‘Sign In With Apple’ Is Way Better Than Passwords—If You Can Find It

Apple’s new sign-in feature in iOS 13 allows you to access supported apps using your Apple ID. The system promises added privacy benefits over Facebook and Google’s sign-in options. WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains how it all works using some quirky bouncers.

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    • Apples new sign in system is much like Google’s and Facebook’s. Their goal is to get the user t use their platform to make a new account on for an app rather than use an email and password. This not only makes it easier for the user because everything is synched, but it also makes it safer. The big tech companies have better security than most apps and it will protect the user’s data better. The problem with these companies however, is if someone or group hacks them, they are at risk of exposing millions of people’s information, versus if someone uses their email to sign up only their stuff would be leaked if they got hacked. Another concern is that Apple is not as mainstream with this particular area. Google and Facebook have had the sign in options for years and are the normal sign in options in most popular apps. This makes the user more inclined to make an account. Companies like Apple are just now launching this program and will have to catch up to the competition. They should not have a problem if they promote it the right way and use popular apps to first release it on. However, all of the popular apps have accounts created with Google and Facebook so Apple might have a hard time on the market. Another issue is that it might not be cross platform. Apple is well known for making their devices work exclusively with each other and not outside technology. If this is the case, one might use apple products for signing up and then switch to an android and loose their accounts because the option to sign in with Apple won’t be available for android. If Apple wants to succeed in making “Sign-In with Apple” they have to be willing to go cross platform and expand their brand. I think Apple’s goal was to launch this alongside their new credit card program so that they can reach into new areas of the market. It is not a bad idea on their part to increase sales but if it goes wrong, they could lose millions.

  1. Although there are some risks to giving Apple the ability to log into all of your accounts, overall, I think it is more beneficial than anything. Considering that privacy experts also agree, that shows it has some credibility behind its use. The main risk is that if a hacker somehow gets into your account, they will have the passwords for all of your social medias and other things that you use Apple sign in for. However, I do not think that would happen any time soon. Apple is known to have the least amount of hacking because it is not the main tech company on the market. While this may change in the future, as of now companies like Microsoft are the ones that are targeted by hackers.
    The use of Apple sign in is also beneficial because you have more protection when signing in, such as using your fingerprint or face ID. These forms of security are very secure and are almost impossible to be hacked through. This is because the hacker would need the person’s literal finger print or to have their face be in front of the phone to be unlocked, which is highly unlikely to occur.
    While there are other single sign in sites such as Sneezely, these do not seem as secure. Although one does not have to type in their actual information, such as their facebook username and password, the two apps are still connected. By using Apple sign in, it hides your actual information, such as your personal email, from the apps. Apple does this so the app makers are not able to track you using your email address and see what your activity is online. Big tech companies like Apple also have much more enforced security systems that have been proven highly effective, whereas these other apps like Sneezely, are small and may not have as much security.
    Personally, due to the amount of passwords that I have created over the years, Apple sign in would be very handy. For the most part, most of my passwords are similar in form anyway, so this would make it easier for the user to not have to remember their 80 passwords.

  2. As consumers we are always asked to sign up for this, verify our email for that and I am excited to hear that Apple is providing us with an easier approach. With the built in two-factor authentication support, and anti-fraud detection it is ensuring the safety of one’s privacy. I’m rather intrigued that Apple decided to join the sign in process as Facebook, and Google have. The video that shows a demonstration of what Apple is trying to provide. It is reassuring and I will make sure to use their option when signing up for an account or downloading a new app. My main concern when using my Facebook or Google account is that it takes too long of a process and it is using a lot of my information. The new feature that Apple lets consumers choose an option to not use their real email is going to be incredibly appealing and have much success. Rather than using a personal email, Apple can generate a random but real email address for the app to use. Apple is one of the largest tech companies and they are on top of their security measures in order to prevent breaches, avoid things such as the Facebook disaster. An email holds a lot of one’s information down to your address, credit card information and even your contact list. While I do think heavily relying on one company for our privacy to stay intact may backfire, because one may never know what could happen. The internet itself is a risk on its own; I rather it be one company than multiple companies having my information and run the risk of hackers. With Apple’s reputation and customer loyalty, ultimately this new sign in feature will not fail. Apple’s Keychain is also a great feature that will be used when signing in to apps. Instead of making several different passwords; I don’t have to think twice its all set up for me it just needs to scan my face. I appreciate Apple for adding this extra security measures for its consumers, especially with the new iPhone coming out it will definitely ensure new customers that their $1,000 phone is at least safe. This is also an incredible marketing strategy because they are making it a selling point to compare to its competitors. They generate revenue from the sales of their devices not ads, and they aren’t interested in obtaining our information. I’ll be happily using this new tool when they launch the new iOS 13 software later this fall.

