These Are The Industries That Are Hiring For Professional Roles Now

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If you’re looking for a gig to help pay the bills, grocery stores and delivery companies need help—and fast. But if you’re looking for something permanent or want to take the next step in your career, you may be able to find a professional role, too, says Michelle Armer, chief people officer at the job site CareerBuilder.

“There is definitely still a demand for professional and management workers across many different industries,” she says.

The catch is that you’ve got to act fast. As unemployment rates continue rise, more job seekers are scouring the market. We spoke to recruiting experts, and these are the types of jobs and industries that are still seeking qualified applicants during the pandemic:

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  1. As record unemployment overtakes the country and people are left to fend for themselves with reduced or no income, it is relieving to see an article dedicated to spreading the news of which sectors are needing of more workers. Some of the findings may seem like common sense to those who have studied the trends and see the businesses that would still see demand, but to a laborer that has been laid off of a job that did not require them to constantly keep up with the news, it may very well be difficult for them to know what the next step to take should be. Some of the obvious answers of healthcare and information technology are easy to see and could drastically help our recovery, as both fields are absolutely essential to how we bounce back from the Coronavirus after it has stopped all economic activity in the country. Cerca Talent managing director Scott Rivers expands on this further saying, “If you have experience in the field of [healthcare] research or diagnostic testing, there are many opportunities for you to potentially contract out your knowledge and service during this time,” and from talent acquisition firm LaSalle Network stating “With so many remote workers, the need for tech infrastructure and cloud resources is in big demand.” We see even more demand from sectors like finance and manufacturing, who will always have a need for additional help as long as there are people to need their services. This also serves as a stark reminder of the implications of disruptive trends on the job market, and the types of sweeping retraining programs that will be necessary to keep some of our most vulnerable citizen’s heads above water. We are moving to an environment that will see exponential growth in the demand for technology-driven jobs and specialties, and the amount of people who will be deemed expendable after the onset of these technologies is shocking to consider. Having public information about the sectors that are constantly hiring and seeing some level of growth is an invaluable resource, not just in a pandemic, but moving into the new economy that will see advanced technology inject itself in every part of our lives.

  2. It is crazy to think that over a course of a couple months one virus can have such a massive impact on the world. With a massive amount of people being laid off from their jobs, those jobs that are opened will be flooded with job application. Not everyone will be able to get these jobs, thus it is important that people develop the skills to make themselves stand out during the application process. For those that lack these skills it is unlikely that they will gain a job in this job market.

    COVID-19 has shown that the economy can rapidly change under times of crisis. Some changes such as the use of video call services has drastically changed how employees work and will have lasting impact on the business world. This leaves those workers who don’t have the knowledge to use such services at a disadvantage for future employment. This makes the learning of such skill imperative for students that are pursuing a business degree. With that said, from my own personal experiences over the past couple of weeks taking online classes, I can say that only two of my classes have used these services for their intended purposes, those classes being my intro to bible class and my legal foundations for business class. Both classes have used online videos services to teach the courses as they would have been taught in class. My other classes have either done away with lectures in their entirety and have instead become entirely reliant on written assignments, or have converted their lectures into nothing more than reading off of a PowerPoint, that they would upload on to blackboard the night before.

    I feel that the courses that have failed to use the video call services in their proper context have robbed their students the chance to develop useful skills that will become more valuable as our economy becomes more reliant on technology. In these pressing times in is important that educational institutions prepare their students for the post-COVID work environment. If we are to use such online services, they should be used in a way that allows for them to be little difference between the in-person classes that students attended pre-COVID and the online classes of post-COVID. The failure for some courses to do so has only harmed the future prospects of student, for even when the COVID-19 pandemic has past, it is unlikely that the changes to the workplace will go away, contrary the reliance on video calls and off site works will only increase as time goes on. Thus, it is imperative that course use this technology to its fullest potential.

