This Hoodie Comes With A Built-In Mask

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If you’re tired of wearing a DIY mask, a new hoodie offers another option: a built-in mask, made from a material that can (theoretically) filter out more germs than an N95 mask, zips up into the hood—which is itself a filter. The hoodie, which is available for preorder now, is the latest design from G95, a company that also makes scarves that double as air filters.

Founder Carlton Solle launched the company three years ago after getting sick on a business trip to China; a doctor told him that high levels of air pollution might be the cause. Solle was reluctant to wear a mask, but as a regular traveler in China, realized that he needed to protect himself. He started making scarves that had built-in filtration, and then started the company to sell them to others. “It turned out there were a lot of people like me that didn’t want to wear a mask, and wanted some other alternative,” he says.

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  1. This article was interesting to read because I was wondering when people were going to combine social distancing and fashion. Many people, myself included, are not very fond of having to wear a face mask every time out in public. They are annoying and are just a distraction for us. Now there is a sweatshirt that gives you a mask without actually having to wear one. It gives the person to opt into protecting oneself or if they feel safe they can keep the hood down.
    The main question that I had was if you could breathe through the fabric or if it would be just like the masks. Even so could it even really protect me from the COVID-19 virus. The article states, “The filter is a combination of two different types of filtration technology combined with a nanofiltration layer.” They also said that “In lab tests, it blocked 99.75% of particles larger than 0.1 microns—meaning it may catch tinier particles than some N95 masks, which are rated to block 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.” If this is true then these sweatshirts are even better than masks and keep you safer. They even claim that we can wash the sweatshirt so after a few uses you do not have to deal with a dirty mask or even have to buy a new one. You just throw your sweatshirt in the wash. This could really revolutionize clothing for the future because we do not know how long this will last.

  2. This is a neat concept, but as with all new developments it is hard to see if it will really catch on, especially in America. The designer and founder of this hoodie, started developing products for use in place like China with high air pollution which is a good market to sell in because many people in those places utilize masks to protect themselves, but America will likely not be going that way, not because its not needed or unnecessary, but because Americans do not want to. I know that I hate wearing my mask and as soon as the pandemic is in the rear view mirror, I will not be wearing one all that much. This hoodie might sell a bit in the US, but I see it being more of a fad rather than a revolution.

    The first product I thought of when I read this article was those ridiculous hoodies with the ear buds as hoodie strings. You would plug your phone into your hoodie and put the buds in to listen to music. Sure, its a cool idea in concept, but actually it looked so dumb and didn’t provide enough benefit to catch on. I see this as a similar concept in the long run, but I will admit it has a much better chance than the earbud hoodies.

    If the pandemic continues for much longer this might be a worthwhile investment because masks stink. Hopefully the pandemic ends in a short enough amount of time that I do not have to invest in the hoodie mask.

  3. Late march when the stay at home orders where issued as the preventing measure that was going to keep us safe, it was soon realized that it wasn’t going to be enough as the number of cases continued to trend upwards. Therefore, many states also released a policy stating that all people need to wear a mask when they go into a public place, in the hope that this would then halt the spread. With this, however, many people aren’t too pleased as they don’t seem to want to wear a mask in a public place or can’t even find a place to get one. A recent article on Fast Company titled This hoodie comes with a built-in mask, seems to offer a solution as simply seen by the title of the article. In the article, the author Adele Peters discusses how a man named Carlton Solle made a company that produces scarfs and hoodies that can help serve as people’s masks if not better, as they present superior protection. The simple N95 mask, which is the one the majority of people wear only blocks up to “95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns”. Now, this isn’t too ideal as “Coronavirus particles are roughly 0.125 microns in size, though the virus is thought to spread primarily in larger droplets”, therefore showing that some of the N95 masks may not even really protect people from the virus. Essentially making it so that N95 masks protection isn’t enough, however, the hoodie blocks “9.75% of particles larger than 0.1 microns—meaning it may catch tinier particles than some N95 masks”. Thus, showing how the hoodie is superior to the N95 mask as its protection is more advanced as well; it covers a person’s whole head, which can prevent people from catching other viruses that can be caught through the ears. The hoodie then not only protects people from the virus at a superior level of protection but also could help protect from other diseases as it fully covers one’s head. Another leg up that the hoodie as on the N95 mask is the fact that it as a high reusability rate as the article says that “The company estimates that it can be washed 50 times before the filtration efficiency begins to decrease”, with that number of 50 being much higher than any mask has. Now it may seem as if I am writing a product pitch for this hoodie as so far; I have said nothing but good things about it, but that is simply as don’t know what the price of what one items could run at. Mostly because if one of these cost $50, then it’s a good investment as it’s an actual piece of clothing and will protect you better, but if it’s over $100 then it’s simply not worth it, although some may buy it as you can’t put a price on your own health. Altogether, I think this hoodie is a good idea as some like myself are tired of the masks, as, for me, they hurt my ears. Thusly, when this product comes out, I may purchase it as it offers superior protection and can be used after the pandemic has subsided; overall, this is a pretty nifty product.

