How To Keep Your Job Search Going When Hiring Slows Down

from Forbes

Hiring is slowing down: Business Insider, NPR and USA Today all ran stories covering a variation on how businesses are increasingly reluctant to hire. Between global market volatility and uncertainty around coronavirus, there are plenty of reasons why companies choose to wait on hiring more staff.

If you’re looking for a job, this could mean a longer search, which is hard emotionally and financially. Less hiring also means a more competitive search, as candidates vie for a shrinking pool of jobs. However, don’t just sit back and brace for the worst. Here are five ways to keep your job search going when hiring slows down:

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  1. This article is actually perfect for me as I am stuck at home no longer to work in school I need some way to generate money and get out of the house. As covid-19 continuous, I can only imagine that more and more companies will lay off employees. On the same token, more employers are going to not hire people. I’m personally happy that the author mentioned at the beginning about the coronavirus, I just would have liked the idea if they had a little more input due to these circumstances. These five steps that have been said in the article seem to be very helpful if it wasn’t for the circumstances that we have now. I feel as though with the current outbreak and many stores now closing for the time being these tips and tricks serve nothing unless I would be trying to apply for a job as a delivery person. Today every in-person job has been all if not disbanded for the time being except for pharmacies and some restaurants that only allow pick up or delivery. I think today the only business that would be making even the slightest amount of money would be pizza shops and other takeout food items. Other than those restaurants would have their doors closed because of the new restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Home Depot has been able to stay open by only keeping 25 customers inside of the building and 25 workers, abiding by the 50 people only in an area. Another company that would be making tones and tones of money would be Amazon. They have been able to do this because most of their company is based online and they have their own delivering service. Now is also the time for online shopping to truly take out in-person retail. These next moments have the highest possibility to take out malls themselves. I think for these major inventions of capitalism to survive they need to follow the American dream mall by doing what they can to bring in people. they would prey on the idea of memories and a good time. Sadly this would remove a lot of jobs in the market over time. This change would, of course, happen gradually but I think with this sudden push for self-isolation it has only speeded this up. The worse is yet to come. Luckily self-driving vehicles have yet to use in business practices in which case this situation would’ve been a lot worse. The economy would be further down the whole, more people panicking, the toilet paper shortage would possibly be extended to food as well. Personally, I think this article was very well informed but this situation holds no weight.

  2. As of now it is understandable why employers and companies are not hiring new employees. The rise in cases of COVID-19 worldwide and the market volatility that comes with a pandemic this big are the reasons why these employers are uncertain and not hiring like normal. For people looking for jobs right now that can lead to a longer search, more competitive search, and less jobs to apply to. “’Businesses are now saying we have way too much uncertainty about where the economy is headed,’ says Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist of the Economic Outlook Group.” This uncertainty in the economy coming from the coronavirus outbreak that has plagued the world. Most of these uncertainties have been seen to effect businesses that involve anything that comes from or involves coming from overseas, such as China. For some of these businesses, they have already began to lay off workers or impose hiring freezes, which would pause the hiring process indefinitely. I believe that these things are happening in efforts to cut expenses, in order to be safe due to the uncertain future. Cutting expenses by not hiring or laying of employees is a common practice that has been seen forever and can definitely be seen in 2020. These concerns can also be seen in the recent NPR article, where the Labor Department said that employers in February added 273,000 jobs, the same as in January. This these job gains lead to a 3.5% unemployment rate, which matched a 50-year low. In this article, Gregory Daco of Oxford Economics says that businesses and consumers should be cautious about the virous weighing on job growth in the months to come. During February where we saw employer hiring rate was higher than the previous three months, and while there was little sign of widespread coronavirus contagion worldwide. For employers, there isn’t much that can be done but to cut expenses by either not hiring or firing employees. Yet for people looking for a job, there are many things that can be done to help with the extended job search process. These can be seen in the Forbes article by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, where she says that being more vigilant, being flexible, prioritizing efforts, using old connections, and differentiating yourself can help you get a job during these hard times. I believe that these things can help even when job hiring is slower than usual, being vigilant and actively wanting the job is very important, but in these times you have to be even more aware of what is happening with the companies you apply to.

