Thoughts On “I’m Bored”

from Seth’s Blog

If you’re under 14: “Good.”

It’s good that you’re feeling bored. Bored is an actual feeling. Bored can prompt forward motion. Bored is the thing that happens before you choose to entertain yourself. Bored is what empty space feels like, and you can use that empty space to go do something important. Bored means that you’re paying attention (no one is bored when they’re asleep.)

If you’re over 14: “That’s on you.”

As soon as you’re tired of being bored at work, at home, on lockdown, wherever, you’ll go find a challenge. You don’t have to quit your day job to be challenged, but you do have to be willing to leap, to take some responsibility, to find something that might not work.

Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a chance, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter.

I’m glad you’re feeling bored, and now we’re excited to see what you’re going to go do about it.

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  1. On Saturday, they’re allowing NJ citizens to golf again — then, and only then, will I stop being bored.

    Just kidding, but it will give me something to do. Being bored in life is dangerous, as it fosters nothing but itself if no effort is made to get out of it. As an adult, I don’t just wait around for someone to tell me I am doing something so that I cannot be bored; life in quarantine is a great example. I’ve spent a lot of my extra free time in creative projects. By making videos, “memes”, art, and studying things that I like, I feel that, at worst, I’m not going to be left “worse for wear” after the pandemic “goes away”. Maybe one day I will be able to use the skills I am learning with certain software to do a job or get one, and I am sure of a few ways to do it, but it’s much better than doing nothing. The real trick will be to do things that I do not want to do, like real learning for example, but when I have no school work to do and truly have nothing but free time, I will either fall back on work or learning (hopefully both).

    Finding something that might not work, however, is the best “easier said than done” that anyone can do during a time like this where there are virtually no consequences for failing, especially someone like me who is locked into school for the next few years no matter what. Let’s say I spend a month doing some LinkedIn learning and come out of it thinking, “Wow, that was bad. I’m never doing that again!” I still have it under my belt that a) I did it and b) I know I don’t want to do it. That’s horribly pessimistic, too, because odds are I’ll derive something from a month’s worth of work, as would anyone else. Thinking about that in this context, there’s literally no reason not to try something new in a time like this.

  2. As the final two weeks of the semester are coming to an end, I am longing for the days that I will be bored. Since being home as a result of the schools shutting down, I am not facing the boredom that I usually face when stuck at home, though that is not to say that I am not bored sometimes. I’ve gotten lags in my schoolwork every so often that has prompted me to do something productive for myself like work out or clean my room. However, there are rarely times that I have not had at least one assignment or another looming over my head which doesn’t allow any long-term projects that I can commit my time to. I feel like I am constantly moving from one assignment to the next, figuring out what to prioritize first as all of my work for my classes has either remained the same or increased. Any breaks that I have usually consist of me sitting on my phone which ultimately leads to me feeling guilty and unproductive. With the summer coming and less to do because of the pandemic, I am somewhat excited to welcome this new boredom and find myself a new challenge as the author of “Thoughts on “I’m bored”” suggests. I know I will likely regret my initial statement when I have no more work to do and still can’t go out and do the things that I would like to. However, I am hoping that this will encourage me to take up a new hobby, or rediscover one that I have been wanting to do but could not find the time to as a result of school and working during the academic year and working over the summer. Whether this is gardening like have done in the past or making masks and donating or selling them (as my sister has begun to think of doing), I look forward to the new things that my boredom will spark.

  3. Over the course of quarantine, I’ve kept in touch with many friends I met on campus. I talk to them frequently, and I always mention to my one friend that I’m always so bored. And she always replies with the same type of response, “So? Go do something about it.” This type of attitude is the same that this blofpost has, and it’s a position that is critical to have for those looking to get something done. Boredom hits all of us, even outside of quarantine. It happens during work, at home, even when you are doing something that should be fulfilling or engaging. This boredom is a biological tool, a weapon that all of us have and can use to the greatest extent. Boredom is a driver for new horizons, it inspires people to do better in their jobs, or find new things to do with their life. It’s counterintuitive to think that boredom it intrinsically tied to productive and social behaviour. But its exactly that sense of meaninglessness and helplessness that fosters the need to take action. I mean really, what else is there to do when you are bored? Humans are pattern loving creatures, we see figures in the clouds and faces in the dark, but this doesn’t mean that you should lead a life of monotony. That isn’t to say boredom can lead to negatives as well. Many become aggressive or angry when bored, in an effort to find ways to stimulate themselves. In that sense, boredom is really a double-edged sword; it can be used to broaden horizons, or it can cause you to be further depressed. It is really how u spend your time, what you do with that bored feeling when it happens. The decision to go and learn something new is completely in your hands, boredom is just a kick in the butt to get started sooner than later.

  4. I liked this post and agree that boredom is a feeling that we all get. Being bored means that you have nothing in front of you to entertain yourself. Nothing is challenging your brain to grow or develop. When someone is bored, they will look for something to do that will challenge them to entertain them for some time. I also agree with the author’s take on how boredom is what empty space feels like and how it gives us an urge to fill that emptiness with something of importance. Boredom can be used for good in how we go fill our time with when we are bored. If we go and be productive then that feeling of boredom was good. Boredom can also cause us to stop paying attention or to get out of the flow of things. That means when I get bored in class, I will not pay attention because I will look for something for entertaining to watch or look at.
    Boredom is a big topic right now because no one can do anything. Everyone is trapped inside and forced to just look at screens all day. People always complained about how kids spent too much time on their phones or complaining about kids staying inside and playing video games. Now, that is all anyone can do. Parents are having to watch their kids all day while trying to be on conference calls and Zoom meetings. There is not even anything to watch on TV and there’s not much new content coming out because not many people are filming movies or television shows. No sports are playing and there’s nothing to really look forward to in sports because we have no idea when they will be playing again.

  5. The reasoning for doing nothing or being lazy has always been “I’m bored” or something along those lines. Nowadays the term boredom bas been brought to a whole new level, with most of us stuck in our homes with not much to entertain ourselves with. Most businesses are closed and even parks and beaches. However, there are many other things that can keep us preoccupied in the time being. The article “Thoughts on “I’m bored””, explains just that. If you are under 14 years old around the time you are in middle school that is a valid excuse. Anything older, there is always something better that you could be doing with your time. Find something challenging, take a problem that you may be having or something that is a problem and try to find a solution, and it will solve all of your problems with boredom. A great quote from the article says “Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a chance, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter.” I think that it shows us how good being challenged can feel. It is the satisfaction that one gets after solving a problem or completing something that for me is one of the best feelings you can get. There is no excuse to being bored, with something always out there for you to do. Boredom can lead to innovation so it is a question of ‘how bored are you, to do something special’.

  6. My parents have always hated when I would say, “I’m bored.” They are always quick to retort with, “well the dishwasher needs to be emptied” or “the floors are little dirty,” implying that their is always something for me to do. As Ive gotten older I have grown to loath the phrase myself. I tend to overthink everything. When I’m bored, I feel like I am wasting time. I then think about the definitive time I have left on earth, and I’m never going to get any time back. In short, I always want to occupy myself with something. As the author alludes to you, if you are bored than you are not being challenged. its easy to be bored doing the same thing every single day, because you grow used to it. For instance, math problems become tedious to me if I already know how to do them. The challenge and thrill of solving new problems gives me excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. Then once I master the next set of problems I have to move on again. This cycle is called growth. In order to grow you have to be continuously challenging yourself, and you have to fight the urge to stay complacent. In everything you do in life, if you really think about it, there is more that you can do. For instance at work, when I have taken care of all my deliveries and food orders, I can still stock inventory. When Ive stocked inventory I can clean. When I am done cleaning I can help out others. In order to be the best at anything, you have to be willing to do what others won’t. If you ever find yourself bored, chances are that you aren’t doing everything you can do.

  7. Boredom is a horrible thing. This article says, hey why don’t you just not be bored, or something to that extent. It’s actually a pretty logical point as well. There is always something to do, especially with our computers in front of us. In fact, there are endless possibilities. Of course it is better to fill our time with activities that will hone our skills or teach us something new, but even useless time wasting activities can combat boredom. For me, I have been playing more video games that usual during the pandemic, but looking at it I have actually been learning a few things. A few games I have been playing are on a Minecraft server, Call of Duty Zombies, and Monopoly. The Minecraft server and monopoly have a very distinct business atmosphere to them. The idea of the Minecraft server is to make money and advance, and there are quite a few ways to do this. You can make a mob farm where you are essentially paying someone (a mob spawner) to make you money, mining which is similar to manual labor, or scamming. There is also a complex economy involved and it includes a server shop, trading, and a public, server-wide auction house. The use of all of these allows us to make money and advance. Monopoly does not need much of an explanation, but making good trades is key. Call of Duty Zombies has complex quests and recently I have been trying to complete them in the fastest time possible with my friends. This has led us to push the limits of what we can do and innovate new strategies.

    I also have wanted to start a YouTube channel for awhile, and I think that I will finally make that leap when school is wrapping up for the semester. There is always something to do, so don’t be bored.