  4. I really like this idea that the company has been coming up with and is completely fitting to deal with the crisis that is on our hands right now with this global pandemic for coronavirus. Wearing masks has become normal now in the United States. In most place it is even required to have to wear a mask to enter public buildings, like in New Jersey. This has not always been the case. When coronavirus was not seen as that big of a deal int the United States yet, many people were even too stubborn to buy masks because they thought they would never wear them. They might have even seen someone with a mask on and thought to themselves that they were weird. On an even smaller scale, I think the same could be said about wearing gloves. I myself even felt a little awkward at first wearing disposable gloves and then a mask, but now I could not care less as long as I am protecting myself by staying safe. This business that sells scarves and hoodies with built in filters is going to completely change the mask “game” game for people that may still feel awkward wearing a mask, or do not want too. By having something that is built into every clothing that we use, it gives those people the chance to buy something that will make them feel a little better about themselves while staying protected and following all of the state guidelines. Not only will it help in that aspect, but they will also be able to add more style to your safety at the same time. This product also talks about having even better filtration than the praised N95 masks that are near impossible to get your hands on. Offering that kind of protection and practicality, if the price can accurately reflect what they are worth, people will not stop buying these for years to come. Even after this immediate scare is over, this company will still see profits because people will want to buy them simply to keep in their house as a “just in case item.”

  5. This COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in the need for masks and personal protective equipment. The need for these products has skyrocketed as the infection rates have increased. Also, since the quarantine had been enacted in most states across the United States, citizens have been trying to the most protective equipment available. From masks to gloves, prices have increased, and supply has been diminishing. In light of these events, Carlton Solle has created a hoodie that comes with a built-in mask that in theory can filter out more germs than the popular N-95 mask. The hoodie is a design that comes from the company G95. The hoodie proves useful as a second layer that doubles as an air filter. Solle actually didn’t come with this idea because of COVID1-19 but because of experiencing sickness after a business trip to China. The doctors told him he might have suffered from the effects of the air pollution in China. He found that a lot of people have the same mindset as him. They did not want to wear a mask, but they needed protection. So, Solle created a hoodie with essentially a scarf that also acted a mask to filter out germs. This product is genius and will prove to become popular in the coming months and years.

  6. Honestly Im surprised I haven’t seen more clothing companies hoping on this trend of having hoodies or jackets with built in masks like the one we see in the Fast Company article, at first I was skeptical about how well this “built-in mask” can protect you and filter out germs, but I was amazed to read in the article that these built in masks are made out of a material that can theoretically filter out more germs then an N95 mask, I thought this was very impressive. The company behind these hoodies is called G95 and it was started over three years ago by a man named Carlton Solle who got sick on a business trip in China, it was believed by his doctor that the cause of his illness could have been from high levels of air pollution, like most people Solle was reluctant to wear a mask, this is just like as I tried putting off wearing a mask for as long as I could but since Covid-19 has rapidly spread I needed to start wearing a mask when I went out, much like me Solle realized if he was going to be traveling to China he would have to protect himself so he started to make scarves with built-in filtration he realized his idea was starting to become popular as there is a lot of people like me and Carlton who want an alternative to the regular mask, most of the first customers Solle got were travelers who had the same issues as him, but fast forward to 2020 wearing a mask is almost required in most parts of the world due to Covid-19, and G95’s hoodie with a mask built in could start becoming very popular as know one really knows how long until it will be safe to go out in public without a mask, I feel eventually people are going to get tired of wearing the regular N95 mask out everyday once society is back to normal, with that said a lot of people are going to be looking for an alternative and a hoodie or scarf with a built in mask could really catch a consumers eye.

  7. Like someone else wrote, I’m surprised to see people making things such as this only now. It’s only the natural progression — of course designers would take advantage of a situation like this to make new clothing. I can’t blame them either — it’s only natural, of course.

    Infact, I’m surprised that we didn’t see a site like amazon take more advantage of this situation. If I was Amazon CEO (which I’m not, obviously…) I’d have plastered our custom coronavirus masks all over the website. Also, maybe I’m just not knowledgeable enough, but I feel like besides the N95 masks or whatever they’re called, that these masks probably aren’t that hard to produce. That’s why I’m so surprised that websites like Amazon didn’t take more advantage of this. However, maybe we could see more of this in the future. In fact, I’d be super surprised if we didn’t see a company take advantage of this.

    This mask hoodie is simply just the evolution. It was only natural that someone would eventually try to combine regular wear with that of the protective wear. The question that remains — will things like this “take off”? Obviously, I don’t think clothing like this will last in the long run. Whenever the virus passes, clothing like this may just look outdated. However, this probably wasn’t what a company like this was going for in the first place. They are so obviously just trying to make a buck off the current conditions of the world. And for that, I applaud them. Others could only WISH that they could have made moves like this earlier. The real questions also lie in, which other companies will be next to participate in this? I’m predicting that Amazon may be one, but only time will tell.

  8. This article caught my attention because I have not seen many companies, in particular, clothing companies create sweatshirts or jackets with built-in masks. Masks are, suddenly, all around us and have become an important item to our wardrobe. While many people have turned to home-made masks to add a bit of style, these may not offer adequate protection. The article mentions that the mask is made from material that is said to filter out more germs than an N95 mask, and can be zipped up into the hood, which is itself a filter. N95 masks are essential for medical workers and the company is making masks for FEMA and some hospitals in Michigan. Since a hoodie may not be considered proper attire for medical workers, the hoodie was a great idea for consumers that don’t have to work in such dangerous situations, but still want the same protection.