  3. Hiring and job searches have changed momentously over the past couple of years and more and more people are looking for jobs in a market that does not need them. Whether it is the market quality that the article talks about that is rapidly changing or the issues associated with the coronavirus. Many other things are associated with the quality of the job market and the amount of jobs that are actually available for the public. More people are now staying in their jobs longer and not retiring as often as they used to, leading to less jobs being available to those graduating from college. The article sheds some useful knowledge for people in our generation on what to do when we are entering the job market and how to adapt for the future of jobs. I think the best thing that the article outlines is to be vigalent in the hiring process and actively pursue as many opportunities as possible. When looking for a job people in college need to use every resource possible to get a job. Programs such as LinkedIn and others give us so much access to jobs and internships, and if we use those to our advantage we provide ourselves the best opportunity to find a job as the article outlines we give ourselves the best opportunity to find a job in the current market. Also with these platforms it puts yourself out there as much as possible it allows employers to find you and look at your resume’s a lot more efficiently than ever before, allowing for more opportunities.

  4. The article written by Forbes perfectly illustrates what so many hopeful workers are going through during present time with the Coronavirus. Even with the coronavirus limiting jobs and forcing companies to shut down and not be tasked with hiring workers this does not only occur during this tough time. Companies at times are not hiring workers because of global market volatility or just because they do not need to hire anybody new at this time but this does not mean the job search needs to slow down whatsoever. It is vital to stay in touch with the companies you applied to and the recruiters there have been contacts with. When hiring is at a halt and job opportunities are becoming less and less there needs to be a sense of urgency on the potential employer to respond to meeting times fast and other important information a company might need as soon as possible and not to sit around. One fact that is very true was mentioned in the Forbes article was “You want to get in front of any more bad news hitting the market”. For example, with the coronavirus and the rapid pick up that it had if I was coming home and saw these events developing I would try and get a job with a restaurant as a delivery driver to have the potential to have a job and earn money during these tough times when so many people are not working and cannot earn money. Another point that the Forbes article made was to try and get “your foot in the door”, this needs to be done to show an employer is committed and willing to make the sacrifices. Things are going to get worse and harder before the times get better and improve. Workers will need to start at the bottom and even in some part time positions before they can get the opportunity they want.
    When job hirings become less and less this only means that the job market is only getting competitive. There needs to be proactiveness to keep checking on your network and keep up with potential leads and do not settle when there is one company reaching out. There should always be a backup plan just in case the first option does not work out. Always go back to the networks that were once made and use the networks and resources that were created. Going back to past bosses and managers is a very smart move and can help an employer in the long run. “Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to mitigate risk for other prospective employers and shortcut the time to decide”. Finding jobs and opportunities is all about networking and knowing the right people in the right position, so reach out to as many resources as you have because it cannot hurt. One example from my own life is I want to enroll in Graduate school and pursue a Masters degree. Even though I do not know anybody on the board at different institutions, I am able to ask my former teammates from my baseball team who have gone through graduate school and figure out the steps and actions they took that helped them that can potentially help me. I really like what Austin said about LinkedIn and the resources we are given as college students. LinkedIn is a vital tool given to us college students as well as resource centers that can review our resumes and help us when applying to internships. Myself and other college students need to take advantage of these resources in order to put our best foot forward in the workforce and help us land future jobs and internships.

  5. This article is very interesting and relevant to what is currently going on in the world today. With over two million Americans filing for unemployment this week it is clear that companies are not hiring people during this pandemic, but instead they are laying employees off due to the many different business closures. If more and more states follow California, New York, Connecticut, and Illinois’ stay at home orders then jobs are going to be even harder to find for many people. This is especially troubling for college students who just had their semesters cut short. Many college students use various university resources such as career fairs to secure jobs upon graduation. Since so many universities and colleges have chosen to go online for the rest of the semester due to COVID-19, students are not going to be able to use career fairs or networking events to find jobs. This makes finding jobs for students even harder than it already was. This could potentially have such a negative impact on many students and it shows how important it is to have had internships while in college. As the article states a good way to find a job is to stay in touch with old colleagues or recruiters. Internships or Co-Ops are a great way to establish connections with different people and could make finding a job for students easier during this pandemic.