  8. Bordem. A feeling that everyone gets at one point or another when there is seemingy nothing interesting to do. I often hear people say that they are bored because there is “nothing to do”. In reality, there is always something to do even if that means going for a walk. We just have to be willing to get up and go find something to do. We may even have to create an activity. Kind of like how Seth said, if you are 14 years old or older and you ate “bored”, that is on you. Being creative and looking for challenges is what sparks new interests in my opinion. You might find something that you are good at or something that you can improve at. If Covid-19 has taught me anything is that just sitting around doing homework all day is extremely boring and unfulfilling. This is why I have begun to meditate more and continue to exercise to keep myself sane and in a good head space. The time we have spent in quarantine and isolation has not been easy on anyone that I have heard, seen, or know. However, finding interesting and productive ways to pass the time is the best solution. As an adult, I should not have to have someone tell me when to get up or what to do on a daily basis (now that I am home, my parents feel the need to boss me around haha), but instead it is my day and chance to make that day whatever I want it to be. Being home has had its ups and downs. I love it here with my family but I do miss school and my friends. I have made the most of my time here though, whether that is playing games with my family, spending time with my little brother, or just Facetimeing family members to stay in touch. I cannot personally say that I have done an interesting new activity other than meditation, so maybe I’ll try to learn a new language:)

  9. I have always been a fan of most of Seth’s blogs. He mostly talks unbiased yet opiniated at the same time, which is hard to do, so hats off to him. In this specific post he is talking about the subject of being bored in this pretty much global quarantine we are faced with today. In essence, what he is trying to say is that if you are under 14 you can be and not really do anything about it if you feel like. On the contrary, if you are over that age, it is unacceptable if you are not trying to do something to fill that boredom. This only gets worse the older you get if you are not doing anything about it. I completely agree with him on this one. With all this free time, if you are bored, you better be finding something to do. There is an endless number of things that you can do in the world just waiting to be conquered. A lot of these things should also give you the opportunity to grow as a person and be someone that you are proud to be instead of moping around the house doing nothing. I personally have been anything short of bored at home during this quarantine. My list on interest just never seems to end. First, I have been working out daily because I like to stay physically in shape and get muscularly bigger. Second, I have a huge passion for cars and working on them. Last year I bought a second vehicle with the sole purpose of learning how to do body work on the car, paint it, and do anything else I want to it. It is almost like an open canvass for me to learn skills that not many people know which will allow me to get better deals on cars in the future knowing how to work on them in their entirety. I also have my “fun car” that I do not touch as much and do less actual work too and more enjoyable work to. This includes putting in a stereo system that requires me to build two custom subwoofer boxes to fulfill the third thing that is not keeping me bored during quarantine which is woodwork. I have always wanted to learn from my dad how to properly build anything out of wood and I am finally getting to do that. The moral of the story is, take Seth’s advice and you will be nothing but happy in life.

  10. I think that the issue of true boredom has not really been as noticeable as it has been in society as it does today with this pandemic going on. I believe that because as a culture we have grown so glued to our phones and laptops, being bored did not really happen. If you were bored, you could just go online and find something to keep you entertained. However, amidst a global pandemic, the only thing people really can do for a good amount of time is using the internet. Now, I think people are beginning to realize that without the entertainment of their phone, they do not really know anything of value that could perhaps benefit them, especially during the quarantine. I have read several articles and post encouraging people to find a way to better themselves during the quarantine. I think, for the most part, people who are productive and determined have not had a particularly hard time doing this, but what I have noticed is that technologically illiterate people are having an incredibly difficult time. People on the older side I think have a much more difficult time than those in their youth. I know a few people who just sit around and watch TV during quarantine, and then there are people who constantly go on runs or exercise in some way. I think that in times like this it is crucial to find a side hustle or some sort of activity to keep one from going insane. There are a number of hobbies that people can pick up during quarantine. If anything, people will come out quarantine with a better lifestyle or career path than before everything happened.

  11. On the precipice of the coronavirus reaching the United States and showing its deadly powers, we were all told to stay home, only to leave our homes for an essential reason, in an attempt to help slow down the spread. With this being the case, the majority of people find them self’s having an abundance of free time at home as they aren’t out doing the usual things they might do. Thus, with no one completely used to spending all this time at home, we have all experienced the feeling of being bored, and dreaded feeling that way, as it makes us feel useless. That being said, however, a recent post on Seth’s Blog titled Thoughts on “I am Bored” the author presents a take on maybe how being board isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The author presents his interesting take by initially stating that if you’re under the age of 14 and are bored, then that is ok as “Bored is the thing that happens before you choose to entertain yourself”. Now, if you over the age of 14, then being bored is on you, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the author says if one is bored, “its good because that means they are paying attention”. After all, to be bored, that means one as to be awake. Transitioning from this to say exactly why he finds that being board is so good, which is because it can be used as motivation “As soon as you’re tired of being bored at work, at home, on lockdown, wherever, you’ll go find a challenge… Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a chance, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter”. This point at first may seem like an obscure one; however, the more it is reflected upon, the more sense it makes as when your bored, you need to find a way to make yourself unbored. Therefore, the need to make one’s self unbored can help provide motivation to finally go out and do that one project you may have been waiting to do or using that motivation to learn a new language or practice a new hobby. The fact that your bored at work could be even better as that means you already fished your work, as to why else would you be bored. Then with this free time at work, you can practically be paid to go out and try something new along the confines of what one can do at their job, showing how there is precisely no risk as your trying something new and getting paid for it. Substantiating, the authors claim that being bored is good is because then it leads to people going out and trying to do something new as they don’t want to be bored continually. The next time I am bored, I will remember this article and take its advice on the fact that me being bored is a privilege. Using that to help motivate me to go out and find something new to partake in, which can help expand my resources of what I already know.

  12. This is extremely interesting because when you think about it, it is really easy for you to become bored especially now that we are all social-distancing and quarantining it is easy for one to be bored. That article talks about if you are under 14 then it is completely normal for you to be bored but in my opinion I think that at all ages it is normal for you to become bored whether that is of school, work or just an activity you have been doing once you have had enough and you begin to get bored than that is normal after that you have a couple of options available to you. First you can continue with what you are doing but find a way that you can challenge yourself while completing whatever it is that you are doing. I do not think that anyone gets bored once they are being challenged because it requires you to actual think and burn more energy than you usually do when completing a task. Another option is you can just give up which personally I do not think that is good advice because we are told to never give up no matter what it is that we are doing but if it were easy to never give up then everybody would be able to do it and we would be living in a different type of world maybe one that is brimming with success. Lastly, I think that the last option that you have is to just find something else to do which is by far the easiest option out of all of them. It is really easy to just find something else to do once you get bored for example if you get bored of reading you can watch some tv when that gets boring you can play some videogames if that gets boring then you can pick up a new hobby such ass cooking, writing or exercising. I think that it is much easier to get bored once you get older because when you are younger you can find entertainment from almost anything whether that is playing with sticks outside, playing with insects or playing with dirty. I know that these are some weird examples of forms of entertainment, but they are still ways you can entertain yourself. So, bottom line of what I am trying to say is that begin bored at any age is completely normal.

  13. I think this article is a refreshing opinion, and something I needed to read during the pandemic. I positive I’m not the only one whole parents are constantly nagging them for “not doing enough”. As it is I’m on my laptop hours each day doing homework. Now, I should be cleaning the house, doing my laundry, applying for more scholarships, filling out financial forms, and the list goes on. I don’t have a problem facing my responsibilities as a 19-year-old college student. I find difficulty in the fact that I have to do things at someone else’s pace. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, I sure hope it does.

    I like that the author described bored as the period before action. Often times I’ll take a break from homework and feel guilty that I’m relaxing. Not all boredom is bad as long as it leads to something proactive. In the past, some of my most rewarding experiences have spawned from boredom. One day last year when I was bored I started looking into college programs for first-generation students and found that there was one at Seton Hall. That has lead me to be apart of an amazing group on campus.

    After reading this article I looked up “what to do when I’m bored”. Immediately I got a thousand hits. Articles popping up from just about every source from every year. Whether it be a blog post or an academic article, what this told me is that I’m not the first person who has struggled with boredom. Maybe I can’t visit one of NJ’s top 10 fun things to do, but being stuck at home doesn’t limit my ability to find something to occupy my time.

    When our brains aren’t stimulated enough we end up finding things to do to fix that. Wheater boredom comes in the form of a break from being overstimulated, or boredom sparks interest in new things, I now realize that being bored isn’t a bad thing.