    A concern of mine would be the cost of this item and how much it would get used. Despite how effective the hoodie may be, the price of this hoodie could be what stops a person from purchasing the item. During this pandemic, many people are unemployed and are using their money for necessities. If the hoodie is priced at a reasonable price, then people will purchase it and feel good about wearing it knowing that they are protecting themselves and look good doing it. Other companies will also start to notice that people prefer to wear this hoodie instead of masks, which will push companies to create clothing that include masks as well. No one can really say when this pandemic will end and making sure we have something that we know will protect us is so important. Masks are always being thrown out everyday, but this hoodie was created to be kept in our closets and be used whenever needed to protect us from any type of health condition. Also, whether price is an issue or not, I am concerned about how often the hoodie would get used. Summer is just around the corner and I know myself I would not want to be wearing a jacket everywhere I go. I only see this product being beneficial in the winter and fall seasons.

    Overall, this hoodie is a good start in incorporating clothing and masks together to protect ourselves from germs. Carlton Solle, the founder of the company has definitely interested many with his product due to the coronavirus crisis.

  9. Fast company generated a blog from the article written on 21 April 2020 by Professor Shannon, “This Hoodie Comes with a Built-in Mask.” This blog points out that if a person is tired of wearing a DIY mask, a new hoodie has been introduced, which has an inbuilt mask that can filter more germs that an N95 mask, zips up into the hood and it is a filter itself. The hoodies can be accessed on preorder conditions. The hoodies are made by the founder Carlton Solle who launched it three years after falling sick on a business trip to China, the cause of the sickness was a high level of air pollution.

    This hoodie has been used by travelers who had situations such as allergies, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Currently, it can be used to prevent COVID 19, which is the universal pandemic facing the world. I think this is the best blog for this company. It has the best idea of preventing airborne disease and can be beneficial to those working in industries that have pollutants. On the contrary, this post does not point out the cost of the hoodie, the place where the hood can be bought as well as the sizes of the hood. Additionally, this blog has not pointed out the ways of cleaning the hoodie or is waterproof. This airborne diseases, as well as COVID 19, tend to affect people of all ages, this research does not point bout whether infants can also use it since they cannot be exempted when preventing pandemics.

  10. Looking at when this product was produced three years ago most people might have thought it is absolutely ridiculous and unneeded. However, 2020 is throwing all types of curve balls at people especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since COVID-19 is an air-born traveling sickness that spreads when within a six feet radius of an infected person, people need to constantly need to be wearing masks in public places. This is where the sweatshirt comes into the equation, it blocks 99.75% of particles in the filter that is build into the mask/cover area. Since I live in New Jersey this would have been such a good product to know about considering that we have had to wear masks for the past 2-3 months and if I could have a sweatshirt and mask in one that would be awesome. I have forgotten so many times to where masks and have to drive all the way home from the store to get one only to drive all the way back to do the shopping that I need.
    The one thing this product could have done better in my opinion is market. Since this is the first time I have heard about this product and the COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted in the state of New Jersey the product serves little to no use anymore to me. It had a perfect opportunity to get their product brand awareness using platforms such as social media and even try to get some governors to back their product. I know it is hard to take advantage of people and their needs during a time like this, but the business man in me can’t help but think how well they could have done by just making something as simple as an Instagram advertisement. To me this niche market was huge and should have been taken advantage of. Especially, because if the sweatshirt mask does what it says it does it could have actually helped with the slowing down of the virus. This giving people a more comfortable way to stay safe rather than the itchy and hard to find medical masks.

  11. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is still crucial for every individual to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the virus. From wearing masks, to social distancing to practicing hand-washing more than ever before for months now, people are starting to get sick of all these precautions, especially wearing masks. Especially now getting into the summer months, people want to enjoy their summer and go to the beach without wearing masks. Masks are uncomfortable and especially hot in these summer months, and many feel like it is difficult to breathe while wearing them. I work in the medical field and I have to be honest, when I leave work and get inside my car I am so relieved to take off my mask after wearing it on some days for ten to eleven hours straight. My heart goes out to healthcare professionals on the front lines, who wear masks and other PPE for endless hours due being exposed to the virus. Especially those who have breathing conditions such as asthma, such as myself, I can relate to the dread of wearing masks. This article shows a new approach to protecting yourself from the virus and it discusses this cool product of wearing a hoodie with a built in mask.
    As I was reading this article, I really liked the idea and the product itself. Founder Carlton Solle invented this hoodie with a built-in mask, made from a material that can filter out more infectious particles than an N95 mask. The mask zips up into the hood (which itself a filter). The hoodie is the latest product from G95, a company that makes scarves that serves as air filters. Solle started his company three years ago after he got sick on business trip to China. A doctor advised him that the high levels of air pollution in China might be to blame. Solle did not want to wear a mask, but due to his frequent trips to China, he knew he had to protect himself somehow. Therefore, he began by making scarves that had built-in filtration, and then created his company to sell them to others, eventually expanding his business to hoodies with built in masks. Solle stated; “It turned out there were a lot of people like me that didn’t want to wear a mask, and wanted some other alternative.” I think the birth of great ideas that evolve into successful companies all start with a relatable issue like Solle’s. Solle had a relatable issue and created a product to help solve it. A lot of businesses get started the same way. I also think it’s important for any entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, but cannot think of something that has not already been done, to sit back and think about everyday issues big and small that they face and think of a product or service that can solve it. It might be something that they think is minor and just an annoyance that can be sucked up, but entrepreneurs need to remember a lot of people are impatient, lazy and want fast results. Customers are willing to spend money on something that will make their lives easier or more enjoyable.
    While the hoodie performed impressively in lab tests, results displaying that it blocks 99.75% of particles larger than 0.1 microns (in simpler words it blocks tinier particles than some N95 masks, which are said to block 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns). Homemade masks are less effective than the hoodie or N95 mask. Coronavirus particles are about 0.125 microns in size, though the virus is believed to spread more so through larger droplets. The hoodie is washable, unlike the N95 mask, and can be washed 50 times before the filtration efficiency starts to diminish. While I think the hoodie would have been great for the months of when the virus started in January, it would be too hot for people to wear as the months went by leading into spring and summer. I also think people leave their house everyday and would need to wash the hoodie every day. After about 50 days, they would have to buy a new hoodie, which is not cost efficient. The hoodie cannot also be worn to people who still go into the workplace during this pandemic, due to their work’s dress code. However, I do think it’s a great idea and more comfortable than wearing a mask. I would have bought one in the colder months if I heard of it. However, being now that its warm out, there is no use for the hoodie and the mask or scarf is the only option. I think the company will continue to thrive with their scarves because they are more comfortable than masks and not heavy or thick so it will not be too hot to wear, however since it’s no longer hoodie season in a lot of countries, I do not think the company will be getting much sales there. I love Solle’s entrepreneur spirit and drive and I hope he comes out with more great products in the future.

