It’s Time To Break Up Apple

from Fast Company

A recurring theme of the last two years–politically, culturally, economically–has been yelling out loud what was supposed to be merely whispered or implied; throwing caution to the wind and, essentially, telling on yourself. That’s exactly what Apple did yesterday.

This Monday, the beloved tech giant announced its big plans to seek fresh revenue in areas where it’s already built a significant audience. You’ve been able to get loans to purchase Apple products–now it’s launching the credit card to end all credit cards. Before, you could read news on Apple’s News app–now the company is partnering with some of the largest news outlets (Full disclosure: including Fast Company) for a one-stop-shop media subscription service. For years, Apple has offered its Apple TV streaming device, featuring the services and content of other providers–now it’s rolling out a slate of soon-to-be-released streaming original content, featuring A-list talent like Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

In all of these cases–entertainment, news, games, payments–it already provided a dominant, if not leading, application or service. Tim Cook, during the presentation, frequently described the company as the “number one” gaming, news, and payments platform. Now it’s adding yet another layer to bring in more revenue and further control the means of production.

In the two-hour presentation, Apple transformed from product maker to platforms and services provider; Tim Cook’s ambition is to control every aspect of its domain. And that should give many of us pause.

Less than a month ago, Elizabeth Warren made headlines for her sweeping plan to break up the tech giants. Though she didn’t initially mention Apple, she later explained to the Verge that, yes, the Steve Jobs-founded company is also in her crosshairs. Her analysis was clear: “Apple, you’ve got to break it apart from their App Store,” she said. “It’s got to be one or the other. Either they run the platform or they play in the store.” She went on to extend beyond just the app store, explaining that large platforms like Apple maintain control via “market dominance.” Added Warren, “the problem is that’s not competition.”

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  1. I agree with Cale’s post. Apple has started to grow themselves into industries that people did not expect technology to go and so soon. For example, Apple has created smart watches that we can call and text from, camera abilities that seem like a professional camera, unlimited digital storage, etc. With the innovation of having credit cards, Apple will add more content to their Apple TV where famous entertainers will be featured like Oprah and Steven Spielberg. As Apple has seen other competitiors succeed with digital companies like Netflix, Hulu, Roko, Amazon, and more, Apple now wants to step in as the new trend has been coming about. For example, people can stream movies, TV shows, games, and more from their TVs and devices instead of going to movie theatres, rental stores, and retailors. Many celebrities have been coming into more streaming platform work because of the high demand and popularity. This is good for them, but bad for other rising stars because some have used the platforms to start their careers and move into more big screens. However, there has been a shift where people are getting away from big screens and move to smaller screens. This also leads to some competition for credit card companies because instead of having a physical card, it is all done through Apple devices. This technology seems very interesting and eventually this will integrate all credit card companies to eventually implement through other devices like Apple and Samsung. Apple has been one of the leading companies creating many technological advances and will continue to push the boundaries of their company. I do agree that they need to make a choice of whether to keep the App store or dump it. There have been many benefits for the App store like letting people create apps for everything and gives smaller aspiring coders to create their own portfolio and possibly their own company. However, some people have taken advantage of the store and created bugs and viruses within the apps that could harm and steal people’s identities. I would like to see more changes within the App store if they decide to keep it. However, if they decide not to make necessary changes, then the App store should be a thing of the past.

  2. Apple is one of the biggest and most beloved tech companies in the world and they seem to have a lot of freedom in the minds of the consumer with regards to what they can get away with. That being said, I agree that Apple has grown too big, and the article raises a few interesting points about this growth. Apple is in my mind first and foremost a tech company who makes devices and software, but they are in reality a company that does everything. Their App Store has been around for almost as long as the iPhone itself, and they have always exercised more control over the apps in the App Store when compared to the Google Play Store. Their recent announcement included plans to introduce a credit card, a news service, and original TV content. In the article, Cale mentions that Elizabeth Warren has plans to break up the tech giants like Apple and that tech companies should not be allowed to provide a platform and sell their own items on that platform. This thereby creates an almost monopoly like environment with little competition for Apple, where they have a lot of control over their ecosystem. I have always thought that Apple is too controlling over their products and usually tend to use Android and Windows products because I like the ability to change and use my devices how I want. This mentality with their devices and software can also be seen in how they run their company, and their future product plans. Another issue that Cale brings up in the article is that Apple uses the same announcement platform for their devices as they do their services, meaning that they see themselves as a company that does both. Their plans for original TV content is not altogether surprising, but it would be a bit like Netflix suddenly deciding that they will make TV’s and that their streaming service will only be available on those select TV models, forcing every Netflix user to purchase a new TV. That would not work for Netflix, and it might end up backfiring for Apple too. Ultimately I do agree with Cale and Warren that Apple is growing too big and they should decide if they are going to focus on services or products, and if they decide to do both, they should be differentiated more clearly, instead of just one blanket Apple that does everything.

