Canadian-Made ‘Invisibility Shield’ Could Hide People, Spacecraft

from CTV News

It’s more likely to camouflage military troops than boy wizards, but a new Canadian prototype is perhaps the technology that comes closest to mimicking the fictional Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp’s invisibility shield, officially dubbed “Quantum Stealth,” is light-bending material that could be used to obscure objects of varying sizes.

“It can hide a person, a vehicle, a ship, spacecraft and buildings,” the company said in a news release earlier this month, suggesting that the patent-pending material is versatile and could be easily implemented. “There is no power source. It is paper-thin and inexpensive,” they wrote.

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  1. This “invisibility” shield, made by a Canadian company, is a true look into the future to what we can be expecting. All generations have seen things in movies and television shows that they deemed only fiction. An example of this back in my parent’s times of the 50’s and 60’s, something they thought would never be possible was the watch telephone that they always saw on television. For my generation of the early 2000’s, that is the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter that the video talked about. For being an early prototype of something they like to call “quantum stealth technology,” this is definitely a scientific feat. Not only does the company show results of it truly making objects disappear, they also show how it protects against infrared and ultraviolet cameras that can sense heat signatures. This is all done through the way the material bends the light around itself. The Canadian company also says that this material is incredibly inexpensive and would be able to be used on a wide range of applications from trying to hide small, to large objects.
    I think the first thing that I thought of when I read this article was the military application to the product. Countries spend outrageous amounts of money to invest in technology that makes them undetectable and better protected than their opponents in case of war. This type of technology would make warfare even scarier than it is for the simple fact that in the near future it is going to be very hard to even see you are under imminent attack. This application on airplanes alone that fly higher than normal for surveillance to be undetected by radar, could now make them undetectable by sight as well. With any type of technology like this, however, always comes technology that can get around it. Just like the constant fight between radar guns that cops use and the radar detectors that civilians use to detect them, there will definitely be technology soon that can get past this new quantum stealth technology. Technology will never stop growing and it is exciting in areas like this, but hopefully they are not used for bad and taken out of control.

  2. The Invisible Canadians are coming!

    Seeing used to be believing but now we cannot even rely on our own EYEBALLS to tell us what is real and what is not.

    The popularization of ‘deepfakes’ posed a problem in this regard (videos that could seemingly depict a person saying something they never actually said), but this is much worse. Now, you can be tricked into believing something you saw in the physical world was real. As with all technological tools, this can be used for good things, but what if a nefarious actor got their hands on something like this?

    This case is different; the purpose of this tool was to deceive, to hide, to obfuscate. There is not a lot of morally sound things that can come from deception.

    I have no doubt in my mind that other governments have this technology readily available, and probably developed it a decade ago. Governments around the world have much to gain from hiding things. I know this to be true as a resident of the U.S., I am fully aware of my country’s history. Though comprised of good people, the government has always been dishonest (as with most other nations). This is why the development of new, deceptive technology is concerning to me.

    In 1963, the U.S. Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up a plan called Operation Northwoods. The goal was to attack civilian targets in the U.S. and blame Cuba, with the goal of galvanizing the public to favor a war with Cuba [1]. If not for JFK, the plan would have been carried out.

    The government of the U.S. has also developed mind control techniques via MK ULTRA, a CIA
    operation which involved unsuspecting people being subjected to strange experiments [2].\

    How is all of this related? It shows that people in positions of power sometimes feel it necessary to lie and deceive those people it is supposed to protect. The examples given above (Northwoods and MK ULTRA) clearly demonstrate that deceptive tactics were used in the past. We only know about these things due to declassifications, otherwise we never would have even known. The development of new tech like this makes their job easier, and, even worse, it makes uncovering these malicious actions much more difficult. After all, if no one was capable of seeing anything, how can the word spread?


