4 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Landing A New Job During The Pandemic

from Fast Company

The coronavirus crisis has the world economy in upheaval. If you’re not already hurting, you surely know someone who is. Layoffs, shutdowns, cutbacks, and salary cuts are happening across industries, both blue collar and white. The nation is in a state of emergency, and we’re all but certainly heading toward, if not already in, a recession.

The temptation to set aside our focus on work is understandable, especially when the primary concern should be for our health and the health of our friends and family. But the truth is, especially with all the upheaval underway, you may want to take advantage of this time to strategize on how best to sell yourself, going forward. 

Here are tips to maximize your hiring chances, based on our research at ResumeGo:

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  1. A way to get yourself out there in the job market is to get yourself a LinkedIn account. This way employers can see your job history and see what you have experience in. Making a good resume allows you to get a good job and get your foot in the door at a company. Putting yourself out there allows a company to get to know who you are, your work ethic, and see what you already have experience in. “LinkedIn profile received far more interview callbacks than résumés that included only a bare bones LinkedIn profile or no profile at all—a 71% higher chance, in fact( Yang). This study proves that you have a greater chance at getting a job if you take the time to put an account together. It shows that you’re proud of your work ethic and want to show these companies who you are. The article states that companies want to hire someone who took the time in making a profile. It shows that they’re motivated and hardworking. It’s best to write a cover letter that is altered to the job description. Taking the time to make your cover letter about the company shows them that you truly took the time to tell them why you want to work for their company. It shows them that you wanted to take the time to show them how much you care to work for the company you’re applying to. Making your resume your best work can also show your personality, that you are dedicated, and hardworking. Explain why you may have gaps in your resume. It’s best to be honest with a company so they know why you weren’t working. “Our study found that applicants with work gaps have a 45% lower chance of receiving job interviews”( Yang). The article mentioned it’s best to have a two page resume. It allows you to have a lot of space to put your information, job history, and any potential work gaps that you would need to address.

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