  3. I understand why the industries that were mentioned in the article are looking for people to higher and looking ahead of this pandemic. Industries such as information technology, healthcare, finance, construction and utilities, warehouse, manufacturing and sales. These are industries that are always going to be hiring people even with these changing times. Information technology they need to keep up with all the changing technology and as the world becomes more and more digital then the need for digital protection and security is increasing in demand, so it makes sense for the information technology industry to keep hiring people. Healthcare is another industry that is also always going to be hiring people, nurses and doctors are always in demand as soon as we think there are enough nurses and doctors or hospitals something like this pandemic comes by and serves as a wake-up call to everyone that we still need more nurses and doctors. Construction and utilities kind of speaks for itself, someone needs to build the buildings and the house, and we also need someone who is going to be taking care of the utilities side of construction. When it comes to warehouse, manufacturing and sales this one I think that there will be a need to hire more people but out of the industries that were mentioned I think this industry may be the industry that demand for people decreases in. Amazon is an example of trying to decrease the need for people in their warehouse and manufacturing Employers are always looking for a way that they can replace the workers with machines who can do their jobs for cheaper and you do not have to pay at all or give them benefits so manufacturing will soon be losing demand for people. Sales as well, right now we still have door to door salesmen but in my opinion, I think that that id s dying art and soon we will have no need for them. Lastly finance I think is the same as the warehouse, manufacturing and sales, if it comes to processing loans then soon they will have computers do that and contract consultants as the article says the demand for them is also decreasing so these two industries are nice for something temporary but in my opinion I do not think that you should put all your marbles in these baskets for the long run. So, you should be careful when getting a job that is in one of those two industries.

  4. Around a month ago, when the quarantine measures began due to the severity of the pandemic, forcing people to stay home and with many people being nonessential to their companies, it lead to them being either placed on leave or just simply let go. With this, many people are either holding on to their jobs by just a thread or simply just don’t have one at all, leaving many people to be existing with no stable sort of income at all. Therefore, leading to many to try to find more work; however, that is easier said than done as it seems many companies are merely just laying off and not hiring at all. The article titled, These are the industries that are hiring for professional roles now, on fast Company’s website written by, however, seems to present some sort of a solution—staring out by giving the obvious by stating that if one is pressed for money, either working at a grocery store or as a food delivery driver may be a valid option. Simply as a lot of these jobs are in high demand as people are buying as well as ordering a vast amount of food, so these places need all the help they can get to keep up with supply. Since I am a teenager and a freshman in college, I fall into the category of in need of money as I have tuition to pay; therefore, I will be one of these people who try to pursue one of these jobs. Now with this being said, not everyone is looking for a semi-permanent job as some professionals are looking to carry on their professional work careers, and the article presented many possible categories of jobs that these people could apply to. Some of these job types being construction, finance, utilities, warehousing, manufacturing, information technology, and health care. With these job fields having openings, it does present some opportunity for people who wish to keep a professional career to do so. Still, time is of the essence as “unemployment rates continue to rise, more job seekers are scouring the market”. Therefore, if people act fast and apply to positions in these areas, they might have a chance to gain employment, which, for many people, maybe a possibility as there are many qualified people out there looking for a job, but they do need to act fast. Overall, the article helps to give reassurance as with many losing their jobs; it seems as if there is no work left to do; however, the article helps to highlight places where people can work. While also simultaneously presenting jobs that I could do, as I need work as well, while working at a grocery store is nowhere near the professional extent of other jobs, a job is a job, and money is money. In turn, the article is a nice touch of optimism in the overly pessimistic world of the coronavirus, as nowadays little is done to make situations seem less glum as this article did.

  5. It is obviously efficient to take a job as part of a business that is considered essential during this strictly regulated period. Delivery and construction gigs are a good choice but just for a narrow scope of the population. Maybe high school or college students may find these to be proper, but people who are responsible a of a household confirmed by multiple people might want to apply for higher paying jobs if their situation permits it. This is therefore a matter of social class as well. Blue collar workers are not going to get management or other profesional positions for the most part. Not only due to lack of expertise or instruction, but also because many of the jobs that businesses are seeking to offer require a certain level of digital literacy since they are meant to be performed remotely as long as this situation lasts. Privileged and educated white collar workers will have higher chances of getting such jobs and access to the resources required for them to work remotely. Another controversy regarding job availability is that, yes, the job market is becoming saturated since lots of people are looking for jobs that are relevant within the current times, but on the other hand, since the CARES Act was passed, many low class workers have opted to file for unemployment and state benefits instead of finding a job.