  3. When I used to watch superhero movies, I always thought the idea of being “invisible” was pretty cool. Just the thought of being able to walk around the world without any form of judgment or interference from other people sounds pleasant. But, with the new concept of an “invisibility shield” our world might just get a little scarier. The issue with this is that what our eyes can see is due to light reacting with the ocular system. That is why we see colors and the different figures that eventually form people, animals, trees, and objects. When light is manipulated, this may cause certain things to “disappear.” That is the purpose of this cloak. But, when their main intention for creating this shield is for military use, there is no doubt in my mind that people will create their own methods of creating this invisibility shield to participate in criminal activities or other mischiefs. If cameras cannot record people, then who did the crime? In the example of the Baltimore article for plane surveillance, if people cloak their cars from the roof, how will the cameras notice them then? If people wear the shield on themselves, how can cameras catch them in a jewelry store or a bank? And even if I was to talk about the military, we already have enough issues with countries fighting against each other. Now that there will be clothing that may cause soldiers to perceive their surroundings without any people, weapons or machinery, this will change the game and possibly lead to more infiltrations, spies and war activity that could bring on World War 3 or something more dangerous. They could eventually make weapons invisible, planes invisible and submarines and boats invisible. This will change the entire warfare system people have used for decades and will make it more dangerous for everyday people to live their lives.

    Something I thought about when I read the article was the safety of the world. If warfare does occur, how would we be able to monitor these things? If they are naked to the eye or through the camera lens, wouldn’t terrorism be much easier? Couldn’t attacks like 9/11 occur without us even knowing that a plane was flying through the sky into a building? These things need to be thought through before researchers make such things. Although it is cool that we can now be Harry Potter and use invisibility cloaks, do people even think about the repercussions it may have on society? No. And that is the issue that we have nowadays. People, especially researchers, will do everything in their power to advance technology. Most of the time they will not think through the benefits or the cons of the inventions. Getting famous and wealthy is great until it starts affecting society poorly and the entire world sues you and makes you compensate for the multitude of deaths in the world. This could be like Juul. People found it such a great alternative to smoking. Teenagers found it to be a cool thing even though it clearly contained a lot of chemicals in nicotine. Once people started dying that is when they realized it was a bad thing and then everyone sued the company and put blame on them. Corporations didn’t think things through, as well as people, which is why the eventual result occurred. The same goes for this invisibility shield. The researchers who made this would love publicity and the ability to make billions off of this, but, whether or not the end result will lead to many wars and criminal activities with deaths, is a huge possibility in the end. Therefore, my overall opinion is fear.

    I fear the future with such tools, and I do not want them to be introduced into society because our world will become a very dangerous place if this shield works to the standard that they hoped it would. Corporations need to understand what they are wagering. Their pursuit of profit is leading them to give up the level of safety the people in this world have. Once their safety diminishes, the world will become hostile and scary. Throughout this course, I have noticed a lot of decisions being based on the benefit to society or the benefit to corporations. This is not right, and it is time that we stop focusing solely on the corporations’ profits and benefits to them because regular people will suffer. Once warfare and criminal activity start increasing exponentially, it will be on the companies to explain this and their money will do them no good if they become victims of their creation.

  4. This, of all of the articles I have read for blog posts, is the only one that truly shocks me. Invisibility is possible? At that, invisibility is inexpensive? What does this mean for the world? Honestly, I wish I knew. If invisibility is possible, camera security is going to become a thing of the past. On an even large scale, tensions between countries are going to become even more tense as a plane could fly over and drop a bomb without even being detected. Of course, the good thing is that motion sensitivity exists and can replace vision-based security systems. This is just weird, way weird, for lack of a better phraseology.
    The child in my soul can only think about the endless possibilities in tag, hide and seek, and other childlike games. Would this product ever be marketed as a toy for children? It would be successful if it was, but would parents be happy about that? Most likely not since their kid could just hide with their invisibility blanket when they have done something wrong.
    It would probably end up causing societal issues, though. If people could do things without being seen, there is no deterrent against doing them. Besides moral values, people will not be scared of shame or getting caught. This possibility paints a very scary picture of what could happen if this product was introduced publicly. Because it exists, though, and people know it exists, I have no doubt that people are going to try to replicate it. Most likely, someone will be successful in doing so.
    Should we be concerned about this existing? Probably. Is it really interesting to know that this kind of thing exists? Absolutely.