    As COVID-19 continues to hurt the job market, many employees are being laid off as companies try to cut costs as their revenues are going to decrease in the coming months. With the stock market at an all time low since 2008, it does not look good for people who are in the market for jobs. Hopefully the federal government can step in and help to assure small businesses that their doors will not close and they can help them keep paying employees instead of laying them off which hurts the job market. Some people have begun to tell businesses to not worry about rent for the month of March and instead take that money to pay their employees. If more people can follow that lead and take action to make sure Americans are protected and able to still provide for their families during this difficult time then helpfully the job market will continue to improve. This article gives good tips on how to find jobs when there are not a lot of potential jobs, but the best way to get more jobs is to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

  6. This article instantly got my attention as I previously went through the same situation looking for an internship along with another job for when the semester ends and summer starts. With the current situation of the coronavirus going on in the world right now, the job search has become very hard as many companies are laying off employees and are now just not hiring anyone for that matter. For me personally, it took me around 3 months to finally land an internship for the summer of 2020. Being a sports management and marketing major, I have a wide variety of organizations that I could apply to in order to get an offer for an internship. Overall, I applied to around 25 professional/semi professional sports organizations and only about 7 of the replied back to me about an interview and an offer letter. With the demand very high for people to find jobs and or internships in the sports industry, it is important to impress a company when sitting down in an interview with them especially in times like now when the hiring process is very slow. There is many key points that go into impressing a company and finding a job during ones job search and I feel as of the author in this article does a very good job explaining what this key points are.
    As I mentioned earlier, COVID-19 is really putting a dent in how employees are getting laid off and of course the pause for most peoples job searches. In certain states like New Jersey, New York, and California where the virus is doubling in the amount of cases in hours or just a day, it forces companies to shut down. When companies shut down that infers that employees cannot make any money and or get laid off and it stops peoples job searches for the time being ultimately leaving them unemployed for however long this pandemic lasts. In the article that is published by Forbes, I feel as if they give terrific insight on how one should keep the job search going especially when companies are currently not hiring. For instance, in the article it says how people should make arrangements that make it easier for the company to say yes to the person that is being interviewed. I agree with this strongly as if the person getting interviewed makes arrangements around the company schedule, it should work out for both sides in the company and the future employee in the end. Personally, I just kept applying and applying to several sports organizations and went on several interviews until I finally got offer letters by certain organizations. It was not easy and it certainly took time to get an internship but narrowing down and by using some of these steps mentioned in the article, it finally got me multiple offer letters to the point where I could pick the internship that would benefit me the most in the long run.

  7. The Forbes article, “How to Keep Your Job Search Going When Hiring Slows Down”, by Caroline Ceniza- Levine is a must read for every American in the workforce. Levine begins by explaining why hiring has been slowing down,”Between global market volatility and uncertainty around coronavirus, there are plenty of reasons why companies choose to wait on hiring more staff”. It is no surprise that due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are reluctant to hire. Most businesses have been forced to close down temporarily, are unable to make money and serve customers. The coronavirus has caused people who previously were not job searching, now desperate for a job to pay their bills and feed their families. According to ABC news, there was a record number of unemployment filings, “A record number of workers — 3.28 million — filed unemployment claims in the week ending March 21, according to U.S. Department of Labor data released Thursday”. With the unemployment rate at a high rate, the job market has become extremely competitive.

    The first suggestion by Levine is “Be even more vigilant of your status in existing searches. If you have already started a hiring process (i.e., you have had at least one interview), work closely with the prospective employer to get to a decision as quickly as possible. You want to get in front of any more bad news hitting the market”. This suggestion is smart because if a person was close to acquiring a job and now there is an influx of new applications of people who might be more qualified, it is important to make sure you get the job. Also, it is important to be vigilant because that employer might not be able to hire anymore due to this pandemic.

    Another important suggestion by Levine is “Differentiate yourself with a positive attitude. A positive attitude in the face of difficulty is a powerful way to differentiate yourself. Prospective employers hire so that they have less to worry about – if they see you as an upbeat addition to their team, that is even more attractive in a down market. Levine is correct because America is currently in a medical crisis this generation as seen before. People all around the country including employers are worried about this pandemic affecting their business and families. A good attitude during an interview displays confidence and shows that you can handle situations under pressure, which is always important.

    Overall, as this pandemic gets worse, employment numbers will continue to rise to levels never seen before. Millions of Americans who have had stable jobs for years will be looking for jobs. However, when the virus slows down and businesses open up, I believe there will be a huge boost in the economy and in particular jobs.