  3. This video directly applies to me. I am someone that is guilty of using my Facebook to sign-in with basically every app I download. Instagram, Spotify, and even my fantasy sports apps are signed in using my Facebook log-in. I have always just been to lazy to create a special email for these accounts, or to make any effort to keep my information separate from the app. I am honestly surprised that Apple, of all, is one of the first big-tech companies to create more secure sign-in features under the new update, iOS 13. My iPhone 7 is just new enough to be able to download this update, and I was most happy about the dark theme and the volume bar being moved to the left side of the screen. However, the new feature, to sign in with Apple, may be the most important. After watching the Wall Street Journal video, I now understand how these big three tech companies operate using our log-in information. If the Apple sign-in stays the same, privacy experts say it is by far the safest method to use. Apple will take the email you want to use for a certain application, but it will not share the information with the app provider or anyone else. Instead it will create an alternate apple email to share with the app, and then share the messages sent to that email to your real email. This seems by far the safest, when compared to Google or Facebook. By using Facebook to sign in, you are giving the app access to all of your personal information that is connected to your Facebook account. Personally, I do not want any of my apps to know who my friends are, what I search for, and what products that they believe I want to buy. Another benefit of using Apple to sign-in, it is secure! The servers that Apple has are the most secure and private, certainly more than the app that you are using to play fantasy sports on.

  4. I think signing in with an apple ID is safer than signing in with Facebook due to hackers. Although many individuals can try to hack ones Apple ID, they have many security steps when it comes to accessing your account. Although Apple ID has many proc and cons when creating an account, it can be very beneficial. Apple sign in is also beneficial because you have more protection when signing in, such as using your fingerprint or face ID. It also allows notifications when there is any suspicious movement. It also gives you the options of two-authority factors that allow your information to be protected when it comes to using applications you download. By using Facebook to sign in, you are giving any application access to all of your personal information that is connected to your Facebook account.

  5. I think this is an excellent step forward for privacy for smartphone users. As an Android user myself, I am always wary when using new apps that require my identity to use them, because I am unsure of what they are using that information for. When reviewing the terms and conditions of certain apps, some of them will blatantly tell you that they are going to sell your personal information to third party companies. I would consider this an absolute breach of my privacy and knowing just how many people will use an app without reviewing the terms and conditions first is discomforting, to say the least. For Apple users, the anonymity feature that Apple gives by generating a fake email for you to use the app with would completely wash away any sort of worries that I had of my personal information ending up somewhere that I hadn’t intended it to. It is also good that it confirms who you are before letting you into the app, so that way Apple would know if someone that wasn’t me was attempting to log in using my email. I know that with my Facebook verification, oftentimes I just have to click on the “Agree” button and it lets me into the app, without verifying any sort of Facebook account information. That means that if my phone were stolen, someone that wasn’t me could very easily get into my account. The new Apple way would stop this in a heartbeat, and that is very much appreciated. However, one major weakness to this is that if Apple’s servers were hacked, the hackers would have access to every app linked to one Apple account. Given that companies like Sony and Microsoft have had issues with being hacked in the past that led to customer’s private information being leaked, it is unlikely that Apple is entirely immune to this. This risk is not enough for me to not support this step forward, however, and I would still like a similar feature to be installed for Android devices.