  3. Before reading Cale’s article I had no idea this was happening. And after reading the article, I think that Apple is just going to keep on expanding. Apple knows for a fact they have so much power and influence thousands of individuals so they keep on striving to make things more convenient for people. I do not think anyone was ready for this big news. In my opinion, I feel as though Apple is trying to keep us away from real world issues. Maybe it is just me but I think the credit card idea is a bit much. They already have apple pay so why the credit cards? After this what do we honestly expect to come next from Apple? I truly believe Apple will take over and start owning a few other business all around the world. Almost everyone uses their products, whether it be the phone, watch, apple tv and more. Apple is trying to make the world much easier for us and they are letting us have some fun while we are at it too! They do so by installing new features to the devices every once in a while and letting us do many things on just one device. I would not say that I am going to contribute to the credit cards that are soon to be released by apple, but I do enjoy all the other products that they make so I will definitely be staying up to date with the few products that I do enjoy using from Apple and hopefully I will be ready for their extreme updates.

  4. Splitting up Apple will help both the market and the apple products resulting from this. With the company splitting, we are essentially blocking any chance (sort of) of Apple becoming a monopoly over the when and how we get our content. And, when the company is split into however many other companies, those companies will be able to focus more on just one product that they are producing/maintaining. This will increase the overall quality of “Apple” products. But the real question is: Will splitting them up do anything? In a the heavily technologically driven society that we live in it wouldn’t be hard for the heads of these new “companies” to communicate and work on products together. I believe there would be a lot of shady under the table dealings that will happen before and after the split simply because Apple has become too big. They have too much control over the market and enough assets that they could cut a deal influencing the split. Moving on, Apple, in my opinion, is reaching too much into markets that they have no business being in. With the unveiling of the idea of the “Apple credit card” we see that Apple has no limits to where they want to go. However, making an Apple credit card would be possibly the dumbest thing they could do. Apple is a tech company they shouldn’t branch out into finances. They are going to put themselves into a financial hole. Credit cards are too hack able in my opinion which can lead to a whole series of problems. In addition to that, there are also so many credit card companies that already have a good reputation with customers so the competition would force them to the bottom. The idea in general seems like a money pit to me. I also believe that if they try and switch to an all encompassing business model they will fail. I don’t believe they would be able to manage all of that in one company. They may even force themselves into a split because of over ambition. Overall, Apple has an interesting future ahead that could play out in many ways.

  5. I think most people can agree that Apple is not ¬¬¬the same company that it was 10 to 15 years ago. Apple was once one of the most prestigious and praised upon companies because it did thing so much more differently compared to the other companies around it (especially tech-based companies). Today, we can see that Apple has become stale and is becoming more of a company that follows the same patters of other companies instead of a leader, and this can be seen by their newest announcement. Adding a credit card or a streaming service is just another way Apple feels they can make more money in a similar path that dozens of other companies are already moving in. To me, Apple’s staleness and inability to be a company that it used to be is from the absence of Steve Jobs.

    I find that Steve Jobs was the biggest reason why Apple had been such a profound and different company because of how he insisted in running things differently ( He was also someone who cared very deeply about his company as is portrayed through the fact that he would only take a dollar for his salary per year. Regardless of what the product is or the talent a company may have, if any company has leader like Steve Jobs, it instantly gives them a one up towards the other similar companies in the market. Regarding this new big announcement by Apple, I feel as if Apple does not have that prestigious and untouchable brand that it used to have. I remember when Apple making a new announcement for a new product was bigger than certain news events; today, this announcement is similar to a mediocre artist dropping an album. In 2007, when Apple announced the first iPhone, it was one of the biggest events of the entire decade and is an event that may be remembered for a very long time ( They did something so out of the ordinary and so different that caused an entire generation of companies to follow in its footsteps and try to recreate the same product. Apple through the help of Jobs had been able to advance the norm for the entire world’s technology by dozens of years. Today, instead of attempting to do the same thing and think out of the box, Apple is now becoming a company that is following the footsteps of other similar companies instead of being the company that takes the first step like it used to be. Where Steve Jobs himself had once said, “Good artists burrow, great artists steal”, I am starting to worry that Apple is now becoming a company that is merely “burrowing” (