  8. The title of this article caught my attention as it seemed very relevant and a logical result of the current time we are living in. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused life to shut down. The economy suffers as the fear and uncertainty rises. It makes a lot of sense that many companies would be very hesitant to hire new employees. With an already extremely competitive market, this situation becomes much more difficult for people in search of a job. As I am only a freshmen, I have not gone through this process quite yet, but I can imagine how hard the outbreak is making it for upperclassmen to find jobs. After reading through the article, I believe many of these tips could prove very helpful for anyone looking for a new job during this time.
    The second way to keep the job search going was particularly interesting. The article mentions considering a more flexible arrangement so that the employer does not have to commit to something long term. This seems to be a high risk-high reward scenario for the prospective employee. On one hand, a temp or part-time position can result in a great relationship with the company and a full-time position down the road. On the other hand, the company may just decide to move on when this crisis ends since the employee is only in a temporary position.
    Another valuable point the article makes is about using your network to find a new position. Reaching out to past employers or colleagues could really make a huge difference in a job search. If you had developed good relationships with these people, they would most likely be willing to go out of their way to help you find a position in their company or elsewhere. As the article says, even if they can’t give you a job, they could give you a great recommendation to other employers. Employers want to hire someone they know they can absolutely trust. If people in your network are able to convince other employers of your character and work ethic, it could make their decision to hire you pretty easy.
    These are truly unprecedented times that we are living in today. For anyone in the job search process, this article provides five great tips that will definitely help make the process a little easier.

  9. With the current COVID-19 virus all businesses except for essential personnel caused all businesses to close and in turn a lot of Americans to get laid off spiking the unemployment rates. In spite of this pandemic all people are required to stay home and practice social distancing so that they are able to avoid the spread of the virus through droplets into open surfaces and pores. Average people are just trying to survive day to day and make life easier in the present during this period of industrialization. With this being said the actions of the younger generations is causing an outrage of the elderly and sick people during this current emergent crisis as they are going out and recklessly spreading it. while older generations will not dismiss it and refuse to let younger people not accept responsibility for their part in it. Overall, COVID-19 is serious and needs to be taken care of aggressively and as soon as possible before the effects cannot be reversed and who the blame should fall on for this disaster will no longer matter. WIt this closing down of basically everything except those who are essential it is very important to understand that a lot of places or no longer hiring because they are not open however that does not mean that they should close down their job search. Currently a lot of grocery stores and hospitals near me are hiring and I just started 34 hours a week helping with COVID precaution at a nursing home. Average people are just trying to survive day to day and make life easier in the present during this period of industrialization. With this being said the actions of the younger generations is causing an outrage of the elderly and sick people during this current emergent crisis as they are going out and recklessly spreading it. Hospital jobs are not only well paid right now but also well respected as those who are jumping to help out in any way possible are taking the steps needed to screen those going into the hospital to try and prevent a major breakout of the virus in an hospital environment. Those who choose to not work that are not eligible for unemployment seem to be waiting ducks for their own economic disparity especially those who have returned home for th semester from college and are now living off their parents again who have also been laid off and are only receiving the minimum unemployment. I advise those who are in this position to try and continue on a job search in these coming weeks as the curve in states like new york especially are still rising exponentially meaning more care facilities will be needed and in turn more and more positions will be opened up for those that are willing to step up and help out.

  10. In this current market that we are in, many people are facing job loss and more competition for those jobs that are available for hire. Though I think it is unlikely that the world will face a situation as bad as the one caused by corona virus in the coming years, it is still useful to be prepared for a weaker job markets, especial with growth of automation that is abound to happen this decade. The question is just how many people are truly prepared for the such a volatile job market.

    I don’t think that many Americans, especially older ones that are more establish at their career, are willing to work at companies as temp-workers, because they will have expenses that they need to pay for. The option of being of temp-worker, though useful for establishing yourself in a given company, is only an option for those workers who either have low expenses, or have the benefit of having a spouse or other family member that can adequately cover their expenses. This because people with families and/or property will be look for a job that is permanent, so that they have a steady stream of income to offset their stead stream of costs. I think more people would be willing to work part-time jobs because those will pay more than temps, because part-time jobs provide more stability in a person’s life, due to the steady income provide by the job. However, I doubt that most Americans will be satisfied with working a part-time job for too long due to the small payed that would be provided by a part-time job, as compared to any jobs that they previously held.

    Think most Americans will try to use whatever advantage they have to obtain jobs, whether that be using their personal network to seek employment from old employers and colleagues, or if they apply for every opportunity on the market. The question is rather if they can make themselves stand out from the rest of the applications. I don’t think many Americans have the technical expertise to make themselves stand out in the automation driven economy. This because many of the skills that would have proven valuable to job hunters before automaton, such as accounting, can be done by artificial intelligence.