  12. I was very intrigued by the title of this article, and I was thinking the other day when will someone combined a face mask with clothes. This idea is brilliant and safer than wearing just a regular mask. I know a lot of people, including me, who hates wearing a mask, and I feel like if they combine the two things, it will be easier for them to breathe and feel safer. For me, when I wear a mask, I am always touching my face to fix it or just annoyed by it because it’s either too big or falls all the time. I have noticed that now wearing a mask is touching my face more, which puts me into more danger to get COVID-19. If they make a sweatshirt mask, I would not have to touch my face, and it would be more comfortable to wear. Instead of a sweatshirt, they should make a shirt too because in the summertime it is super hot and no one wants to wear a sweatshirt, so having more options is better since more people will be accommodated.
    The only thing that I am worried about is if it will be breathable material or be like a regular mask. Is there going to be a test done to see if it can prevent a virus, for example, COVID-19? The sweatshirt mask will not prevent all of the viruses from getting in but will avoid the majority of it. In the article, they talk about how it will prevent 95% of the large particles and 99% of the smaller particles better than the N95 mask. We can even wash the sweatshirt, and the mask will not be damaged a massive plus because some people like to clean everything when they come home to prevent any chance of getting COVID-19. Overall, I feel like this is an excellent idea, especially now, since wearing a mask is a new norm; this will catch on quickly.

  13. During the coronavirus, the need for taking extra caution in protecting ourselves when going out in public has increased dramatically. One of the biggest needs to be able to protect yourself and others around you is the use of a mask. There are a lot of different masks that are available, from purchasing or making them yourself, and they all work to varying degrees with certain materials being more affective in protecting you. For me personally, wearing a mask gets in the way and is something I find myself having to constantly must adjust when I have had to wear it. Obviously is it still important to take these precautions so not wearing something to cover your face should not be in consideration but finding something that is more comfortable would be interesting to me. When I saw the title for this article, the design idea was interesting to me, especially because I own about 5 different hoodies and am a fan of wearing them normally anyway. After seeing the design, I think since the product is in a reasonable price range, at $130, which is similar to a high end hoodie, it can be very successful because a lot of people would want to find a single product that can combine the needs of a mask and a hoodie that they would probably already be wearing. The added comfort of having it fully around you and supported by the rest of the hoodie instead of just strings that go around your ears will also be appealing for a lot of people, especially people that are working with their hands all day and don’t want to be touching their face to be adjusting their mask.

    Before the coronavirus hit, the product already had a niche audience to appeal to with travelers to protect people that are going to countries with high air pollution, or people with other health conditions such as autoimmune disorders. These audiences will continue after the pandemic slows down, but because of the pandemic more people see wearing masks as acceptable so more people might be inclined to also continue using masks to protect themselves anyway. As a result, I can see this product to maintain success later on even after the dire need for masks is required like it is currently. The product not being available right not can hurt them slightly but because it is summer I think that a lot of people are not going to be wearing hoodies much anyway during the day, and when the fall hits and they are ready to sell the product is when I think their popularity will increase. The lab tests showing that it can catch smaller particles than some of the N95 masks also is a great selling point for them and can help them to market their product if a second wave comes in the fall. The one concern I do have with the product though is that they said that it can be washed 50 times before the efficiency begins to decrease, which if you wash your hoodie about once a week would mean that you can wash it for only a little bit less than a year. With the price being over $100 I think that having it be less effective in about a year is something to be concerned about but not a dealbreaker for most people.

  14. It has already been more than six months that this pandemic has affected the whole globe, and I have seen so many innovations that were created to fight the virus in a different way. However, this innovation is the first time that I see it. I knew that fashion would have been combined with some pandemic protectors, but I could not imagine a hoodie that can be safer than an N95 mask. I have some doubts about the comfort of this hoodie since it would literally close yourself inside, and it would be harder to get oxygen inside your organism. I still think that this is a good idea about this combination between safeness and fashion, but I do not think that many people are going to buy it, since masks should be changed frequently and the fashion world would came up with something more visually appealing and more comfortable. However, it is a really good way to start for a new generation of clothes to prevent the diffusion of the pandemic.