  6. Whenever I download a new app and it gives me the option to sign-in with google, I am guilty of going right ahead and pressing the google icon. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how unsecure that option is. Also, signing in with google also gives apps more information about myself then I should be giving. Thankfully apple has now created the option to sign in through them. Many people, including myself, have difficulties creating a million new passwords for many different accounts or apps. Therefore, many people do just sign in with google, Facebook or they use the same password for all of their accounts which can be extremely dangerous to people’s privacy and security.
    When you sign up to an app through Facebook and google you are also giving out too much information because they have the default privacy settings enabled to let them see that information. That is very scary to think that Facebook and google are technically allowing apps access to information about you. A person’s email is also crucial to the privacy and security. Email addresses are one of the easiest ways for anyone to track you on the internet. Therefore, when you use Facebook and google to login to apps, you are also giving those apps the ability to track everything that you do on the internet; especially if you use google because of their many settings and information tabs they keep on their users.
    Apple also has a small risk of being hacked, but other than that, it is relatively safe to use than the other three options which are signing in through Facebook or google. The third option is creating an account for that app and that usually requires you to add an email to the account; still gives apps the ability to track your every move on the internet. Even privacy and security experts are taking a liking to apples new sign in option.
    I plan on using apple to sign-in to apps because of the security and privacy it can offer me. Apple doesn’t ask for much information when it comes to signing up. They do ask for your email, but they wont share it unless you let them. Apple creates an anonymous email which they give to the app. So, whenever the app wants to email you, the mail will be sent to that email and not your personal account. Apple then forwards the message to your real email. Apple also has the privilege of making sure that it is actually you when signing in through face-scan or fingerprint. For me, apple is the way to go when it comes to signing up for apps from going forward.

  7. This was a great informational video to Iphone users that may have not been aware of things like this. Personally, I did not know my informations was being shared with these apps by logging into Facebook and possibly other information along with that. You assume that that would stay with Facebook so that a secondary company, such as a small app, doesn’t have your information on file. This could turn into a big potential risk as a regular person, because it is getting harder and harder not to be found anywhere. Everything that you look at is being monitored so that you can get targeted advertisements and provide data to companies. It is great that Apple saw this issue and now tried to fix it by not sharing any information with the apps that you are trying to get in. I think it is funny however that a full face scan or your fingerprint can be used as your password which is counterproductive. Most people enable these features for ease of access to their phone. This means that in the search of privacy with the new login option on apps, Apple now has a complete face scan of you and your fingerprint. I think this is a great new option however and will make a lot of people happy that they get to spend one less second logging in to the app and the knowledge of having a little more privacy.

  8. The new Apple sign in feature allows for a more secure way to log into password protected apps. The reason Apple developed this new method for getting though password protected apps on the phone is because the average person has over 80 apps on their phone that is password protected. A problem with this is the fact that each app has different login credentials so there is no possible way to remember all these passwords and usernames. The current solution to this problem is to use Facebook and Google to sign into the app. Where Apple improved this process was in the privacy aspect. The way that logging in using Google or Facebook works is by giving the app your email address allowing the app to recognize that the person who owns the account is the person who is who they say they are. But, the use of email address is how big companies track people on the internet this allows them to collect data about how to more effectively market to people. So, what Apple does is they give the app a fake email which sends identification to the real email which then opens the app up to the user. This system makes it hard for companies to monitor your internet use.
    I feel like this is a useful technology as our lives become more integrated with technology. The reasons I believe that this is important is because of the concept of privacy, the need to easily access apps on your phone, and finally because Apple’s face recognition and thumbprint recognition technology is effective. The reason I believe privacy is important is because it is critical for people to trust the internet. I grew up in the generation that always had technology, so I never experienced real distrust of the internet, my parents on the other hand are extremely distrusting of the internet. I always hear them talk about not sharing this, or don’t buy that off the internet. This fear will persist if there is a lack of privacy on the internet. I remember not to long ago my mom was telling me how she was talking about at product then later that day ads were popping up on her computer and the worried her. So, though that maybe helpful to some to others that is invasive. The next point is common sense my brain cannot retain every login I have every made so I am going to need help at some point to login to some apps. Lastly, Apple’s two factor identification of face scanning or thumbprint scanning plus a password is almost impossible to hack so you can rest easy knowing Apple’s focus protecting you from hacks.