    The 2020s will be the decade were the global economy will start to transition from an economy dominated by human labor, to one were humans will make up the minority of workers. Currently I doubt that most Americans will be able to adapt to the weakening job market. Thus, it is important that people develop both the skills and the mentality that will allow them not only to adapt to the change world we exist in. Articles such as the blog post, are useful starting places for developing the right mind set for being a worker in the 2020s.

  11. Caroline Ceniza-Levine’s article on, “How To Keep Your Job Search Going When Hiring Slows Down” was very insightful to me. But, sometimes throughout the article it seemed like things we’re just common sense if you ask me. Caroline’s mentions things like “If you’re looking for a job, this could mean a longer search, which is hard emotionally and financially. Less hiring also means a more competitive search, as candidates vie for a shrinking pool of jobs.” To me I would think that when people are not having the best luck with finding a job it gets to their head quite a bit, but maybe some people didn’t put two and two together.
    What also seemed like common sense is when Caroline mentions staying, “in touch with the recruiter, hiring manager or whoever is coordinating your application. Respond quickly if they need to schedule you for more meetings or ask for additional information. Be available for meetings right away. But again, maybe some people really needed to hear this because they may not have the same type of information/education exposed to them.
    Now on the other hand, what did confuse me when reading the article was the idea that “Hiring may slow in a down market, but it doesn’t disappear.” My first reacting was just “huh?!” But after Caroline stated, “The job search is always a numbers game, and you want multiple leads in your pipeline regardless of how tough the market is. However, when the market becomes even more volatile and more competitive, you need even more leads.” I got a better sense of what she first meant but honestly I’m still a little confused.

  12. This article by Forbes’ senior contributor, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, highlights the obvious swing in unemployment as a result to the COVID-19 virus. Levine’s points were precise in showcasing ways to jumpstart employment opportunities even through this rough stretch in the road for all different walks of life and fields of jobs. The various valid advices focus on being persistent still in an uncertain time of looking for an opportunity, staying flexible in aspects like position and timing, maintaining great connections, and staying positive. Although I’d like to think that myself and others would want to listen or hold onto this advice virus or no virus, it is all wise and informative in helping all in being able to stay or begin in the workforce. It especially hits home for upperclassman students like myself, whether who are nearing or on the brink of graduating, who were all actively pursuing temp, intern, and job opportunities already prior to the halt in work. For myself, it is disappointing of the timing of this terrible virus in the timeline of communicating with hiring managers and bosses during a rough time for any all businesses. However, tapping into Ceniza Levine’s words regarding hiring in a slow current market can hopefully bring light and hope to any and all who are in that position of searching and applying. Going into an uncertain future, I will do my best in keeping my head in a clear, concise space with helpful information and tips in staying hungry into finding the best position for me moving forward.

  13. With the rising effects of the Novel coronavirus, the scarcity of new job openings is shrinking as businesses are shutting down and not continuing to remain open. This article is something that would be very helpful for those recently unemployed or layed off due to the virus, along with those who have been looking for a job even before the virus hit. Having the five basic steps and principles to use makes it sweet and simple for anyone to understand and this is a key point of a success for the writer and anyone who is in need or in the job search could easily interpret and understand what to do and follow. I believe the most important tip was for the seeker to stay positive. This is a very important aspect of any goal someone has. If you become discouraged in the hunt for completing a goal, the amount and quality of effort begins to fall and thus you see a lack of success. The slippery slope that someone falls down when they do not try to remain positive ends in giving up on that goal. Unfortunately, in this time of job need, giving up can not be a common option.
    The second thing that stood out to me the most and I agreed with was the statement of reconnecting with old bosses and coworkers. For myself contacting a previous employer I had is what kept some of my income from disappearing and I can pay the proper bills. This reinforced the idea of leaving a good impression. Although this was not a job I enjoyed, I still worked hard and left a positive impression with my employer and I have a job while this virus is passing through with its destruction in the economy. All in all, it is important to look at these points to not only help you find a job, but also explain the importance of your attitude and actions when in the workforce. This article is a great reminder of how to complete these goals.