  15. The G95 hoodie offers what every successful product does: a solution to a problem. With colder months quickly approaching us and COVID-19 cases still spiking, the concept of a sweatshirt with a built-in-mask is one of those inventions that makes me question, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. A product that is so simple, yet so effective, has the potential to not only produce a significant amount of profit but actually provide a sense of safety for consumers. My first thought when reading about this product was how much could this hoodie cost? After doing little research, I came across a price of a whopping $129. Truthfully, I think this is a little pricey for my liking, however, I think the cost is reasonable for those who are looking for a subtle yet sophisticated look, and the leisure of not carrying around a mask. Another good point to mention is that unlike a N95 mask, this hoodie is washable. So not only do you not have to worry about carrying a mask around, but you also won’t have to worry about replacing it after it’s recommended 8-12 hour wear time.
    Not to mention, G95 is a huge advocate of sustainability. All of its warm weather gear is derived from hemp and its cold weather gear from recycled plastic bottles. Inevitably, G95 has been able to prioritize environmentally friendly practices throughout their production by developing a product that has a positive impact on the environment. Just like how consumers today are paying closer attention to the food they consume and chemicals they put into their bodies, they’re purchasing decisions are beginning to shift to create a cleaner environment through the clothes they wear.
    Although this product has the potential to sell itself, I think there is still room to grow in terms of marketing. One of today’s most popular marketing tactics that I think would be beneficial for G95 would be influencer marketing. Most influencer campaigns circle around a social-media platform, whereby influencers are expected to spread the worth through their given handles. Being that the hoodie has a sporty look and feel to it, I think a good candidate for this particular case would be a reputable athlete with a solid following. Although it seems simple, influencer marketing is extremely powerful, for it delivers a sense of authenticity that actually engages with an audience.

  16. The hoodie mask is an interesting product to come out during times like these. Given the global pandemic that is among us the daily lives of people have changed drastically. School and work schedules have been modified, social distancing is in place, and mask must be worn in any public setting. As a result, products such as this have the opportunity to do very well in the market today. Surgical masks and N95s are uncomfortable to wear for too long and are very easy to forget. I have left my house while forgetting my mask and had to go back as well as I forget the mask in the car sometimes as I walk from the car to my destination. This is a very annoying problem and one that could be solved by the hoodie mask. As long as you are wearing the hoodie you no longer have to worry because the mask will be with you at all times. Along with the convenience linked with this hoodie, I also like how effective they claim it to be. I have seen many videos throughout covid that try to prove one thing while other videos try to prove something different so there has never been a true consensus of what is fact. With that being said I heard before this article that the traditional masks most people wear are ineffective. This is because the particles of covid19 are very small. Most masks, as the article states, can block particles up to 0.3 microns which is too large for covid particles. They are just over 0.1 micron in size and thus the particles can freely pass through most masks. With this mask being able to block particle that are as small as 0.1 microns the hoodie mask would be more effective than most masks on the market. It is because of this that I think the hoodie mask is a great idea. The winter months are coming, and people are still going to need to wear masks. By getting a hoodie mask you can kill two birds with one stone by being both protected and safe throughout the winter.

  17. Even though there is a global pandemic going on there are many people who are still having a hard time with wearing masks. There are many scientists out there that are saying that wearing masks makes a difference and can help slow down the virus and decrease infections. That seems like it would be the goal right? It seems like the logical thing to do would be to just wear a mask and do your duty as a good citizen to limit the spread of the virus. Just because you might be young or have no conditions that put you at risk or maybe you just aren’t afraid of the virus, doesn’t mean that everyone is just like you. Masks aren’t fun to wear, but if it somehow saves or protects the person next to me, my parents, or even my grandparents then I am doing the right thing in wearing one. There are many healthcare workers out there that are covered head to toe in PPE for hours on end, if they can do that then someone going to the grocery store can wear one for a half hour. G95 is doing a favor to many people out there who don’t want to wear masks or just want a simpler alternative. This jacket looks like it can be a stylish and more comfortable change to wearing masks. It is a jacket that seems to have a very effective filter that can even be better than some of the medical masks out there. Many medical masks are disposable and have to be bought in large quantities. This jacket is machine washable and can be washed up to 50 times before the filter even starts to deteriorate. For the many people out there who refuse to wear masks this jacket is a better alternative to having to wear a mask and it can help more people protect the people around them. It can also be better than homemade masks. Homemade masks are nice because they may look more appealing than medical ones and they are washable, but they might not be as effective. This jacket is a more stylish option than a medical mask and it seems like it could work even better. Overall I think this product could be a hit in the future for many people. Especially when the weather gets colder it might even be a great way to stay warm during the cold flu season.

  18. This article was very interesting to me because personally I was curious when they were going to start making masks into something more than just masks and into a fashion statement. I think that building a hoodie with a built-in mask is one of the best investments for this kind of pandemic. Especially with the cold weather and winter arriving everyone loves to wear hoodies so to be able to wear a hoodie with a mask already in it is much more convenient. Personally, I would invest in buying this product because I wear hoodies very often and when I go to stores sometimes I forget my mask in the car and have to go back for it but with this product that would not be a problem.
    One other thing that I find very interesting is that masks, especially the blue ones that are very thin that I have to wear at work, often cause me to breakout because of my sweat and the material itself. As the article states the hoodie would be much more beneficial because it catches, “9.75% of particles larger than 0.1 microns—meaning it may catch tinier particles than some N95 masks” Masks are also made very cheap so although they are sold for maybe a dollar or $10 if you are buying a customized one, masks break very easily so if the materials that they are using to make the mask built in the hoodie is good then it would most definitely be worth the money. Most hoodies go for around $50 no matter where you buy them so if the price of this hoodie would be the same but with a mask included it would be worth the price.
    When it comes to washing masks, whenever I have washed my mask it has either broke or shrunk where it is too small to wear again and this hoodie that was created can be washed about 50 times before the efficiency of it decreases, which is a lot more efficient than any mask you can buy. Overall, I really like this idea as a product and I think many stores will follow this idea and start making this a more common sold fashion statement.