  9. I, myself, like many people who use the internet nowadays, have fell into the “trap” of signing up for an app or website and conveniently clicking to sign up with Facebook or Google. The ease of access to what you really want is given when you are able to just click 2 buttons instead thinking of a clever password and username so that your account is secured. I have recently updated my phone to IOS 13 so I have not been able to make the switch over to letting Apple have access to all my passwords and usernames. I believe this step would be crucial in protecting my information because every app and website have different credentials and password standards that it is very hard to keep up with all of them. Almost everyone who has forgotten a password has either went through a strenuous process of recovering an account, changing their passwords, or creating an entire new account. These issues are what I believe Apple are trying to eliminate with having access to all your passwords at once. Not only is Apple known for resisting hackers and their devices are known to catch the LEAST viruses, but their facial recognition and thumbprint recognition technology adds on to their almost unbreakable system. The fact that Apple themselves are making fake emails to send to these companies that then triggers a signal to be sent to your real email makes it that much harder for these companies to track your digital footsteps.

  10. I believe Apple sign in has great potential and provides a great alternative to Google/Facebook and traditional sign in. Apple is offering a safe solution to multi app sign in by using an anonymous email to send the sign in verification. Having to sign into multiple apps on your phone with different accounts can be very tedious. Many people now signing into their apps using one account sign such as, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Apple is has taken steps to protect users emails from being used by various apps. Google and Facebook collect data from the various apps you sign in with their accounts to provide targeted ads. Personally, I don’t like the idea of my login information being taken and stored to target advertisements at me. Apple does not collect any data from your various application logins. Apple sign in requires the user to either verify their identity through finger print scanning or facial recognition. One possible issue with Apple sign in is all the user’s apps being connected to one account. In the video it also discusses the possibility that if Apple is hacked, that it could compromise every single one of your apps that uses Apple sign in. However, this also applies to if Google or Facebook got hacked, the same scenario would be possible. In conclusion, I believe Apple is providing one of the most private and efficient multiple application sign ins.

  11. After reading this article, it made me reevaluate how I use Apple due to the fact that now I can utilize the new technology of IOS 13 to my advantage of having Apple remember my passwords. To me it’s a total relief due to the fact that Apple is secure and promises security of all their users no matter who they are. However, there is also some fear that goes along with the happiness of this brand-new technology and that is hacking. Hacking has become a huge part of society due to the growing technological aspect of this generation and is a big danger as they can leak information and use it to their advantage by stealing everything from your address to your banking information. Hacking is a fear with his IOS 13 technology due to the fact that if they somehow manage to get in, they could steal all the information that I have put into these different apps and damage things.
    Apple can be trustworthy due to the fact that there is other apps and websites that I wouldn’t true to house my information even though they say they are ‘secure.’ Apple is also great because even though I have a ton of other passwords for other apps and at times forget them, I seemingly never forget my Apple password because I personally deem that the most important password. Having my apple password to sign into other apps, or utilizing significant Apple features like Face ID, can help maximize fluidity that other sites lack and make the whole process of remembering certain passwords for different apps a thing of the past which is truly amazing and showcases the generation of technology that we are truly glad to have.
    Personally, I am going to utilize this technology to the best I can because I am easily forgetful. While there always is a chance the information could get hacked, I feel that Apple will significantly ramp up security measures to make this process a ton easier and safer for all users who use this daily or every once and a while.