  6. As an individual who participates casually in social media, something I have begun to see more frequently are people who promote their “side hustles”. I have had multiple company representatives reach out to me to be an ambassador for their products. Mostly I get contacted from people representing skincare/makeup, supplemental teas and coffees, and some small clothing brands. I always do research before to check the credibility of their companies. I have stood by the fact that I won’t endorse or sell anything I wouldn’t buy myself and for that reason I haven’t accepted any offers. However, I do think that having a job that you can do from your phone is not only relevant, but crucial in the modern economy. I have read about many successful thirty-somethings who admit that the money they made I their twenties was not only from their 9 to 5. These “side hustles” have always been what I thought of when I heard “remote working”, or “working form your phone”. It was interesting to see some of the industries that are now hiring professional roles as a result of the pandemic. Industries like health care and finance, which can generally be competitive are hiring over video interview. The author related that competitiveness in the labor force will only increase in intensity as time goes on. After the pandemic, “With unemployment going to a new all-time high, we will see a tremendous amount of well qualified people looking for work”. In order to appeal to employers, “those searching for employment should create highly personalized resumes, highlighting unique skills and attributes that are tailored to the open position”. After our conversation regarding soft skills and resume building on Wednesday, I can say I feel a little more aware than many of my peers. Templates won’t be enough to land a job, the sooner students realize that the better.

  7. During unprecedented times there are always going to be new ideas and ways to make situations better. This article sheds light on these new ways and shows how easy it can be for everyone to do something, that will allow them to make that extra money when they might not be working. In a time where people are stuck in their homes and cannot go grocery shopping there is a great opportunity for those looking for work to get a job with Instacart. Instacart is a company that fulfills the online shopping services of stores like Shoprite, Stop and Shop, BJ’s, and Costco. These companies give the opportunity for anyone to fulfill these shopping order and deliver the groceries to those stuck in their homes. With more people joining these companies, those that are not able to go out or choose not too will not have to wait at this point almost 2 weeks for their groceries and much needed supplies. Besides this there are many opportunities for those in the healthcare field. Other than being a frontline worker there are many opportunities to take up a manager position in order to aid in the fight against COVID-19. As well as those being contracted to help with research without having to leave their homes. The article outlines many different fields and opportunities for everyone to find extra work and make the money they may need to get through tough times.

  8. Due to this present day pandemic, unemployment has reached an all-time high in America. Many citizens of these United States have received work furloughs or even termination as the effects of COVID-19 are felt throughout the world. Unfortunately, due to this very sudden and drastic change in the status of employment in America, many citizens cannot even receive their benefits and collect unemployment. Just last week, another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week in an effort to seek financial relief as businesses remain closed. This sudden surge in jobless claims has left the offices overwhelmed and many people unhappy. This pandemic has made employment seem unattainable, but this article reminded me of the possibilities that have arisen during this unfortunate time. It is just a matter of who is willing to take that chance during this time.

    Healthcare is probably the most in demand out of the entire list. Of course, the healthcare system is at a complete disadvantage as the number of patients coming in compared to the employees are extremely disproportionate. But also, the number of people who are actually willing to put themselves in direct contact with those who have come in contact with the virus is very low. Not only would they be putting themselves in harm’s way, but they risk exposing their families and the people they love. I think that securing a position assisting the healthcare industry would be easiest compared to the rest since it is in much higher demand, but most dangerous.

