The End Of Handshakes?

from Seth’s Blog

In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes hands.

And handshakes haven’t been the standard default for as long as we think–they were codified by the Quakers five hundred years ago, because they were thought to be more egalitarian than tipping a hat or bowing.

Today, of course, a handshake is often seen as a threat more than a disarming form of intimacy and equality.

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  1. Growing up watching sports, the hand shakes the players did was something that I found to be very entertaining. Due to that I made special handshakes with almost all of my friends that I still do to this day when I see them. Also growing up my dad always told me that you can find out a lot about someone just by the way they shake your hand, how shaking someone’s hand while sitting down was disrespectful, and put a lot of emphasis on having a firm handshake. I did not realize that people took this seriously until I went to a job interview and the person interviewing me talked about how I have a quality handshake. With all this is mind, it shows how much people valued a handshake in the past. In all the shows and movies that take place in the past, everyone introduces them selves with a hat tilt or a wave, but in my opinion I feel that a handshake is a much more personable then just a head nod. In society today, there is a lot that weighs on having a good handshake. I believe that it all goes back to a phase everyone was taught growing up which is do not judge a book by it cover. You should not judge someone just by the way they shook your hand when you first met them. Being in the age of corona, a lot more conversation are being held over video call rather than face to face. In Seth’s blog he states, “Add to this the fact that in a video call, there’s no way to shake hands.” Due to this society may have to come up with a different way introduce themselves that does not involve physical contact. Seth starts off his blog stating, “In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes hands.” No has the ability to actually know what is going happen in the future but with all of the movies listed being about future societies that are more intelligent then ours of today, maybe they been trying to tell us this whole time to stop shaking hands. Not being able to shake hands or come in contact with other people due to the corona virus, maybe the tall tell signs of society aging out and getting rid of shaking hands.

  2. We have now been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States for over six months. When I think about it, seeing how people responded to the pandemic at first was like something I have never seen before. Everyone was afraid to leave their house and only left to go food shopping and if there was an emergency. Now that the government has loosened restrictions in the state, people are now taking less precautions. However, many are still very cautious with wearing masks, gloves, and avoiding contact with other people. Regardless of how cautious people are, there is one thing that people are no longer doing: shaking hands with each other. No one wants to risk getting other people’s germs because they are afraid of transmitting the coronavirus. So, the most common gesture to greet someone is now not being used anymore. Hand shaking has been around for hundreds of years. People of all ages use it as a sign of greeting, saying goodbye, or even when something good happens. With the coronavirus still a threat in today’s society, hand shaking might not become a thing for a very long time. In fact, the gesture might go extinct as a result to the pandemic.
    Regardless of if a vaccine comes out for the coronavirus, I still do not think people will resort back to shaking each other’s hands. The pandemic has shown us that anything in the world can change in the blink of an eye. People in society went from acting completely normal to having the fear of losing their life. People are now taking extreme precautions in staying healthy and keeping their immune system strong. I believe that shaking hands is one of the top ways of spreading germs between two people. You really never know if that person you are shaking your hands with is clean and if he washed his hands recently. Because of this, I just don’t think people will want to take that risk. I honestly cannot remember the last time I shook someone’s hand. I haven’t even shaken hands with anyone in my family during the pandemic. However, one thing I have now noticed is that people do not care if others do not want to shake their hand. In fact, some people simply don’t offer to stick their hands out anymore. Everyone understands in a way that we are living in a different time. Everything in the world as changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We just have to adjust with everything and move on with our lives. If one of those things has to be discontinuing hand shaking, then so be it. Life will still go on as it usually does. It will still be very interesting to see how people react after a vaccine is made and the coronavirus is no longer a threat. Only time will tell.

  3. Unless you really sit back and look, you don’t really see all of the smaller changes that have happened in society since the start of this Covid pandemic. This article goes to show you the way in which something that we don’t really pay any mind to, can be taken from us in an instant. And its not just handshakes, its everything from hugs, to fist bumps to even kisses. When the pandemic first started the biggest fear nationwide was everyone else. People bought masks, cleaning supplies went out of stock nationwide and people started buying their goods in bulk just to avoid any type of interaction with anyone else. It’s weird when I think about it, that just a couple months ago handshakes can be seen everywhere, especially with the younger community. When you watch sports at any level, athletes across every sport have handshakes that they come up with their teammates as their way of showing their tight-knit relationships that they develop. Because I saw athletes doing it I used to see kids around school doing the same thing some even studying and trying to replicate the different handshakes they saw as their way of showing true brotherhood with their friends.
    At this point it all boils down to trust. I don’t think it has so much to do with people as it has to do with the fear of death. No one mentally in the right place truly wants to die. I feel as though until there is a true safe haven for people to fall back on like a vaccine or at least a known medicine that can combat the coronavirus this will continue to go on. The only other option would be for there to be what has already started to happen and that would be the people becoming stubborn and impatient while they await a cure. People will continue to grow impatient and eventually would rather enjoy themselves the same way they are doing so now. Sure the government has loosened up their quarantine laws to help with the people’s requests and adjust with the decrease in new cases, but all of the guidelines still remain up, such as signs to always wear a mask or to sanitize or wash your hands regularly. Life will still be life and this is as normal as it will be for a while but until an answer is made for this problem we won’t be able to see a drastic change in the mannerisms of society.

  4. Due to COVID-19, almost all in-person contact has been canceled. People are scared you get too close to each other, so they stand six feet apart and wave. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this article. I think handshakes will still be a thing in the future. I say this because, during the pandemic, each state handled the coronavirus differently. The state of New Jersey shut down. We had a curfew unless you were an essential worker. All stores that were not essential were shut down. States like Florida barely shut down. They shut down for a little then reopened quickly. They didn’t have to wear masks. Nothing changed in Florida during the outbreak of the pandemic; they lived their lives regularly. People in Florida were still going to work. The point that I am trying to make is that everyone isn’t on the same page. Everyone is going to do different things based on where they are located and based on their surroundings. I agree that many people will choose not to give handshakes because it transfers germs and bacteria, but I don’t think handshakes will stop. Other countries will still use handshakes; that is why I say it depends on your environment. Older people are so used to giving handshakes; it may be hard for them to stop. Many people do not care about the consequences that a single handshake could have, such as diseases. I know that due to this pandemic, I will no longer be giving handshakes. I never realized until the pandemic how much bacteria is passed around through a handshake.

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