  14. I thought this article was interesting mainly because just this past summer I was in an intense job search, my last job at Lucky Brand Jeans had closed the location I worked at a few weeks before summer had started and the nearest location was not very close, so this meant I had to go Job hunting which wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, so I can only imagine how frustrating it might be trying to find a Job during this epidemic, but this article is showing you shouldn’t give up your job search as many companies are still offering opportunities. The first point the author Caroline Ceniza-Levine makes is that the person searching for the job should “Be even more vigilant of your status in existing searches”, this point is saying that after any interview you should keep in contact with the employer, try to get an answer quickly and stay up to date with the employer, this point clearly will give you an advantage in the job search but I’m not sure how helpful it will be during a time where companies are reluctant to hire. The next point that’s made is to “Consider flexible arrangements to make it easier for prospective employers to say Yes”, during this pandemic if your looking for a job you really should be completely flexible, unless you have a loved one to care for or have some type of online schooling, you should be available any time, that is the only way companies will hire you in such hard times. While it seems like most companies are reluctant to hire today, I have seen other articles that companies like Dominos ( and Amazon are still hiring thousands of workers to keep up with new orders. Another good point the article makes is to “Prioritize efforts to get more leads into your pipeline” this point is saying you need to get as much information and contacts you can as the job market is very competitive and is even more so with the pandemic we are facing.

    I also found a great article from Forbes titled “Thousands Of New Jobs Are Being Created In Response To The Coronavirus” when I read this article it made a great point that thousands of new job opportunities will be created in result of the Coronavirus, in fields like healthcare there is a major need for help mainly due to the Coronavirus, but also major online companies as I mentioned before Amazon is hiring over 100,000 new employees to keep up with online orders. Also major tech companies like Zoom have a lot of new hire opportunities due to its recent increase in popularity. Major grocery and food chains have also implemented delivery and in-store pickup which can create many new job opportunities for stores that are essential. Overall, it can seem very challenging to find a job today but you can’t give up as there are still many opportunities out there as most companies are struggling to keep up and need help.

  15. Finding a job is always a difficult and nerve wracking process. It does not matter if you are unemployed looking for a job, or employed but looking for a change. This article provides tips on who to adjust and even improve your job search even when companies are not hiring as much. The current coronavirus pandemic has put everyone’s plans, both employers and employees, on an indefinite pause. Therefore the tips that writer Caroline Ceniza-Levine provides will come even more handy. The first one is being “vigilant of your status in existing searches”. This is something that I believe we all should do regardless. You want to stay on top on everything. You also should try to get ahead of anything that might be thrown your way, both good and bad. By doing so you are ready and prepared at all times. Nothing will catch you by surprise and it will only increase your job search. The next tip is about flexibility, which is essential to getting and keeping a job. Employers are looking to hire people who are flexible, and showing your flexibility to employers will only increase your opportunities. The example that Ceniza-Levine uses is very interesting it to me, “consider offering to start as a temp or on a part-time schedule or to consult on a single project.” This is will certainly help in the short term, but it puts you at risk in the long term. I think if you really want something, you have to go for it. You have to roll the dice sometimes and bet on yourself. The next two are about sources and connections. Almost every part of the world, especially in the business world, has a heavy reliance on connections. It is about who you know, how well you know, and even where they are. These connections help you in whatever your are trying to do. In a job search, reconnecting with a former boss or coworker will definitely increases your chances of landing a job, They will also keep you in mind for future openings that. The last tip is maintaining a positive attitude. Everything does not go your way, especially in a job search. If you do not get a job, you should remain positive and focus on the next opportunity. You should consider being turned down, that employers loss. Positivity will increase all aspects of your life. Jobs come and go, but the market will always remain. There will always be someone out there hiring; someone out there in need of a person will your skills. However, there is also someone just likely you in need of a job as well. These tips can help you get ahead of the game and improve any job search.

  16. Finding and landing a job has changed drastically over the past few years. As students graduate from college joining the already packed workforce, more and more people are trying to find jobs in a market that doesn’t provide them with work. This could be down to issues like whether it’s the market quality or even the problems related to the coronavirus. The trend nowadays is that more and more people decide to stay with their jobs longer and decide to not retire as often as soon. This results in less jobs being available to those students graduating from college. The article shows that students must be hungry during the hiring process and they must look at as many opportunities as possible. A good tool colleges advise students to use to help with this process are programs like LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives students a lot of access to jobs and internships during the course of their college career. Not only that, but the app is mainly used for making connections and expanding your resume. If students start to utilize programs like these, they can offer themselves to seek out employment. Also with these platforms, you put your name out there so that employers can seek you out as a qualified candidate for their potential job opening.