  19. Throughout the corona virus I was working as a cahier at an Ace Hardware in the town that I live in. While working there I was required to wear a mask and gloves for the entirety of my eight-hour shift. Wearing a mask for his long became annoying after a while and started to make it hard to breathe and made my face itch. Also, in the beginning of the corona virus some sources were saying that it is unhealthy to keeping breathing in the air that you exhale under the masks. So, I tried all the different masks that I could find to see which one was going to be the most comfortable and provide me with the most protection. The mask the I found to be the most comfortable would be the neck gaiter because it allowed me to breathe through it and did not make me as hot as most of the other masks. But then later found out that it was one of the worst masks when it comes to protecting you from the particles in the air which meant that I had to go back to one of the masks that were supposed to filter the air better. If this hoodie was an option for me to wear while I was working, I would have defiantly considered using it. It looks to be more comfortable then the everyday masks I wear, and if it is, “made from a material that can (theoretically) filter out more germs than an N95 mask, zips up into the hood—which is itself a filter” then it has the capability to protect me more effectively then a regular mask. There are people in this society the do not want to wear a mask or do not think a mask is going to protect you from the virus, but maybe if some of them had a hoodie like this one available to them they would not look at wearing a mask as such a hassle. Also with the colder months coming up fast being able to wear a jacket that has a mask in it already would make the consumers lives easier because they do not have to worry about remembering a mask and it has a concept of fashion to go along with it. With there not being a cure for the corona virus in the near future, wearing a mask is going to become more ‘normal” and to be able to wear a hoodie that does contains a mask and does not make you look awful while wearing it would appeal to a large part of the population.

  20. I found this article to be very indicative of the world we are living in right now. While the coronavirus has caused immense burden and hardship on those effected, it has also brought prosperity to those who capitalized on it. The demand for masks, face shields, and disinfectants has increased at such a rapid rate. This spike in the demand for face masks has opened a market for those to enter and potentially succeed. Carlton Solle, the founder of G95’s Biohoodie created a hoodie with a built in mask and soon realized, “there were a lot of people like me that didn’t want to wear a mask, and wanted some other alternative.” This product is satisfying the demand of many people and serves as a great alternative for those who find masks unpleasant to wear.

    Solle is not the only one who entered into the mask market. Throughout the past few months I’ve noticed how masks have transitioned from the typical medical type to a fashion statement. Everyone from small Etsy sellers to large companies like GAP have used this pandemic as a business opportunity to sell masks. I have watched mask go from being an item mainly used in the medical field, to a commodity that nearly everyone needs and wants. Prior to COVID-19, I would never imagine finding interest in buying a hoodie with a built-in mask, but as time goes on the thought is growing on me. Wearing a mask is a requirement at many indoor and outdoor places around the country, whether you want to wear it or not. I’ve heard many people complain about wearing a mask for various reasons such as being uncomfortable, fogging up glasses, and being hard to breathe in. I’m personally not fond of wearing them either, but I realize it’s an important step to keeping everyone safe. The Biohoodie currently sells for $129 and lasts about 50 washes. If it can successfully filter out more germs than an N95 mask, this price seems reasonable. Back in April they were out of stock and were taking preorders, but the hoodies are now available for purchase. I don’t see masks being a thing of our past anytime soon and with winter approaching, I believe this will be a highly demanded item.

  21. This is something I have been looking forward too for a while. The one thing I take from this article is that the creativity that people have in this world is phenomenal. The new innovative ideas just keep flowing and when you think there can not be anything new made, someone then makes it. These things allow for a more comfortable life as well as this specific innovation allows for safe travel throughout different countries even during this pandemic. I wonder what other fashion pieces can be created that will allow for a higher quality of health for people. Ever since covid happened many people have jumped into the market of making masks and at first I did no like that, because I felt it was people using fear as a way to promote their products. However, another thing I like about this new hoodie design is that it is not a similar form of marketing. The man himself was afraid of catching Covid-19 so he created a mask built around a specific look. Now if there was one thing I would change about this hoodie, it would be the fact that it does not last a very long time and it is very expensive for the amount of 129$ while most hoodies can be bought for 30-60 dollars. Adding an extra 89 dollars just for an included mask feature is not the best way of doing things. However, I can definitely see that there is a market there and people will most definitely spend their money to get the hoodie. I most likely wont even though I support the idea, but I can definitely picture a few of my close friends buying this product.