  6. The company of Apple is constantly growing and changing. It has been developing so many new ideas concepts, and services over the course of its existence. It is commonly known that Apple provides products such as the iPhone that nearly everyone we know has. However recently, Apple has transformed into not only being a product maker but “a platform and service provider.” Knowing now that Apple is broadening its brand overall, there must be a change in how they operate as a whole. Some branches of the company should take complete control of their specific branch of the company. I feel that from making this type of a change in a company such as Apple, it will allow for better functionality and productivity for the organization as a whole. It will better organize the company so that each department has a sole focus on completing their tasks to the best of their ability. Apple stated that they want “to control the way people get their content, the devices on which they consume it, and the content itself. With this type of change comes much more responsibility.
    The drastic change in Apple has already begun. Apple has recently come out with their version of a credit card. Unfortunately, many people will buy this product because of the name it has on it, not knowing that nearly all other companies in the market delivering the same service provides significantly better benefits and rewards. There is no doubt that Apple will be successful with this product because they use the power of name branding to leverage their products resulting in high sales. The name of the company plays significant roles in the world of business. Well-known companies such as Apple and Amazon can enter an entirely new industry and dominate the market because of their reputation that they have. This competitive advantage with these types of companies allows them to steal the businesses of other smaller companies and essentially, forming a monopoly. The future looks bright for Apple because, from this article, they demonstrate great drive and ambition to move into new markets.

  7. I chose to comment on this article because much of the talk in our classes recently has had to do with disruption and artificial intelligence changing life as we know it. Apple is arguably the biggest pioneers of technological disruption with their introduction of the iPhone in 2007, a product that completely revolutionized the way people lived their lives. Need to call someone, navigate the internet, or find out where that restaurant you made reservations? Reach into your pocket for a device that completely redefined the meaning of convenience. Apple had been known for its exceptional hardware and software, and this introduction only added to that reputation. However, Apple is doing much more than just providing us hardware – it is dictating how we should live our lives. With much control over many industries, Apple, like tech giants Google and Amazon, are starting to have more and more a monopolistic feel in the marketplace. The solution, Elizabeth Warren thinks, is to limit Apple to either a platform or a service – it cannot have both.

    Warren claims that Apple holds market dominance – in the fact that it has 1.4 billion devices used by individuals worldwide. Not only is it the fact that Apple provides and ultimately controls this technological platform, but the services that exist on that platform. Apple owns the Appstore, where companies aim to go in order to gain access to Apple’s army of devices worldwide. Warren claims that in doing this, Apple is slowly nudging businesses out of the market. However, I do not think that Apple should be subject to antitrust talk because of this. That is the whole point of being able to survive in society – natural selection. Companies are not excluded from that – they need to be adaptable and understand the trends of society. As individuals, we find convenience in our devices, so if everything can be performed on one platform through one company, like Apple or like Amazon, that would be preferable. It is the responsibility of companies to keep up with the technological trends of society – I understand that antitrust laws are put into place to ensure that companies do not completely destroy the market with price inflation, but Apple engaging in different sectors of the economy should not something that is prohibited.

    While I understand where Elizabeth Warren’s reasoning is coming from, I do not necessarily agree with her as it pertains to how big tech giants should be able to operate. It is not like Apple has taken over how everything runs – it has only mentioned its ambitions, who is to say if it will be successful or not. I understand that the whole purpose of these antitrust talks are to prevent catastrophe in the market; however, I do not believe that companies should be hindered from branching out and attempting to set a foot in other sectors of the market.

  8. In this article, Elizabeth Warren is mention and her plans to break up huge tech companies. I agree with her that this must happen. We can not have huge companies like apple controlling every part of our society. This can lead to many negative consequences the main one including that there will be no more room for small businesses, which can hurt our economy greatly. “Warren’s plan is relatively straightforward in theory: If you are a tech giant that offers both products and services, you need to be broken up. “If you run a platform where others come to sell, then you don’t get to sell your own items on the platform because you have two comparative advantages,” (Weissman Par. 6). This plan could help big giants such as Apple decrease the control they have and to let other businesses in.
    Apple should not be allowed to control the technology industry and the service industry. As said in this article, the company needs to be broken up. Apple should focus on their products and their App Store and make innovations and expansions to that specifically. They should allow other company’s such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. to work with the service industry and to expand their services as well. Apple should also not be allowed to enter the credit/baking industry. If Apple were to control all three of these sectors, other companies could potentially lose their places and lead to people losing their jobs and a huge gap between the rich and the poor. I would have to agree with the title of this article in that “It’s time to break up with Apple”.