  12. Privacy concerns have been a growing trend in the United States over the past few years. What goes on exactly when we sign in with Google to a company to make it easier to sign in? Sure, you could have made an account with the company and made the process that much longer. So we go ahead and hit sign in with Google and now they have access to quite a large amount of data on you. You have the option of giving them access basic account information, which is anything like date of birth, phone numbers, and emails linked to the account. Odds are that you would have given them this information regardless when signing up through the company’s website.
    The main concern here is that third-party companies now know your information and it is up to them how they want to use it. Some do not mean much harm and want information to more accurately market to you. Some of them sell your information even deeper and that is where you get the emails from companies that you have no idea where they came from. The bigger picture here to look at is hackers and servers. Hackers can infiltrate weak servers of the smaller companies that have this data, as opposed to Google’s or Apple’s servers where it has multiple layers to its security. Now, every company always has scares with security and some patch the hole right away, while others do not see it. Facebook has been in the news constantly for this with possible passwords and other personal info being leaked. This is just to show that there is a common place for everyone where your personal information and photos are stored. This would be the same as your notes or photos on your phone being shown to everyone.
    Consumers seem to have a weird feeling when they talk about a company or product, then go on Instagram a few minutes later and see that product being advertised. No, your account has not been hacked but your phone has been listening to you. It is Instagram’s way of tracking ads that help you get the products you want. This goes along with privacy and what exactly you want sites to know about you. There is a difference between a consumer Googling a product and web ads popping up on the side of Facebook. Rather, this is a relatively new occurrence where your phone is listening for key words to advertise for you. Consumers have called this an invasion of privacy. Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa, does the same thing when you think about it. It has the ability to constantly listen to you in your home waiting for you to say “Alexa” followed by a command. We trust companies with our data and information but there is always a threat for hackers. Being picky in this circumstance is good with choosing who you want having access to your data.

  13. Privacy is a huge issue that we have to deal with in today’s society. With the mass amount of passwords and usernames that we have, we are always trying to cheat the system and find the easiest way to remember these credentials as well as the easiest way to log into the countless apps we have. This led companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple to create easy methods of signing into such apps. Based on the video, Apple is the most secure and trustworthy source to use to sign into apps. I have used Facebook login in the past to log into games easily, but I feel that I will steer more towards using Apple to sign in. I always knew that Facebook was one of those apps that people could not trust anymore, especially with the number of privacy breaches that occur throughout the years. But I would always look past the risks because I am too lazy to manually sign in by myself. Although I am not the only person with this issue, I am glad that people are spreading awareness of the different ways that we could safely use the simple log in systems.

    The most important aspect of the video is the way that it described the differences between using Facebook, Google, and Apple for the login process. Apple has always had a history for having very good privacy and making sure that its customer’s information does not get hacked or spread to other companies. In this case, unlike Facebook that gives apps such as Instagram the individuals’ real email and account picture when used to sign in to apps, apple generates a fake email but verifies that the credentials used to log in with Apple is correct. This is very important and is a game-changer because our email is the perfect gateway for hackers to obtain as much information as possible from us. This is because we use our emails for everything. From signing up for rewards at a store to getting notifications about job offers and our credit card history, our emails are tied to everything we do. Additionally, our emails individually contain our personal information such as full name, phone number, and address. Which if taken by a hacker can easily be used to take someone’s identity. Therefore, by Apple preventing companies form obtaining our emails through the simple sign-in processes, this allows the extra step for safety that Facebook and Google do not have.

    Knowing the safety risks that are prevalent when we use any system that uses our emails and recognizes our usernames and passwords, we are always taking a chance with our personal information whether we know it or not. Apple has created a system that allows us to easily access accounts as well as having privacy and safety, which is reassuring in a world where being hacked is easier than ever. Although I am still hesitant with any system that saves our information and allows us to easily access our accounts, I do believe that with Apple’s safety record and customer satisfaction throughout the years, using Apple’s sign-in is very beneficial. I mean we already use the regular sign in for our everyday use of apps. And knowing that the internet is a dangerous place regardless of how we sign in, using Apple to sign in is just an easier way of accessing our apps than what we did beforehand. Therefore, I believe that we should be able to trust Apple’s sign-in system. With its two-factor authentication, there is a less probability of being hacked than using any other platform to log into apps. Hopefully, with time the safety will improve. But for now, I will continue to use Apple to sign in to most apps when necessary.

  14. Being a longtime apple user/customer, “sign in with apple” is something I have never heard of before. However, not everyone is an apple user. You have those who use androids and or flip phones. I’m not opposed to Apple’s new feature; I just don’t think it is very practical. Apple’s new sign in feature is something that is very similar to Google’s and to Facebook’s. I don’t think I know of someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account or a Google account, but I do know people who don’t use apple products. I find it way easier to sign in with Facebook with everything. I have not had a problem, nor do I think I will ever have a problem with Facebook’s sign in feature.

