Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo

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On Feb. 18, 2017 — three years ago almost to the day — I sat at my kitchen table, my laptop open, my mind racing. In the two months since I’d quit my job as an entry-level software engineer at Uber, I’d tried to forget what I’d experienced and witnessed there, but it was impossible.

In my year at the company, I’d been propositioned over company chat by my new manager on my first day on his team; when I reported the harassment, I was told it was his first offense, but later learned that it wasn’t (he had been reported to Human Resources before). I’d been berated by my managers until I left the meetings in tears. I’d been promised and then denied a transfer. I’d been retaliated against for reporting discrimination to H.R. I’d taken my concerns all the way to the chief technology officer and nothing had been done.

Although I’d left the company, I was still in touch with a number of my former co-workers. I knew they were experiencing the same kind of discrimination, retaliation and abuse that I’d witnessed and experienced. I heard the despair in their voices and watched helplessly as they became depressed, one after another. One of them had even taken his life.

The stakes couldn’t have been higher: If something didn’t change, if I didn’t speak out, I feared that another employee would commit suicide.

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  1. I found this article intriguing as I had never heard of the initial blog post. Uber is a very large and powerful company, so as I imagined, they have the ability to only shine the light on what they want. The author of this article is brave to come forward and share her stories where other women and men have not had it in them to do so. This article proves that sexual harassment in the workplace is something that is still relevant and many people do still face.
    Of course, after reading the article I had to go and read the initial blog post. The author was very well spoken in addressing all aspects of her harassment. I think it was smart of her to make sure and continuously document the discrimination through HR, even though they were doing nothing about it. It was important that she did this to have proof if HR ever denied that she had come to them.
    Women in tech are underrepresented to start, and it shocks me to hear of companies like Uber still discriminating against women. While reading the blog post, I had wondered if the author would have remained in her position for so long, but I came up with a few reasons. One, which she mentions, is the incredible work she was able to do and the people she was able to work with other than her bosses. Another reason could have been the pressure she felt from the company through her bosses and HR. She even mentioned that she was nervous to share the blog because she feared it damaging her image at her new job.
    Something that is very important that the author noted were the laws against retaliation that her boss tried to deny. I think this is a good example of why everyone should research and learn the rules and regulations of working in America. Some day, you may need to know the laws in order to protect yourself.
    It was definitely interesting to see how the author viewed the event a few years down the road. I am glad to hear that it gained a lot of buzz from the press and was brought to everyone’s attention. At the same time, it was disheartening to hear of the effort that she had gone through to get to that stage in her career just to have a negative experience that nobody should go through.

  2. The fact that people are still getting away with this kind of behavior in the work world is disgusting and disturbing. This type of abuse has been tolerated and, in some instances, encouraged for decades and it must stop. I think it is important, especially with recent attention towards this issue with the #metoo movement, that this abuse doesn’t just occur in Hollywood. In every work field, women face these issues. This toxicity stands for everything that the American dream doesn’t. Women should be able to go to work feeling safe, encouraged, and valued as members of a team, not degraded, belittled, and objectified. In the case of Susan Fowler, it caused her to leave a job she enjoyed and worked incredibly hard for; and eventually, it caused her to leave the field altogether. The vilest part about her story is that while she and multiple other women reported an individual to human resources, Uber refused to ever do anything to thwart the issue. Unfortunately, this is the story of many individuals throughout the county, many of which who will never speak up in fear of retaliation. This chronic abuse that is tolerated not only makes work unsafe for women, but also discourages bright young minds from entering fields in which men dominate. While women make up almost 50% of the workforce, they only make up about 28% of all STEM jobs in the United States. This is a sobering statistic that shows the toxicity of male-dominated workplaces. Women should be encouraged to channel their talents in their work, not suppress them because a company will ruin their career for speaking out about intolerable behavior. There are a number of ways to solve this pressing issue, all of which should be incorporated in some way. First, we need to incorporate more women in leadership roles throughout companies; this will allow for better corrective action when necessary. Second, there needs to be a better way for a woman to come forward about these issues. Currently, some companies have a terrible policy when it comes to dealing with harassment in the office. There should be a strict policy that terminates any employee who acts in any threatening manner. With these two steps, a better solution will become clear.

