The Stillman Disruption Journal: Students Building a Better Tomorrow

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Our homes are filled with AI systems telling us what we need to buy at the grocery store. China uses a facial recognition system to keep tabs on over a billion people. I still remember seeing Uber’s self-driving cars on the streets of Pittsburgh on my commute to high school multiple times a week, dating back as early as 2015. All around us, we can see the early effects of a coming digital revolution slowly working their way into our homes and lives. It’s happening, whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. These few examples just skim the surface of a reality we will soon be forced to acknowledge, a reality of machines being given human characteristics, jobs lost for good, and societies adopting a permanent culture of convenience. With all these changes coming so quickly, why is it that we seemingly hear so little of them? Or, more importantly, how prepared are we to face them?

Enter The Stillman Disruption Journal, a brand-new platform for concerned students like myself to discuss these topics and their effects on society. The newness on the horizon can seem overwhelming, especially for students like myself preparing to enter the workforce in a few short years. But, with a platform for students to not only voice their concerns, but to educate, engage and inspire others, we can begin preparation for a world changing before our eyes. My idea with The Stillman Disruption Journal is not to announce news related to digital transformation and disruption. Rather, my idea with this journal is to give the larger implications of these coming advancements, through in-depth, well-written student essays.

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