5 Things To Practice If You Want To Be More Creative

from Fast Company

Two years ago, a report was published by the World Economic Forum that showed creativity is one of the top three most important skills for future workers.

It went on to explain that by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet—the idea being that with how quickly technology is changing the landscape of our world, jobs like being a cashier clerk or even an accountant will soon be replaced entirely by machines. Which begs the question: So then what are the most valuable skills worth cultivating today?

Creativity was listed as one of the top three.

Especially in the business world, creativity is seen as much more than being gifted in the arts or having the capacity to daydream the next game-changing startup. In fact, LinkedIn performed an analysis of thousands of job posts and found “employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent.” In essence, they’re looking for people who have an innate ability to problem-solve in a unique type of way—that is to say, creatively. Unfortunately, many employers (and the world at large) still see creativity as an innate quality—you’re either born with it or you’re not—when the truth is, creativity can absolutely be learned.

And just like anything else, in order to learn how to be more creative, you have to practice.

As a CEO, entrepreneur, and active investor, creatively solving problems is a huge part of my day-to-day responsibilities. Here are five ways I have found to practice sharpening my creative muscles.

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  1. Creativity is a trait that is utilized and applied to everyday life. Ever since the beginnings of human time, it was even an essential trait for surviving. People like the cavemen used their creative abilities to their benefit, and people today still study them because of that. Unfortunately due to the advancements of technology, this creative trait we once needed in order to live is no longer deemed as important as it should be. This lack calls for a higher demand, especially in the workforce. But thanks to the article and Fast Company, there may be a way we can bring it back.

    I think that the most important thing one can do to expand or regain their creative trait is by experiencing as many different ways of life as possible. Not only does this tap into your creative side, but it simply opens your mind and eyes to the struggles and beauty of the world outside of the bubble you are living in. By experiencing or even taking the time to understand it, being creative will come naturally. And thankfully, traveling to the other side of the world is not even necessary to successfully open your eyes to the different ways of life. Even going a town over from South Orange to East Orange is an easy way to truly experience a different way of life.

    All in all, creativity is an essential trait to have, especially in the workforce. I found that within the four jobs I have had in my life, I have had to be creative at some point if not everyday. Even for my current job a server especially, creativity sparks happy guests. As a summer camp counselor, I utilized my creative trait for the children I watched over so they could enjoy their summer, as well as the parents so that they can know that they are in good hands.

  2. It is interesting to me that coincidentally there is an article about creativity and how by 2030 being creative will be one of the 3 most important skills that employers are looking for. Out of the 5 ways to improve your creative I really only liked two of them. The first one was reading fiction books, I liked this one because lately I have been getting into reading and it turns out I enjoy reading way more than I thought I would so reading a fiction book does not sound bad at all it actually sounds really interesting. I understand why the author can say that by reading fiction books you can improve your creativity because fiction books require you to imagine the world that is being written in the book and doing that can help get your creative juices flowing. Th second one I l liked was the one about having many different experiences this one I feel I relate to the most, whenever I move to a new place the first thing I do is explore the area around and see what I can see and try to go to new places that I haven’t been. I also take some days where I just explore and go an adventure to experience something new. The reason why I said this must be a coincidence is because I recently watched a podcast that spoke about keeping a good balance between creation and consumption in your life. What this means is that we spend a lot of our daily time just consuming but never turn any of it into creation, by consumption I mean watching tv, reading books, listening to music or podcast but anything that requires you to consume information. The important part about this is that after you consume you shouldn’t just sit on all this consumed information, but you should take it and throw it into some sort of creation. By creation that can literally be anything you can make music, paint, draw, write poetry, make video, write a book, etc. It does not matter what it is that you do the important thing is that you spend some time on the creation part. So, it is interesting because this idea of improving one’s creativity is linked to the idea of consumption vs creation.

  3. Creativity has always been an attribute that I have had trouble using. I always find myself dream and contemplating these great ideas and concepts, but when it comes time to recording them or acting upon them, I find myself loosing focus or disliking them and restarting the project I was working on. After I would always believe that I was not creative enough and that I could never do anything to change that fact. After reading both the blog post and the article it is take from, I find myself evaluating my own experience or lack thereof in the that five ways that can improve creativity.
    Whenever I found myself performing a job or chore, I would always attempt to find a way of completing my tasks in a shorter amount of time than I did the last time I was fulfilling them. I would follow this line of thinking until I got to a point where I couldn’t reduce the amount of time spent on a task any further. In this way I was always timing to think outside the box. Sadly, some of the bosses I had didn’t enjoy that I was working outside of their specified guidelines. In these cases, I would end up reverting back to how they wanted the assigned tasks to be completed. It is clear to me that I don’t have an issue with thinking outside of the box.
    Throughout my youth I have read many fictional stories, such as the Lord of the Rings and George Martins Song of Ice and Fire series. I have been obsessed with such media as si-fi and fantasy. In this area it is clear to me that I am well used to training my imagination. Clearly my issues with using my imagination is not the result of a lack of reading fictional works.
    One of the activities I most enjoy doing, is to travel across the world seeing new sites and participating in the new activities in these distant locations. Sadly, I have never travel outside of the continental United States, and for that matter the only states I have traveled to west of the Mississippi river are Nevada and Arizona. I am not at all a well-traveled individual. I have yet to experience what the world outside of my home country has to offer. This lack of worldly experience might be one of the factors leading to my issues with expressing my creativity.
    On the topic of using psychedelic drugs to enhance a person’s creativity, I have not ever tried any psychedelic substances in my life, even when it comes to legal substances like tobacco and alcohol I have no experience with the former and I can count the number of times I used the latter on a single hand. Though the lack of any such experiences with psychedelic drugs is hindering my development of my creativity, I can’t see myself engaging in illegal activities to enhance my creativity. It seems to risky to me, especially when there are alternative routes to develop the same skills, that are both legal and lack the various side effects of using psychedelic drugs.
    I never been one for solve puzzles as a child. As I got older, I would develop an interest in listening to the issues facing humanity currently and in the coming decades. After listening about a problem for some time, I would find myself contemplating what solutions could address the issue without cause other, potentially more dangerous problem. Barely every do I find myself contemplating the emotional side of a problem. This has had a negative affect on the development of my creativity. I should thus think about of emotions will play into every problem, and the various solutions to them.
    It is obvious that I don’t stratify three of the requirements to developing my creativity, some of these I will work on to, while one of them I avoid entirely. I must start addressing the emotional side of today’s issues, as well as the logical when I think about the solutions to them, this is going to be the area that will be the easiest to improve because it requires no costs other than time. The area of experiencing new ways of life will be the most difficult because I lack the wealth to travel to distant places, especially if they are outside the continent. I could use the study abroad opportunities of Seton Hall to help satisfy the goal of becoming a more cultured human. I can’t see myself using drugs to enhance my outlook, so I will not be using that suggestion. I can improve myself in other ways to help myself, such as reducing procrastination and distractions, but improving use of emotional problem solving and experience of the world are ways that can greatly improve my cognitive skills.

  4. I agree with the article’s claim that creativity is something that can be improved upon and refined. Personally, I’ve seen many people around me get discouraged for not being able to break out of the box that’s putting mental limitations on them. Much like everything else in life, it is a process, it takes time to be able to grasp these new ideas and change the way you think.
    In the article, it says to start questioning everything. Many of the aspects of our lives are assumed to be commonplace, many of which we grew up knowing. But that doesn’t mean it was meant to be like that forever. Unless we begin to challenge the dominant institutions and practices in our lives, we will become forever victims to it. So, I agree with the article’s point to question ideas in our lives. Not only will it boost our creativity, it will make us more conscious about the world we live in.
    A true boost in creativity is supplemented with knowledge. The exposure you have to different aspects of life, the more experience you have at your disposal. The article addresses this with reading fiction and experiencing different ways of life. This goes in hand with breaking down these preconceived notions about the world. The world you grew up experiencing does not translate into the true world, that is the entire collection of cultures around the globe. If you experience the way other people live, it can give you some insight into how problems in your sphere can be solved.
    Another important aspect is to rid yourself of any presumptions that you know anything. “Be a ‘traveler’ by living your life in an open and curious way”, the article reads. You must place yourself in a position of being the student and wanting to learn, then you can apply what you’ve learned to other aspects of life.
    Drugs are also mentioned in this article and if it’s used, it must be used as a tool and not a drug, or else it will fry your brain. Certain drugs like marijuana help you to relax and acid helps hyper focus. There are minimal results of death directly caused by the drugs as you would have to consume a substantial amount. This is an option just to experience something new.
    Much like sports, school, or socially, to truly grow you must place yourself in uncomfortable situations. If you constantly stay within an area you feel comfortable in, you won’t learn anything new. This can be accomplished in small ways too, if it’s a brain game or watching a documentary on a topic you are not knowledgeable about, this all contribute to a stimulated mind.

  5. In this case I believe that creativity is being considered as a synonym of critical thinking. Critical thinking is obviously a characteristic that employers look for in their employees, however, I believe that critical thinking is not necessarily the same as creativity. Critical thinking is attractive to employees because it implies proactivity and problem solving abilities that may contribute to the workspace. Creativity is obviously not always linked to art, but it is linked to imagination in such a way that it seems as it would. In a professional setting, creativity is not viewed as what it is. Creativity is viewed as the capacity of employees to work effectively relying on innovative processes. The problem with this is that, in a professional setting, although creativity can be applies de to thinking outside of the box in regards to the process, the result will always be limited by the terms of the authorities. When it comes to artistic expression, the process and the result are both free from any limitations. This is why I don’t agree with the term “creativity” being used in this context. I do believe that critical thinking will become a very valuable skill in years to come. With traditional jobs losing their importance with the coming of new technologies, critical thinking will become that skill that never expires due to the constant need of humanity to keep exploring the world and finding new ways to achieve new goals. I also believe that critical thinking is a very valuable skill in present times, in which technology hasn’t yet replaced jobs that for now require of human interactions. I believe that creativity is idiosyncratic and innate of humanity while critical thinking can be practiced and improved.