    Google and Facebook share your name and email address when logging into an app with those social media platforms but Apple’s new sign in feature also does that. For those who are opposed to signing in with Google and Facebook because of that reason well news flash, Apple isn’t any better. The downsides of “sign in with apple” is that iPhones aren’t immune to security vulnerabilities. Also, Apple’s iCloud feature has been hacked before and made headlines in 2014. A big downfall for “sign in with apple” is that users may or may not have to create a new account just to use it. “Sign In With Apple”. I will continue to use Apple products but stay in my comfort zone and use my Facebook and Google accounts when signing in with apps.

  15. Up until now, I had never heard of this. I personally think this is brilliant! I, myself, can just about never remember the passwords I have, but I do know theres a pretty good chance it’s a variation of the same word with some special characters or number combos. Even when I do use Facebook or Google, most of the time I forget that I did and can’t get in anyway. With that being said, I have noticed a great deal of ads on my Facebook centered around the apps or sites I use those log ins for, so it’s clear they’re sharing a lot of my information.

    I think this video was an amazing, and well written, way to explain this in a way that is super easy for consumers to understand. I walked away actually learning things and laughing a little. I am a huge advocate for consumer privacy and I am excited to hopefully have this option on many more of the apps I use because if there is a way for me to not only just be required to remember one log in, but also save some of my information from being shared and abused, I would be absolutely thrilled. The secondary face id or fingerprint is what really sells it. I hope this actually starts to spread a little more.

  16. Joanna Stern’s video of Apple’s new “Sign In With Apple” feature on IOS 13 sheds light on one of the greatest privacy issues people face on the internet; that is application logins. As the class discussed in Professor Shannon’s BLAW course, the majority of people own an iPhone, however, almost nobody has read the user contract that pops up when they first activate their phones. Instead, people simply press “agree” and move on. This scenario parallels downloading a new app from the app store. Once downloaded, almost every app on the app store requires a username and password upon use, or, offers a “sign in with Facebook/Google” option. As humans we generally opt to take the quickest, easiest approach which is signing in with Facebook/Google; people skip over the pop up that tells them what information the app has acquired from their Facebook/Google account. Stern informs people that by granting apps access to their alternate account they also have access to photos, email, name, closest friends, etc. With this, Apple is creating a new program that attempts to fix the lack of privacy that comes with downloading apps onto an Apple product. The greatest feature Apple sign in offers is taking its’ users email addresses and warping them so apps do not have access to their real email. I believe this is the greatest feature because email accounts are the easiest way for hackers /ad agencies to track people on the internet. The content that hackers and ad agencies send people is almost always unwanted. For example, over the summer I interned for a fintech broker dealer. I had that company name on my Facebook, in my Google account, and I was downloading financial applications onto my iPhone to help me complete tasks for work. These application required me to sign in with Facebook and give my email. After a week at work, I was getting strange spam emails constantly and had to report them to my boss, as I didn’t want any of the company’s personal information breached from my computer. Although the information we physically upload online is seemingly harmless, there’s always somebody on the other side of the screen using this information maliciously. It’s best to use the most secure network offered, which seems to be Apple login at the moment.

  17. I chose this article because like any person should, I enjoy engaging in things that will benefit me, as opposed to the opposite which could seem more of a time-waster than anything. Since I am an Apple product user I know I can greatly take advantage of this oppurtunity presented to me if I take the time to learn how. I am a huge fan of using external ways to sign into things. Irresponsibly, I am known to forget my passwords, prior to a solution I have come across (actually in a different ShannonWeb article), but when I could sign in using Google, Facebook, or something of the sorts, my poor memory was never needed because I was already previously signed in on other apps, or I would not have to create another account, when I could link it to a preexisting one.

