies paying juicy bribes to obtain lucrative public contracts. Although petty corruption does not make the headlines, it arguably costs more than grand corruption. Many pay bribes in cash or in-kind to get an education or proper medical treatment, speed up administrative procedures, or avoid paying a fine. But what they see as just a way of making things right is actually a crime. In turn, corruption facilitates human trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism. All of this happens in Colombia daily. This form of cheating does not allow the country to progress, develop all its resources, and maximize them to move forward. Although many are involved in this dirty game, the truth is that there are more who want to do things right. Millions of people are willing to live without deceit and corruption. But the sad reality is that those few criminals are the ones who control the country and do what they want, when they want and where they want. That is why the country does not move forward and is slowly but surely going downhill thanks to the worst deception of all, corruption.

  6. As an athlete all my life until college and an avid watcher of the four major sports, baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, my mind goes to how cheating is looked at in the four major sports. Although the article is short in length, I feel the substance is deeper than surface level so everybody can make the own interpretation and apply it how they see fit in each of our individual lives. The article begins with proposing that there are two ways of looking at cheating as a whole. The first being a strict, firm, black and white, clear cut statement of “We do not cheat”. On the other side is a suggestive statement essentially saying that cheating is okay if it does not hurt anybody and if it is convenient enough to do. In the world of sports, cheating is obviously frowned upon but it is somewhat impossible to completely eliminate all cheating. For instance, in baseball sign stealing is technically cheating and is frowned upon but all teams do some form of this because if you do not partake, your team is ultimately at a very large disadvantage. But in the case of the Houston Astros, especially through the years of 2017-2019, they were found to be cheating by banging on trash cans to alert the batters on what pitch is coming, wearing electronic buzzers under their jerseys, and cameras to get the signs from the catcher to relay to the batter before the pitch so the batter knows what pitch is coming. This is one of the latest large scale cheating scandals in the world of sports, let alone baseball. At the end of this article, it is understood that real competitors do not partake in cheating because they know that it diminishes the quality of the game and gives it a negative connotation to others on the outside looking in. Cheating is only taken seriously when the members of the community actively rebel against it and show their disgust in it. All in all, I feel the article gives an interesting take on the two black and white sides and views on how cheating is perceived.

  7. Cheating, especially in the arena of competition, is really just disgusting. As an avid fan of football and baseball, I despise the Houston Astros and the New England Patriots (aside from my natural disdain as a Giants fan). Between the Astros cheating scandal and deflategate, wishing them to lose every game for the rest of eternity has been a part of my life and that of my friend group who follows the same teams as I do. Aside from the Astros and Patriots, cheating in general ruins the integrity of all things it touches. Take the business world for example, Martha Steward did not obey the rules while interacting with the stock market, and faced the consequences. No matter the field in which someone cheats, the element of competition, fairness, and all qualities related to the subject are taken out of the equation, resulting in an unlevel playing field. For all parties involved, excluding the cheater, they are robbed of the opportunity to win in a fair fifty-fifty scenario.

  8. I enjoyed reading this very short article about cheating and it brought a lot of thoughts to my mind. All my life, I have been told by my parents and teachers and elders that cheating is wrong and that I should never do it. I never really tried to cheat when I was growing up unless it was absolutely necessary for me to succeed in something. However, cheating just to cheat lowers confidence significantly and I have first hand proof of that. During the coronavirus era of education, my schooling was all online. Like every other student in my school, I would occasionally cheat on the assignments online, because it was easy and the teacher would never find out. Doing this over time, the guilt started to set in about cheating because even though I was not getting caught, I knew that I was just taking the easy way out which would lower my motivation. I knew that if I was in person, I would not have been doing this and after realizing that I stopped cheating all together and realized that if you want to be successful it will always take hard work. Even if you don’t get caught cheating, it will always come back to bite you in the end. I researched a quote that really stuck out to me, “Cheating in school is a form of self-deception. We go to school to learn. We cheat ourselves when we coast on the efforts and scholarship of someone else.” – Author: James E. Faust. This quote is saying that when you cheat in school and in anything else in life, you are really cheating yourself. Every challenge in life that you come across is supposed to be there to help you improve and to help you better yourself and learn. Taking the easy way out just strips you of all of those opportunities and you find yourself not any better than you were before. Cheating is overall the worst thing you can do to yourself. It is lying, and simply is just not okay and all children should be taught that this is not an okay thing to do.

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