  22. The article written by on Fast Company on the topic of masks has caught my eye. After wearing masks for a few months now and starting to not mind wearing printed ones that match my outfits, it is inconvenient when I forget it in the car, at my house, or lose it. G95, an outerwear company has created a new and innovative design that I love. The idea of a sweatshirt or scarf mask is genius. It cannot be forgotten, and I would have a much harder time losing it. Companies have created printed masks that have caught everyone’s eye, but not everyone wears them because they are not 100% effective. On the other hand, G95’s sweatshirt or scarf mask is more protective than an N95 mask. Many people only wear medical grade masks because of the effectiveness, and they cannot risk getting sick, but this is a perfect alternative for them. Personally, I love this invention because I do not have to carry a separate mask with me and when I do not have one, I do not have to hold my shirt over my mouth and nose. The downside of this product is, not everyone is going to be interested in a plain black sweatshirt, or at least I would not be. Although this is a wonderful idea, it must be geared towards all types of people’s interests. Thinking more in depth this is an even better idea for children. Rather than having a child put on a mask that might be hard to breathe in, not fit, or be uncomfortable, they can wear the sweatshirt. They mask built into the sweatshirt is adjustable, so all you must do is pull the ties in the back to tighten it. To me, this is the perfect idea for children. No more fighting with your child over wearing a mask, instead all they must do is pull up their sweatshirt. Again, in this scenario, there must be an array of colors and prints for children to choose from. The only downside to G95’s sweatshirt is that after 50 times going through the wash, the mask is not as effective. Although it still does its purpose, some people specifically wear the sweatshirt for the effectiveness of the product. Besides a few minor and unimportant downsides, G95’s products are perfect for all ages and a great idea for anyone who does not want to carry around a mask.

  23. In today’s society with the coronavirus pandemic, mask wearing has become the new normal. We cannot go anywhere with out one because places will not let us in unless we have one on. I personally do not think masks are doing much. I understand that it helps reduce the spread by not having people breath on each other, but I still feel that someone can still very easily contract the coronavirus by touch or if it is just in the air. I really think the mask mandate is just in place to shut people up about the virus and so that fights do not break out. As the cold weather approaches, it is very likely COVID cases can spike since it is flu season. Many adults and children, including myself predominantly wear sweatshirts in the wintertime. They keep us nice and warm and somewhat serve as a jacket as well. I think it is a nice and creative idea to have a built-in mask to our hoodies. What is interesting about this hoodie is that it supposed to filter out more germs that an N95 mask. Whether or not that is true, many people would see that and immediately go out to buy one. I also find it interesting that this was not a creation that stemmed out of the coronavirus outbreak. This has actually been around for over 3 years now but no one really knew about it. I can only imagine how many of these the company has sold since the outbreak. Whether or not a vaccine will work, it is still going to be a while for these vaccines to be mass produced and distributed. Nonetheless, we might see a new strand of COVID if it combines with the flu, making it even more deadly than it already is. Masks are not going away anytime soon. Until we all know it is safe to walk around freely without contracting the virus, the government will continue to enforce its mask mandate. We have been wearing masks since March now and with he cold weather upon us, I can probably say with certain that we will be wearing them throughout the entire Winter and maybe even Spring 2021. I am hoping a vaccine works and is distributed quickly. I am tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go. I want to get back to the way life used to be where I can go anywhere I want and travel anywhere I want without risking my health.

  24. Since almost a year ago, masks, sanitation have become a norm in our society. Masks at first were unstylish, safety precautions, and used once and thrown away. As times changed masks are now reusable, fashion statements. After wearing masks for months and months on end, people tend to match them with their outfits or have many options to pick from. It can be a hassle to remember to bring them with you, so people buy many to keep in different places (purses, cars, house, pockets, etc.). Now in October, some are starting to become frustrated with the masks and reuse one-use masks or just use what is easily accessible to them. G95 made a unique clothing accessory that in my opinion will be of great use to many people. The company is covid friendly and has many options for supplies. The design of the hoodie is a zipper scarf type design that covers the nose and mouth. It would be easy to carry, bring with and use during the winter months. No more “ah man I let my mask at home”. The bonus part of the G95 mask hoodie is it is similar to the best mask on the market, the N95 mask. It was more protection than the N95, which is a very large bonus to some. Most people wear masks based on their effectiveness because they can not or do not want to get sick. While reading, I enjoyed the projects from the company and everything they had to offer. The company strives to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient during difficult times. It was interesting to read about what the company does and the new designs being created. The article mentions that “In lab tests, it blocked 99.75% of particles larger than 0.1 microns—meaning it may catch tinier particles than some N95 masks, which are rated to block 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns”. The company also mentions that “it can be washed 50 times before the filtration efficiency begins to decrease.” This can be convenient for busy families and efficient in the wintertime when it would be used frequently. This article was a real-life up to date situation. I feel as though this product will do very very well given the circumstances of today’s world. I would purchase this product, given the positive comments and facts about it.

  25. Here we see one of the few exceptions to the crippling financial state our country has fallen into amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. One major problem our country has been facing is the ever growing refusal of common Americans to wear a mask in protection of disease.This hoodie-mask hybrid offers a great alternative that can be both effective and comfortable. It’s the closest option we have to feeling like we aren’t wearing a mask and just a hoodie is atop our heads.
    This new product could not have come at a better time. It’s nice to see that at least someone is succeeding in a time where success is slim to none. I personally do not have an issue wearing a mask, but my personal preference would definitely be to have a mask within my hoodies. It saves so much money by having a reusable mask embedded into clothing which means users won’t run out of disposable ones.
    The G95 company as a whole should be very happy with themselves for creating such a profitable product at such an efficient time. The sustainability of hoodie-masks is still a question to be answered once the coronavirus is out of the picture. It’ll be hard to convince the general public to continue to purchase mask-related products when they are no longer necessary for daily life. Hopefully implementing masks into hoodies will simmer the tempers of so many anti-maskers who have been very vocal about their resentment over facial coverings.
    The United States has been one of the leading nations in coronavirus cases and a large portion of those cases come from people refusing to wear the proper attire that is statistically proven to help combat the spread. While it is certainly nobody’s preferred way of living, the more people who wear masks means the quicker we as a country are out of this pandemic for good.