    I always wondered if there were any consequences to this, but I did not think anything of it, I simply thought it was a form of efficiency that I should take advantage of. However, like many other aspects of technology that appear this way to appeal to the consumer, I was wrong. Going through this process the way I have previously by connecting using Google or some social media account is one of the worst things I can do because this only makes it far more easier for companies to track me and my information. I do not blame myself for not knowing this, because how would someone know that if you use this way to log into various accounts that it makes it easier and more likely for companies to gather your personal information. I am positive that if this information was common knowledge that far fewer people would take advantage of this feature or even consider it.

    The Apple feature is superior in regards to protecting one’s safety which should be a top priority of a consumer. What makes Apple unique is that they will take the time to hide someone’s email address from the maker, because one’s email address is the easiest way for companies to track someone over the internet. Inherently, if the company wanted to track you through your email address they would be unable to. Additionally, more extensive measures are taken as opposed to just a click of a password button. Specifically, in order for Apple to make sure it is you the first time and every other time a security scan is required, whether it is of the user’s fingerprint or face, which are both extremely unique. This keeps the maker from obtaining your information as well as other users. These advantages have completely convinced me that I will only use Apple to link my existing accounts if offered the option and if not I will not link my accounts and instead create separate unique passwords for each.

  18. Sign in with Apple comes with several costs and benefits. However, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons and that overall it is a good idea. Coming from a business standpoint, Apple is genius in developing this feature because they know customers look for products that are convenient and easily accessible, which would make sign in with Apple very profitable for the company. I can see how some people may be apprehensive about this because in the video there was a part about how if Apple were to be hacked, then all of the apps associated with it would be too. I definitely understand the concern related to this, but at the same time, anything could be hacked and seeing as though Apple is tech company that rarely gets hacked, I would trust their security more than a regular app. The protection aspect is a major factor to me when thinking about this because there is a possibility of it going wrong, but I think there is a slim chance of that occurring. Also, Apple has good customer service, so if something were to go wrong, Apple would more than likely fix the problem quickly. When comparing Apple sign into other alternatives it is the more secure option and protects the privacy of the users. To me, this feature would make my life a lot easier since it is such a quick and effective process that only requires my finger and face. This kind of feature also emphasizes how technology is advancing, and how the risk of hacking is increased and how tech companies like Apple are trying to fight back against the hackers. Overall, I would say that this feature is a safe, reliable, and fast way to log into apps and I will definitely be using it.

  19. The new feature on IOS 13 gives people the ability to have all of their passwords stored onto one keychain where if you provide them with facial recognition it automatically puts in your password. This is very effective in the way that it is simple, quick, and whenever you’re in public you don’t have to hide your password from anyone because it recognizes you instantly. Different apps have different password requirements so you would end up making realistically over 5 passwords and that would be very hard to keep track of. According to the video, a person can have around 80 apps that they have to manage the passwords daily. When a person ends up having a couple of passwords to remember, they tend to write it in a notebook or somewhere they can check but this minimizes the need of that because your keychain remembers it for you, limiting someone maybe getting ahold of your information. Sign in with apple stops you from having to go through the process of regaining control of your account by going through questions like apps like Facebook provide to confirm your identity. ‘Forgot your Password’ is in the old days and we have adopted a simpler way to gain access of all your pages in one place. Facebook has adopted this feature where you can use your Facebook password to access other apps but apple has improved this technique by making it apart of your phone. Facebook has been known to provide users information to companies and using apple for this is your best bet to keep your passwords private. When you use Facebook you are asked to give access to your information, profile page, email address, even friends. Google’s sign in procedure is similar to Facebooks where you are required to share your information in order for them to keep your passwords. I believe that this has to do with advertising purposes and think it is better to stick with Apple sign in because you are less likely to have your information leaked and receive update, or promotions. Apple gives you the option to hide your email and not provide it to the app which is a very useful tactic to maintain privacy. The two-factor authentication is also a good way to help keep your information private because even if your password and username get leaked, they wont be able to access your accounts without facial recognition. It is true that having all of your passwords under one Apple ID is not a good idea considering the fact that if they get hacked, all of your passwords are there but it is less of a risk to use apple because facial recognition has to be analyzed as well.

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