  5. When I first read the title of this article and the first few sentences, it made me laugh in amazement. I think the possibilities for this cloak are very beneficial to our military and other allied militaries out there, and it surprised me that they had been pitching it since 2011 and it only now is picking up some traction. This could be a very powerful tool to use in certain aspects of war, and I think it would be foolish to ignore its capabilities. By being able to be hidden to certain things like thermal detection, that could allow our troops to move in without being seen (that is if thermal detection is being used by the enemy to track us). In general, I think that by having this cloak around is not a bad idea in the slightest.

    However, there are some things I thought of while reading about this. While it is not meant for the general public to use, strictly for military usage, there is always a possibility of a breach in shipment or it somehow ending up on the black market. Or, having other scientists figure out just how the material is made and sell it to the general public. However, I do not really see what I would actually do with a hidden cloak, other than feel like Harry Potter while wearing it. So while the release to the general public may not be as popular or sought after as one may think, it is the possibility of it becoming too mainstreamed and getting into the wrong hands that is important. If we enter into World War III any time soon, this exact thing could be used by our enemies to work against us when on the battlefield, if they gain access to it.

    I think the creation of this material shows just how amazing technology is and how it has enhanced and changed our lives forever. But it also brings to the surface the dangers of technology and its capabilities. While this invention is something that will change the way our military is able to operate and function, its abuse could lead to greater repercussions against us.

  6. As much as my inner sci-fi fanboy is squealing with joy over this invention, my cynical mind is quite scared of this. As the company states it will be for government use (military), and while this sounds like not a problem for the country of origin, Canada, it does raise major concerns for countries like the US or China (to say less of countries in the Middle East or dictatorships like North Korea). Warfare is already quite advanced which leads to maximum amount of casualties (usually on the losing side), especially in wars like those in Yemen, or Syria. A stealthy military weapon is concerning for some obvious reasons. But for me the domestic use of this is more concerning. If this were to be used for law enforcement, I have major concerns for liberty, as well as some of the discrimination problems being exacerbated. Another note would be that it’s strange this company is telling the public that they have the technology instead of just developing it secretly for the government. Hopefully with the knowledge of this tech, we will be able to nip it in the bud before it reaches Law enforcement (social pressure to not use it?)

  7. Watching Harry Potter as a young child, I always wished I could have his cloak of invisibility and use it in real life. I would use it for many things. A cloak of invisibility could be used for so many things, but if in the wrong hands, invisibility could cause chaos for the those who are acting in good faith. Of course, I always say that invisibility would never be a thing, so we have no worries. However, in this age of technology and innovation, invisibility is now something that is no longer a fantasy. HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp has created an invisibility shield called “Quantum Stealth”. “Quantum Stealth” is a light bending material that can be utilized to conceal objects of many different sizes. It can supposedly hide people, buildings, aircrafts, and ships. It also has no power source and is as thin as paper. Not only that but it is also super inexpensive. It retrieves light from the sides of the shield and then the light bends to the middle which creates the illusion that nothing is there. Now this technology in the wrong hands can be devastating to allied forces like the U.S. and Canada. Luckily the company has made clear that their biotechnology is not to be used or offered to the public. They also have applied for patent protection in order to keep this technology away from the wrong hands. However, I don’t think that is going to stop non-allied forces or criminals from catching up to us. Now, the patent and the offering the technology only to allied forces is great, but in today’ world others are for sure keeping a close eye on the technology. This is why I disagree with the company putting up promotional videos of the product. Anyone could look at the footage and begin to conduct their research in how to re-create it. All I see from this is a race to invisibility. Everyone is going to scramble to make the best invisibility technology; like a cold war. Technology has changed everything around including warfare, but this new technology is definitely a huge gamechanger in how we and our military look at warfare.

