Building a World Where Data Privacy Exists Online

from NYTs

Data is valuable — something that companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon realized far earlier than most consumers did. But computer scientists have been working on alternative models, even as the public has grown weary of having their data used and abused.

Dawn Song, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the world’s foremost experts in computer security and trustworthy artificial intelligence, envisions a new paradigm in which people control their data and are compensated for its use by corporations. While there have been many proposals for such a system, Professor Song is one actually building the platform to make it a reality.

“As we talk about data as the new oil, it’s particularly important to develop technologies that can utilize data in a privacy-preserving way,” Professor Song said recently from her San Francisco office with an expansive view of the bay.

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  1. Data is something that is vitally important to corporations. They use the data to form statistics and to gather information, especially about the consumer. The data that is so valuable has been collected by invading privacy in certain instances. When corporations dip into the data about consumers, they find out very specific information. Some of this information includes recently visited websites, search engine searches, and even sounds that are picked up by phones. Privacy is being invaded in some of these circumstances, which should be concerning. One example I have personally seen is talking to my mom about certain products that I am interested in, such as Domino’s pizza. Immediately afterwards I opened my phone and on social media there was an ad for Domino’s pizza with a coupon. The fact that my voice was picked up is something that is unacceptable.
    Google, Amazon, and Facebook obviously are three of the biggest powers on the internet. They control so much of what the world sees, and now invading on privacy allows them to expand their brand even more. The main question that one could have is, is there a way to protect users from this? To an extent, I would guess that one can protect themselves from a miniscule part of this but not the full part of it. When the companies use this, they create an unfair separation compared to the companies that do not have the luxury to be able to.

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