This Hoodie Comes With A Built-In Mask

from Fast Company

If you’re tired of wearing a DIY mask, a new hoodie offers another option: a built-in mask, made from a material that can (theoretically) filter out more germs than an N95 mask, zips up into the hood—which is itself a filter. The hoodie, which is available for preorder now, is the latest design from G95, a company that also makes scarves that double as air filters.

Founder Carlton Solle launched the company three years ago after getting sick on a business trip to China; a doctor told him that high levels of air pollution might be the cause. Solle was reluctant to wear a mask, but as a regular traveler in China, realized that he needed to protect himself. He started making scarves that had built-in filtration, and then started the company to sell them to others. “It turned out there were a lot of people like me that didn’t want to wear a mask, and wanted some other alternative,” he says.

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  1. We are getting close to a full year in a pandemic and wearing masks. Back in March and even now, masks are inconvenient and easily forgotten. There have been countless times where I have gotten in my car or even to the store only to realize that I do not have my mask. Since masks are mandatory, as they should be, I am not allowed to enter any store without one. I remember in March and April when hand sanitizer was sold out and everyone was wearing gloves and masks. Since it was all new to us, we were all scared and taking every precaution possible. Now, however, people seem to be bored of wearing a mask, and more and more people are saying it is a violation of their rights. The excuse of “I have a medical condition” is very popular. I believe this sweatshirt could make wearing a mask easier for these people, and people in general. Since it is built into the sweatshirt, it would be impossible to forget. Although I doubt it would be more effective than filtering out more germs than an N95 mask, if that is true, there would be no downside to these sweatshirts. Safety, style, and easy access are all provided by this do it all sweatshirt.
    Additionally, this sweatshirt could stay popular even after masks are no longer needed. The only reason Solle made these sweatshirts was to protect himself from the terrible air pollution. I have seen many people saying that they will continue to wear masks in public in the future. Since germs are still easily spread and colds can be picked up from others, this is not the worst idea. Especially since you already have access to it while wearing your sweatshirt, what is the harm in protecting yourself from others? Although these past 9 months and counting have been scary and dangerous, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of these masks in keeping everyone safe. It is unfortunate that an article written in April seems like it was only written yesterday, but here we are.

  2. When the pandemic began, it was only a matter of time before virus prevention and fashion came together. This hoodie is a great innovation because if you have it, you don’t need to remember to bring any of those pesky masks around and you still don’t have to worry because this hoodie doubles as one. I personally don’t see a problem with carrying a mask around, because I am not unreasonable like so many people have been during this pandemic. Many anti maskers do not realize the damage they are causing to this world. It has been almost a year now since we were thrown into this horrible pandemic, so people should just be used to wearing masks at this point but alas, there will always be those out there that question authority and I feel as if a large percentage of those folk will come down with the virus before I do. It was great to see that people with comorbidities and health conditions bought this hoodie because it shows that it is going to be seeing a lot of real world use, and it shows that G95’s work is paying off greatly. The material looks very advanced and it definitely looks like it would filter out the virus, and it is even up to the challenge of protecting you from a wildfire. I think more companies should start to hop onto the Covid-19 fashion wave, and you can see that people are. At malls now there are designer masks, stores completely dedicated to covid prevention filled with customizable masks and other accessories. I see these “pop ups” lasting much longer than a normal pop up would, which would be a few days to a few weeks depending on business. I see this because now that covid has entered the world, it will never not be a problem per say, until it is eradicated that is. The fact that 99.75% of particles can be absorbed by this mask is great to hear. As we delve deeper into the pandemic more and more research on absorbing tech like this is being made and becoming more advanced and available to the general public and I think it will be great for everyone.

  3. Masks, masks, masks. You either hate them or you do not. Personally, I do not find them fashionable, but I do not mind wearing them if it protects my health. One issue I have with masks these days is that some places require them while others do not, so I find myself forgetting to bring a mask or restock my supply. This year only one of my classes requires wearing a mask so sometimes I do forget to bring a mask and I panic trying to find one in my bag. A company called G95 solved this problem. G95 released a hoodie that also doubles as a mask. The mask part of the hoodie is said to filter out more germs than an N95 mask. The person who created this masterpiece is Carlton Solle. Solle founded this company after he became sick from air pollution in China. Solle himself was not a fan of masks but he knew he had to wear one to be safe, so he created this hoodie mask combination. This concept does not shock me. I grew up with kids wearing BAPE hoodies with a built-in face mask, so this new hoodie is ultimately the same thing. However, who would not want to wear a comfortable hoodie that can also protect you from germs? It is a win in my book. I am surprised that no more companies are coming out with clothing like this.

    It is nice that this hoodie is not advertised strictly for protection against the coronavirus. This hoodie’s filtration can be used for protection from bonfires or wildfires. The hoodie can cover someone’s mouth and ears to ensure no dirt, dust, or chemicals are being ingested. According to Solle, the filter is “a combination of two different types of filtration technology combined with a nanofiltration layer” and the hoodie can be washed around fifty times before the efficiency of the filters decreases. This hoodie would be perfect for camping. Not only will the hoodie give you warmth, but it can also protect you from debris from a fire. This hoodie would also be perfect for college students. If students are running late to a class, they can quickly put this hoodie on and not have to worry about finding a mask to wear. I personally do not find myself wearing this type of hoodie, but I know there are people who would. I am jealous I was not the one who created this idea. I wonder what other covid-related clothing I will find as covid continues to exist.

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