  8. When I first saw the title of this article, I did not believe it could be true, so I had to give it a read. I never thought something like invisibility could be possible. Invisibility has been something that has seemed nearly impossible in the past. I’ve always seen it in sci-fi movies and TV shows used as a superpower, but it is now becoming a reality. The new invisibility shield is something that could improve our military’s technology in the long run. The fact that the shield has the ability to camouflage anything from people to buildings. Although developed in Canada, I would not be surprised if the United States either developed a technology very similar or used the exact blueprint as the original developed in Canada. One major concern is that at some point in the future non-allied countries will use it against our soldiers in war. Although it’s a little late, I think that this development should have stayed hidden from the public so non-allied countries have no way of knowing it even exists. Now that it has made its way to the internet, there is no way of keeping it a secret from anyone. As a civilian, if this technology is used for any reason besides military use it raises a concern for me. The invisibility technology was never been intended for public use and I, personally, would not like knowing people are watching me that I cannot see. However, I would not be surprised if this was incorporated as a security system in big cities like New York and Washington D.C. considering the high level of security that is already present. The technology is very straightforward, the material can bend light in a way that means only things very close or very far away can be seen. So, an object or person placed behind it at a certain distance will become invisible. My only concern is that it may get more difficult to keep things hidden from more than one wavelength of light at a time so before it is used by our military or security there should be zero flaws.

  9. I am at a loss for words! But I have to write this blog post. The day has finally come where people can literally turn invisible. As a child I have always thought about the possibility of the powers that superheroes have to exist in real life. The Canadian company Hyper stealth Biotechnology have been able to create a material that can be used to make not only a person invisible but ships, tanks, and other vehicles and objects. For one, I fully understand why this material would not be used and marketed to the public for their free will use. Criminals will have a field day if this technology were to be commercialized and free to the public. Apparently the company says that the material was not hard to create and it is as thin as paper and is not the most complex substance ever. It is simply bending and manipulating light, color and the human eye. It almost seems gimmicky but at the end of the day it is used for only military purposes. This can cause a huge advantage for the military side that has this technology for obvious reasons. Billions of dollars are invested in technology by a nation that wants to have the upper hand on war. It is already hard enough for militaries to find and indicate aircrafts and sea vehicles but now their invisible! Also, they are immune to heat detection and other kinds of detections. The fact that this invention exists and that I am living in a world where a superhero power as illusive and far fetch as invisible is accessible.

  10. After reading this article, it sounded like something from my childhood from Batman Beyond or drew when I was little. While I’m surprised and excited for this new technology to come about, I’m also very nervous for what the future holds with this technology. Invisibility is amazing and seems like a superpower and seems like a military type of project that is just getting released to the public now. The technology is amazing because it’s inexpensive and uses no power at all while doing its’ job making eco friendly and a work of genius. However, this new technology is concerning if the wrong hands learn on how to mimic the idea to a greater extent. If criminals got their hands on this new technology, there could be many more issues as they bring the threat of invisibility. Military could even get involved more with this technology meaning that this could advance warfare even further causing even more issues than there already are in the world. In my opinion, there needs to be a system put in place where the technology is simply for citizens with no criminal background in order to prevent this amazing new technology from falling into the wrong hands. While the technology gets improved and upgraded there will also be far more success than the first prototype that is just being released for the first time in society in the present. In addition, this new invisibility technology lays the foundation for even more projects in the future. Projects such as invisible cloaks, hats, shirts, and other accessories could very well be put into society in the not too distant future which is incredible. Years ago, invisibility seemed like something that only superheroes could have, or was just a thought of imagination because nobody thought that we would advance technologically as fast as we are now. As we continue to advance further technologically one could only wonder what the next new project or invention is going to be as there so many new ideas that are now possible. In my opinion, I’m excited for the future and what it holds as things that were ‘impossible’ are now becoming relevant and a corner stone for society.

