The Future Of Work Looks Like Staying Out Of The Office

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It’s 2020: we finally live in the future! Or at least a future—one where broadband Internet connections and portable, reasonably high-powered computing tools are pervasive and widely accessible, even if they aren’t yet universal. Millions of workers, including all of us here at Ars, use those tools to do traditional “office jobs” from nontraditional home offices.

Tens of millions of jobs at all points of the income and skill spectrum are of course not suited to remote work. Doctors, dentists, and countless other healthcare workers of the world will always need to be hands-on with patients, just as teachers need to be in schools, construction workers need to be on building sites, scientists need to be in labs, wait staff need to be in restaurants, judges need to be in court, and hospitality employees need to be in hotels. All of that said, though, many more of the hundreds of different kinds of jobs Americans do can be done off-site than currently are.

Roughly a quarter of us are already doing at least some work remotely. About 24 percent of US workers employed full-time did “some or all” of their work at home, according to the most recent federal data available. Even as some workplaces become increasingly distributed around the nation and the world, though, others are reversing course and doubling down on the corporate campus. So as we here at Ars look toward the future of work, we find ourselves wondering: employers and employees alike benefit from getting some folks out of cubeville, so what are so many businesses and managers afraid of?

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  1. Who would’ve thought that working from home is the new reality? Back in the day working from home was very rare. Certain jobs you’re not able to have that luxury, but now some companies are realizing that they can have people do their job from home. Some jobs such as telework give people the option to work from home. Depending on the job sometimes it’s not feasible to work from home. When schools closed it was more convenient for parents to work from home to be able to be with their kids since they were doing school remotely. A lot of people are realizing that they would rather work from home because of convenience and to feel safer. With people working from home, it makes the dreadful commute for others a little better. With less people being on the road it can make your drive better. Everyone always dreads the awful commute to and from work because people are hectic on the road. We all dread the oh so lovely traffic jam or having to sit in a long line of cars that barely seem to move due to an accident. With less people on the road, it can potentially eliminate this problem. With a lot of people going back into the office again it’s all going back to the hecticness. For the people that have a long commute it can certainly be very dreadful when things get back up and it causes you to get to work late or arrive home late. Nothing is worse than just waiting to get home after a long day in the office and you’re stuck in traffic and it just feels like forever until you’ll get home. Allowing companies to offer the convenience of working from home has made a lot of lives for people that much easier.

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