  14. This quarantine canes as a shock to almost everyone the first few days, and everything happened so suddenly. When school first became online, I didn’t worry about being bored because I figured I could just work more hours and workout, then within a matter of hours my job was shut down effectively immediately. Then quickly I realized that things were reaching a new level of catastrophe that our nation has never experienced. Because of this, everyone’s life is going to change regardless. While the virus was not an immediate threat to my family, it still put us in positions we were never prepared for. When I was younger,both of my parents worked full time and I am an only child. It was only when I started living on campus that I knew what it was like to be with people for the majority of the day. Because neither of my parents are essential workers, I find myself occupying my time with them. While these are extremely unfortunate circumstances, I am happy that “isolation” isn’t something that I have been having to handle alone. At times I find it hard to find a balance between being bored, and being productive. A lot of what I have seen on social media recently has revolved around self care; the idea that people should care for themselves physically and mentally during a time like this. While I wholeheartedly agree that people should prioritize this at certain times, it’s also important for people to understand that ultimately there are still things that need to be done. I know for me I go through phases of being productive; getting all my schoolwork done, keeping my room clean, working out. Then there are times where I only get out of bed to eat and shower. Personally, I know this is due to the fact that everything seems out of order for me. I am used to waking up, and physically going to work and class. It’s disorienting and demotivating when I have nowhere to be at any specific time. I tend to make myself feel guilty if I’m not as productive from one day to another, but I know that these are the circumstances everyone is under. It’s important for everyone to acknowledge that even doing something simply to challenge your boredom is a step in the right direction.

  15. This article has taken a new viewpoint over the feeling of boredom. Instead of looking at it with a negative continuation, boredom is viewed as initiative to be creative or grow. Boredom is telling you something is not right, and it is usually correct. Stagnation directly correlates with boredom. Whether you be an employee or a student, you will become bored from time to time. But instead of flocking to social media or mindless hours of Netflix to fill the void you have found in your life, you should look outside to what you really desire and how you can really benefit the world and yourself from your passions. In the blog post that contains the start to the conversation on boredom, the author considers the fact that to be challenged at work is a privilege and it should be viewed with excitement and creativity. After all, if you are given the opportunity to face a challenge at work is almost always at the expense of someone else and you should use that opportunity to better yourself. In modern times, within the United States have access to almost unlimited amounts of information, you should never be bored. Being bored is the plight of mankind, it is anything but unique, we all have an obligation to fill that time with something meaningful instead of mundane.

  16. As usual, Seth provides some great insights in this blog post. His first point about being bored is what can happen as a result of it. Boredom means we have to find some way to entertain ourselves. This, no doubt, promotes a lot of creativity. This first part really resonated with me as we have all had to become more creative to stay in touch with the people we love. My birthday was April 2nd and I was not able to get together with my family due to quarantine. My parents facetimed as many family and friends as they could to all wish me happy birthday. It was a creative solution that still allowed me to be with my family on that day. Boredom has also brought us closer together. Since we can’t see each other in person, my friends and I have been playing video games together or getting together on zoom calls. The need to conquer our boredom has actually led to us interacting even more.
    Seth’s second insight is about boredom for people past their teenage years should lead to taking on new challenges. Being challenged is great for growth and development, but I don’t think it necessarily only applies to those older than 14. Younger people can still find new challenges in their lives that motivate them to grow through boredom. They could practice sports, learn a new instrument, do some extra studying to raise their grade. We also talk a lot about being digitally literate. Learning coding skills or more about the digital world in general is a great challenge to take on. These challenges can lead to tremendous growth and are all more productive than sitting around on their phone or watching TV. One of the bright spots of the pandemic will definitely be the lasting innovation and creativity as people find ways to go on living their lives while being stuck at home. This will be a period of time we never forget, and let’s hope we never forget all of the amazing things we have done to rise above the boredom and challenges that came with the pandemic.

  17. I always find Seth’s blogs posts to be very insightful, in this post Seth talks about boredom and how most kids and teens are being faced with it everyday in the midst of Covid-19, Seth starts off the post by say If your under 14 its a good thing to be bored as it prompts forward motion, as a kid being bored can suck but Seth believes you are actually doing something right if you are bored as a child, I wish I had someone like Seth telling me this when I was growing up because I was always remember being bored. Seth then goes on to say if you are over the age of 14, being bored is on you. Seth says once we are done being bored locked up in our houses we should go and find a challenge, it doesn’t have to be some kind of crazy change, but it should be some kind of leap that you wouldn’t usually make. I feel this could be some way to help my community or get involved with more programs at my school. Seth then makes a great point by saying “Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a chance, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter.” I loved this as I think about this a lot when Im working at my job as I am given a great opportunity while representing the company, corporations put a lot of trust into its an employees to challenge themselves everyday. I feel a lot of the brightest minds from the past suffered from being bored but what you do with that boredom is what really matters, Seths blog posts always seem like there directed at me and my life so I feel this was almost a call to action for me to make that leap Seth talked about in his post.

  18. Albert Camus once said that “The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits” which shows us that often time boredom has a way of positioning us on the right path in ways that we would have never considered if we had an occupied mind all the time. It is often not appreciated because it is associated with being lazy and unproductive instead of being in the interim period before you are launched in a certain direction. As the author states, “ored is what empty space feels like, and you can use that empty space to go do something important.” This is essential for people to understand because it lets them know that they have the power to create something from their own boredom and put an end to the feeling with no external pleasure. This is not to say that boredom can never be indicative of laziness, as there definitely is cases of people simply not doing the things that are truly innovative with their free time because they just do not feel like doing them. The most important thing for people who ignore the opportunities given to them through boredom is perspective. Once people can see the privilege that it is to be alone with your creative thoughts, we can see a lot of creative solutions come out of the woodwork that is unlike anything we have seen before. During a time where we are all stuck inside with nothing to do, it is critical for people to remember that boredom is a sign that there is an opportunity to learn something new or better yourself in some way. College students, in particular, should remember this message and use the quarantine as a chance to complete some extra work that will expand their horizons and increase their skill sets as they enter some of the most substantial changes in the economy since the industrial revolution. If I could give advice to any of my aspiring classmates, I would ask them to utilize this time as best they can (prioritizing their own mental health) to complete certificate programs online or take a master class to add more marketable skill that will help them adapt to the coming circumstances, not just beef up their resumes.

  19. This is interesting. Once again, Seth’s blog has resonated within me. “Bored” is such a… weird term for me. I can’t remember ever being bored, save for when maybe a teacher has poor delivery within a classroom. In my opinion, I just find it hard to be bored. Especially when it’s on my free time. I have plenty of friends who claim to be bored at any hour of the day, but those complaints only fall on deaf ears to me.

    I think that at any point, there is always something you could be learning. Maybe I have some free time? Well, the internet is a thing; with a simple google search, I can look up almost anything, find someone else’s opinion on it, and so on. Maybe one day, I don’t have much to do. Whelp! I can go learn how to program in C++, via a guide on the internet. Maybe I’m feeling a bit artsy? Great! There are a million tutorials on Youtube about how to paint a portrait. Even if you’re not looking to learn a skill, there are so many websites and encyclopedias at my disposal. In an afternoon, I search for information about some random time period and come out knowledgeable about it.

    What I’m saying, is, the internet is an infinite expanse. Therefore, I find it hard tough to be “bored” in this day and age. If anything, I feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do what I want to accomplish. But maybe that’s just me.

  20. To me, the most dangerous part of boredom is not the unproductiveness or anxiety it can cause by having a seemingly unlimited amount of choices and no direction to go in but the perpetual mindset it instills. This is something I believe Seth failed to properly mention. While I do agree with his general message about how people should relieve their own boredom instead of just saying that they’re bored and not doing anything about it, boredom is more of an unconscious expectation rather than a simple feeling. If someone is bored, then that attitude can easily shift into other areas such as finding new things boring if they do not provide immediate enjoyment. People need to understand that boredom is a mindset and look beyond that in order to relieve it. Overall however, I find Seth’s argument to be reasonable. A good way to relieve boredom is by experiencing new things and enjoying it along the way. The internet provides many different types of “challenges” for people to take on. Online lessons for learning different instruments, learning how to draw, or even furthering your career all exist and are readily available. Certifications that cover various topics such as Java or Tableau exist and are a great way to prove to employers that you understand those topics. Many cooking videos are on sites like YouTube to help keep meals healthy and affordable during lockdown. So it’s hard to say that there’s a good reason anyone should be bored.

  21. During this quarantine we all have felt different emotions including happiness when you get to do something out of the ordinary, sadness when you realize summer 2020 could not happen, and bored when we feel like there is nothing to do. The feeling of being bored can push us out of our confer zone or make us crawl up and not want to do anything. The mindset you take this quarantine can make or break you when everything gets back to normal. For the kids under 14 Seth states that the feeling of boredness comes before you entertain yourself and do something. The kids/adults over 14 can learn from the kids and when you are feeling bored from work, cleaning, or chores find something to entertain yourself with so you can get into the right mindset to do your work the most efficient way. Seth says for the kids/adults over 14 find a challenge when bored, so finding something to entertain for a few minutes can help have a better mindset.

    Being a swimmer, bored is something I am very used to… I stare at a black line for four hours a day. I have been in touch with all my swim friends and have been seeing how they have been. All of them say the same thing “Im so bored”. Now there is a point in sports where coaches and players will be able to tell who was training and who was not. Being bored can be a motivator to get better and work with what you have or it can be a negative where you can’t see others putting in work so you don’t. As a swimmer I see this quarantine as an opportunity to get better and make sure I can do everything in my power to make myself a better swimmer and better with time management.