  9. For a long time now, Apple has become the company of the world. It has taken over so many of our lives. We have become obsessed with their system, the way it looks, how easy it is to use and connect all the devices you own, and basically everything and anything made by Apple is what the world wants. Over the past few years Apple has made many changes and upgrades within their company and there is much more to come. Many years ago, apple users could have probably predicted that Apple would come up with some kind of bigger iPhone, something like what we know today as the iPhone Plus, now Apple does more than just phones and computers. Apple has taken over by making a system for the TV known as Apple TV, there are watches that you can do basically anything on and of course now you can pay for different things using Apple Pay. At first, I was thinking that it’s a great idea for Apple to now be making credit cards, as the article says, “now it’s adding yet another layer to bring in more revenue and further control the means of production” (Cale). As I read more into it, I began to see the kind of control that Apple would really have over the world. Although they already have a lot of power, I still think this is a step way too far. Looking at this all from Warren’s point of view, I can see why she is so adamant about Apple being broken up. It needs to be one or the other. Apple is in control of these platforms, and to add onto that, they are obviously in control of the services that are on these platforms. Although the companies that will be displayed on these platforms hold major responsibility of being efficient and well off enough to be in these platforms, I still think it’s a very controversial conversation and there are pros and cons to Apple having so much control. I agree with Warren but at the same time I can see why Apple has this power. They are incredibly efficient; their platforms have multiple services that are needed and can be used all on one device. The services they allow/provide is partly the reason why people love the company so much. Apple has a lot of power right now and it’s scary to think that this is not the end, it might just be the very beginning. There are so many reasons why I agree with Warren and I can say “yes break apart this company, it can not happen.” When thinking of this more thoroughly and down to the details, it’s hard to say that it won’t work because of how much Apple has done already for the world. I honestly think that it’s either going to be the best thing yet or the absolute worse thing that happened to our society.

  10. Apple is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. Apples widespread technological products created the first 1 trillion-dollar company. The iPhone, Mac, and the Apple watch are some of the many products that have allowed the company to reach the heights it sits today. The other reason that Apple has risen to become one of the top companies in the world is their customer loyalty. Apple standing up to the FBI and the Federal government over the privacy of iPhone users helped improve their public image and create a stronger client base. The immense amount of power and popularity of Apple begs the question if they have become a monopoly.

    The article talks about how Apple is using its power to provide products and services directly related to the product as an inherent monopoly. Apple’s control of the iPhones and the App Store creates a control over what apps can be downloaded onto the iPhone. Apple made over 250 million dollars by controlling the sign in for the App Netflix. Apple’s control over the App store and products is a very dangerous precedent that allows companies to create a popular device or product and control what apps and additions people can have on them. People should have the right to choose whether to use the Apple app store or the Android app store. One store may have an application that is not supported by the other and the application store may have it and support. It is not just the people it is the companies that create the applications for the devices. These people are unfairly subjugated to the rulings of the Apple app store or the Android app store. The companies create apps and are not able to get their apps to the consumers because they will not compromise with the app store of the product. Overall, the amount of power that companies, such as Apple, over their products and applications for them, is too much and there needs to be some sort of regulation.

  11. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have already established dominance in their markets, and it should be no surprise to anyone that they hope on further expanding. Seeing the ways in which Apple has plans on expanding and building their own credit card, original streaming content, and even Hollywood producing studios leaves me excited to see how successful they will become and what new things they will bring to us, the users. I don’t understand as to why some people such as Cale Weissman believe that large corporate companies like Apple or Amazon should be broken up. The argument that these companies should not be allowed to both manage platforms like the Appstore while also selling products on them it is flat out ignorant. Those companies are the ones who founded those platforms to begin with, so they have every right to control all aspects of it, even if that includes selling products while also managing the platform. All successful businesses strive to expand in some way and individuals like Weissman have no say in telling Apple how they should run their business. If a smaller company feels that Apple is too dominant and leaving no room for competition, then that’s no one’s fault but the company itself for not being as good. You cannot simply hate on the success that companies like Apple or Amazon has achieved and even go so far as to try and divide them because of it. The only reason that I believe would justify treating Apple as a utility, and barring it form selling its own services is if they intentionally neglected against smaller companies and made it significantly difficult for those companies to sell their services on the Appstore. Even if these rules were to be adopted, who then would have the right to choose what branch of Apple managed the Appstore, and who sold services on it, the Government? The whole idea seems foolish to me. For years apple has been revolutionizing the industry and helping to make our lives so much easier, leaving me stunned to see that some people believe they should be divided. Although not in the same context, this claim can be similarly compared to that of super teams in sports. If a team such as the Warriors in the NBA are too dominant, then that does not mean we have a right to take away one of their players just because we don’t think its fair. The same applies for Apple, just because they have built huge success on their platforms, does not mean we have a right bar them from selling products on those platforms since they are the ones who own it to begin with.