  11. Very interesting to read about what the future could look like, even though we might be able to see the future. This is very cool to think that things we see in science-fiction movies could come to real life. Part of why them call them “sci-fi” movies is because you get a chance to see out of this world magic and realism that are put on a movie screen. Could they still be called sci-fi movies if it is now coming to life? First, Nike made the self lacing shoes from Back to the future. Now we are seeing the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter come to life. I thought it was very interesting to see how it still looked like a blur moving like something was actually there like in the movie.
    My first thought is how the military could use this device to cover up military bases. They could use this device to cover weaponry from Satellites. This is an especially good tactic in defense while in another country. My second thought goes into the ethical concerns of everyday life. Easily being manipulated into small things like shoplifting or stealing a ticket into the subway. These are small ethical issues but I can only imagine what else there could be.
    The maker of the product says it wants to keep it out of the hands of the public. The article says it will be made for military use only. If they did not have the intentions to have the public know about it, why would they post a video about it? This is where I am skeptical about the device and their intentions. This would also be a device where the government would have to get involved for regulations, or if they would allow it to come to market. I do not think it would be a good idea for the FTC to allow the company to produce these.
    As far as the product goes, the company says it was not hard to produce. The materials used were not hard to create and it is as thin as paper. The craziest part might be that it does not use any source of power to use the device. It might not be stopping someone with a science background to create this. I think it would be used for more bad than good in the end which reaffirms why it should not be brought into market.

  12. At first, reading this article brought me back to my childhood and made me very happy- as I have always been a big Harry Potter fan. However, then I started to read some of the other responses and did more broad research on HyperStealth’s invisibility shield. HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp consistently markets (essentially what they are doing with this article, other articles, and videos) this military product; is that a good idea? Personally I think it is unwise for HyperStealth to be advertising how “inexpensive” and “lightweight” their new product is- especially because the product can be created so seamlessly. Surely sharing this military technology with our allies is smart, however, what about US enemies? The US is essentially handing their new innovative blueprints over to anybody who wants them. In this, what if rival nations are quicker to enhance the invisibility shield- for example, somehow finding a way to make nuclear weapons/ airplanes invisible. That is clearly just a terrible situation. Ultimately, I believe that putting new/unused US military technologies in the news is a poor idea.

    Furthermore, now that it has been in the news, the invisibility shield is just another example of a product that was intended for military use, but due to its’ presence in the media, will most likely be a commercial product. So what if lay people start buying the invisibility shield for criminal reasons? For example, robbing a bank as a seemingly “invisible” person- nobody would be able to identify who robbed the bank. Would this new technology then have to be combated with another technological invention such as cameras that are able to see through the invisibility shield? It always seems like people are inventing products which are made to simplify and protect humanity, however, when these products get into the wrong hands, countermeasures must always be taken. Ultimately, the invisibility shield is a fantastic innovative idea- if it had only been contained within the US military.

  13. This post from CTV News really shocks me. This read was extremely interesting because I never would have thought that invisibility would be a thing of reality in my life time. The ideas of flying cars, space ships, aliens, lightning speed, etc has been the talk of my reality in my short life time so far. But invisibility? Although that sounds fun and cool, it also scares me. In our current society and even the world, so many people are looking for ways to spread evil and by being invisible it gives them the opportunity to exploit others without being caught or even seen at a whole different level. Imagine our enemies being able to make the planes with explosives invisible or being able to mask their troops who are invading our property. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but I believe that the invisibility should stay in the fictional world for now.

    However, on the other end, invisibility may be useful in our case to satisfy government or personal needs. The most surprising statement of this post was that invisibility “is expensive”. How much could it possibly cost to be invisible? I understand that there are materials that must be mixed or made to create the invisible factor, but the sad part is that so many people will break their banks or increase taxes just to be able to purchase this new luxury. I am all for the idea of new and improved technologies, but I feel that we should focus on better our environment and world problems much more before we worry about becoming invisible.