  22. Boredom is something that everyone is struggling with in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The article breaks it down into two age groups, 14 and below and above 14. For the age group of 14 and below there is such an opportunity to grow as a person, with having little to no responsibilities and a ton of free time. As a young child, your mind is full of ideas and is so creative so this time can be used to explore those wonders. Children now a days are so technology dependent that they have lost some of the creativeness so this is the perfect time for it to be reinvented. They can only play video games for so long before they look for new and more interesting things to do with their time. Thus bringing back an element of the mind that has been lost in the decade or so.

    As for the age group above 14 there is no reason to be bored. This is where people start to grow into adults and need to find ways to challenge themselves. People tend to fall into patterns and do what makes them feel comfortable, but nobody has ever grown doing something they feel comfortable with. For example, when you lift you start off at a weight that feels good, but a month later you can’t lift that same weight and expect to get stronger or look different. Same goes for anything the more you push yourself the more you grow.

    This pandemic, as bad and horrible as it is, maybe isn’t as that bad for society in terms of self growth. People now more than ever are taking time to exercise, learn new languages, and start new hobbies that they probably wouldn’t have if this whole stay at home order never happened. For me, this is the case 100% I have lost 32 lbs and started to learn Spanish with all the free time that I have. If I didn’t have all this free time these things might have happened, but not at such an accelerated rate that they are now. With everything in life you have to take the good with the bad and make the best of every situation.

  23. I found this article to be very relatable as I have been in quarantine for a few months now and have had to find things to keep me from being bored. I like that Seth had mentioned “I’m bored” from two different views, one for those under 14 and one for those over 14. I think that it is a good thing as well for children to be bored and to take time to find things to entertain themselves. Boredom allows for hobbies and passions to grow within a small amount of time. This time can help children find new things that they may have never thought about trying. I also enjoyed that Seth mentioned “being challenged at work is a privilege” as I think the same way. I have worked a few different jobs and have only enjoyed the ones that were always fast paced with little to no time to relax. I personally do not like to be bored or to sit around while getting paid as I rather learn new things and be challenged. I think many people take this for granted and do not realize what they are getting out of it in the end. Quarantine has stopped me from working, but I have been able to find different ways to challenge myself and avoid being bored. I was able to take the time to pick up additional classes, start painting again and even taken care of my health by working out. I think that everyone needs to feel bored every once in a while, to understand how to make the most out of their time. Many people will complain about being bored instead of thinking of things that could be done during that free time. Who knows you could even find a talent and turn it into a side business.

  24. Throughout this time where we are going through a pandemic, I’m sure everyone can relate to feeling boredom. While I’ve been keeping myself busy with summer classes and work, there are still times in which I am bored. While we all find various things to do to keep us from being bored, after a period of time, we all get bored again and are back in the same spot we began in. Throughout reading Seth’s blog, I liked how he split the boredom into two separate categories, which involved people under 14 and people over 14. Being bored at age 14 and below, is overall a good thing as one learns and picks up new interests and hobbies that they can continue to do in the future. While being bored could cause one to feel defeated, it allows them to pick up new hobbies in which they enjoy and while continue to do even after the current pandemic that we are in. On the other hand, within Seth’s blog, he also talked about boredom in people over the age of 14. At the age of 14, I feel as if most people have found hobbies and interests in which they enjoy doing. Seth mentions within his blog how after all the boredom, how we have to go out and be challenged. This is something that I agree with, as we all need to go out and explore and learn new things that will challenge us and make us stronger and smarter. While we all experience boredom, we have to find ways to cope with it from picking up various hobbies, interests, and challenges.

    During this pandemic, I have been keeping busy as I work multiple days a week, have been taking summer classes, and have been doing various activities such as playing sports with my family to taking online fitness classes. Going through a difficult time like now is allowing us to pick up new interests and activities that we never would have before. I have been able to keep myself busy with all these activities during this time, and while at various times I do feel bored, I try to challenge myself with new things that I would have never tried before. If I had more free time, I would probably pick up more hobbies and interests, such as learning Italian, maybe even something creative such as drawing or painting. Throughout this time, when we are experiencing boredom, it is a way to get out there and find various new interests and hobbies in which we will enjoy doing.

  25. Seth wrote a blog based on Professor Shannon’s article “ thought on I’m bored ” written on 29 April 2020, categorizing the aspect of boredom into two levels: people under the age of 14 and those over 14 years of age. Shannon points out that for people under 14 years, it is good to feel bored; it is an actual feeling; it can prompt motion. Shannon defines boredom at this level as what happens before a person decides to entertain himself or herself. For home, boredom means a person is not attentive.

    It addresses people above 14 years by giving them solutions to boredom generated from the workplace, home, and lockdown. He points out that people should find a challenge whenever they are bored; people should not take quite their job day to be challenged. I tend to agree with the point highlighted by Shannon that regardless of being challenges in any situation, it should be regarded as a privilege to grow. The article has inadequacies. Foremost, the writer does not give the general definition of boredom for the two categories of people; instead, he narrowly defies boredom for those below 14 years. Secondly, for those below 14 years, whenever a person is bored, I don’t think they can do something else but could opt to take some time and relax. Nevertheless, Shannon’s work still provides a basis for the research on the ongoing debate on boredom since it has highlighted some causes and remedies.

  26. With everything that has gone on in the past few months, with many Americans losing their jobs and the whole world turning to staying indoors as a result of the coronavirus, one feeling that many have experience during this time is boredom. Boredom is something that we will all experience through our lifetimes but finding things to do while staying inside recently has added another dimension to finding ways to overcome your boredom. The options of going out in public to do things has been cut short and as a result, people have had to find other creative ways to keep themselves entertained. There are a lot of options to start off with such as watching TV, movies, or playing video games or board games, which was how my experience started off when the quarantine had started. It was easy to get into a cycle of doing things like playing games and watching shows all day, but eventually that became repetitive and not as satisfying and left me back to a feeling of boredom where I was only doing things to move time and distract that boredom. As a result, I realized that I was still bored with what I was doing for the most part but I was also losing motivation to do other things that I would have normally been doing before the virus outbreak. The article talks about two different age groups and how people under 14 it is good for them to be bored as it shows they are paying attention and can be used to prompt action to resolve the boredom. After though it talks about how if you’re over 14 you need to be the one to make the change and find a challenge, and I think that is advice that a lot of people can use during this time to help. Obviously the situation is not the best currently and there is a lot of uncertainty and worrying going around, but this is also a great opportunity to be able to grow and develop yourself with an abundance of time that hasn’t been there beforehand.

    With the extra time that is available from the quarantine, instead of just being bored this Is a great opportunity to pick up something new or do something that you would not normally do. There is a lot of things that you can do from home that you would not even consider and will be helpful to help you from stopping the feeling of boredom. Exercising is a big one, and with a lot of the gyms closing finding a way to still stay physically active during this time is a great way to spend your time improve yourself. For me I was never too motivated to go to a gym but with the only opportunity now to be to workout at home I have started to get myself in a routine to try to stay in shape and keep myself active. Learning new skills is also something that can be done during this time, such as learning to cook new meals for yourself because of the lack of options of eating at restaurants now. There are a lot of different options to learn new things from researching online and a lot of ways to help yourself stop feeling bored during this time, it just requires the first step from someone to want to do these things instead of losing their motivation during this time. Overall, even though the situations that we are all in currently isn’t the most ideal, the steps that we take during this time to challenge and better ourselves are crucial to how we will return to our normal lives as things start to wind down.

  27. Being bored is a common feeling that everyone feels during those quarantine days. A lot of people have felt bored more than usual. Since the Coronavirus has hit the entire world, a lot of people were laid off from their jobs, students had to study from home since all of their classes were switched to be online. The people who are used to be busy the whole day every day, are the ones who are bored the most. Boredom lead the individual to either be creative or to do something that is useless that would not be helpful for them. Being bored is a choice because an individual can choose whether they want to keep in their boredom, or they choose to come up with something to do. Fast Company defined boredom as “a general lack of interest, excitement, or motivation and experiencing one’s current situation as monotonous, tedious, or irrelevant.” If boredom wasn’t followed by a new skill, then it’s affecting the individual in a bad way.
    Sometimes being bored can lead to great things. Boredom might be beneficial for some people. Most people when they feel bored, they think about learning something new that can fill up their free time. Some people manage to use this time to come up with something creative. In the Fast Company article, Sontag says, “the life of the creative man is lead, directed and controlled by boredom.” Also, Premuzic says, “boredom will increase creativity and curiosity.” If there was a survey that was made for the people to tell what is one thing they did over the quarantine period, everyone will come up with something different. The quarantine has made everyone to think about something to do which they never thought about doing before the Coronavirus Pandemic and the quarantine. The boredom during the quarantine has unfortunately, been beneficial to most people who are now have new interests, hobbies, and new ways to entertain themselves.

