Change Is The New Normal: What Are Organizations Abandoning Since COVID-19 And What Will They Not Continue To Do Once Things Return To ‘Normal?’

from Forbes

Our weekly discussion last week with leaders in the Future of Work and open talent ecosystem was powerful and open. We first addressed some of the issues surrounding our individual mental wellness and connectivity. Carin Knoop, from Harvard Business School has been conducting a bunch of research lately, “We may all come out of the COVID-19 experience with some form of PTSD and loneliness and burnout, all of which are things that we used to address or face or handle on our own, but with no outlets in the form of gyms or faith groups or other sources of relief or comfort, a lot of the healing and handling has to be done online.”

Ray Foote, an Executive Coach, conducted an exercise encouraging all of us to think about “who” we are in different situations instead of “what” I would do. 

This framing helped the group connect in a much deeper way and got us ready to discuss the topic at hand; What are organizations abandoning since COVID-19 and what will they not continue to do once things return to “normal?”  We heard from a few of the brightest minds to help us answer the question.

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