  3. This article really brought to light the injustices and unfair treatment of specifically women, but also employees in lower positions. Uber, along with many other large businesses have a tendency to blow off or even try to hide any problems that may arise within the company in order to avoid bad publicity. However, there is a possibility of this backfiring like it did for Uber. These large corporations should be held accountable for their actions and deal with whatever situation comes up appropriately.
    The woman who wrote this article was extremely brave and stood up for what she believed to be right when in reality, she should not have even had to write this article to begin with. Uber should have started investigations on the manager as soon as the first report was made against him rather than just blowing it off and pretending it never happened. If they would have implemented the investigation sooner and fired him, this woman along with many other employees would have had to suffer from the harassment and abuse. The fact that someone killed themselves over the unfair treatment they received at this company is so wrong and Uber should not only be held liable for this but feel ashamed for what they allowed to happen within their facilities.
    It is unfortunate that the supposed whistleblower hotline in place was not taken seriously at all, and the only reason that anything was done is because of this brave woman who publicly told her story. This shows how some company’s really do not care enough about how the employees are being treated until it somehow affects the business itself and then all of a sudden it is a big deal that they take very seriously. Also, after publicly telling her story which was hard enough, this woman was scared into silence and her life was basically turned upside down for a while which should have never had to happen if Uber would have addressed the situation appropriately in private when it occurred. However, there was some good that came from this article being published which is bringing attention to these companies and the unacceptable behavior present within them. Hopefully through bringing attention to these disturbing realities, changes will be made and less people in the workforce will have to deal with these circumstances.

  4. I was somewhat shocked when I read this article, “Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo”, partly because of what she wrote about that was taking place at Uber, and partly because I had somehow failed to know that this was happening. She has just published her book titles “Whistleblower”, a title which I enjoyed because she initially feared the repercussions she might face if she was labeled this, but instead decided to take ownership of the word. This article mentioned the reason that she stopped working at the major company, Uber, in 2017, which was sexual harassment, and the intense aftermath that she faced after she posted a blog exposing them.
    I was disappointingly unsurprised by the fact that Susan Fowler had been sexually harassed, not only at Uber, which resulted in her quitting her job that she otherwise enjoyed, as well as at UPenn while she was a student, which resulted in her veering away from physics when at the time she wanted to be a physicist. It is all to common for women to be treated this way in professional settings which is unbelievably frustrating. It is clear that Fowler worked incredibly hard in every step she made to reach her career and the harassment that she faced not only belittled her, but initially set her backwards as well. She had aspirations for a different career that she could no longer continue because she was blacklisted from the physics department for reporting the harassment. If that was not discouraging enough, she had the courage to stand up for what she believed in, knowing that it had not worked in the past, and outed Uber for the harassment she was facing there as well, which resulted in her no longer being able to work there. In both cases the people responsible for the harassment were not punished, despite being reported.
    Sexual harassment in the workplace has in some ways become something that is not only somewhat accepted but expected as well. In such a professional setting where everyone had to work just has hard to get to the position that they have, it is ridiculous and shameful that a woman should feel anything other than welcome in the 21st century.

  5. Reading this article was very interesting. Many times, we see victims of sexual harassment in the workforce and a parasite. They are known as “the person who was sexaully assaulted” and seem to get negative connotations because they spoke out. This article does mention women speaking out in regards to sexual harassment, but I would like to point out that sexual harassment can happen to male workers as well, which I think would receive even more hate and negative backlash. It is important to speak out about these types of actions, no matter the backlash. If everyone were to stay silent about these incidents, they would further escalate and worse things would occur. This is why a code of conduct is very important to update on a regular basis.
    Companies have to keep their workers accountable for actions that make others uncomfortable and there needs to be a line of investigators to take these allegations seriously. Many people worry that these types of accusations could tarnish innocent workers, but this mindset also throws doubt on those who report incidents and allows for those who commit such actions to get away with it. Companies need to take accusations seriously and care for the workers to make the work environment a positive and comforting one. By doing such actions, you take the ethical view of business and consumers will align with your company. In a time of the Me Too movement, companies must be smart and support investigations while also supporting the healthy working environment. Overall, I liked how eye-opening the article was.