  17. Prior to reading this article, I saw that many career fair events that were cancelled due to COVID-19, have been moved virtually online. They are using an online chat service, where you can chat one on one with a desired employer. I thought this was very smart and resourceful for those who are looking for jobs and it has been put to a haul because of this pandemic. After reading this, I thought it was very useful for those in the job search process. I also thought it may keep people inspired and driven to stay positive. If an individual is already in the hiring process, it is crucial that you stay in contact with your employer. They say it is also important to stay in contact by emailing the hiring manager saying you understand the current situation but you are willing to learn more so you can contribute when this is all over. It is suggested that you use this time to your advantage. Use this time to develop your skills, to research more about the company and your position, or to make sure that this is the right path for you. Amongst many of the other articles, social media was mentioned many times and I think it may be useful during this time, to keep you connected with the company. Through social media, you may also find other applicants who are interested in the same company, and you can prepare virtually together. As more and more people lose their job, plus the already existing competitive hiring process, I think when this all blows over companies will be quickly looking to hire more employees. So, the main takeaway from this article, should be to stay positive, improve your skills, develop new skills, and keep your options open. Everyone has time on their hands, and the people who succeed will be the ones who use this time to their advantage.

  18. This is an amazing article considering how the workforce will be after this pandemic ends. One of the biggest things I took away is keeping a positive mindset. A lot of times when people are positive you can see that it affects those around them. I also really like the fact that you need to reach out to old employers and colleagues, they may know of other jobs or can write a reference letter on your behalf. One thing however I never thought about is working out an arrangement for the job. It would be smart to bet on yourself during this time, especially if money is tight, and work part-time or as a temporary worker. The company may just like you and bring you on full-time. The biggest thing is to not get discouraged and keep pushing.

  19. There are still things you could do to help your job search while it is down in the market right now. If one is looking for a job, it could just mean to keep searching and applying, just for a longer period of time. If people are on the job hunt less, that means it gives other people more of an opportunity to search. It gives less competition. However, it also means it gives a competitive pool because less are hiring and people are looking to get the same kind of jobs in a lot of the fields. It makes it harder and more selective. Right now, it is very difficult, mainly for college students right now who were graduating. It is hard for them to get a job right now given the circumstances, right after graduation. Businesses are closed and the hiring team for companies are taking a mini break. Currently, the job hunt search is on pause for everyone and it hurts soon to be College Grad’s the most. Everyone has to wait a little longer. However, students should have hope because everyone knows why it is taking kids longer to find a job right now. When things open up again, soon to be College Graduate Students will get right back onto finding a full time job right after graduation. This does not mean that the search is fully over. During this time, these students can still continue doing research on the type of jobs they would like to achieve, the companies, locations, where they want to relocate, and build connections with people they know and help them build stronger communication skills and just continue building a lot career wise till things open up again.

  20. This article is very relatable to my current situation and many of my classmates’, considering that we are seniors graduating this may and expected to participate in the job force very soon. However, this unexpected pandemic is heavily affecting the job search and even jobs secured prior to the pandemic given the unprecedented economic slowdown that we may experience. On the bright side, not all industries are affected by this slowdown. The Pharmaceutical Industry and the technology industry are emerging now in the middle of this crisis, given that they are both very needed and wanted now more than ever. Technology companies like Zoom experienced a very high demand once the crisis hit and everyone were forced to stay home and conduct everything online using Zoom or software similar to it. While hiring may slow down, companies are still hiring. Sure, every company may not continue to hire. But there are still so many companies looking to bring on great talent to alleviate problems and solve frustrating challenges. However, less hiring does mean a more competitive search. So, it’s even more important to know how to stand out and show up as the person companies are looking for now so that you bypass the competition and land the job offer.
    Just because we’re all practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t reach out and network with people in your industry. But, of course, networking will look a little different. Instead of meeting up for coffee, you may have to have a virtual chat or a conversation over the phone, but it can still be done. LinkedIn is also a very important tool right now, considering that many professionals are staying home and have more time to network and more time to access email and catch up on their LinkedIn messages that they receive daily. Although we don’t know much about how things will pan out over the next few months, you can choose hope over fear. Companies are still hiring and if you use the gift of time we’ve all been given and follow these steps, you’ll be much more equipped to come out of this with so much more clarity, confidence, and direction in your career

  21. The title of the article caught my attention, as COVID-19 has caused hiring to slow down significantly. After reading the article, I found it to be very interesting, as I will soon be searching for a full-time job for next year. With COVID-19 occurring, I wonder how the job market will be affected in the future.
    The article does list some good strategies for looking for a job during slow hiring periods, such as by networking and reaching out to prospective employers, but it does not mention something that I would consider to be one of the most important things. The article does not mention the idea of perseverance. Looking for a job can be very stressful, but not giving up on the search is crucial. People looking for a job need to be determined and remind themselves to keep applying to jobs, even if they get rejected from other ones.
    Something that I would have liked to have seen in the article is statistics from people that have followed the article’s tips. For example, the article could have listed what percentage of people get hired for a job through networking.
    Overall, I think that the most important tip from the article is to network. Sometimes people do not know what their family friends do for work, or who they know, but reaching out to them is always a good idea. It can help with their job search during a slow hiring period.