    With the unemployment rate skyrocketing everyday, the article made a great point in recognizing all the well-qualified people that are now out of a job. We are in different times, and many of the people applying have probably held significant positions in previous jobs. Not only that, but many of these professional industries are desperate, as they are probably overwhelmed with the problems that resulted from the pandemic. They can probably develop a good group of well-rounded individuals who are willing to work hard to support themselves and their families, and make a difference in the world when we need it most.

  9. With so many jobs being lost, many think that the job market is nonexistant, and that they won’t be able to get a job at all. There are, however, job opportunities opening in certain sectors that haven’t closed for the pandemic. Healthcare, IT, construction, finance, insurance, and manufacturing workers are still working, and many are looking for professional roles as we head into quarantine. Healthcare is obvious considering the pandemic, healthcare workers are being disproportionately effected by the virus, and we are already lacking in the staff needed to support many of the sick. Information tech is also a huge necessity right now, as the current capacity of many systems are not able to handle the large influx of daily users. Problems are cropping up all over this field, and quick solutions are the most important when dealing with new and complex situations, which are all the more common nowadays. Other industries like certain construction management and bank and financial institutes are looking for workers, as they are receiving more work despite the pandemic. The main idea to get from this is that if you’ve lost your job, you shouldn’t lose hope as well, since there are positions in other fields that are ripe for the taking. It just depends on if you can get out there and get it before the hundreds of thousands of unemployed do. With so many people looking for jobs, and with many types of people, even in higher positions becoming unemployed, employers now have a large set to choose from when deciding who to hire. It makes it more difficult to stand out, so the sooner you can snatch a position the better. Making yourself stand out amongst such a large field can be tricky, but all it takes is effort and care to make something that will catch an employers eye. The ability to adapt and get a job in a different field will allow you to utilize your skillset to a greater extent. Considering the skills you learn out of college will only last you 6 years as compared to when they lasted 30 years, it’s important to be ready for work from different places and in different environments.

  10. The article is extremely helpful for college seniors who are just starting to actively look for employment for post-graduation. When the pandemic first started, there was a frenzy in the U.S. about the economy and how much we were going to lose as a nation. Because I had never taken an economics or business course prior to COVID, I thought that when the economy was not doing well, that meant unemployment and a severe decrease in jobs available. Now, I understand a little more about how the system works.

    Vozza explains which fields are hiring at the moment and some are jobs that can be done from home. For example, IT corporations saw a spike in usage by consumers due to the increase of remote working, which comes with the increase in software issues or just maintenance problems in general. Finance jobs are also listed because the government has started to intervene by giving out unemployment checks for 10.2% of Americans who were left without a job. I was speaking with my coworkers about these checks. They were very eager to sign up and get their weekly check in the mail just because they were entitled to it. Personally, I do not believe that is right because if most people did that, then we would be taking money away from the people who need it most. There are long lines of people on food stamps in NYC and some people selfishly take the money for themselves when they could very well afford a grocery bill. The loans that workers from companies/ banks are giving out makes me nervous. If I was to get a loan right now, in an economic period that is closer to the Great Depression than the recession of 2008, how would I ever be able to pay that back?

    Healthcare is another field that is looking for more workers, however, even if we were not experiencing a pandemic I believe that the healthcare industry can always use more doctors, nurses, physician assistants, etc. Medicine is always changing which requires the constant need for more workers straight out of college. On the opposite spectrum, warehousing jobs have been increasing as well because people are unable to physically go out and shop, they are doing it from their homes. Amazon, for example, has accumulated about $5.2 billion since the pandemic started which requires more workers – especially for the promised next-day delivery across the U.S. (How is this even possible? How can one person be benefitting considerably financially when the economy is in shambles and unemployment is rising? But that is a different topic.)

    The construction and utilities section took me by surprise, even though they are considered to be essential workers. My mom works internally for PSEG LI which was the company responsible for restoring power to over four hundred thousand Long Islanders due to the storm that just passed in mid-August. People were so furious because of how long it took to restore their power, that their company is now under questioning. I am trying to understand why utility companies would have a demand for workers when they are facing bigger issues company-wide.

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