  6. While searching for an article to write about for this assignment, this article caught my eye because I am very familiar with the original essay that Susan Fowler published. The original essay, “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber”, written by Susan Fowler, goes into detail about the sexual harassment and sexism that was demonstrated in the company’s culture during her time working at Uber. At the time, the company was very male dominated with “less than 6%” (Fowler, Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber) of the company being women. With the company having a male dominated environment, this led to the women of the workplace constantly under attack. Fowler had been a part of the engineering culture, which in general is a very male dominated field. The second that Fowler started her engineering position at Uber, her new manager began verbally sexually harassing her. You would think that the allegations would stop once you file a complaint with the human resources department, but the department did not find anything wrong with Fowler’s allegations. The original article also brings about claims that the management team was very petty, and basically wouldn’t allow for an individual to grow in the company.

    In the early beginnings of Uber, the former C.E.O. of Uber, Travis Kalanick, had created a bro-like culture within the organization. Kalanick had made some very unethical decisions while acting as a leader for the company. For a company trip in Miami, Kalanick had sent out an email laying down the dos and don’ts of the trip; one of the don’ts were to not engage in any sexual activity with your coworker, unless you ask and you are not under the same chain of command. He promptly ended the email with, “yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip. #CEOLife #FML” (Bhuiyan & Swisher). With an attitude like this from the C.E.O. of the company, it is no surprise that women were faced with sexual harassment situations in the organization. The bro-culture was further instigated due to the company’s core values including “making bold bets,” being “obsessed” with the customer, and “always be hustlin’” (Gibian). The company did not establish a good set of values for their employees to follow. Instead, they created a competitive working environment that degraded women. It is very shocking for me to read that a company was able to operate with a very messed up internal structure. Kalanick let Uber become a place where employees thought they could get away with everything and got to do whatever they wanted.

    With all of this in mind, it was very interesting to read the aftermath of the original blogpost that Fowler had created. In the opinion article, “Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo”, written by Susan Fowler, Fowler goes into detail about why she decided to write the that highlighted the sexist culture instilled in Ubers environment. I liked reading about her reasoning on why she decided to take a stand and publicize her allegations. As it turns out, she had been sexually harassed at the University of Pennsylvania and never went public with her allegations, this in return blacklisted her in the physics department at the university. Fowler decided she “had done the wrong thing by staying quiet” (Fowler, Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo) and vowed to never stay quiet again when it came to the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. If she would have publicized her story with University of Pennsylvania like she did with Uber, she would have shined a bright light on the sexual harassment issue at the university.

    Similar to everyone else’s responses, I also think it is very inspiring that she wrote the essay that outed Uber. She did not care about the aftermath; she just wanted her side of the story and her word to get out. In return, her story revolutionized sexual harassment in the workplace. Not only did her story revolutionize the way sexual harassment was regarded in the workplace, it “[inspired] other women to speak up about their experiences” (Fowler, Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo). This is absolutely amazing that this one little story helped create a better work environment for women. Women are often scared to speak up about their experiences because of fear of what might happen. Fowlers claims helped other women that were being discriminated against at Uber speak up and take action. Particularly, one woman who worked at Uber, Ingrid Avendaño, claimed the company had also discriminated her when she filed complaints with human resources by “refusing to give her earned raises and promotions” (Gibian). Without Fowler initially coming forward with her claims, others would have never had the courage to also come forward. Many cases, like the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case, involve one person stepping forward and others realizing that it is okay to speak up. I truly believe that Fowler is an inspiration to women everywhere because of her courage to stand up and speak her truth.

    Writing the essay had a huge impact on Susan Fowlers career path, she did not want to be an engineer anymore, she wanted to be a writer. By writing the essay, it set Fowler on the “path to finally achieving [her] childhood dream of becoming a writer” (Fowler, Susan Fowler: Why I Wrote the Uber Memo). I’m a believer that everything that happens in life, both the bad and the good, happen for a reason. Of course, the sexual assault situations that Fowler encountered were terrible, but she got to write an essay that was inspired and read millions of people. She is now able to do something that she loved for the rest of her life and career, write. This may have never been possible if it weren’t for the situations she encountered at Uber. I think it is amazing that out of a bad situation, Fowler was able to create so much good and make a difference.

    To conclude, Susan Fowler was able to create a revolution in the workplace by writing an essay about her sexism experience at Uber. She was very mistreated as a woman employee in the STEM field at Uber. But instead of quietly hiding her experience and going on with her life, she decided to put her experience in writing. The essay gained the attention of millions and altered how women were treated at Uber and in the STEM field in general. Fowler’s essay allowed for many women in the technology field to step up and speak their truth. Susan Fowler is truly an inspiration to all women in the workplace, especially those in the STEM field, where the women to men ratio is unequal. With women like Susan Fowler speaking up about their sexual harassment experiences, one day sexual harassment will no longer be an issue in the workplace.


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  7. It is disgusting that Uber would try to protect a sexual harasser such as the one Susan Flowers described. In this modern age, people, no matter what gender they are, should not have to deal with their managers and bosses abusing them, insulting them or discriminating them. People don’t go through years of college just to get a job were their boss is more interested in trying to sleep with them or berate them, than what they can offer the company. It is regrettable that women such as Susan have been disproportionately affected by the actions of these abhorrent people. We should help employees like Susan in ridding the workplace of those who would make the work environment unbearable for their coworkers.
    One of the ways that people can help defeat harassment in the workplace is by standing with those employees that come out with accuses of harassment. This doesn’t mean that you should assume that the accused is automatically guilty, but rather that you make the accuser feel confident that their coworkers will support them if the company tries to ignore or hid the issues they bring to light. People must assure accusers that they are still an accept part of the company and that their fellow employees will not stand for them losing their job for being a whistle-blower.
    Management should not tolerate the actions of anyone who is caught harassing their employees. This state should not need to be even stated in the modern day, but it seems that some companies need to be reminded that it is wrong to protect harassers and sexual predators. These actions cause unhealthy work environments that will cause talented workers to leave companies in order to escape these problematic people.
    With the revelation of the actions of such people as Harvey Weinstein, we must realize that the issues faced by women in the workplace 40 and 50 years ago are still alive in today. Employers everywhere must seek out these vile predators and exorcise them from their companies. If employers refuse to remove these people, then the public should boycott their businesses until the employers take the appropriate actions against harassers.
    The last action that needs to be taken is that the government should attempt to make it easier for people like Susan to speak out about the issues that they have to deal with in the workplace. This can be achieved by punishing companies that attempt to ruin the reputation of former employees that speak out about their mistreatment and those who seek justice for the treat they have suffered during their time at these companies.
    The nation has come a long way since the days of the 70s and 80s, but there is still much room to improve. We must strive as a society to finish the work that has been laid out before us by previous generations. We must make it safer for people to stand up against harassment and discrimination. The modern workplace needs to be devoid of the bigoted issues of the past, for the past couple of decades show that no matter what gender a person is, they can be a useful member of any company.

  8. With Uber growing and becoming bigger and bigger over the years, the actions of their company and misconduct are unacceptable. The company, also being able to push this under the rug is even worse. Sitting here now, never heard of the story and it not having a true outcome and solution is sad and shows how poorly the company values the morals and its views. As for Susan Fowler, she is brave and did the right thing in her situation, and if not already should push the case further. The smartest thing that came from her in this scenario is the writing of the blog. It is very hard for people, not just women, to come out about these issues, whether sexual ha5rrasment, verbal harassment, or even misconduct physical and mental. By doing so it helps others build the confidence to speak out and brings attention to the person or company that is at fault and calls for a solution. As for Susan, using what she documented as her evidence was a strong point to pursue the issue. This should be a big point for anyone that is in her shoes to follow.
    As for Uber being such a big company and growing over the years, there is a need for better supervision and construction of a safe and working environment. There are so many things that protect their driver from such issues of people that are outside of the company, but the issues at hand here are inside the company. The internals is the biggest factors and becomes the values and core of the company. If there is a continuation and more to speak out on these cases, Uber has a hard time looking forward if not already. Anyone should use the boldness and strength of Susan as a reminder of who we can be and to not sit in the shadow. Things can be done and we should be taking notes. As for Uber, they need to screw their heads on straight and enforce better control on their internal workers to maintain a strong competitor in the market.

  9. Sexual harassment is something that should be dealt with in a serious manner. Most people want to close their eyes to it until it hits close to home and happens to a relative or someone they know. No women or man should ever be sexually harassed. If her statements are true, I think everyone who Susan Fowler told about the situation, should be put in jail for not helping the helpless woman. The managers should have started an investigation right way and determined if her claims were accurate. It does not matter how valuable the employee is to the company. He could be the CEO or the CFO of the company but at the end of the day, we are all human and we should all make legal and ethical decisions. We make our own decisions in life and when we do something wrong, we have to pay the consequences.