  6. This is a great article for that describes the times we live in. Students are used to knowing how to manipulate the system to get by, that creativity is not a priority anymore. With our education system having been created during the industrial revolution, this way of operating is extremely outdated. Technology has transformed the working world so much that just as the article said, “that by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet.” Creative minds are the ones who will dominate the future. Nontraditional thinkers as the article describes will excel. Many of the jobs we see now will son cease to exist as technology will replace certain workforces, the plus side is as soon as one window closes, another opens. One way the article suggests getting your creative juices flowing is by reading fiction. This is something I wholeheartedly agree with. I believe reading catapults someone into another world where everything is not black and white. It is exaggerated and entertaining and sometimes those experiences can transfer into real life. The article also recommends traveling, another great tip in my opinion. In a previous course blog comment I expressed my opinion on how people who have not traveled outside of their own culture have a hard time understanding the different ways of life people live. Experiencing different cultures and making conversation with those who have a different lifestyle makes such an impact on how someone views life. Those experiences last with you forever. A 70-year-old coworker of mine told me about when she was 18 and visited her grandmother in Puerto Rico for the first time. She had never left New York before that and when she experienced living in a small village, using wooden utensils she felt a smacked in the face by reality. She recalled going to a well with her grandmother who carried 6 pails of water on her back through a field while she herself could only carry 2 and managed to spill most the water. Experiences like these significantly alter how we perceive the world and manage to change our way of thinking for the better. I don’t know how well the puzzles idea was for creativity, to me puzzles are safe, I would recommend art. As for psychedelics, they may help some people, but I don’t think it’s normal if the only way someone can gets creative is from consuming psychedelics, it would most likely be more effective if they use it to get their brain to a place they can have different ways of thinking after consuming them.

  7. In this article by Winston Ibrahim-Minutes, he explains five key steps to improve creativity. Towards the beginning of the article, Winston mentions how studies have shown that in 2030, “roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet.” This is a very interesting statistic and I believe it is absolutely accurate. As we have discussed a number of times, technology and autonomy are the future and will no doubt replace many of the jobs we have become accustomed to today. Winston also mentions that creativity will be one of the top three attributes that will be needed for these future jobs. I had never considered that creativity can truly be learned. I had a similar mindset to the employers that Winston mentions. I believed that everyone was born with a certain amount of creativity. This article made me realize that there are definitely steps that can be taken to improve creativity.
    The first step that Winston mentions is thinking outside the box. This is something that is always encouraged by teachers and professors but not often explained. Winston says that thinking outside the box involves questioning the world around you. This is a key point. Many of us do not take the time to wonder how and why things happen or how things work. Having a more open mind like this would most certainly increase creative output.
    Another important point that I would like to highlight is Winston’s idea about reading fiction. Some of the greatest works of literature and most films are works of fiction. While many people may not see the appeal or prefer “the real thing,” these works are created in the minds of some of the most creative people ever. Consuming this art can also increase your creativity level as you experience worlds that are sometimes completely made up. Winston points out that he has learned that many people in Silicon Valley are big fans of fantasy and sci-fi films like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Personally, I am also a big fan of these films and perhaps they have had a large impact on my creative ability. I believe this is one of the more underrated points that Winston makes and it is possible it could have the biggest impact on creativity.

  8. With all the new technology seemingly emerging into the society in which we live every day, it ensures that in about ten years, the vast majority of jobs that will exist haven’t even been thought of yet. Thus, making it so that people don’t even know what skills they might need for jobs in the future. The only certainty is that the skills that are necessary for the current job market will not be one’s need in the job markets of the future, leading many to wonder what skills then need to have to be successful in the next ten years. In the article titled five things to practice if you want to be more creative by Winston Ibrahim–Minutes one skill that may be needed for futures jobs is discussed along with ways to improve one’s ability at the said skill. According to the article, the skill not only required in today’s world but also in the future is creativity because “creativity is seen as much more than being gifted in the arts or having the capacity to daydream the next game-changing startup. In fact, LinkedIn performed an analysis of thousands of job posts and found “employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent.” In essence, they’re looking for people who have an innate ability to problem-solve in a unique type of way—that is to say, creatively”. Thus, if creativity is something that employers will also be looking for, it is something that people should try to pick up and learn is it will be useful in securing a job in the future. Now some people are born creative and thus already have one of the necessary skills for the future, but what about the rest of us who may not be creative? Well, according to the article, this isn’t an issue as creativity is just like many other skills, and people are able to learn in numerous different ways, some of which aren’t even hard. Some of the popular ways to become more creative as motioned by the article are reading more fiction books, solving more puzzles, and traveling the world granted the current circumstance the world finds itself in this one may be hard. The reason the article recommends these ideas is that by reading more fiction, your brain is forced to think outside the normal confines of society to understand the text that your reading. Thus, familiarizing your brain with out of the box thinking, helping it to inherently think more creatively. When solving puzzles, it triggers different sections of the brain, making you think in different ways, i.e., creatively, therefore improving one’s baseline ability to think creatively. Traveling the world doesn’t directly correlate with creativity. Still, it does lead to one seeing many new things, thus improving their imagination of the world, which may help one’s creative thinking. Overall, the skills need for jobs in the future are unknown, but one thing is for certain thinking creatively will definitely be a help when it comes to securing employment in ten years, and luckily for those who may not be creative, it is definitely a skill they can learn.

  9. The Fast Company article, “5 things to practice if you want to be more creative” by Winston Ibrahim-Minutes explains that being creative is an important skill set for the future. Minutes begins the article by explaining, “by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet—the idea being that with how quickly technology is changing the landscape of our world, jobs like being a cashier clerk or even an accountant will soon be replaced entirely by machines. This quote is interesting because no one on planet earth knows what the future holds. In the 1990’s, no one envisioned a society, completely dominated by social media. Social Media has completely changed our way of life. The way we receive our news, socialize, and make money is completely different. In 10 years from now, robots could take over the workforce, which would cause millions of people to lose their jobs. Therefore, it is critical for people to be creative and stand out in society.

    Mintues continues the article by stating, “The more times you can cultivate that same sort of realization in yourself, the more aware you will be of all the different forms of creative expression in the world: the way people talk, dress, interact, band together, show gratitude, honor those who came before them, and so on. One way to do this is to travel, but you can get just as much out of a single conversation with someone in your everyday life who has experienced things you haven’t. Talk to the people around you”. This quote is correct because by visiting new places, discovering new cultures, you allow yourself to think outside the box. For example, when I went outside the United States for the first time to Aruba, I learned how care-free and happy the people that lived there were. People living in Aruba may not be the wealthiest, but they truly enjoy life and live it the fullest.

    Another tip Minutes on being more creative was to solve puzzles, “Solving a Sudoku puzzle can certainly be a great way to keep your brain active, but true creative thinking begins as soon as an emotion enters the equation”. A puzzle allows a person to think differently from what they are used to. Overall, I thought this article was very useful because it showed that in order to keep up with our fast moving society, you need to be creative.

  10. According to business insider, a social media manager can make upwards of $50,000 to manage accounts and curate publications to target customers. The explosion of big tech changed the market in 2010, making the use of smartphones and personal devices more relevant. Technology has made it possible to start businesses with little more than a laptop and an idea. If we were to think back to 10 years ago, we probably wouldn’t imagine that corporations hire people just to manage Instagram accounts. In one of the articles opening lines the author mentioned a report from the world economic forum. The report made a point that “by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet”. Because our job market adapt so quickly, creativity has become one of the top three valuable traits that’s employers are looking for. Growing up, I always thought of going to college and getting a job as the end of imagination. As a kid creativity is pretending climbing to the top of the swing set is climbing a mountain. As an adult, creativity doesn’t end it’s simply applied differently. Being able to apply out of the box ideas to your work can benefit the efficiency in the office, appeal to customers, and overall accelerate a professional environment. The reason we have so many new jobs in the past ten years is because of this creativity in the workplace. I can see why people always push how important it is t be well rounded. The more experiences you have, allow you to apply those experiences when faced with new challenges or projects. This article promotes that idea, and encourages people entering the job force to seek as many experiences as possible. These days, one degree can make a person qualified, but it’s the work you do outside of that that shows you’re dedicated to being the best candidate. I really enjoyed this piece and I think it’s something everyone in college should look at, it really gives fresh insight to modern professionalism.


  11. Creativity is a touchy subject. On one hand, many think that it is a natural skill, while many others think it can be cultivated. I believe, that just like any skill, there are those with a natural talent for it, however, you can absolutely still learn it. But the important topic is what people think creativity really is. I think that too many people simply daydream and have ideas pop into their heads and believe that it is creativity. And while this is somewhat a form of it, creativity is much more. The important thing to realize is that creativity is present in every medium. When writing a story, creativity is the ability to tell a captivating narrative, while problem solving many of the issues and pitfalls that writers run into. When programming, creativity is important because you have to constantly find new ways to solve coding issues and make your work efficient. These same ideas apply to many other areas.

    I think it’s great that this article includes ideas and methods as to how to become more creative. I’ve heard of many of these ideas, and I think that if people are struggling to find their creative side, they should use some of these tools. This is somewhat off topic, but one thing that surprised me was many people’s lack of the ability to imagine things / picture things in their heads. This came off a popular internet trend where people were asked to imagine different levels of detail of an apple in their head. Many responded that they were unable to create a mental image of the apple — this surprised me. All my life, many of the ideas I came up with were due to the fact that I would fully imagine the scenario in my head. I wonder — would any of these methods help these people with this issue?

