Jobs Will Be Very Different In 10 Years

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As many focus on the future of work, various different perspectives are presented. A common theme is emerging: Jobs will be there, but they will be very different within the next decade. This recent Article draws three conclusions:

    • In 10 years time, 50% of jobs will be changed by automation – but only 5% eliminated.
    • 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills.
    • Young, low-skilled and vulnerable people – all need help with up-skilling.

Several critical points are made by the World Economic Forum article:

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  1. Change is something that is bound to happen, so reading this title “Jobs will be very different in 10 years” just isn’t that surprising to me. Technology is taking over but that is something that we have all known about and expected, so now that it is actually being proven, why is everyone so shocked? This article written by Frank Diana is a whole bunch of conclusions drawn from some research. Jobs are now evolving for the future generations. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. When I was growing up I used to play with toys, jump ropes, the little toy kitchens and now children are getting iPads where they play what I played with but virtually. When it comes to my generation, we are pretty quick learners when it comes to technology because while new forms of technology were created, we were growing up with it. For example, the game boy I remember playing Donkey Kong on it, then it was the GameCube, then the game boy evolved into a Nintendo DS, and the GameCube evolved into a PlayStation and so on. My generation grew up on that and each new invention we learned to adapt to it. So now with jobs it would pretty much be the same thing. As long as we go through proper training, I feel like anyone would be ready for the new challenge. This article states that “By 2022, 75 million jobs will probably be displaced… while 133 million new ones will spring up in industries…” Sure, a lot of jobs will be displaced, however, think of all the new opportunities being created. Technology is now being made to make our lives easier, so it will most likely make our jobs easier as well. With the upcoming generations I feel as if they would be up to par with the new technologies being created for the workplace.

  2. In the article, “Jobs will be very different in 10 years,” the authpor, Frank Diana, shares his perspective of how our world will change and evolve in this decade. He claims we should expect a high advancement in AI technology. According to Frank, about 50% jobs will be affected during the changes that are going to happen. Many jobs will be eliminated and replaced with AI while new jobs will be created along with these changes. He also claims 90% of these new jobs will require digital skills. This will be reflect both positve and negatively in the economy. However, humans are very adaptive so I think this change will drive people to perserve more. That is going to be the way the world operates. I think if such changes were to happen, we could see a higher rate in technology advancement. This change will surely not be easy considering the amount of people that will be affected. Especially, the older generation who will have to re-develop skills that might feel a bit late for their time. I think its going to be a challenging period; however, its something that can be overcomed.

  3. The job industry is changing through the advancements of technology. In 10 years, researchers say that 50% of jobs will be automated. The transportation and energy industries will be at a higher risk of automation according to the article. With the increase in automation, employees will need to learn digital skills in order to be a valuable employee to any business. However in the end, all industries at some point in time will be affected by automation.
    With the recent COVID-19 virus taking its toll across the world, businesses are relying on technology more than ever. Employees are expected to either work from home through using technology or are unfortunately being laid off. Some businesses may use the self-quarantine time to focus more on ways to use technology rather than employees to complete daily tasks. Although many businesses are shut down at the moment, in the future these businesses may look for ways to cut costs, turning to technology as a cheaper alternative in the long run rather than paying an employee’s salary and benefits. At the end of the day, businesses are looking out for their own health and employees’ health. Through using technology or turning to automation earlier than the 10 year prediction, businesses are able to stay open during the COVID-19 epidemic.

  4. Technology is emerging, causing the entire world to change. That being said, jobs are continuing to change each and every day to adapt to new technological advances, and in 10 years, they will be completely different. Although that sounds pretty scary, I believe it is a positive thing. Technology is taking over the whole world with new innovations every day. The article states that 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. This only means that jobs are significantly evolving and beginning to heavily rely on technology.

    It is crazy to think about how much technology has changed just since I was a little kid, and I cannot imagine how much it will change in the next 10 years. When I was little, we did not have much technology. Instead, we played outside or with dolls and other toys. Then came the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. All of these were new to my generation, but we learned how to adapt quickly, and it definitely made our lives easier and more fun. The same will happen in the next 10 years with jobs. The new technologies will just be something each person has to adapt to, which should be easy considering the changes we have gone through in the last several years. It is not like the new innovations will just cut everyone with a job. The article says that only 5% of jobs will be eliminated, while the rest will just be upgraded. But, this also brings along new opportunities to be created. Technology is just meant to make our jobs easier, and I cannot wait to see the new advancements.

  5. This article had many interesting statistics that I had not considered before reading. It is important to constantly be thinking about the future that way when it comes, you are not completely shaken. We need to look at the trends now to try and predict what our job market will look like so we can prepare accordingly. This article was written in January and talks about the importance of digital skills which was important then, but now digital skills are crucial in our new normal of a world. One thing that I think is very important to note is how much technology truly affects our working market. From the article, we see that we will have a demand away from office support positions, machine operators, and other low-skill professions and it says that over the next 10 years, 1.2 billion jobs will be affected by the adaptation of automation technologies disrupting 50% of the economy and 14.6 Trillion USD. This statistic shows how important it is that we have multiple skills because the jobs that we have had for a while are going to start disappearing. To no surprise, the jobs that we will lean towards in the future are more technology-based like computer engineers and information communication technology specialists. The system is kind of messed up because the current business leader is not even preparing the people who are in the workforce now for the change that is coming. From the graph in the article, we can see that North Americans have the largest risks for their population to lose their job to technology by 2030. The technology wave is coming faster than we know it so it important that we are ready when the time comes.

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