  22. This pandemic is causing a real difficult time for everyone financially. It is very difficult to provide income during this time and it’s not going to get any easier. I read the title of this article and clicked on it to see what they may suggest during a time like this and wow were they right. Every single bullet point is accurate. Getting a job right now is really tough but we need to remain with a positive attitude. During this time if we really want to find and get a job we need to consider being more flexible to make employers want to recruit us. If we show that we are willing to start no matter what position or hours they decide to give us then they will see how serious we are and it shows commitment. Another good point I noticed was revisiting an old boss that you ended on good terms. They already know you and your work ethic so if they are looking to hire or have any open positions then you will stand out from the other candidates. We are in a time where we need to settle for any options we get. Which is sad to say but nobody is in a position to make crazy negotiations right now. People that are unemployed are not the only ones struggling during this time, so are businesses. Almost every business throughout the nation is struggling.

  23. I found this article very informative to read about especially since we are all experiencing the pandemic together. I can relate to this article when trying to find jobs or internships for the summer. My plan for the summer was to apply for an accounting internship and hopefully get it to keep myself busy this summer. But this pandemic caused many businesses to close their openings or lay off some people due to budget or meet the companies needs during this time. Before this pandemic, I had some internships favored on Handshake but now almost all of those internships are gone. Also, this pandemic caused many people to panic. This is due to employees being laid off or not making enough hours to buy supplies or support their family. It is good to know that this article can help people be positive when finding jobs especially for the Class of 2020 who are affected by the pandemic. I think the most important helpful way to look for jobs in this pandemic is to keep a positive attitude. I think we shouldn’t be down or upset that there aren’t companies hiring for jobs out there for everyone. We should all keep a positive mind and continue to be positive that we will find jobs or internships in the future after this pandemic.

  24. The situation caused by COVID-19 is one that has caused a lot of uncertainty especially when it comes to the job market. The hiring processes are slowing down tremendously due to the virus and this affects many individuals especially those who are actively in need of a job or about to start their careers. This article, written by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, has highlighted ways people can still actively look for jobs and establish connections during these times. First, it is important to be more open-minded and flexible given the situation as this will show companies that you are willing to work with them. This can end up convincing them to still provide an opportunity to others even if it is one that will need to be done remotely for a period of time. People can still get valuable experience from this and in the long run, companies will be able to see that individuals who experience this and come out successful showcase skills of adaptability which is quality they could definitely be looking for in a future candidate. It’s difficult not getting upset during this time especially when someone has an incredible opportunity that is now completely different because of this. On the other hand, people have the opportunity to really show companies what kind of a worker they are for any future references. Also, since everyone is now remote and at home with more time, this is a great opportunity for people to reconnect with all of their connections. Oftentimes, everyone is so busy that they don’t have the time to do this, but now is a really great time. The positive attitude demonstrated during this time will truly make an impact on others and the effort in reaching out to others will also demonstrate a tremendous amount about an individual. The advice provided in this article is very helpful for those looking for open positions for their careers, but it can also be applied to current jobs, co ops and internships people hold as it is similar.

  25. I know when my job search is looking slow I tend to get really discouraged. However, I would never give up because I stayed in touch with employers. After I would interview with them and I saw that they were taking longer to get back to me, I would call them my self and ask if their still interested. I always thought this was a good thing since it makes the employer think you persistent for the job. Another thing I would consider doing is work around their schedule. This meaning if they call you in for an interview or job training then accept their time even though you had something planned. By accepting the time they give you at first will show them that your pretty available and availability is what they are looking for in a candidate seeking any position. Also you want to do this because you don’t want to miss out on a opportunity since finding a job right now is so scarce, taking full advantage of the moment is the best way to go. Lastly, I would say network as much as possible. Get in contact with friends or family member who may know or know people that are hiring.

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