  12. This was a very interesting article covering a skill that I am sure many college students (me included) did not realize the importance of. While the idea that creativity is so desirable to the modern employer may seem surprising at first, at second glance it does make a bit of sense considering the role that creativity can play in helping people to solve problems and make effective decisions. Kids in college have a very black and white view of the world far too often, and I can definitely see how that could become a detrimental mind set to someone that is met with business problems for the first time. When the author states, “Emotion is what makes a very black-and-white decision suddenly full of color. When this happens in a positive situation, it’s great. But when you are trying to make a hard decision and are simultaneously aware of how emotional it is, that’s when things get really hard,” we can see exactly what they are taling about regarding minds that cannot relate to emotions or think creatively. It is crucial that we take this into account when determining things like how we structure the public school system to create the most successful people. I think mandatory reading should be a larger part of the school curriculum and would genuinely help kids in the long run.
    I thought the way the author presented her suggestions for increasing creativity was particularly interesting. I love the idea of reading more fiction, mainly because I do not think I read enough fiction material as a kid. I agree with the author completely that fiction can increase your creativity, because I remember the feeling that I would get following finishing a completely made up book. I think being able to look at the world through a different set of lenses is what will set people apart as the work force evolves completely in the next decade, and one of the best ways to stay relevant is to think different. Looking at the action of creativity like a muscle will help me to train to be a more open minded person that can look at both the logical and emotional side of things to come up with the best decision.

  13. We are told growing up that you are either born with creativity or not, but this article explains that it can be learned. As the world starts to become more advanced and technological, creativity is the next big quality trait that employers will be looking for. Not all companies want someone who strictly has the ability to do the job, they want someone that can also be creative and think outside the box. Out of the five ways to practice being creative, I personally believe the top two would be to experience as many different ways of life as possible and thinking outside the box. If you are one who travels a lot, you are exposed to the different types of ways that different people or cultures thrive which can help you be more open to other’s views. You may not even have to travel, but if you ask questions to someone from a different area, you can learn a lot more information that may help you think differently. Thinking outside the box is another big way to help build creativity. It seems very simple, but some tend to struggle with it. I believe that this step is very important for working as it shows your employer or company that you are always a step ahead. To think outside the box, one should just question everything around them even if it seems unreasonable. There are many things that people think they know the answer to, but in reality, they never sought to question the answers they think they know. I think that this article is very important for the future generations as it will help them become prepared for where the world and work-life as it shifts.

  14. Many believe that for creativity to see the light we must be born with a certain “gift”. However, it is a skill that, like any other, can be developed throughout our lives. That’s right, a person can learn to be more creative at any time in their life.
    When we are children we have the ability to create things from nothing and our imagination flies to unimaginable heights. With the passage of time, this ability is lost because it is not properly developed. So when an adult needs to be more creative he doesn’t know-how. Although we were not born with the gift of creativity, there are certain practices or habits that can help us to be more creative.

    The first thing to do to be more creative is to stimulate the brain through reading. It is not only necessary to read the news or the newspapers, but also books. The important thing is to read to let your imagination run wild, get inspiration and make your mind work a little more.

    Second, despite the existence of electronic devices, there is nothing better for creativity than a pencil and paper to capture all the ideas that come to mind, or at least some. Draw, make lists, write down what we find interesting or that may serve us in the future. Even at night, since many thoughts appear at bedtime.

    Also, since the brain is a very powerful weapon if we know how to use it to our advantage, we have to imagine and think about the future, the projects and any objective we have. Perhaps we have not been able to find a solution to a problem because we have not thought about it, so it is best to take enough time to visualize and find answers to our questions.

    Everything around us can serve as inspiration. Creative people find anything interesting. We have to pay more attention to everything we do. You have to pay attention to details

    Finally, among many other things, one of the most creative ways is to keep trying again and again. Even if we fail 100 times, we have to try 101 times. No need to worry if we don’t get an effective solution or idea. The mind, like people, needs time to evolve and mature.

  15. The creativity an individual may possess is expanding past the niche outlook of an art enthusiast and spilling over into mainstream. The use of creativity amongst employees is in growing demand, especially in relation to problem solving. With the rapid growth of technology and the ever-changing demand in the workplace, employers are increasingly searching for individuals who offer creative problem-solving skills. The creative trait has often been looked at either you have it or you don’t, but this article offers an interesting perspective of practicing creativity to expand an individual’s capability. With any skill or trait an individual may bring to the table, the ability to practice and use them, may increase their success especially in the workplace. An individual’s ability to use their imagination and innovate different solutions, encompasses their creative capacity.
    The five areas of practice to increase creativity stated by the article are using nontraditional thought processes, reading fiction, experiencing different ways of life, psychedelics and solving puzzles. Each one of these suggestions offers an interesting way for an individual to practice their creativity and expand upon it. When majority of solutions seem very simple, the inclusion of emotion can stray one’s decision away from logic. The practice of asking more questions about situations unlocks the thought process for creativity. As seen in the article, when an individual reads more fiction, their ability to think outside the box is possible due to it not being so simple to understand and comprehend. The importance for individuals to practice and develop their skillsets is crucial for their employability moving forward, especially one as critical as creativity.
    This article offered many valuable suggestions for anyone that is interested in expanding their creativity skills and to become more employable. An interesting point identified in this article was the acknowledgement of both logic and emotion to unveil creativity which helps with problem solving. A few of the suggestions put forward in this article such as reading fiction, experiencing different ways of life and using nontraditional thought processes have been valuable assets for my creativity development. For majority of my life, I was very closed minded to alternative solutions to problems and over the years have been able to expand this and practice creativity, mainly in terms of solving problems. As we see the workplace transform in front of our eyes, the idea of developing skills such as creativity become more important for our necessity in the future.

  16. This article made a lot of sense for the most part. I did have a problem with some areas like the use of psychedelics and guided experiences and reading nonfiction. The article makes a very good point for backing them up and I do see how these two things could help in becoming more creative. It is the same argument for using weed, it would broaden horizons and help with new wall breaking ideas. That would be relatively okay, there is no sense that a little bit of weed would screw with someone’s head. Psychedelics, on the other hand, could really mess someone’s head up. It can cause bad experiences as well as terrible hallucinations. I can see the argument for it however I don’t think it is the best way to be more creative. I think the use of drugs and or alcohol would in the end do more harm then good. I think it depends on the person as well that would use them, someone who has an addictive personality could very well hurt themselves through this use. This can also allow a gateway into harder more addictive drugs. This method is also roughly illegal in many states across the country. I see the point and thought behind this idea, I just don’t think it’s the best one. Meditation would be an easy replacement for this spot on the list. It has better health benefits as well compared to the use of drugs. For fictional reading I don’t fully see how that could be helpful, I get the concept but in practice would reading harry potter really make you more creative. I’d understand if the idea of writing a fictional piece of writing to help with building characters and world-building. Art would also be a good substitution for this because this allows seeing the world in a different light. For example, you would be able to draw a tree in an unlimited amount of way using an unlimited amount of references and styles of presenting a tree. If one was to just read a book it would be the same as watching a soccer game, yes you learn a lot on how to position in-game, shift, play certain style balls to reach the attacking third. Now if you were to practice this it’d be a lot different and more impactful you. Another example would be watching Rolando or Bale take free-kicks studying how they hit the knuckleball vs practicing the technique. Reading does have a lot of advantages I just don’t think it is the best way to help someone become more creative when putting up to writing the book yourself or drawing the picture yourself. other than those two points I think the article is done well.

  17. I found this article super interesting. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty creative, but that of course depends on the day or the mood. Creativity of having ideas, thinking different and being different but I’ve had my share of issue of laying those ideas out.
    The article states that creativity is top three of most important skills to have in the future job market. It is different than your normal creativity as in being good at drawing or being able to come up with ideas, but it is creativity as in coming up with creative ways to solve problems. I’ve always thought of myself of good at being able to problem solve, so I was excited to read how I could improve that. Some of the ideas come to me as absurd, as the one of using a psychedelic drugs to enhance my creativity. I am quite scared of drugs and I don’t want to use those, even if it would be to help my creativity. I am curious, as I don’t even understand how that would work, but I am not interested of using illegal drugs. If it would be legal and tested very well, then I could possibly think about trying it. Other tips of how to enhance my creativity are pretty nice, but they do sound like they are hobbies of elderly.Reading fiction and doing puzzles don’t sound too exciting, but If it helps, I am down to try it. The last idea I didn’t mention yet, of experiencing different ways of life. I think I am doing that pretty well, but there is always more things to do. Now that I am quarantined for a bit, reading fiction might be the best bet for me to enhance my creativity and problem solving.

  18. This is purely anecdotal but creativity is widely important, that much is obvious as is stated by the article written. The extent of creativity is a superior and important trait for bartenders. A bar is just a bar, each one is almost exactly the same – they have a beer list: bottled, tap, etc. they have a wine list; red and white and each bar almost carries the same catalog of spirits. So what actually makes each different from one another? The cocktail list.

    A bar is only as good as its bartenders, and the bartenders are only as good as their creativity to create and mix and match ingredients that either; a. are known to go well together or b. surprisingly mesh well. My bar was challenged with coming up with a new whiskey cocktail, something that was floral and refreshing. Creativity is absolutely key here – with any birth of a cocktail one starts with three things: 1. A base liquor 2. A citrus 3. a syrup/or other liquor. Take the classics, a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, and a Margarita. So my coworker and I start with the base, then add lemon juice, honey simple syrup, ginger liquor and violet liquor. So while it almost seems like this cocktail is finished, there was something missing. My coworker and I spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out what it was, that would complete the drink. I came up with the idea of taking a piece of another cocktail and using it to finish the one we were trying to come up with.

    At the end of it all, it took two people, and our creativity to finalize a drink to be added to the new cocktail menu – which helped raised alcohol sales by a sizeable amount. Similar to a New York Sour (a whiskey cocktail with a red wine float), who knew that adding a red wine that had a little bit of spice and dryness to a more “floral” cocktail would complete it?

    So yes, creativity will forever be important – not just in the food and beverage industry, but in any field. Sometimes, one has to think “outside the box”.