  28. When I was younger and I would say “I’m bored” it would usually result in lectures and steered towards household chores. My parents would hate when I would say “I’m bored” and tell me to do something, make myself busy. Now that I have a grasp and perspective of a world I realize how right they were. When you find yourself bored, it’s important to challenge yourself. The more you face challenges and the will to overcome them, that’s when you start to show growth. I have also realized that it is a privilege to be “bored”. Our first world problems can include our power going out, or the internet not working. Especially during quarantine, we rely on the internet. Nevertheless, we have the privilege of free time, long breaks in our day. During this time we must continue to be productive and challenge ourselves to continue growing.
    We have the opportunity to fill out time with something meaningful and do something creative. However, we must choose our time wisely and avoid becoming complacent. While we all have our own choices and life and we can each individually choose how we spend our time, we must strive to challenge ourselves to grow and become a well-rounded person. There is so much to learn and it is important to educate ourselves to be aware of everything and avoid becoming complacent.

  29. Being bored typically has a negative connotation when it is discussed or thought about, but in this blog, there is a very different approach to the idea of “being bored”. I enjoy the fact that the blog is seeing boredom in a positive light rather than a negative one. People feel emotions all of the time, and rather than shaming them, it is positive when you recognize that you are feeling it, and then do something about it. Motivation is difficult to manufacture, and this especially applies to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lock down. Boredom can cause us to choose whether to make good decisions or bad ones, and during this pandemic, I have found many things to do that have been productive in order to use my time effectively, rather than letting it go to waste. I have been very fortunate to be in a position to have a job that has allowed me to work, while many others have lost their jobs. I work at a restaurant in a senior living home, where getting food to the residents is imperative, making me an essential worker. I enjoy taking advantage of any situation I am put in, in order to set myself up for success. During the quarantine, I have spent significantly less money, and this made me realize that it would be in my best interest to make as much money as I could while I am not spending it. Money is not the only thing I have wanted to chase during these uncertain times. I also have worked out more than I ever have before, and I am aiming to be the healthiest I can be in order to be safe. It is truly crazy that at this age I must think about many different things in my life, and everything has been moving very quickly. Like the blog said, at a young age, it is good to be bored and recognize you are bored. This may lead you to do something productive because you have nothing to do. As you get older, you must capitalize on boredom. This situation may not be ideal, but we must expand our horizons, try new things, and use this time to make a positive impact on your life.

  30. Being bored is completely natural; everyone becomes bored at some point. However, just like what is written in Seth’s Blog, “see what you’re going to do about it”. At some particular time, though it is different for every person, people would like to fill their boredom with something that makes them feel like they are getting something done; people have the desire to challenge themselves and make progress in developing interests or skills they have attained from simply experiencing what the world has to offer. Boredom is a feeling that is rarely felt during the academic year, as I feel like I always have something to think about, something to do, or something to think about doing. If I fall into a period of time where I feel bored or I feel like there is free time, I am usually double checking or triple checking myself to make sure there is nothing that is being missed; even during periods of relaxation, I am worried that I quite possibly should not be relaxing.
    Feeling bored is something that I actively try to avoid. If I am bored, I feel as though I am doing something wrong. I have been playing guitar for approximately six years; this is how I most often avoid boredom. I practice and play with the instrument about every day. My favorite style of music is rock, as it is incredibly diverse and there is an endless amount of learning opportunities from listening to and watching different players. This cycle of endlessly challenging myself while playing and practicing guitar satisfies me greatly and it makes me feel accomplished with the hard work and effort I put into my playing. Along with playing for myself, I also write rock-based music with my friends. My rhythms and leads are completely my own and the lyrics for the music is written mainly by myself. Once the final product has come to fruition, I know that I will feel immensely gratified at the project that I completed. Taking Seth’s advice will make individual existence more meaningful, as those gaps of time where nothing is being done can be replaced with a goal, a purpose, and ultimately, a unique expression of the self. Do not let yourself get bored.

  31. One can use boredom in many ways. The main two ways boredom can be used is as motivation to get up and do something with their life, or they can spiral deeper into their boredom into something worse. For me I used to be bored a lot and instead of doing anything I would eat, or have thoughts racing. I was into sports and working out, and that was because I would try to pack my days so that I had no free time. For me, that worked. I eventually got a job as a camp counselor to take up even more time. I would work 8 hours a day and eventually started to work 9 hour days because I got bored on my breaks. I realized that my boredom was a problem, and that I was killing my self by leaving the house at 6 A.M and getting home at 10 P.M. I decided to take a week off of work and to work on my self. From that I picked up two habits that I love which are writing and drawing. Not only did the time I took off from work help me find new hobbies, but they also helped me clear my mind. I realized that boredom can be a great thing if you use it the right way. I still try not to feel bored, but quarantine and college are making that difficult. During quarantine it was just me and my mom. We would workout everyday and hangout, but I still had half the day left and nothing to do. Instead of letting the boredom drag me down, I let it lead me to new things and ideas. I love how the author splits boredom up into two sections; “If your under 14,” and “If your Over 14.” This made me think back to my childhood, where I hated doing a lot of things and would rather be doing nothing. I had a wild imagination, so being bored was one of the best things ever at a young age. On the other hand, When your over 14 and get bored, it can lead you to make bad decisions or do things that are not good for you. Although boredom can be used for new inspirations and some good, it is best to keep busy so all of your time is doing things that cause you to get bored.

  32. Boredom can be both good and bad for a person. For boredom to be good for someone, being bored has to project them into doing something productive in that time. For example, I have a job outside of school so that benefits me by helping me be productive after school, thus keeping me from being bored. However, being bored can also be a bad thing for people because boredness can also coincide with being lazy. Some people can be bored and just get lost in their own thoughts, browse social media, or do whatever rather than finding something productive to do. The two points that the author of the blog states are that if you are under 14 being bored is “Good” and that if you are over 14 then being bored is “On you” is a good way to explain it. As a child, in this case, being under 14, it’s better to be bored because then you spend more time actually looking for things to do to get rid of your boredom. As he says in the article, “Bored means that you’re paying attention.” If someone is over 14 and bored it is on them because they need to find something a bit more challenging to cure that. As the author says “Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a change, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter.” It is all about the choice to do something productive to cure that boredom or be stuck and do something that isn’t beneficial to yourself.

  33. Boredom can be many things for people. I can mean that you are normally busy and now you have nothing to do or it could mean that you are constantly doing nothing, but you can’t think of anything better or more productive to do. I can honestly say I was both of these people at some point in the past six or seven months. Seton Hall had their spring break roughly two weeks before we had been sent home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Before and during spring break I had been living a normal college life where I had been spending time doing school work and hanging out with my friends at school, then spending time with my family and doing things that I didn’t get to at school while I was home on spring break. After we were sent home just about a day and a half after coming back to school I was faced with the task of adjusting to do school work at home. Once the stay at home order for the state of New Jersey was put into place I had to prepare myself for being home 24/7 without seeing friends or family. At first I was a person who was normally busy then had nothing to do because I had to get used to being at home for all of my day. I was able to get adjusted to school, but then I found myself bored because I was constantly doing the same thing every day and I hadn’t really been able to mix it up. I was then someone who was consistently doing nothing while not being able to figure out anything better to do, this is where I really changed. Since I was home and eating healthier foods I had noticed that I had been losing weight strictly because I wasn’t always eating fried foods and drinking sugary sodas. It was good for me that I had lost a few pounds because it was something that I should have tried to do a while ago. I realized that I have all this time to do something besides doing school work and watching movies, I could work on myself. I started running and doing various at home exercises in my free time. I started drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Instead of sitting and snacking while watching TV or movies I would be chewing gum and working out in front of the TV instead. Week by week I was doing more exercises and running further and truly trying to make the best of the situation and the amount of free time that I had. Today I am about 35 pounds lighter than I was in March and in much better shape physically and mentally. This piece mentions finding a challenge and that’s exactly what I did. I worked to eat healthier and to exercise more often and it really helped me to really start to enjoy running instead of loathing it. It helped me to feel better about myself and to be patient because results don’t come right away. It was extremely challenging, but I was in a great environment to succeed because I was forced to find something to do and to make good use of my time. I was bored, I was lazy and I was lost without a solution. I was able to challenge myself and enjoy my time while doing it.

  34. During this pandemic, with a statewide quarantine issued, I found myself being bored for what felt like months on end. It just felt like the boredom was getting worse as the days dragged on. At the start of quarantine, I was still in school. Like this article mentioned, I was able to find challenges for myself in my schoolwork. I was very engaged with my work despite not being in a traditional classroom setting. But this only lasted for about a month or two. After the middle of May, school was over, and I was unable to figure out what to do with myself. I was not able to go out with friends. I could not do a lot of the hobbies I enjoyed doing, such as playing basketball and going to the movies. Because of the stay at home order, I had to try to cure my boredom with things I could do in my house. For me, this was a wide variety of things. It started with me just doing some daily activities. I would play video games and watch shows on Netflix. At the start of quarantine, me and my family would watch movies together in our living room like we did when I was a kid. But for the first time in my life, these activities did not rid me of my boredom. Video games just weren’t as fun as they used to be. Watching Netflix just felt like a waste of time. So, to try and cure what seemed like an endless boredom, I did exactly what this article is telling people to do. I started to challenge myself with new activities. For example, one of my sisters likes to bake, so one day I decided to try to learn how to bake from her. Needless to say, my first try at this did not go well. But, like anything, I just needed practice to get better at baking. So I practiced with her whenever she would bake. By the end of quarantine, I was able to bake. It was fun to challenge myself and learn something new. I think this quarantine forcing me to learn knew things helped me discover more passions that i have and helped me to find more ways to cure boredom.

