5G is Coming — Here’s How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage It

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Sprint’s recent launch of its 5G network in Kansas City, Missouri; Dallas; Houston; and Atlanta offers consumers and entrepreneurs a glimpse into the future. As rapid download speeds and seamless connectivity take hold in cities around the world, tech entrepreneurs will have more opportunities than ever before to make an impact. With 11.5 million people having access to Sprint’s network already, imagine what will be possible as that number grows.

5G will unlock new opportunities in every space. The healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing industries will all be significantly more capable of innovation and growth as these networks take shape.

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  1. The emergence of 5G network in leading tech companies this decade will spell the direction of innovation, quality of life and the dynamics of inter-connectivity for this generation and many more to come. One of the more interesting facets is its ability to revamp interpersonal communication. The leap-frog effect that many third-world countries took from the messenger pigeon, past the telegram into mobile communication. I see this effect rippling through the fourth industrial era for many countries that were only just growing accustomed to the possibilities that 4G internet have brought for the smart- device product line. I also find the extent of remote work opportunities extraordinary – the ease of access that a professional heart surgeon in Dubai would have to operate on a patient in Abuja almost resound the end of regional privilege in the medical sector. But while these goals are most desirable by the average equitable human-being, the systems of power that have been constructed by individuals in spaces of overwhelming privileges set the question for the likelihood of a digital war grab between the leading first-world countries for high-level 5G internet. People who are subject to the weaponization of 5G internet in the cyberbullying space will be unable to defend themselves against this wave of technology. Where two elephants battle, the grass suffers.

    • When 4G was first introduced, it brought many new innovations. I was a kid when this was introduced and remember the iPhone 4 being the first iPhone with bands capable of using 4G. Now, almost 10 years since that phone has been released, there has been many improvements in technology. Tesla Motors has cars that can drive themselves and they need not only a GPS signal, but an internet connection to send and receive data from the user’s devices and to the company’s servers. With the addition of 5G, interactions like these will seem instantaneous and will reduce wait time drastically. If schools adopt 5G technology, kids will no longer have to struggle to receive basic information with slow and spotty connections. The 5G connection will also help with accessing cloud stored data. With the fast speeds of the soon to be normal 5G, it will lead more advanced technology to come with it. The advancement in technology since 4G was introduced has been life changing, and it will get better with 5G. Remote work can be done with no interruptions. An example was a surgeon who performed surgery across the world with a robotic kit. The 5G connection allows situations like this to occur with no interruptions, making it possible to save someone’s life. The process of actually installing 5G in cities and towns will give a lot of people jobs. I had an internship over the summer in which they were installing the cables for 5G connectivity and there are hundreds of people just in that small area getting paid to install the cable. This is helping the economy by decreasing unemployment rate. The development of 5G is helping the world in many ways already and in many ways to come.

  2. Technology has developed tremendously over the last decade, and this is just another step to further. Since technology has been integrated so heavily in everyday life- in schools, businesses, recreational use- it has become an integral part of life. Everyone has a smartphone and knows the pains of having something buffer or wait for an image or text to load. While 5G is an incredible thing that will help in many ways, there are some downsides.
    Who will be getting this 5G usage first? Since it is so fast and so efficient, everyone is going to want to use it as soon as possible. But, how can we determine who gets to use it first? In my opinion, I think the medical field should be the first and foremost to be able to use and integrate 5G into hospitals. This fast connection will enhance call times for ambulances and insure quick and accurate pages to doctors when they are needed. Also, most hospitals are paperless nowadays, but sometimes the wifi or connection is slow, or it crashes while using forcing the scribe to restart their notes. 5G will greatly improve emergency room efficiency because it will save doctors (and physician assistants, RNs, and DNPs) a few minutes on each patient. Therefore, they are able to see more patients overall in the day, because they will not have to wait for the internet to load. However, what if 5G crashes?
    While 5G has amazing perks that are seen throughout this article, not just for investors and consumers, it also has a really big downside. What if the connection to 5G goes down because of some freak accident, or too many users? Many who relied on it so heavily will be left in the dust to try and go back to their old ways. However, once people have used it for so long and got used to the quickness of the connection, this could prove detrimental.
    However, it seems that the upsides outweigh the downsides. The article highlights many ways the 5G will be very helpful (other than hospital usage). It will make conference calls more clear and efficient, allow communication from distant places to be processed faster in almost real time, and will also steer the self-driving car in the right direction.

  3. It seems like more often that not, people are complaining about their poor signal on their phones or they can’t download something quickly enough. While 4G has done some very amazing things for the progress of communication and growth of all sorts of businesses, 4G does not have perfect coverage across the country, and has error that need to be fixed. However, I think 5G will revolutionize the speed of communication, and more importantly, help businesses operate way more effectively, and allow entrepreneurs to start and follow through with their vision way more easily than ever before. What 5G is capable of, and what they plan on doing with it, is a game changer for every single industry. With the massive shift to paperless environments, speed of technology has become vital to every business around the globe, and it is going to be so interesting to see how this could potentially change the business environment as a whole, and change expectations for speeding up due dates and such.

    The one thing that I am very curious about would be all of the costs that would come from the transitioning from 4G to 5G. The article states that they have constructed “stateside deployments” of 5G networks and have already begun the release of their networks in big cities. Even though I have heard nothing but great things about the potential of 5G networks, I am still curious to see if the increase costs of 5G scare any businesses or average consumers away because of the price, or if there is any data or methods of comparison that companies look at to weigh the benefits of 5G vs. the higher costs. Whatever the case may be, I understand that the speed of these networks are only going to get quicker and quicker, and to think about what could happen in the future is very exciting.

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