  19. If you walk around in any city in the world and observe everything in your surroundings that’s manmade, it wouldn’t be surprising the fact that during the process of constructing the buildings and everything that’s manmade required some form of creativity (as well as other attributes of course). In the article, the author wrote that “creativity is defined as “the use of the imagination”” and they are not wrong: being creative means solving a problem in another way and changing the way you think.
    Right now as I am writing this, I am demonstrating creativity in this blog comment. It may not seem like it, but being creative doesn’t have to be the stereotypical colorful, unusual or extraordinary, being creative as I said above can be solving a problem in another way, writing this obviously involves thinking and I used creativity in this particular example by thinking about what to write and using different words such as collegiate level words and not “mundane” or elementary level words for this blog comment. Creativity was also used by expressing my thoughts on this article in many ways such as finding connections between the topic creativity itself.
    I honestly believe creativity is needed for the world to function properly as I believe the world would be so lifeless and stale without creativity: everything would be so “black and white”. Creativity is what made the world it is today as everything invented and built involved creativity at some point, creativity is like an expression. At many points in my life, I find myself lacking creativity and therefore like the article says, I try to experience life as many ways as possible in hopes of being inspired and gaining new knowledge to “refuel” my creativity.

  20. I feel like I hear this all the time; “soon most jobs will be replaced by machines.” Logically, this is a very wise choice in order to cut costs, and lets face it, programmed machines don’t make mistakes. However, what separates a machine from a human is a humans ability to think and change on the fly. A computers programming allows it to master one skill, but what happens when circumstances change? People will always provide value, because you cant program a conscious. And as cold as it may sound, some people have more value than others. Someones worth is determined by what they can bring to the table. Many students think that if they go to school and get good grades, then have proven their worth. However, because computers can do a lot of what your taught in school, like math, and accounting, you’ll never be worth as much as a machine. This article brings to light the importance of creativity. Companies look to hire employees who will make them the most money, not students who can take tests the best. A potential employee looking to prove their value needs to be able to prove their creativity. Creativity is a skill that can be worked on just like any other.

    One of the ways to improve your creativity, according to this article, is by reading non-fiction. I never really thought about it before now, but this rings true for me. Growing up, my favorite read was the Greek-Mythology series Percy Jackson. This ten book series details the adventures of a demi-god, Percy Jackson, and his friends who travel the world combating evil. This book opened up an entirely different perspective to me as a kid. While very unrealistic, Percy Jackson to me, represented a kid who could do whatever he set his mind to. Given that his father was the Greek god Poseidon that he never saw, he had to rely on himself to get by. It allowed me to view the world as a place where I could have real influence.

    The author also discusses how psychedelics can impact creativity. While its true that psychedelics are very controversial to the mainstream media, they are not as controversial among people I am friends with. Mostly due to fear, I have never tried them but a lot of my friends have tried both LSD and mushrooms. One thing they all say, is that you wont be able to understand it until you do it. Psychedelics give you an entirely different perspective on everyday things. For instance, you feel more at one with the world as a whole. Creativity is all about exploring different perspectives, and psychedelics can give you one.

  21. I do agree that many future jobs will require creative skills and it is essential in separating yourself from the rest in this crowded world of ideas. It was interesting for me to read in the article that by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet but I can understand why that is due to automation replacing most of our service occupations. With the uprising of technology, also brings a need of creativity in creating platforms, websites, and managing these platforms will bring many job opportunities to people who are experienced in this field. As jobs are being replaced with machines more and more every year, the need for creative, unique skills is at an all-time high in ensuring career success. I agree with the part of the article that emphasizes that creativity can be learned by beginning with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking. Whether that be on social media, in music, or any field that interests you. Basic Knowledge gives you the opportunity to be unique in your creations and all of this never before seen technology presents many opportunities. If you’re able to use these resources to create a better outcome in your field, you will have a chance to create something great and will be an essential trait to have to make money in the future decades. Learning how to think more creatively will benefit you the rest of your career and will be the thing to separate you from the rest. If you’re always looking for a better alternative or a more unique way of doing something that is a sign of good creativity and that is a good way of practicing working on creativity by analyzing procedures more and why things work certain ways. I found it relevant in the article that fiction movies and books are essential too because they stimulate the mind to think outside the box and think of fiction things which may help the thought process of an invention or something else that is not logical at a certain point in time. Creativity is a great trait and can have a positive influence on your knowledge and decision making.

  22. Being creative is an important human trait that everyone in the world should be able to accomplish at a young age. In the earliest years of mankind, humans had to be creative just to survive. Throughout the generations, humans became more and more creative with technology, limiting the amount of creative strategies people had to make in certain situations. They would just go on an “App,” or the internet to solve a problem.
    Creativity in the workplace is important in trying to figure out new solutions for the benefits of the company. Creativity is imagination, if there is something on your mind that can help solve a certain problem, it could help the final product. Present day companies are thinking ahead and creating newer and more beneficial office spaces for their employees to work. The new and more technological based offices are trying to expand the ranges of creativity within their offices based on the creativity of the workplace that was built around them. These new and different landscapes companies create is an atmosphere, in which the company’s employees are more comfortable with utilizing the entire office to their fullest potentials.
    Additionally, being creative in the workplace will help your fellow co-workers with their jobs and work ethic, along with future forms of creativity for other work-related issues. Finding different ways of creativity in people’s youth will be extremely beneficial for them in the future, especially with studies showing, “the peak age for creativity is 42 years old.” If the youth are able to find the different traits of creativity at an early age of their lives, their generation will be able to create new strengths for themselves, and to benefit them with their future goals.
    In the future, anything can happen, especially with modern technology growing and changing every day. A study showed that by 2030, 85% of jobs will be new jobs that aren’t broadcasted in the present day world. As stated before, technology is changing the way people think during certain situations and is changing the landscaping of jobs around the world. Technology could limit the use of creativity in the workplace in the future, but it still needs to be a main trait people need to learn for their future problems they face.

  23. For me I don’t consider myself the most creative person and it is one of the skills that I need to work on most. So, this article is definitely something that I consider to be useful and will take into much consideration when looking at ways to improve upon myself. As the article outlines creativity in the workplace is not just what most people will think of as being gifted in the arts, but rather to think out of the box and solve problems in a way that may have never been done before. I would consider this to be innovative and I agree that in the future of work, this will be one of the most useful skills that one can possess. Another thing is that as it states many employers unfortunately see creativity as something that you either have or do not. Like any other skill I believe that it can be learned and improved upon just like any other skill that your particular just may require. Most people when entering a job aren’t extremely proficient in all the skills necessary for the job and these skills are learned over time. Creativity can be one of these because I would see it as you become more comfortable in your job and know more and more about the substance of the job your creativity and outward thinking will increase and only aid you in your career. The five skills that the article outlines thinking outside the box, reading fiction, experiencing different ways of life, new guided experiences, and solving puzzles will only help you. These are all definitely things that I know I can do to become more creative because of their simplicity and accessibility. The benefits that you get from doing these small activities in your free time will have lasting effects that can change your life and create innovation that may seem ridiculous right now.

  24. Creativity can be learned; it is much more than being gifted in the arts or having the capacity to daydream as it was mentioned in the article. Everything that surrounds our daily lives is manmade. For example, cars, phones, medicine, most of the technology that we use in our daily lives we are the ones who created. If nobody was thinking outside of the box, most of the things that we use in our daily lives would have not been created. Therefore, most of the jobs require or ask their employees to be more creative and think out of the box. The article explained five ways to help people to become creative. To become more creative, you need to have nontraditional thoughts. Especially when people start questioning everything they. When people start questioning they want to understand or change the world around them and that helps them to be more creative. Another thing that helps people to become more creative is reading nonfiction books. When people read nonfiction, it helps them get ideas of how to create and imaginate. When we travel it helps us to learn new things that we had no idea that it existed. Also, some people feel depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorders and they have to see doctors to help them think. Doctors try to increase the growth of new neurons and connections between them in the brain, all in the name of improved creativity. As we were kids most of the parents made their children solve puzzles to help there creative thinking. Readings of this article is a way for anyone who wants help to improve their creativity.

  25. At the beginning of Winston Ibrahim’s article, 5 Things to Practice If You Want to Be More Creative, showed there was an evident sense of the idea that kept popping up in his writing about something along the lines of Creativity being, “one of the top three most important skills for future workers.” Ibrahim also mentioned that “Especially in the business world, creativity is seen as much more than being gifted in the arts or having the capacity to daydream the next game-changing startup… In essence, they’re looking for people who have an innate ability to problem-solve in a unique type of way—that is to say, creatively.” I sort of looked at this idea with a side-eye. I question the idea of companies looking for more creative people because does the company want to just milk the creative people hired dry with their ideas to make the company better? Or does the company want to use the ideas from the creative people they’re hiring, but also provide learning experiences in the workplace that make those creative people better workers? In other words, is the company monopolizing the ideas of creative people without giving the workers anything in return, or is the company being completely genuine in their search?
    Furthermore, Ibrahim mentions, “…that by 2030, roughly 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet.” While I think this is completely fascinating, it’s also very scary as a student. When were in school it’s rare that we hear things like this because professors RARELY bring this up, (except for Professor Shannon of course)! If the professors don’t warn us of this, students aren’t really taught to think differently so that we’re prepared for these types of things. Of course, this isn’t something you can be fully prepared for, it’s better to be aware of what is possibly coming in the future.

  26. To claim that our society changes rapidly is an understatement. Automation is very real. Every year automation gains momentum and becomes more of a threat to jobs such as clerks, truck drivers and even accountants and analysts. The current job market is volatile. What worked 5 years ago will not work today and what works today will not work 5 years into the future. It seems that the more equipped a person is to adapt to the circumstances of the current job market, the more likely he is to be employed. Why would an employer waste time and money to hire a person who needs to be trained and paid bi-weekly when that same employer could simply hire a freelancer off Fiverr or Upwork? The employer will save money because he will not need to pay the freelancer to be trained, nor will he need to keep him satisfied with factors such as salary, vacation time and work hours. If I was an employer, I would most certainly not hire an employee who I will unnecessarily employ for perhaps years compared to hiring a freelancer for a determined amount of time. Working remotely is becoming more of a reality every day. In his article “5 things to practice if you want to be more creative”, Winston Ibrahim claims that creativity is the key trait that employers are looking for in prospective employees. Automation is making quick work of the simple tasks that revolve around low skill jobs. Automation is even reaching the worlds of law, finance and marketing. As a biproduct, it is making the factors of getting employed more about having creativity than having a degree. A resume depicting a college education doesn’t cut it anymore. Employers want to see that you possess real world creativity and want to see how you can apply that creativity to the projects they need completed. Creativity can be boiled down to the ability to think outside the box or to think differently. Steve Jobs, the late former CEO of Apple was a perfect depiction of what happens when creativity and discipline collide. The most precise evaluation on what it means to be creative comes from the Steve Job’s quote, “Life can be so much broader, once you discover one simple fact, and that is that everything around you that you call ‘life’ was made up by people who were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use”. Employees (including myself) need to start thinking seriously about how they can creatively innovate in the job market instead of thinking how to safely be another cog in the machine.

  27. The Fast Company article, “5 things to practice if you want to be more creative”, written by Winston Ibrahim–Minutes, describes the importance of developing creativity skills in the workplace and provides techniques the reader can implement in their everyday lives. With technology advancing, more and more jobs are transitioning to being replaced by a computer. This brings about a very sad reality, people can be easily replaced. On the contrary, it is not easy to replace skills that are not soft or technical. Because of this issue, employers are looking to hire people “who have an innate ability to problem-solve in a unique type of way—that is to say, creatively” (Ibrahim-Minutes). Creativity is an essential skill to develop because of its versatility that can be applied to many aspects in the business world. I found this article very interesting because although my major is marketing, I often think I chose the wrong career path because I lack creativity skills. The article diligently points out numerous ways to allow for creativity to be executed in an individual; the three main ways that I found important and can incorporate in my life are to start reading fiction, experience as many different ways of life as possible, and solve puzzles.

    To begin, the article points out that one way to start applying creative skills is by reading fiction books. Fiction books allow for the development of creativity because it involves “showing the reader as opposed to telling them and letting them come to conclusions on their own” (Ibrahim-Minutes). Before reading this article, I thought non-fiction books would allow for the learning of creativity because the readers are learning about something that has actually happened. But from the authors perspective, it makes sense as to how creativity is developed through reading fiction books because it involves creativity to produce them. Books like the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series, and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all have one thing in common- they are fictional. The worlds made up in these books are completely fictional; a reader would never read about a talking wizard hat that selects students class placement in a non-fiction book. By reading fiction books, readers do not have to analyze everything and can come up with their own conclusions about the story. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction books, but after reading this article I definitely want to start reading more fiction to develop creative skills.

    Furthermore, another way to start practicing creative thinking habits is by attempting to experience as many different ways of life as possible. What the author means by this is to begin trying to experience life in a diversified manner. The article suggests that the reader should try to live “life in an open and curious way” by traveling more and talking to people (Ibrahim-Minutes). I think that this is an important exercise to partake in because it is good for people to get out of their comfort zone and understand different perspectives that others have to offer. A Claim Compass article, “Why Wouldn’t You Travel More When There Are So Many Benefits of Traveling?!”, written by Thomas Busson, suggests that traveling more helps individuals “develop empathy and a deeper understanding of other cultures.” I don’t travel much, but after reading the initial and the Claim Compass article I want to start traveling more to begin experiencing and understanding other cultures. It’s important for career development to understand why people do and think the way they do and understand that not everyone has the same opinion as you do. Everybody has experienced life differently. It’s easy to say that the life experiences that I have faced are not the same as the ones that Bill Gates has. By being more open to what the world has to offer, people can develop the essential creativity skills.

    Additionally, solving puzzles can help develop creativity skills in an individual. The original article suggests that by solving more puzzles in your life, such as Sudoku or a regular jigsaw puzzle, allows for creativity to be developed because these allow for the “[acknowledgment of] both logic and emotion at the same time” (Ibrahim-Minutes). By having an equal balance of logic and emotion, this helps individuals develop better creativity to problem solving. When solving an issue in the workplace, it is important to understand both the emotional side and the logical side of the issue at hand. An employee must ultimately decide what is best for the company but must have an equal balance of emotion and logic in their decision making. If a person makes a decision weighing heavily on the emotional side, it could have a detrimental result because it lacked logic. An article published by USA Today, “The Surprising Benefit of Puzzle Solving for Adults”, adds that puzzle solving does not only boost creativity in a person, but it helps improve memory, increases productivity, increases attention to detail, and allows for better collaboration. Not only does solving puzzles allow for development of creativity, it also allows for so many other valuable skills that can be used in the workplace! Because of the quarantine, I have been passing time by doing a puzzle with family members. I can attest that puzzles definitely require more critical thinking than any other activity that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

    Felipe S. made an excellent argument in the comment section that critical thinking is not the same as creativity. Although he made great points to support his argument, I would have to disagree with his statement. I believe that creativity is a main component of displaying proficient critical thinking skills in the workplace. In order to critically think, one must have creativity with their ability to do so. For example, let’s say that a company wants to start marketing their product to a vastly different demographic. One must critically think in this scenario but would also need the creativity to strategically develop a plan that can be executed and work efficiently and effectively. To relate this to what is currently going on in the world, the coronavirus has led to many brick-and-mortar stores to begin transitioning to an online space to maintain their sales. The coronavirus has caused “many retailers [to offer] in free shipping — if they did not already offer it — and [extend] the window of time [a customer has] to make a return” (Thomas). Creativity was involved in this critical thinking strategy because retailers are now offering many amenities to make customers online shopping more attractive. I believe that creativity and critical thinking go hand-in-hand with each other; or to simply put, you can’t do one without the other.

    In whole, the Fast Company article that this response is based off of describes the importance of creativity in the workplace and offers insightful ways to develop this fundamental skill. People need to begin learning and developing skills that are not technical or soft because sooner or later their job could be replaced by technology. When employees offer valuable skills, they become a necessity in the workplace, which makes it harder for employers to replace them. As I stated above, the three ways that I found the most insightful to begin incorporating the development of creativity in an individual are reading fiction books, attempting to experience life in as many different ways as possible, and solving puzzles. These methods that the author wrote about can be easily incorporated in everyday life. For instance, a person could set a goal to solve a Sudoku puzzle each day or read a chapter of a fiction book every night. I also made a point to say that I believe that creativity is not a separate element of critical thinking, instead they go hand-in-hand with each other; to do one, a person must need the other. All in all, creativity is an important skill for people to start developing for their particular career growth, and they can easily begin developing it with small tasks they can complete daily.


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  28. First, I was very surprised by the article saying that creativity was a highly sought-after skill when hiring. I’ve always imagined that skills like being organized or a team player would be valued over creativity. I have never considered myself to be someone who either is or is not creative. There are times when I feel that I am not creative at all but others when I feel that creativity comes out. Me and my two sisters joke around that the youngest is the creative one and the rest of us were stuck with very little creativity. However, this article argues that creativity doesn’t have to be something that you either have or don’t have; it can be learned.
    First and foremost, this article says that creativity means using nontraditional thought processes, something that I find a struggle most of the time. I would definitely regard myself in that sense as a person with “weak creative muscles”, usually taking things as they are and not questioning them too much. The next step towards learning to be creative is reading fiction, which again I found surprising but also very fascinating. Fiction books like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or Lord of the Rings, can actually be beneficial because it helps people think in different ways that others who read non-fiction probably won’t. The article goes on to talk about new experiences being open to the way that other people express themselves. I was very surprised to see that the article talked about the use of psychedelics, though I am not surprised that it is a way to become more creative. They do mention that this one is more controversial, but it is a technique that is becoming more popular as a way for people to open their minds to new experiences. With more research being done on how to do this in a safe way, I think this could become something more normalized and popular.

  29. This article brings into light support for some individuals that might not feel they can excel further than others in their industry with the types of characteristics they currently have. With creativity being prominent in someone at a very early age to someone having just learned their own ability for it, this important attribute can actively take place in someone’s career and help them further their growth more than they thought. I like the viewpoint of how traveling to places such as outside the country does help give you a wider perspective in your life, but also making sure to “travel” within your own world right now is also important as the author states, “Be a “traveler” by living your life in an open and curious way”(Ibrahim). Understanding that people in your life right now have been to many other places in the world and asking them questions about those experiences, can also give you the same amount of value as if you traveled there yourself or even more. Being a college student, we sometimes do not have that luxury to be able to explore the different wonders of the world, but we can still learn the same valuable lessons and characteristics to help us further ourselves right here on our own campuses. The article also mentions that reading helps to stimulate the brain as well. Although reading non-fiction can help improve critical thinking and open up more knowledge about certain topics, it was also mentioned to read fiction as well to support a different mindset compared to what is currently happening in the world right now. Reading fictions can also improve other attributes related to creativity such as empathy and even memory as stated in the article 9 Ways Reading Fiction Will Make You Happier and More Successful by Jeff Haden. I believe we all have creativity, it just clicks in the brain easier for others in certain situations. All we need to do is believe we have it and not be afraid to make those mistakes to help foster our growth and happiness.

  30. I have always thought of myself to be creative, however, reading this article has allowed me to view creativity in a different light. To further explain, I have always been pretty artistic, from drawing to something as simple as crafts. I have always had an eye for detail, however, I don’t believe that it has ever translated to my everyday life. You see, I have always been taught to observe life objectively. It was either black or white and nothing in between. I was told that the only way to be successful is to do things the “right way”. They would say thing like “follow instructions”, “follow the sequence”, “stay professional”. The thing is, the more I heard these words, the more ingrained they were in me. So I did what I was told and ignore the urge to stand out. However, just as time passes, time also changes. We are now in a world where creativity takes precedent. We are in a time where machines can now do most of the jobs that are currently available. So we as employees lose our value and it is up to us to show our worth.

    Just as the article mentioned, I also believe that it is important to be creative, not in the sense that you may be thinking, but in the way we approach and solve problems or perhaps in the manner we view the world and others. The article did a good job (with the exception of one, i.e psychedelic drugs) reviewing 5 practices that can be done to improve or even awaken people’s creative abilities. With that said, I think that one of the most important practice that can be done to learn or improve the quality of creativity is to simply to be open and aware. You see, we are all surrounded by people that are really different from who we are. Take advantage of that and explore the minds of your colleague, friends, family members, or simply spark a conversation with a stranger at your local grocery store. Whatever it is that you chose, try to examine their likes and dislikes and maybe how they would approach or tackle a difficult situations. The more you understand the people around you, the more you can apply various ideals and create one unified on.That is true essence of creativity and the way you secure your place within the workforce.

  31. I definitely view creativity as an extremely important skill to have. I always envied those with artistic skills that could draw anything and everything or could write a powerful essay with ease. This article brought up a good point of thinking more broadly and open-mindedly especially for problem solving. I do think it is important to “think outside the box” with most things done. Everyday is a new way to think creatively, whether it’s a new dish to make for dinner, what caption to pair with your picture on social media, or what pants to match with what shirt and shoes. I always take advantage of these types of opportunities to think outside the box with everyday things.
    Something in the article that really grabbed my attention was the use of psychedelic drugs in the aid of creativity and healing. To me, I am not sure how a drug such as LSD could help aid a person who suffers from PTSD just because some people can have bad trips. However, it is mentioned that microdosing is used which, I am assuming, is a safer way to utilize these drugs for the healing process because it is not a huge dose to create a long and possibly detrimental trip. I also find it interesting that those in Silicon Valley are using these methods since those are already so creative and intelligent in their ways of creating new products or modifying existing products to be better.
    I agree with the author that creativity is sought after and an important skill. It is especially important for problem solving since not everything can be done in a procedural way each and every time. A lot of issues could be involved with customers and may need the solution customized to that specific client to make them the happiest. Also, our resources are not always going to be present, especially in times like this pandemic where we are forced to work remotely and we don’t have every single office and coworker resource available. It is important to think in a bird’s eye view of the situation to see the full picture. From here a person can assess the situation and see an obvious way or multiple ways to resolve an issue. Creativity can help anyone in a lot of situations whether they are work or personal related.

  32. This article discusses how creativity is one of the top three most important skills for future workers, especially those that would like to go into the business field. It also mentions how employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent. The article finishes with ways for one to practice sharpening his or her creative muscles.
    I found this article to be very interesting, as there are certain pieces of information that specifically stood out to me. One piece of information that stood out to me the most is that roughly 85% of jobs that will exist have not been invented yet, and that jobs such as a cashier clerk or accountant will be replaced with machines. If this is true, why are students going to school to become accountants? If anything, students should be going to school to learn how to be more creative and analytical for the jobs that will be needed in the future.
    There are a few things that I disagree with in this article, such as how psychedelics and guided experiences have helped with creativity. Yes, this may be true, but it seems like a terrible idea. As someone that would like to go into the field of human resources, I would not want employees being under the influence during work hours, as I think that it could lead to a lawsuit. I also do not agree with employers now looking for skills that are beyond soft skills. If anything, employers are looking for an applicant to have both soft skills and creative skills. People need soft skills for a company to be well run, as soft skills include leadership and team work. Having employees that are both creative and have leadership skills help with a company’s diversity, as having all different traits will help the company succeed better. Lastly, I want to mention how I do not always think that creativity is learned. I think that it can be learned, but I also think that there are people who are naturally creative. There are people that have never practiced creativity skills, yet they are able to come up with creative ideas for a business.
    Overall, the article was interesting, as the title of it was what made me want to read the article, but not something that I would recommend someone to read. I believe that it is too opinion based, as the information can be argued over, as well as that there are not many facts in it about research done to prove that creativity can be learned.

  33. People often overlook creativity. Creativity can bring so much more to the table and can offer people a lot in life. People that have a lot of creativity can bring people together, and have a lot of different perspectives. They are normally open minded, and well rounded people. It leads people to become more diversified, and humans become more aware in general. Allowing humans to learn about creativity and the importance of it, they can also think differently and have different opinions. It allows them to be open, and it allows people to have different solutions. People can learn new skills and to grow by becoming more creative. By having creativity, people can try new things and they can use it to build in more skills they never had before. Having great ideas helps people think outside the box and to not think for themselves. They allow room to think about other people as well. However, trying to be more creative doesn’t happen just automatically. It takes time, and dedication as well. Letting people see more and do more, allows humans to create more doors for them in the future and they can learn so much more about life. It allows humans to develop new skills, they can continue to learn. However, learning to be creative is worth it. For example, when employers are looking to hire, they like to see what each candidate has to offer. If one stands out because of their open mindedness and their creativity, they can bring something different to the table and companies like to diversity their workspace. They have much more to offer than someone with no creativity, and they can help bring in something the company might be lacking in.

  34. Creativity can be defined as the ability we have to create something. We all do. But how much, in what way, applied to what field, is what is created useful, valuable, enters into fashions and trends of each moment? Those are the hard questions to answer. Another of the most frequently asked questions regarding creativity is whether you can learn to be creative or whether you are born creative. The answer and as the article says is that if you can learn to be creative there are already schools and many exercises that help to regain creativity but, it is always better to do it from the beginning. Creativity is what is moving the world, what allows us all to move forward and right now, with the population density we have and the diversity of cultures we can reach, the existing creative potential is brutal. Imagination is what got us this far. Someone dreamed and thought that it would be possible to have a cupboard in the kitchen that with electricity, would cool the food and we could stop going to buy ice bars. The refrigerator was born and that was creativity. How many things do we use every day that are the fruit of a creative idea that was not abandoned? Creativity is a passionate subject and, indeed, due to technological changes and life in general, there is a strong conviction in promoting the defense of creativity in children. Because the more we work on it, the more creative we will be, and if we start at a young age, so much the better.

  35. 5 Things To Practice If You Want To Be More Creative was a very interesting article. This has been my favorite to read, out of the previous ones I’ve read for the blogs. I consider myself a pretty creative person, and I agree with a lot of what this article is talking about. I actually do a lot of these things. I have one, sort of fundamental problem with this post, and that is I think creativity needs to be natural. I don’t think you can really learn creativity. I agree that these things can help you become more creative, but I think a real creative person would stumble upon these things by himself, without having to read an article. The article states “People who have weak creative muscles see the world as a series of events happening to them, whereas people with strong creative muscles question why the world is the way that it is”. I think this article teaching people how to be more creative fits in the “series of events” that non creative people would see. That aside, the actual contents of the article is good. I have found myself doing some of these things in my creative journey. I like to experience life in different ways. This helps me be more open minded and try to understand that everyone sees things from a different perspective. Traveling is obviously not always possible so I like to read books and watch shows that focus on people with different perspectives than I. A few of my friends and I also bought an old school bus and are in the process of renovating it. We plan on traveling around the east coast this summer. While I have lived on the east coast my whole life, the perspective of living in a bus will hopefully be a unique learning experience. Reading some of the comments a few of them disagree with the impact of psychedelics. I think that people need to try them before commenting on that. My experiences with psychedelics, primarily LSD, have been very impactful on my life. My biggest take away from my experiences with LSD are they help you see the world in a totally different way. They let you see problems and roadblocks in your life clearly, and allow you to unpack everything and break it down. They train your brain to almost reverse engineer problems that you see and work backwards to a solution. This can happen on a very small scale like how a movie is made, or on a very large scale. Steve Jobs credited LSD for a lot of his work. What I have found valuable about psychedelics are finding ways to apply what you learned and how you saw things while under the influence of the substance to your everyday life.Overall this was an interesting article, and i believe these things can help people think more creatively. However I think that finding these things as part of your own journey is important.

  36. I believe that creativity is an important part of all our lives. It is present in almost everything that surrounds us. I think that having creativity in our lives and what we do will only benefit our lives and expand our possibilities. Creativity can help improve work performance and even your life outside of your job. Trying to maintain that creativity and even become more creative can be difficult overtime, and this article gives tips that we can use to help overcome this difficulty.

    Winston Ibrahim gave ways he practiced sharpening his creative muscles. The first one is “practice thinking outside of the box. I agree with this, but it is a very basic step. Ibrahim even points this out, “the simplest way.” I think that this way of thinking is how most people’s creativity is formed. It is a phrase that you hear from a young age. That being said, it has aged like fine wine, because you continue hearing it your whole life. Thinking outside the box will always bring out something new no matter the situation. The second one is “reading fiction”, which is something that I agree with. I believe that creativity is contagious. By this I mean, that someone can see your creativity or your creative work and become inspired or encouraged by it. We see this all the time with people who have been inspired by books or movies, which are two of the most popular ways to show creativity. The third tip is experiencing different ways of life, which I believes comes from being open. Being open to trying and experiencing new things is how you establish your creativity. You have to be open to something new and different. Being open to other peoples ideas and exploring will allow you to experience different ways of life. It does not have to be far, like somewhere out of the country. It can be as simple as a new park or restaurant. The last two talk about psychedelic or puzzles. I have never looked at puzzles thinking they were creative or can help me be creative. However, this article has shown me how they do help. It helps with your emotion and mind, thus helping with your creative thinking. In the future, I will try solving puzzles more instead of avoiding them.

    Overall, I believe that creativity has been an important factor in my life, and other peoples as well. Creativity will only benefit your life and whatever it is your doing. If you add your own creativity to your work, the outcome will only be better.

  37. Creativity is known as the ability to think outside of the box, and this article proved that it is one of the top three skills to have in the business world. I also am a firm believer that having the ability to analyze and think differently is important and critical to high performance. However, what happens to the people who aren’t creative? Just like learning a new subject, creativity can also be learned. One of the ways that creativity can be advanced is by experiencing life in different ways. As humans, we become very comfortable with a routine and what we think of our “normal” day to day tasks. However, to let go and come into realization with a different type of living and social norm is by living a life you aren’t already. This can be done by traveling, seeing how others talk, dress, interact, etc. Having the ability to move away from your comfort zone allows yourself to embrace new ideas and open-mindedness which ultimately leads to creativity.
    Furthermore, just as important it is for an individual to be creative, it is also critical for a workplace environment to encourage and have creativity. Some ways that can promote this is by providing freedom and flexibility in how work is done, promoting creativity through office design, and fostering an inclusive and fun team environment. Having flexibility in your work is beneficial because it increases work productivity. Additionally, it can lead to the development of new skills that allow your people to bring out an increased sense of creativity. Another thing that can be done is having the freedom to design your office area. This creates an atmosphere where employees feel open and comfortable to share ideas. Lastly, allowing employees to venture out and work together with other colleagues will allow for ideas and inspiration to flow freely across departments.

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    “6 New Ways of Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace.” Rise, 8 Jan. 2020, risepeople.com/blog/creativity-in-the-workplace/.

  38. I honestly find this article extremely interesting in regard to the practice of cultivating creativity. However, I am not surprised that it was in the top three of the upcoming skills important for future workers.
    Being superior in any position within the business world takes a lot of creativity as well as emotional intelligence. It takes great skill to be able to connect and disconnect intellectually right at the right moment in time. Managers must make crucial discussion within an organization; Doing so is not always easy. A variety of creative skills comes in handy. Brainstorming as well as critical thinking are crucial to decision making within an organization. The more exposure as well as flexible thinking the more you have to bring to the table. Trying an array of techniques sound extremely appetizing, although hallucinogenic technique is a bit much for my taste, I am glad to hear it is controversial. I can’t comment much because I don’t know much about it. However, I can give you my person opinion. Please forgive me. I just don’t find the connection between dancing unicorns and making business decision. I just feel that these Hallucinogens are more of a gateway. I feel that they are more of an escape away from reality. I can see why there is controversy over this theory. Although if it can really help somebody in the long run that’s all that matters. And to be perfectly honest, who am I to judge.
    Who doesn’t like to travel? You can’t go wrong with the traveling experience. The traveling aspect you get more of a hands-on experience. It is educational to be exposed to different cultures and ways of life. Especially on their territory.
    Businesses organizations within the US are so multi cultured, that having that exposure can come in handy when dealing with colleagues of different ethnicity and culture. It gives you the advantage of connecting with your colleagues on a more intellectual level.
    I know from my own experience when I was learning about different cultures and ways of life, it didn’t mean as much until I traveled and seen it firsthand. I have only had the pleasure of traveling to three places outside the United States. But the exposure has help me in so many was. I have learned that being different is good. It doesn’t matter if we have different ways of doing things It is the result that matters. If you don’t have the means of traveling reading is the next best thing. Puzzles can be quite frustrating at times; however, they have taught me to have patience. Which have helped me with patients with the new way of technology. I will keep in mind all there techniques to sharpen my creative skills.

  39. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and agree with many of the points made. Many of the most successful companies in the world use creativity to solve problems. Cross-training, or training employees to understand multiple departments and occupations within the country, is becoming even more popular. Companies understand that employees need to see how significant operations work in order to provide realistic and creative solutions.

    I especially agree with “experience as many different ways of life as possible.” It is true that people usually look at problems through their own experiences. In order to provide multiple solutions, one must think outside the box which is nurtured by experience. A person who has only worked at one company their whole life would know specific ways to complete their work. But if they have experience through internships and other exposure it would be beneficial to both the employee and the company to have this expansive knowledge.

    The point in this article that is extremely interesting is the study of micro dosing with LSD and the connection between mental illness and creativity. I do not agree with the statement regarding anxiety and creativity as I believe some of the most creative people were mentally ill or had to combat an anxiety disorder. An article in Parent’s Magazine describes the link between anxiety and higher intelligence as well as creativity. The raise of micro-dosing allows people to find their inner creativity. It would make sense that there is a huge market for this, especially in Silicon Valley.

    “The more you can learn to acknowledge both (logic and emotion) at the same time, ultimately, the more creative you will be.” This article summarizes if someone wants to be creative they must push out of their comfort zone and work at being creative. You may be born with creativity but you can push yourself to another level by working on it.

  40. This is a very perspective shifting article. I really enjoyed this article and its ability to re shift your thoughts and preconceived notions on creativity. When we think about creativity, sometimes the first thought that comes into mind is that it mind be something you do to take a break from work. Music, art or writing is something that is fulfilled in hobbies and not necessarily fulfilled through a vocation. This article depicts the importance of creativity in the job force now. According to the article, thousands of jobs are looking far beyond soft and technical skills. The misconception is that once you have the technical skills down pat, then you are set, but having that extra layer of creativity will really set you apart from others. The main premise of this article talks about ways to develop or grow your creativity skills and these I am impressed by the advice. The advice, if just looked at haphazardly might seem like an excuse to enjoy vacations, but when really dissected, you can realize the importance. For example, one of the skills is to experience as many different ways of life that you can, which can take form through travel, or reading books, or anything similar to that. These inherently are enjoyable hobbies, but when looking at them deeper, you realize that they help broaden your knowledge of other places and help open up the yes to different cultures that you may not have experienced otherwise. For instance, in music if you only know four chords, or one chord progression, then you are hindering yourself from other music and songs that you could play. The one chord progression is like living and only experiencing one city, but once you learn new chord progressions, or travel to other cities and countries, you can learn and experience new and exciting things that can help in your creative growth. I find all of the skills that were mentioned in this article helpful, and truly creative in its own way.

  41. Creativity is something that eludes many people and can hold them back in not just their careers but also when dealing with issues in day to day life. While creativity is a trait some people have over others, you can train yourself to be more creative. Being creative is more about broadening your horizons and opening your mind than anything else, those not opposed to different methods to solve a problem will have an easier time doing so. This article gives some great ways to make yourself more creative, and mostly by learning more about different things in the world. I wholeheartedly agree that reading fiction is a great way to spark creative thinking. The stories themselves are created by someone, and just that fact can inspire you to think of things you may never have thought of before. It involves you in situations that you feel a part of, and can even change your opinion on certain things. The idea of experiencing as many ways of life is also extremely important, especially when it comes to understanding people and how to solve problems when communicating with people. By experiencing how different people live and talk and socialize, you can learn so much and realize even more about how different people are. Understanding our differences can lead to a better line of communication, which can lead to much more creative avenues. I was surprised to see the use of psychedelics in order to build creativity, but I can agree that certain substances can “unlock” different avenues of thought in the brain. Perspectives on your own life and existence can be unlocked for the first time during a psychedelic experience, and oftentimes leads to more creative thought and insight into life. The last point, which mentions strategically managing your mental state, is probably th hardest part about becoming a creative individual and succeeding in general. If you aren’t in the right frame of mind to begin working on a problem, then you wont even have th motivation to go through with it. Trying to balance emotion with logic is tough, but ultimately will lead you to the most successful creative thoughts. Keeping yourself in a healthy state of mind is the first step towards building a more creative mindset.

  42. As children, we are all very creative. We are blank canvases and, in situations where we need to paint ourselves, our final product is often abstract. I remember the first time I played Checkers with my brother, when we were both 3-4 years-old, and we played it without knowing the rules. If he jumped two of my pieces out of sequence or moved a non-king backwards, what was I to tell him? No, you can’t do that? We hadn’t even agreed upon what we could do or knew what we were supposed to do — essentially we weren’t even playing Checkers at all, just a sandbox game we were making up as we went that only had a board and Checkers pieces. As soon as school was introduced, that all changed — everything had a right answer and there was only one way to do it, even if another way got the same answer. In fact, through high school I would often lose points if I showed my work and did it right for not “doing the work right” — and this beats creativity to a pulp. However, I never did poorly on an assignment I had to do where I was only told what I had to end with and figure out how to do it myself. These could have been videos, essays, presentations, and so on. Often, in my presentations, I wouldn’t even use google slides — I would use something like Prezi and build huge maps of data complete with background music and videos. It was work like this (outside of the many art classes I took) which I always look back on anytime I need to think of something creatively, but I do not look at it as “this is what I have to repeat.” Rather, I think, “What was I thinking about that made me do this?” The problem that I think many people have with being creative, and it’s something I can improve on myself, is that their creativity is A) tied to their emotions and B) bound by a preconceived order of events that must happen. To be honest, this article’s more down to earth creative methods are so simple but genius. To be creative is as simple as looking at anything and thinking “what’s another way to do this?” I played Kerbal Space Program for the first time a while ago, a game where you build spaceships, and goodness I had no idea what I was doing. Still, I spent hours trying different ways to make a ship that could maintain orbit, and I found that none of which were the “right” way but a couple of the wrong ideas worked (queue the “broken clock” joke). From thoughts as little as “what if I add another wing” to “what if I completely tear this down and build it wider, 3 rockets, with a second phase burner on the sides of each of the outer rockets — all connected like a triangle?” If anything, sandbox video games are my recommendation for building creativity, ESPECIALLY if you do not normally play games — there is something special about forcing yourself to interact with systems you have never seen before and learning how to complete their functions, and most games today have many ways to complete any task.

    T.L;D.R. Video games help people be creative.

  43. Creativity is one of the most important skills in the workforce nowadays. As a child, everyone has that skill of creativity from constantly creating games, obstacle courses, and shows, making drawings, or even just reading and writing. I do not find myself anywhere near as creative as I used to be when I was a kid. I often struggle with this trait as I can dream and think of all kinds of different things, but when it comes time to actually implementing them or doing them, I always second guess myself. This article definitely gave me some useful tips on how to be more creative.