    When I was younger, I worked at a gas station pumping fuel. Two of my coworkers at the time were texting each other and one of them was a minor and the other one was not aware of that. Things got a little out of hand and the one worker told the manager on duty that they felt sexually harassed by the other individual. The manager on duty fired that individual on the spot because they have a no-sexual harassment policy and did not allow inappropriate behavior between coworkers. This situation is similar to what happened with Uber but instead, the manager handled it correctly. Man or woman, no one should feel uncomfortable in the work environment because of other individuals’ actions. A big company, like Uber, should have no problem finding a replacement worker.

  10. Sexual harassment is an act that should not be tolerated at any point in anyone’s life in our outside the office. There is (and still should be) a point to when enough is enough with keeping it quiet and finally coming out to say horrible things have happened to you or someone you know. No one deserves to be harassed by any measure and those who commit the crime need to be deeply disciplined and thrown behind bars. I credit Susan Fowler for taking the steps into speaking out because there will be times when people will get away with this act and go on with their lives. It is unfair to the person involved and that will always be in their mind.

    Moving on to Uber’s perspective, this should be an embarrassment to the company and the higher ups within. There needs to be a policy in place where the condemn sexual harassment in the workplace because it is a big distraction for the parties involved. It is not fair to come in to work everyday and not be able to provide what you are meant to do. It especially hurts that you would protect the abuser instead of the people that claim to be harassed in your company. That is why I believe Susan Fowler did the courageous thing and spoke out about the experience, because the office should be a place to focus on your career. A place like Uber, who is widely known by most people, should have done better and honestly would have no problem investing time into figuring out a solution.

  11. I’ll admit, like a few others have as well – I have actually never heard about this case or read the initial blog post that opened the media’s eyes to what was really going on. Nonetheless, Susan Fowler is an important individual and I applaud her courage to come out and share her story. We have lived in a society that for so long, so many have been scared to come out and seek justice against those that wronged them. Harassment, on any level, is never okay. With the “Me Too” movement and also with what Susan Fowler has done, has helped so many people who have felt that they have never had a voice.

    To further prove that point, Mrs. Fowler opened up about what had happened to her at University of Penn and what happened again at Uber. A company (and University) should not ostracize the individual for speaking up about any form of harassment. This creates a toxic environment and instills fear into other individuals that makes them feel like they cannot come forward, even if they wanted to. I wish the same could be said for men as well. I say this as to not cause any arguments about, “Who has it worse”, etc. BUT, as articles have stated, there is an also issue of harassment towards men that should not be ignored. Time and time again, society has put this blanket statement among all men that they crave and want the attention, regardless of what their initial reaction might be towards it. Not to mention, that there is video evidence of men being victims of harassment in a public setting and not a single individual seems to care – they just merely stand there as bystanders. However, as soon as the man stands up for themselves, those same individuals rush to save the other party, ignoring that the other party was the antagonist in the first place.

    But again, that’s not the point of this article. Just voicing my opinion. Susan Fowler is a hero in her own right for showing what had occurred and what most certainly had to change within the company.

  12. Uber is a huge company, used by millions of people everyday. I have used services provided by this company, myself. Reading this article, it made me upset to learn that managers at such a large company, are getting away with such inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Sexual harassment has to be dealt with seriously. Employees should not feel uncomfortable and harassed, especially in the workplace. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated and the person should be fired and pressed with criminal charges. It is frustrating that such a huge company has not taken serious measures to end the harassment, but Susan Fowler had to speak up and put her article into the media.
    Susan Fowler is brave for putting her name and story out into the public. This situation should not be happening to anyone. Uber should be embarrassed, and be taking more precautions and regulations with their employees, especially their managers. The managers and other employees should have to undergo training every 6 months to a year regarding ethical behavior in a workplace. Employees should be monitored to prevent situations like this from happening in the future. This company should be taking steps to handle serious matters.
    It is very upsetting to hear Susan Fowler’s story. She worked hard her entire life to get to the position as an entry-level software engineer. It is unfortunate that after several times of speaking up that she was being harassed, she reported the misconduct and then was blacklisted from the physics department. Everything she worked for her entire life, was ruined because of an unacceptable situation that was happening to her. It is heartbreaking to hear that people are still being mistreated and harassed today in the workplace, companies need to take serious measures to prevent situations like this from happening.