  26. I feel that by now, most people have gotten used to wearing masks all the time due to COVID. I know personally, I keep my mask with my keys, so I never forget it when I leave the house. However, I can understand that others might be getting sick of having to wear the mask every time they go out. There have been numerous cases of people going into stores without their mask because they feel it disrupts their daily life functions. Personally, I do not mind the masks because I know the purpose is not meant to be style but rather for functionality and keeping people safe. On a surface level, I can see how the sweatshirt may be a good idea, however, I cannot say that I think the product will catch on with many consumers.

    My opinions on the sweatshirt are not all negative. I think the general concept of a sweatshirt with a mask you can pull up to cover your mouth and nose is a cool invention. I once owned a sweatshirt with a pullover mask located in the hood that was meant to be used for skiing, so I understand the utility of clothing with a mask. I do like the design and the idea of turning the mouth part into a working mask with filtration. It is a really cool idea, and the design looks good. I also like the idea of having alternatives to the standard mask as it gives some variety. I know the main purpose of a mask is function but there are allowed to be other options as long as they work as well if not better than the already mass-produced N95 masks. The masks can be intrusive and having a filtered mask you can zip up might be more comfortable.

    This is where I must voice my skepticisms. While I do like the design and idea, I think there are problems that need to be addressed. First would be the ability to keep the mask covering your nose. An N95 mask comes equipped with a strip you can bend so that the mask remains on your nose. With the zip-up mask, if I tilt my head up, I feel that my mouth and nose would raise out of the mask thus negating its effects altogether. Also, I just do not see the product catching on. Why buy a $129 hoodie that is good for multiple uses that lasts up to 50 washes when I can buy a pack of 100 disposable face masks for $14.99 on Amazon? The product just seems like a novelty that is capitalizing on the audience of people that are sick of face coverings altogether. Also, it seems unlikely that people would swap over from the reliable masks that the CDC emphasizes a product that claims to be better. There are just too many factors unaccounted for with this product that lead me to think that it will remain one of those niche products not many people will buy but it will be an alternative for the people searching for one.

  27. We are getting close to a full year in a pandemic and wearing masks. Back in March and even now, masks are inconvenient and easily forgotten. There have been countless times where I have gotten in my car or even to the store only to realize that I do not have my mask. Since masks are mandatory, as they should be, I am not allowed to enter any store without one. I remember in March and April when hand sanitizer was sold out and everyone was wearing gloves and masks. Since it was all new to us, we were all scared and taking every precaution possible. Now, however, people seem to be bored of wearing a mask, and more and more people are saying it is a violation of their rights. The excuse of “I have a medical condition” is very popular. I believe this sweatshirt could make wearing a mask easier for these people, and people in general. Since it is built into the sweatshirt, it would be impossible to forget. Although I doubt it would be more effective than filtering out more germs than an N95 mask, if that is true, there would be no downside to these sweatshirts. Safety, style, and easy access are all provided by this do it all sweatshirt.
    Additionally, this sweatshirt could stay popular even after masks are no longer needed. The only reason Solle made these sweatshirts was to protect himself from the terrible air pollution. I have seen many people saying that they will continue to wear masks in public in the future. Since germs are still easily spread and colds can be picked up from others, this is not the worst idea. Especially since you already have access to it while wearing your sweatshirt, what is the harm in protecting yourself from others? Although these past 9 months and counting have been scary and dangerous, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of these masks in keeping everyone safe. It is unfortunate that an article written in April seems like it was only written yesterday, but here we are.

  28. When the pandemic began, it was only a matter of time before virus prevention and fashion came together. This hoodie is a great innovation because if you have it, you don’t need to remember to bring any of those pesky masks around and you still don’t have to worry because this hoodie doubles as one. I personally don’t see a problem with carrying a mask around, because I am not unreasonable like so many people have been during this pandemic. Many anti maskers do not realize the damage they are causing to this world. It has been almost a year now since we were thrown into this horrible pandemic, so people should just be used to wearing masks at this point but alas, there will always be those out there that question authority and I feel as if a large percentage of those folk will come down with the virus before I do. It was great to see that people with comorbidities and health conditions bought this hoodie because it shows that it is going to be seeing a lot of real world use, and it shows that G95’s work is paying off greatly. The material looks very advanced and it definitely looks like it would filter out the virus, and it is even up to the challenge of protecting you from a wildfire. I think more companies should start to hop onto the Covid-19 fashion wave, and you can see that people are. At malls now there are designer masks, stores completely dedicated to covid prevention filled with customizable masks and other accessories. I see these “pop ups” lasting much longer than a normal pop up would, which would be a few days to a few weeks depending on business. I see this because now that covid has entered the world, it will never not be a problem per say, until it is eradicated that is. The fact that 99.75% of particles can be absorbed by this mask is great to hear. As we delve deeper into the pandemic more and more research on absorbing tech like this is being made and becoming more advanced and available to the general public and I think it will be great for everyone.

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