    The first tip is to practice thinking outside the box. You have to start asking yourself why and how is that like that? You have to ask yourself questions that get your brain going. I do not do this enough, as most of the time, I just go with the flow. I think questioning why and how things happen can easily strengthen my creative muscles. Secondly, you can read fiction. I used to love reading as a kid, which makes sense as to why I was so creative back then. However, now I cannot stand reading. I do not enjoy it nearly as much as I used to, and I only do it when it is required for class. I find myself easily losing interest or focus, so I do not think this tip would work for me like it would for others. Next, you want to experience as many different ways of life as possible. Traveling allows you to expand your perspective of the world, which is a great way to do this. I love to travel and experience new places and cultures, so I think this tip is definitely a good one for me. Also, psychedelics and guided experiences can help boost your creativity. Psychedelic drugs such as LSD, ayahuasca, or psilocybin can enhance creative thinking. I am not a big fan of this tip, although it may work for some. Finally, solving puzzles, specifically while monitoring your emotional state, help enhance your creativity. Sudoku puzzles, in particular, keep your brain active and thinking creatively. I love Sudoku puzzles, although I do not play them as much as I used to, I think that is something I will definitely start doing more of.

    Creativity is a skill that differentiates yourself from others, as everyone is creative in different ways, which makes you unique. Especially with how jobs are evolving today, creativity is going to be key with upcoming jobs, which is why it is important to start building that creative muscle.

  44. I enjoyed this article. I have honestly been feeling uncreative since coronavirus happened. Reading this article has made me question myself. It made me think about what I am doing to experience different things in my life. I thought about reading more, doing puzzles, and traveling. Even though traveling is not the best thing to do right now, I feel like I should get out of my bubble and do it because tickets are cheaper. I found it interesting that the article explained that by 2030 about 85% of the jobs that will exist haven’t even been invented yet. That statement was honestly motivating. I don’t want to work for anyone when I’m older. I want to have my businesses, and I want to offer many jobs to people where they can be themselves and be as creative as they would like. Creativity has always been a trait that I’ve had, but most of my life, I heard about how I need to focus on other traits to get a good job.
    Reading this article helped me realize my creativity is one reason why my strongest trait is math. I honestly loved to do puzzles and solve any possible problem or issue I could because it was so fun and interesting for me. Math played an important part in my creativity because there are so many math problems and many ways to get the answer. Math is in everything. Life is really like a math problem. We have to do many things to get the outcome that we want. I agree that true creative thinking starts with an emotion, and that emotion and logic are needed to be more creative. Sometimes I go to public places and just look at people from afar and analyze their facial expressions, and in my head, I make up reasons why they feel that way because I think it is so cool. It is also a way to get my mind thinking. Sometimes I listen to people’s conversations and try to figure out what the other person on the phone says to give me random ideas of things to write about. Some people may think what I am saying is weird or creepy, but honestly, if they think that, they should try it and see how fun it is and how creative it is. It will also give people the chance to experience different emotions. This was a great article to read, and I have been motivated to try new things and go new places.

  45. The phrase “use your creativity” has personally been attributed to artistic and musical qualities, in which it can be confirmed these abilities are poor in respect to others. However, after reading this article by Winston Ibrahim, the term creativity is used more broadly, referring to an individual’s ability to problem solve and create unique solutions to everyday issues faced by individuals, companies, and ultimately, society. Fostered within elementary school, the encouragement to “be creative” seemed to halt once entering middle school and high school, as students are given formal instructions on how to research, analyze and conclude information presented to them. As a student, it can be challenging to continue the development of creative qualities when the environment does not permit one to do so.

    One of the top three most important skills future workers must possess, Ibrahim confirms the quality of being creative can be learned with substantial practice and encouragement; this emphasizes the need for children to develop these skills from youth and far beyond into adulthood. Those entering the workforce can utilize Ibrahim’s practices to help boost their creativity within the workplace with his simple yet effective suggestions. These practices can help open employees’ opportunities for promotions and assisting organizations with their financial and operational successes.

    Ibrahim begins with “thinking outside of the box,” which most have heard before. However, the author provides a great explanation for the term, referencing how most weak creative individuals often view the world as a series of events impacting them, accepting these occurrences, and moving on to the next situation in their path. However, those who possess strong creative qualities can view the same situation, but develop questions on why the event occurred, how it can be resolved, or if it can be improved for the future. It is imperative the incoming workforce understands the power of asking questions, rather than accepting situations as they occur. Furthermore, by exposing one’s self to creative outlets such as literature or the arts, it allows individuals to freely reflect on the writing or art piece and form their own conclusions, rather than immediately being provided an answer or explanation with no room for interpretation or differing views.

    Another interesting suggestion made by Ibrahim was the necessity to travel and experience life in other locations, as it is one of the fastest ways to expand one’s view of the world. It can be personally attested this is true, as coming from a Caribbean background the differences between American and Trinidadian lifestyles are significant. The way people communicate, dress, interact, and gather can give individual’s a new perspective of the world and its many forms of creative expressions, which oftentimes most do not realize exist. While one’s physical activity through travelling is helpful to developing creative qualities, brain activity is also imperative through experiencing situations that stimulate both logic and emotion. This is an interesting and insightful suggestion, but it does seem sensible when an individual must consider both aspects before making a crucial decision, whether on a personal or professional basis.

    The author furthers his discussion with a controversial suggestion, the use of psychedelics, which are said to enhance creative thinking and emotional expression. While this may be true, the use of drugs such as LSD, ayahuasca, and psilocybin are not widely accepted in the US and may have underlying health affects for those who participate in this practice; it can be inferred this may become common in the future, however, encouraging individuals to normally develop these skills through daily regimes and exposures may be a safer and more reliable option. Overall, most of these practices should be considered by those entering the workforce, as the need for creativity within the market is becoming increasingly apparent. With autonomous vehicles replacing human beings, individuals must achieve what machines cannot—creativity and innovation.

  46. People do not realize how difficult it is to be creative until they have to come up with an original concept themselves. I believe that creativity is one of the most important aspects of business especially today. Most products we use today are products that have been around for years and have established themselves in their markets for people to see. How does a company or business owner differentiate today? Using creativity is a way to set yourself apart as a company/individual and gain attention from the public.

    I know for me; I have found that the first three things to practice in the article have been the most beneficial for me in my life for thinking creatively. I have found that my ability to think outside the box is slightly better than others which comes in handy when working in a group setting. The ability to throw ideas into the mix that shake up the group dynamic and finished product is one of the most beneficial elements of creativity. It is important to understand the basic picture so that you can consider all possible routes and eventually settle on one that will separate you from the norm. I would say growing up, reading fiction is one thing that I did a lot of. I think this is beneficial for creativity as readers are exposed to worlds different from our own and characters who think differently than a normal person. While these characters and settings do not reflect real life, this is the best possible medium to digest if trying to think differently. Your mind becomes a world of its own with mixing ideas of the real and fictional worlds which also allows you to come up with brand new ideas to utilize in everyday life that can differentiate you and your brand. These ideas are unique to you because it is a mix of real and fictional elements from your life coming together to form these thoughts. Finally, the experience of different ways of life is also beneficial. Having friends inform you of how they grew up, visiting different areas, and reading articles about different cultures can help expand your mind and perspective. This allows you to imagine scenarios that will relate to people from all over. Additionally, taking in different cultures and experiences can assist in the mix of ideas to form something unique.

    I know I stated the same thing multiple times but that is only because of how important it is to understand why creativity is beneficial. Just think of Super Bowl ads for example. These commercials stand out due to the bizarre ideas that go into the creation of the commercial. These commercials are manufactured to be different and unique to make a brand stand out. Creativity is the most important factor especially when it comes to brand image and new startups finding ways to implant themselves in the market. This has become much easier with the broad reach of social media. There are many brands that I have seen blow up on TikTok just by posting their product with a unique approach and now they have established startups with a following.

  47. When I first saw this article, I was immediately intrigued to creativity being in the title. In times like now where creativity is at an all time low due to the lack of motivation and willpower to go on, we the people could use some tips on how to generally be more creative, and bring that to the workplace as it is becoming more and more important skill to be creative to stick out from the bunch. I can see how reading fiction books can increase someone’s creativity because many fiction reads are based on fantasy realms and other dimensions that would not be feasible in the real world. It’s stories like these that can really jump start someone’s creativity as the content within them is usually very descriptive. In my opinion fiction books are more enjoyable because you can treat them as an escape from the world and the hardships that come with it. I agree with the article when it says “ Fiction is much more of an art.” Because it takes a lot of skill and prowess in the genre of fiction to create a story that had never existed before, versus a story being retold using facts. I also can see how experiencing life in as many ways possible can increase someone’s creativity because what that can mean is that someone is traveling or trying new things. I also thought the statement “Dramatically expand your perspective of the world.” Was a valid statement when it came to experiencing life in as many ways as possible because in doing this you are seeing things that might be otherworldly to you like the blue healing lagoons of Iceland or the sands and pyramids of Egypt. And moving on to the portion of the article talking about psychedelics, this can be considered a controversial topic among many due to the potential ramifications of using said substances. I have done some research into the topic and it appears that many people do these substances to increase their creative horizon or take them out of a bad time in their lives. Vsauce, a very credible intellectual YouTuber took a journey into Peru, one of the original sites where Ayahuasca was being distributed. He said the experience was quite humbling, but the readings that were taken from his brain waves before and after the psychedelic experience showed that many different areas of his brain had seen changes. Some of the major changes occurred in the portion of his brain associated with creative thinking. So overall I feel like if you want to go down that road I would educate yourself on the topic before delving into the world of psychedelic substances, but it could yield many benefits for you. Moving on to solving puzzles, I have first hand experience of this being used to try to stimulate extra brain activity. My grandfather suffered from severe dementia before he passed away, and in those months prior my family had signed him up for brain teaser programs online because doing puzzles and other things of the sort has proven to repair synapses within the brain. Overall, I feel like this article is trying to teach us to try to make contact with the creative side of our brain every so often. As the world of business in today’s time can be very stressful and it can have negative impacts on peoples creativity overtime and it needs to be met with an equal opposing force of creative outlets.

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