  35. Boredom can be both good and terrible at the same time. For me this spring was one of the lowest points of my life. I was tremendously bored during the online classes of the coveted ‘senior spring’. I often would just play playstation or just sleep through my classes as they would not affect my gpa or whether I would go to college or not. Soon after school would end, my girlfriend of over a year would break up with me, I would not be able to see my friends because of their parents concerns over COVID, and I would become lonely and depressed. I knew I had to change something because I did not like how I was living my life. I started working out again, and quickly became obsessed with it as it was a way to waste time. I also started working as a doordash driver, which was not fun but again I didn’t mind it because it was a way to waste time. I still played playstation, but I began steadily increasing the amount I would play. With no real schedule, I would stay up and play playstation until the sun would rise. Again I felt I needed to change how I was living because I was a junkie who played video games more than 10 hours a day. After binge-watching Avatar the Last Airbender, I thought it would be a good idea to try and expand my mental/spiritual bodies. I began meditating for 2 hours every day and reading more. I felt a huge boost to my self esteem and my boredom levels were decreasing. I had finally found myself and realized that I didn’t waste the last 2 months of my life. Meditating changed my mental state and how I thought of things. I started thinking that everything happens for a reason, and without the boredom, depression and loneliness I would never have found my true self.

  36. “I’m bored”, I cannot imagine how many times I have personally said it, especially during quarantine. I never thought being bored would have two different age groups under 14 or over 14. At first when I read “If you’re under 14: “Good.”” I thought why and how can possibly be good. The he goes on to explain that being bored is a feeling and its what makes kids want to do something and entertain themselves. I also noticed in that small paragraph he started each and every sentence with “Bored” as if he was trying to emphasize the word and show its importance in that paragraph. Then he proceeded to say, “If you’re over 14: “That’s on you.””. My first impression of that line made me think are people over 14 not supposed to be bored, is it bad to bored, is he going to say bored teens/adults are not productive? He further than said that being bored then would make us want a challenge or to challenge ourselves at work which is also a benefit for us. I totally agree because whenever I was bored at my previous job at Edible Arrangements, I would always attempt to challenge myself with making large and more complex bouquets to simply pass the time away until I was finally able to clock out. And after my most recent summer internship I cannot begin to stress how many times I would be bored after completing my tasks for that day. Luckily since it was an internship and I was brought there to learn and experience something different I could, and I did always ask for something harder to learn something because the feeling of being bored is so boring.
    If you’re over 14: “That’s on you.” Boredom has definitely affected everyone at least once a day. From under and definitely over 14 but overall, I agree with the author of the blog because majority of what he said I have previously experienced first-hand and still do on a daily. When you’re bored go out of your comfort zone try something new or learn a new recipe anything to keep you busy and try something new.

  37. Everyone knows that the corona virus has changed their life. Either through limiting what you can do or who you can see. Throughout quarantine there was not much to do, and I thought to my self all the time “wow I am bored I have nothing to do.” But after reading Seth’s blog on being bored I realized that instead of being bored I should have just used my time more efficiently. So that is exactly what I did. I went out to search for places that were hiring so that I could get a job to occupy my time. Having a job and working for eight hours a day made the time go by faster but I still felt like I was not getting anything out of going to work other than getting a paycheck. Seth states in his blog, “Being challenged at work is a privilege. It means that you have a chance, on someone else’s nickel, to grow. It means you can choose to matter.” At work I would do the minimum for whatever project that I was working on. I would do whatever I could do to get the task done quickly to that I could use my phone or so that I could just sit there. Looking back, I realize that I had an opportunity to better myself in many ways that I chose not to take. In the blog, there are two main points being made that if you are below the age of 14 it is okay for to be bored and if you are older than 14 you have no reason to be bored. Someone that is under the age of 14 would be considered a child. While observing the ids that I have met in my life I have never seen or heard a kid that was bored. While you are a child it is better to be bored because then you spend more time looking for things that you are interested in that could help get rid of your boredom. As he states in the article, “Bored means that you’re paying attention.” With this in mind, he doesn’t mean that they are paying attention to what is going on, they are paying attention to the fact that they are bored and are going to try to find something that doesn’t make them bored anymore.

  38. Wow. This being the first blog post I have read, I was intrigued by the statements made. I have never thought of bored in the terms this post described it as. I figured bored would be considered a feeling we all experience at some point in our everyday lives. It is not a bad thing to be bored or a good thing. It is almost like a neutral feeling of nothing to do and have an urge to do something other than sitting around. It was interesting to me how just being bored could be categorized into age groups as well. “If you’re under 14: “Good.” However, If you’re over 14: “That’s on you”. Interesting enough, it is very true and not realized or picked up enough to notice that children have more freedom than adults do when it comes to being bored. With COVID-19 and quarantine, this blog post was and still is extremely relevant. With most places and things to do still being closed or not open to full potential, people get bored. It is easy for a child to go out and play with a ball or toy, but a very different situation when an adult with a full-time job is struggling to watch something on TV to ignore the boredom. As I neared the end of this article, the last section, “I’m glad you’re feeling bored, and now we’re excited to see what you’re going to go do about it” really stood out to me because it was so interesting to see all of the different ideas people came up with during COVID to prevent themselves from being bored. Very often, I hear my friends and family say that they’re bored, especially lately. Finding time in your day to do something productive is important and should be taken more seriously. Reading this, broadened my horizons on what I can tell them when I hear them say this. It is as easy as getting up or making a change in your day. There is not an excuse for being bored anymore, push your limits, and see what you can get up and do!

  39. Being bored has always been expressed as a negative or exasperated emotion. This blog post explores the opportunity one has to welcome the feeling of boredom positively as an opportunity to change or try something new. This view of boredom is not as widely perceived in society, which is due to the nature of our world. We as humans try to do the bare minimum just to complete a task and will then circle back to the state of boredom and do nothing productive about it. Constantly lacking enthusiasm to complete tasks or not putting in the full effort possible to gain the full rewards will ultimately lead to a life overtaken by boredom. The goal of this blog post is to convey to viewers that it is possible to do something with that feeling of boredom that will be a challenge. And the ability to be challenged should be seen as a privilege because it is ultimately an opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper. Something I never considered was viewing challenges as small opportunities to change. I found myself relating this thought to the saying that ‘one learns only through their own mistakes’ and began to see how similar these two claims are. Ultimately, there is always a way to find something positive from a negative situation. From being bored can come picking up an unread book and learning something new that will later be applied in a future assignment or spark an interesting class discussion. From answering a question incorrectly in class results an increase of focus and study on the topic being discussed and a better overall grade being earned on a test. This blog post truly helped me to see how one small action taken because of feeling bored can lead to personal growth and unexpected opportunities that will eventually leave no room for boredom in one’s life.

  40. Board, unfortunately, is a very common word, especially in the world we currently live in. During the beginning of quarantine, I felt like I could not do anything. I felt like I was trapped in my house and did as much as possible. I watched Netflix, Hulu, worked out, did homework and none of that seemed to fill this never ending void that was created by COVID-19. Being board feels like the worst feeling ever because you have done everything to try and cut this feeling out, but sometimes you cannot. Being board though, is not always a bad thing. When you are board, it may prompt you to try and do something productive to get rid of this uneasy feeling. For example, you can read a book, go on a run, do school work and so much more. But as the article says, it is good to feel this was under the age of 14 because it helps you to entertain yourself. Being board over the age of 14, you need to learn how to make your own fun. Things I like to do when I am board is read, workout, bake or cook, or hang out with my friends. my options when board are not limited at all and I do have many options. What made it hard during quarantine was that I could not see my friends, my parents did not even let me go to the store with them, and public places were not even open. Now, I can do all those things so when I am board it is easier to make that feeling go away. Being board is something that happens to all of us, it is inevitable, but it is up to yourself to make that feeling go away and there are many options to that.