  12. Apple products have been around for as long as I can remember. I can safely say that they dominate the technology portion of people’s daily lives. The fact they are expanding their store to create more than just phones and computers. This is smart for them because most of their revenue was coming from people buying their phones. In the years to come, this would be a problem because while they run out of new ideas to put into their phones, they will be losing customers. Therefore, expanding their horizons is a good business move for them, but bad for everyone else. What I took away from this article is that Apple will be competing with Amazon very soon for who has the better platform. Apple obviously knows how much power they have over the tech industry and they know how big their following is.
    I do not agree with the fact that Apple is making it harder for apps that are similar to those of Apple. For example, they recently penalized Spotify and Fitbit because of the rules that app store has. I think they are trying to make it hard for these companies to want to be able to be accessible on Apple products. I understand it from Apple’s point of view because why would they want to promote apps that they did not create, but it is one of the reasons why people like Apple. Apple is now trying to create shows to compete with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. I am not a hug fan of the fact that Apple wants to have complete control over, basically, everything. Also, to announce it all at once, to me was a bit too much at once. I think that they should have spaced it out over a span of time because all of that information being thrown at you like that does not give it time to process and leaves gaps for many questions. We can only watch what will happen from here.

  13. It seems like Apple comes out with a new product everyday now. It used to be mainly iPods, and now were at the point where their making credit cards. Apple is clearly taking advantage of the opportunity they have. Being one of the biggest companies in the world, they have the power to do nearly anything now. Apple is just so good at what they do which is why they aren’t going away anytime soon. They needed a new project and that’s why they are getting involved in the financial aspect of our lives. With our new generation becoming adults, they know were going to need good credit. Apple is making it so that using credit cards will be easier than ever. There are pros and cons to the apple card. For example, the cash back percentage depends on how and what your purchasing. If you use apple pay through your phone, you get more rewards.
    In the long run, I can already predict that most people will get the apple card. Apple is known for making things as simple as possible. That’s exactly what they’re doing with the new credit card. They are changing the wallet app completely making it perfect as possible. Apple obviously needed a bank to back them up, which is why they partnered up with Goldman Sachs. Online transactions are become a necessity in the world today. There were always apps like PayPal around, but people weren’t really use them that much. Venmo changed the game by targeting the younger generation by creating a social platform that makes online transactions fun. Apple is learning what we demand and delivering us the perfect products which is why they will take over Venmo. Soon, paper money will just become a part of the past.

  14. With technology accelerating at an exponential rate, companies look to capitalize off new changes in taste anyway they can from consumers. The company Apple is no different in their approach since they have been riding the wave for mobile computing for decades and started to turn more to software-based technology. Many critics are now coming out arguing that it is time for Apple to be regulated because their business has a tight grip on users. With a majority of consumers using Apple products, the company has integrated new features and apps on their phones which could control the way their customers use their devices. Politicians like Elizabeth Warren have publicly stated that it might be time for the regulation of companies that vertically integrate their products. The example she uses is a store that sells the products from other companies as well as their own products. However, this general comparison to Apple doesn’t have any ground to prove the company is acting as a monopoly. For example, a grocery store can be generalized as a platform where other companies sell their products, but that store it self also sells their own products. Even with these comparative advantages, the grocery store rarely abuses their platform as a way to sell more of their products since they benefit either way. Although it is not for sure Apple will abuse this power it is hard to say that Apple has a main competitor. Even looking at Samsung as a rival of Apple, the two companies operate very differently from one another. The problem is that many Apple users choose their products because of the flawless connection between their devices. With the addition of the new Apple credit card people are now taking notice to how the company will implement this integration. