FCC To Vote On July 2021 Deadline Mandating Carriers Provide Robocall Blocking Services

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The Federal Communications Commission has announced that it will vote later this month on rules that would require all carrier and cable companies provide call blocking technology to customers. This comes after Congress passed the Traced Act, and President Trump signed it into law.

The law requires the FCC to come up with rules to require voice providers implement the Shaken/Stir protocol to authenticate calls. CNET details the backstory:

In June, the FCC proposed and sought public comment on whether it should require providers to use the Shaken/Stir protocol that carriers can implement to authenticate the origin of a call and automatically block it if it’s from an illegal robocaller.

Then, in December, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law the Traced Act, which makes Shaken/Stir compliance mandatory for all voice service providers. The law directs the FCC to come up with rules to require voice providers implement the technology within 18 months.

Later this month, the FCC will vote on rules that would give phone and cable companies until July 20, 2021 to comply with the law. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explained that while many phone companies have adopted this technology on their own, it’s “clear” FCC action is needed.

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