  41. In Seth’s blog about being “bored”, he talks about a person’s state of boredom and what comes after. Boredom is a state of doing nothing, but can spark a new idea, thought, or experience. Being bored allows you to think outside the box, things you would not normally think of. It helps you try to create something new or start a new task. Boredom is a good thing to have, but not constantly. Being bored does not allow you to keep busy, since if your bored there is nothing going on. But constant boredom can lead to drowsiness or depression.
    Seth separates his blog into two parts, under 14 and below 14. When you are under 14 it is okay to be bored, to have free time to think, to create, and to find new ways to entertain yourself. When your above 14, unfortunately, work needs to get done. Not necessarily schoolwork or work in your career, but as Seth talks about in his blog, finding a new challenge. Giving yourself the opportunity to try and be successful in a task. This could lead to a future career or hobby. Learning a new sport or finding something you are good at could be the result of boredom.
    Personally, I do things to benefit myself when I am bored. Over quarantine, I would go for hikes, take long walks around my neighborhood, and one of my new hobbies, gardening. I would be able to go to the store and plant seeds for different vegetables and come home and plant them in a garden I created. It is amazing what a person could accomplish when they are bored. I was able to pull weeds and gate a certain section of my yard. Not only is it just gardening but learning to take care of something every day. I would have to go outside and make sure my plants were watered, or all my hard work would go to waste. My boredom sparked a bigger meaning, learning discipline. Making sure the deer did not eat all my plants and spraying a deer repellent on them. Gardening is not a hard task by any means, but it gave me something to do while I was bored, to curve my boredom. Boredom always has a bigger meaning as an outcome. In my case boredom sparked a new hobby. Unfortunately, since school started, I am almost never bored. Keeping up with classes, homework, and exams, as well as a part-time job, and babysitting, if I am bored now, I know I could do something to benefit my schoolwork. Being bored is wonderful and could spark so many new ideas, hobbies, and talents.

  42. Bored is a feeling everyone experiences in everyday life. The term “bored” refers to not having a particular interest in doing anything at the current moment and kind of just zoning out. Boredom is something everyone experienced in these past six months of quarantine. I know it was hard for me to find something to do when Seton Hall campus closed down and I had to return home. Although I still had the remainder of the semester to keep busy, it was hard to not see my friends and weekends were dull. I always talked to my family and would help with the shopping to make sure we did not run out of essentials. I did not work until the semester was over. Once work started picking up, I actually enjoyed going because I had something to keep me busy.
    Personally, boredom comes to me when I finish my homework and get tired of doing the same old thing in my pastime. Whenever I am bored, I always seek to find a new hobby or find a challenge to keep me occupied. I do not enjoy feeling bored because I know I will not do anything productive in that time period. I prefer to keep busy and constantly do something productive. If I can not find something to do, which rarely happens, I will just take a nap to try and pass time. I always figure I will have something to do by the time I wake up. That usually works.
    I am glad Seth brought up challenges in his blog post. As someone who enjoys a challenge every so often, I completely agree when he says it a chance to grow. If you are faced with a challenge, especially if you are bored and have nothing else to do, you should seek it and learn from it. You may uncover a hidden talent of yours and learn a lot more about yourself and who you are. I have learned in my life that not every challenge you face will be accomplished. That is where the grow factor comes into play, as Seth mentioned in his blog. I am a big believer in learning from failure and becoming a stronger person mentally from it. As long as you do not give up, you will never be bored and constantly grow and learn.

  43. I wish I could go back to the days where I was just “bored”, with the knowledge I know now I would have so much to do. There is so much you can accomplish at a young age that you do not realize until you get much older. When I was younger I used to ride my bike places, that means I did a lot of cardio. I would ride my bike just to ride my bike because I was bored and even thought it was exercise if I had focused on learning to cook instead I would not be in the position I am now, where I am having a harder time regulating a good diet into my fitness. If I had used my boredom as a young person to invest my money that would have also been helpful towards my current situation. Even if the investment was in supplies such as computers and not fast food. If I had spent my money on equipment I could use to better my future it would have good effects for the long term. However, The idea that being bored as an adult is on the adult is also not true. Even with work, school, family, one can still find themselves lost of purpose and simply feeling like they do so much but are not really doing anything. Adults should also be able to have that feeling of being bored with the way that they are living as well without so much judgement, otherwise I agree with this quote.

  44. Boredom typically has a negative connotation to it. Nobody wants to be bored. Seth’s blog views boredom as an opportunity rather than a burden. Being bored means you are not being challenged enough. If someone has a heavy workload they may not be enjoying themselves but they are not bored. In a work environment challenging your boredom allows you to grow and better yourself. People make the conscious decision at work whether or not they want to be bored. If someone decides to be bored they are missing out on their full potential.

    Throughout the pandemic I have caught myself repeating similar patterns. Every day I woke up late, did not do much of anything besides look at my phone, and went back to sleep. I was always bored but did not think much of it. I assumed it was normal to be bored in a time when there is nothing to do. This mindset, however, soon became unbearable. As months went by with no ending of the pandemic in sight, I knew I had to find something to interest me. I am still in the process of exploring new hobbies to fill my time, but am already noticing the difference. One topic I have focused on is learning more ASL, American Sign Language. If I am in an environment with someone who is deaf or nonverbal I can be an access to communication for them. If I had not been bored I would have not started learning ASL in the first place. While I may have been frustrated with being bored, taking action is teaching me a valuable life skill.

    In the beginning of this blog, Seth states it is good to be bored if you are younger. A bored child means they are aware of their surroundings. Learning the feeling of boredom at a young age teaches people that that is what they do not want. In turn, when the opportunity arises these people can take action and change their life the way they want to. Being content in your environment your whole life does not allow any leeway for change. As a result, the children will grow up without the ability to take action for themselves and pursue what they want. Boredom is important, as it allows people to grow. Boredom that is not acted on, however, is wasted potential.

  45. Boredom is a feeling I became familiar with these past six months, and especially the beginning parts of those six months. When we were all sent home for “two weeks” it was supposed to be a quick period of online learning until it was safe to return to campus. However, it turned into much more. On campus I would go to class, eat, and study until the weekend hit and I had time to go to the city or relax with my friends. However, being stuck at home for 24 hours a day, there was nothing to do. It did not help that all of the professors had no idea what they were doing, so much that one of them actually quit. My workload decreased dramatically, so boredom became my best friend. I watched every show on Netflix and bought multiple video games to keep myself busy. Once the semester ended I got a job at my local target, and I wished that I had never thought my boredom was a bad thing.
    As this article tries to convey, although boredom has negative connotations, it should actually be looked at as a good thing. Being bored simple means you have time to pursue what you are passionate about or do something you have been procrastinating for a long time. Being bored is something I have a love/hate relationship with. During my job, I missed being bored and would do anything to feel bored again, but now that I am bored throughout the day with only schoolwork to keep me busy, I hate it. However, I have been getting better recently with being productive. The quote “in a year, you’ll wish you started a year ago” has motivated me to do things I have always wanted to do. I finally cleaned all of the rusty weights in my garage and am attempting to build a gym in my basement.
    As a kid I was rarely bored. The second I finished my homework I would find my best friends who lived within a 10-minute bike ride from my house, so whether we were playing video games or sports or just walking and getting pizza, we were always entertained. However, seeing so many adults complain about their jobs and seeing how they see their jobs as a chore, the feeling of boredom is a feeling those adults probably cherish. The ability to sit down and shut their brain off and finally relax is a reliving feeling. So although it is good to turn your bored time into productive use, being bored does not always have to be a negative thing.

  46. To begin, I must say that despite the brevity of this article, the thoughts presented here resonate strongly with me; I believe the piece struck a chord because I never considered the privilege exhibited by the idea of being “bored.” In the era of technology that we live in, there is no lack of new devices or apps or games to occupy the minds of the people- that is, the people who can afford such luxuries. It seems that every American child born after the year 2012 would not know a life without a screen in front of their face to keep them entertained, however, the same cannot be said for those living in third world countries, under oppressive governments, or in poverty stricken regions. To say “I’m bored” as an American– with almost limitless options for activity and recreation to pursue– gives off the impression of laziness and inconsideration; the statement suggests laziness because the individual complains instead of actively seeking something to do and inconsideration because the idea of boredom relates only to oneself, the one that is “bored.” Rather than complain about the state of boredom, an individual has infinite options (and opportunities) to occupy themselves, which is more than someone living under an oppressive government can say. Again, this article served me with a much needed reality check.

    This article from Seth’s Blog responds to those over fourteen who complain about boredom saying “that’s on you”; this call-out clearly addresses the concept of laziness and acknowledges that this demographic has every opportunity to find a way to correct this feeling. As an individual who falls into this demographic, I must admit that I have uttered the phrase “I’m bored” (as I am sure many others would admit to) when sitting around with friends. I find myself feeling a sense of guilt, as the time that I spent complaining about being bored could have been used to do something much more productive, such as learning a new skill or helping others in some way. As the article states, the active search requires an individual to “be willing to leap, to take some responsibility, to find something that might not work.” I appreciate the fact that the previous quote places responsibility on the individual to seek out experiences rather than enabling them to remain complacent– it creates a sense of accountability on the part of the bored individual to act on their boredom.

    Seth’s Blog also makes an important distinction between expectation on those older and younger than fourteen; the article applauds the younger group for being bored, citing that “Bored can prompt forward motion… Bored is what empty space feels like, and you can use that empty space to go do something important.” I absolutely agree with the article in this sense and deeply regret not utilizing my time (time without adult responsibilities) to develop a skill or pursue something that interested me. A free, bored mind provides the space for innovation and creativity to bloom. It is my hope that the younger generation– that is, younger than myself at twenty years old– will take advantage of the times when they have nothing to do by being curious and bold.