  14. While I think this technology is interesting and groundbreaking, I think that it could be rendered obsolete very quickly. While something may not be visible, say an aircraft or spacecraft, it would still be picked up in other ways. The satellite technology and radar technology has become incredibly advanced and possibly more advanced then the public truly knows. It truly is an interesting concept; however, I truly don’t think that it can provide that much of a strategic advantage to anyone trying to hide something like an aircraft or even themselves. The reason I think that this material won’t be viable is that most aircraft vehicles still make a significant amount of noise and the technology only works well when the object is far away, so people won’t be able to utilize it that well anyway. While the technology does indeed make an object disappear the background behind the object becomes blurry. I do think that this technology has better purposes though. I think this could be incredibly helpful for in-home safety and privacy protection. I think that if people had this technology in their windows it would be a huge development in the safety of people throughout the country. I also think this technology could be used in public places like stores and gas stations to prevent things like robberies and other dangerous situations. The problem with this technology is that at a certain point it doesn’t do enough to cover something that is related to something in national security. Another issue that could come with this technology will be the eventual price that it ends up being. I don’t see the product being too successful if the product is incredibly expensive or is unavailable to the public to buy. It reminds me of fad technology like 3d Televisions that don’t make a significant of enough difference in picture quality to truly replace flat screens, or eBook readers when you can essentially read from any device that you want to. I could very easily be wrong about this technology, but it will surely be interesting to watch how the product will develop over the next few years.

  15. The article above speaks about a new device called an invisibility shield created by a Canadian company. The first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak. The idea of putting a shield on yourself, equipment, buildings, and automobiles and making it invisible to the human eye and machines is incredible. Imagine being a kid and playing tag or manhunt with it? It is magical and a great invention, but as history has proven time and time again, humans ruin everything. This device should not go public and the government will most likely obtain the rights and patent to this technology. The government and military will find a way to use it to their advantage, and hopefully, the technology will not get left in another country and get obtained by other governments and armies. It has happened before and could happen again.
    The CEO of the company, HyperStealth, also was worried about it getting into the wrong hands. He even mentioned burying the technology, which was never going to happen. If the government and military can keep a wrap on it and control it, the device will be great. Sadly, this might not happen. After the Canadian government obtains the patients, they will get calls from other allied countries asking for this technology and the pressure will be on the Canadian government to decide if they wish to share this information. If they do not, it could lead to conflicts between countries. Only time will tell how this technology will be used globally, hopefully for the best.

  16. The title of this article, “Canadian-made ‘invisibility shield’ could hide people, spacecraft,” had me immediately think of harry potter’s invisibility cloak. The first line of the article, “It’s more likely to camouflage military troops than boy wizards,” reassured that my referencing was probably inherently common amongst readers. Besides the, ‘wizarding world of Harry Potter,’ the concept of invisibility seemed rather alien. This is justifiable due to the fact that this technology has never been truly publicized until recently.

    The way that the technology works is similar to that of a 3-D image or a holographic image of a 90’s lunchbox. In fact, it is composed of the same material. Guy Cramer, the president and CEO of the Hyperstealth project, explains the material as such, “You think, intuitively, that the light comes straight through the middle and comes and hits your eye, but the light that’s coming out the middle has bent there from around (the sides). It’s the bending of light that makes it look like it’s not there at all.” The device uses a material called lenticular lenses, which are commonly used in advertising. The way that this device appears invisible is due to the anatomy and physiology of the human eye. The eyes photoreceptors are sensitive to light. Light is the only thing that enables us to see naturally because the reflection of light off of surfaces is what makes them detectable to the human eye.

    In 2011 the device and patented technology was presented to the United States and Canadian allied military. As I mentioned earlier, the technology wasn’t published until recently. The device has the capability to refract the light away from the surface of the object and even defer heat signals on the thermal spectrum. This is a significant achievement in military technology, but it also presents some issues. Due to its incredible abilities, there could be seriously negative repercussions of this technology fell into the wrong hands. It is patented, but that doesn’t stop unregulated use and development. This technology could dramatically change modern warfare if it was used by one allied power, or even just one country. Cramer reports that he has a significant amount of “ higher-ups” who have made an effort to contact him regarding his new device and patented technology.

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