Think You Can’t Escape Google? You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

from Fast Company

Ambient computing — also dubbed ubiquitous computing or calm computing — isn’t a new idea. It’s simply the premise that, eventually, computer interaction will reach beyond our devices into the environment around us.

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  1. Google constantly seems to get even smarter and more advanced. It is why they are one of the biggest companies in the world and are still continuing to grow. This article is an example of that, and all I can do is applaud them for their innovation. Google is taking Flutter, which allowed “rich, animated interfaces to be transferred between devices”, and making it “the gateway to building the digital interface of the world itself.” This is an interesting idea, using ambient computing will allow Google to reach and connect with even more networks than before. It is scary that Google can even expand there reach even more. They already have a huge presence online and technologically across the country and even world. To answer the article titles question, you cannot really escape from Google. They have a presence everywhere already, and their presence will increase with this new project. I think this project is a great example for us because it shows why and how Google has gotten to where they are today. They are constantly looking for ways to improve or to come up with new innovations. Even though they are one of the biggest companies in the world, and it is highly unlikely that they will get replaced or fall. However, they are not satisfied as they continue to get better and grow. Another great thing about this article is that it is shedding light on one of Google’s brilliant minds. It is very common for people who work hard for a company to not get the recognition they deserve. This article gives Matias Duarte, who is an important figure at Google that I learned of through this article. Duarte is the vice president of Design he over saw he design of Android and “watched Google’s operating system capture more than 85% of the global smartphone market.” He is at the forefront of Google’s ambient computing project. Duarte should be applauded for his work and even more so if this ambient computing project is successful. It will enhance Google even more, to a level that we have not seen yet.

  2. Google is just getting bigger and bigger every year. They have become so advanced and have been able to gain more and more profit. Each year they come up with something new that keeps us coming back for more. This article from Fast Company is showing just one example of Google’s innovation and ability to think outside the box.
    Google has created an open-source technological software called Flutter. This software development kit is going to allow designers to be able to develop an app and build the app UI. In Flutter they will be able to test it on platforms like Android or IOS and the designers will not need to recode or redesign it. This is a new way of thinking and it could be great for both designers and Google itself. Google is full of innovators and always seems to be a step ahead. With so many great minds with one company, it is good to see them give Matias Duarte credit for his contributions to Android. He was the vice president of design and watched Google’s operating system capture more than 85% of the global smartphone market. He really helped Google get to where it is today.
    Google is still finding new ways to amaze us with their advancements in technology. Google is the most visited website on the planet and its success did not end there. With the rise of Android Google became a player in the smartphone game. They continue to grow in new areas and just do not seem to be slowing down. The minds of their employees, like Matias Duarte, have helped Google excel in innovation and being the first company with an idea. They also have a large profit margin. This means they have plenty of assets so they can have plenty of projects running at once and be able to fully fund all of them. This allows for more progress to be made on a day in and day out a basis for the company. This is why Google will continue to grow and that is how they have done it the past few years.

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