  47. My peers have been upset at our unique freshmen experience, but I think our experience pales in comparison to recent university graduates. High school graduates have the luxury of riding out the pandemic in class. I can’t think of a better place to ride out the recession than a university campus (so long as you aren’t taking on massive amounts of debt to do so). By the time we are out of school, things should theoretically be getting back together, and we can have another ten years of prosperity before the next inevitable economic crash. I can sympathize with graduates who feel the rug pulled from underneath them. COVID canceled an internship I had put months of effort into earning. Scale that to years of networking, classes, and making a degree only to be left in a horrible job market when just months ago they had the job of their dreams lined up, that tough. Really Tough. So tough that not everyone will be able to handle it, and many people will suffer an existential crisis in the process. But I am a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and going through this could thicken the skin of an otherwise sensitive generation. It is going to force kids to be creative, stand out, and rise to the occasion or risk getting left behind. As the article mentions, this is a powerful lesson in the unpredictability of life and the intangibility of the things we overvalue. Forged in the crucible of this pandemic, kids will experience life-changing struggles. And if there is a silver lining to this all, it will make for some exciting, determined, and optimistic people. That doesn’t mean we should forget those left behind, everybody has a place in this world that will make them happy and is productive for society, and everybody is capable of finding their spot in the world. The pandemic might be crushing dreams a little sooner than expected.

    • I accidentally posted my response to another blog post here. Below is my response to the ‘Bored’ Post. My apologies.

      I appreciate Seth’s positive outlook on boredom. He sais if you are young, then okay, it will push you to do something; if you are old, then good, You have time to take some risks. However, I don’t think he takes everyone into account. His creative, entrepreneurial readers might be inspired to take action by Seth, but there is a continually growing group of us incapable of dealing with boredom. It’s easy to see how a child might not be able to deal with boredom in today’s age productively. Before the technological revolution, kids might go outside, get into mild amounts of trouble, and explore to cope with their boredom. Today, kids are equally capable of analyzing a thoughtful video game, browsing the infinite well of knowledge that is the internet, or start to tinker around with programming and technology, all of which I did as a child. However, I am privileged to have had an amazing mother who directed my bored frustration to be creative or exploratory outlets within the confines of the digital age. It is all too easy for kids to scroll for hours on tik tok, find a Reddit board full of neo-Marxist conspiracy theories, or be lulled into a manipulated state of timed dopamine responses by whatever the trendiest game is. Kids are susceptible to becoming addicted to their phones, constantly a follower, and never a creator. It might be easy to say well the parents should recognize the addiction and discipline their children, but that only works when the parents themselves aren’t addicted to their phones! Seth ends with, “I’m glad you’re feeling bored, and now we’re excited to see what you’re going to go do about it.” I am sure he didn’t envision someone being brainwashed by omnipresent social media companies. Why put the effort in too long term fulfillment when a new hit of dopamine is only a click away, and as you start to build a tolerance to the dopamine hits, you’ll only stay on your phone longer, waiting for the next notification. It is a difficult time we are living in, and it is not my fellow Gen Zer’s fault. I have genuine sympathy for the teenager who was preyed on by big tech while their parents were none the wiser. I think it is also time for people to wake up and take control of their lives. Turn notifications off, delete time-wasting social media platforms, and experience real boredom! Something we haven’t experienced in a long time, and after a reset from social feeds, when we are genuinely bored, then we can begin to take that leap of faith Seth talked about.

  48. Boredom is a normal feeling. It is something that happens to everyone at some point in their life because there are times in people’s life when nothing is going on. I like the formatting of this blog comment, it is short and to the point. Nowadays, boredom is completely different as a kid than when I was a kid and it was even different when my dad’s generation were kids. The reason for that is the increase in technology every year. My generation is very interesting because I think we were one of the last generations who grew up without computers in our pocket. I was in fifth grade when I got my first phone and it was a slide phone that didn’t even have internet access. Today, kids are younger than fifth grade and are getting smartphones that have access to pretty much anything. Parents have the opportunity to limit certain things and other parental controls, but it is impossible to protect their children from everything on the internet. I say all that to say that when I was younger and me and my friends were bored, we would go outside and make a game up or something, and now, that does not seem to be the case. I work at a kid zone and the kids will come in with their electronic device and play it for the entire time they are in here. It was cool because it kept them distracted, but that can not be good for them. Especially now with virtual school, it is important that these kids get away from a screen because they are on them all day. When I was a kid, some of the best ideas and games we played outside happened because we were all bored and just came up with something. Being bored as a kid allows the child to tap into their creative side and see what they can create. I love the way this article starts saying that if you’re under 14 being bored is a good thing because it is. With all these social media platforms, it rushes kids to grow up so fast that they don’t even take time and realize how great being a kid is. I promise over 75% of adults would love to go back and be bored as a child. The dynamic of boredom as an adult is different, you’re supposed to be bored as a child, but as an adult, you have so much more control over life so if you’re bored then you have to do something about it. As an adult, it’s important to have a mindset of constant growth and that is kind of challenging to see your growth if it is overshadowed by boredom. If you are an adult and bored, challenge yourself. It is important to grow and see positive change.

  49. Boredom is something that takes place in every person’s life. We often see that we are much more bored in our early childhood and teenage years than our adult years. The reason for this is that when we are young, we do not have a lot of work and responsibility so there is really not a whole lot to do besides sit around and watch television for example. However, in our adult lives, people go to college and have full time jobs where they really do not have a lot of free time to be bored. For example, I am taking 18 credits this semester and working at my father’s restaurant which is about twenty-five hours of work per week. When I am not working or online for school, I am either doing homework, studying for an upcoming exam, or helping my parents out with projects around the house. Overall, I think it safe to say that I do not have a lot of time to myself now a days where I can be bored. Even in my free time, I like to relax and watch television, which I do not really consider boredom. After a day of work and school, it is alright to relax for an hour or two by laying down.
    Now that I am twenty years old, I think anyone my age that has hours of free time per day is doing something wrong in their life. People are age are supposed to be working hard in school to get high grades. Most people should have a job because of the high cost of college tuition. More than likely, students have to take out loans to pay for school. So in their free time, they really should be working some place in order to pay for their loans. By us not having a lot of free time now is really just helping us in the long run. After college, most of us are going to get jobs working many hours per week. If we are not bored now, it is really just preparing us for the future. We are not really going to be bored when we are grown adults because we will have full time jobs as well having a family.
    It is certainly alright to be bored when you are little and growing up. It is the part of being a kid and not having a lot of responsibilities. As we get older, our boredom should decrease because there is less free time in our daily routine.

  50. By now, I’m sure almost everyone has experienced the feeling of boredom within the past 7 months. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, I’ve become increasingly aware of what it really means to be bored. Of course, we’ve all used the term bored before. Personally, I know my younger brother says he’s bored all the time. After reading this article, I noticed there is a unique difference between the boredom young children feel and the boredom adults feel.

    The article is introduced with, “If you’re under 14: ‘Good’” and then explains why being bored at that age is considered good. As Seth describes it, being bored is the feeling you get right before you spring into action. Being a child comes with the need to be entertained at all times of the day. I’ve babysat kids of all ages and the hardest ones to babysit are the ones who always say they’re bored. While kids’ desire to be constantly entertained can become draining, we cannot blame them. People under the age of 14 tend to have significantly shorter attention spans than the average adult. This definitely contributes to their need to be amused all the time. However, being bored shouldn’t represent a bad thing. A positive result of boredom in children is that they tend to find hobbies and friends that interest them. Sometimes these hobbies can follow them into their adult life too. Examples of this could be playing an instrument or reading books.

    Continuing onto the article the author then states, “If you’re over 14: ‘That’s on you.’” Initially, I thought he was going to criticize those who are bored. Instead, he told the older age group to take responsibility for their boredom. In the article, “Eight Reasons Why We Get Bored,” the author states, “Flow occurs when a person’s skills match the level of challenge presented by the environment and when a task includes clear goals and immediate feedback. Tasks that are too easy are boring.” I’m sure we’ve all felt bored at work, but when you think back on the task you were doing, was it way too easy for you? I know personally, I get bored at work when I have nothing to do. While that may seem nice (especially if you’re getting paid for it), it’s not really an ideal situation to be in. At that point it’s not your jobs fault that they’re giving you easy work but rather, it’s your responsibility to reach out to your manager regarding the issue. Having tasks that are too easy does not challenge your mind enough therefore, making the day feel boring and long.

    Overall, I believe the feeling of boredom is a blessing in disguise. It can be used to one’s advantage or be taken for granted. Some may be content with feeling bored at work or home. However, I strongly believe that feeling bored means you’re living a stagnant life. Without that feeling, we would never challenge ourselves to try new things.

    Heshmat, Shahram. “Eight Reasons Why We Get Bored.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 16 June 2017,

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