  13. Being a college student, Uber is definitely one of my most used apps on my phone. Before reading this article I was somewhat aware of the culture at Uber and the mistreatment of employees especially women. What I was not aware of is how common sexual harassment is in Silicon Valley and the blatant cover ups from companies like Uber. What Susan Fowler went through not only at Uber but at her previous role at the University of Pennsylvania is completely unacceptable and it shows a total lack of respect for her and other women in this industry. The fact that three out of five women working in a tech company in Silicon Valley experiences some sort of sexual harassment is disgusting. It seems like sexual harassment and the cover up of protecting managers is normal for tech companies in Silicon Valley. With the majority of workers in Silicon Valley being male it is so important for all tech companies to take a stand against sexual harassment and encourage more people to speak up like Susan did. No one should feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the workplace and the fact that behavior like this has been going on for so long just shows that these giant companies only care about their pockets.

    More actions need to be taken to ensure people working at these companies in the future do not have to deal with the inappropriate actions Susan faced when working at Uber. People need to feel comfortable reporting these unwanted advances and not feel like their career is going to be ruined because they are going to be outcast from the industry like Susan was at UPenn. Uber should also face consequences for their lack of action and for trying to silence Susan. The only way companies like Uber will change is if they see their bottom line getting affected because people do not want to spend money on a company who has a culture of sexual harassment being normal. Uber managers should have to take regular sexual harassment training so they understand how serious this issue needs to be taken. Overall, this is a shocking and disgusting story and hopefully less and less people will experience what Susan experienced. Susan did the right thing by speaking out even though it was such a tough decision for her. Hopefully by her setting an example more and more people will follow her footsteps and speak out against companies like Uber.

  14. Uber is a very well known company for everyone. Millions of people use Uber every day to get to and from places they need to be. When I first read the title, I was intrigued because sometimes I use uber. During this article, I was getting mixed emotions of everything going on. It is disgusting how uber is treating its employees. The fact that they are hiring general managers who are sexually harassing their employees is disturbing and disgusting. The sexual harassment took place during the chats, interactions, and meetings with her boss.
    The author of the blog was courageous for telling her story. It is hard for someone to come out and write about this because it often backslashes on the women. It is unfortunate and blows my mind that she needed to take action herself about the situation that happened. The author demands change in this situation because it should never happen, especially at someone’s job. The blog she posted could have ruined her chances of getting a new job, but she did the right thing and stood up for herself. This did not only happen to her, but she also mentioned how her other co-workers felt harassed and discriminated against. Because of this, sadly, one of her co-workers committed suicide. I think everyone should read this article and boycott uber because of their actions.

  15. Put yourself in the position of a victim: imagine working your entire life to escape poverty, a bad home life, etc. and someone takes advantage of you, or harasses you. Realistically, how do your options look? You could report it, attempt to bring justice to the situation and give the creep the justice he/she deserves. However, you would simultaneously be risking a similar response that Fowler received at both Penn and/or Uber. Your friends and family will find out, big lawyers will be overturning every rock of your past, digging up every mistake you have ever made and expose everything. Or you could keep your head down, try to bury the damage that has been done, act as though it never happened, and proceed business as usual. Except business as usual only applies to others, not to you. You are faced with the truth of the situation and what happened to you every day, 24/7, 365.

    I find this article both incredibly courageous and absolutely enraging. Quite frankly, the word outraged is an understatement. Not only did Susan Fowler experience harassment at Penn, a highly revered, Ivy League institution, she also faced it at Uber, an impressive (then) startup company. First of all, the fact that Penn “blacklisted” her in the way she described is absolutely amazing to me. There was no “fair trial” before they determined wether or not her accusations were fact or fiction. There was not even an attempt to listen to what she had to say. Rather, they drove her out. They deterred her from achieving her goals of getting a PHD in physics, something she had worked so hard for. What’s more, things like this happen on a daily basis, and for obvious reasons, victims remain quiet.

    In my opinion, Susan Fowler and those like her, who decide to put everything on the line to not only stand up for themselves, but those in similar situations, are heros. By telling her truth, exposing a well known and powerful company Fowler (to some degree) knowingly put herself in a hot seat. The news ate her blog post up and everyone wanted to talk to her. Literally to the degree that it short circuited her phone. Uber threw everything they had at her, tried to destroy her whole life, all because she dared to expose the injustice happening within the company. If that doesn’t register as a HUGE issue to you, then you are apart of the problem.

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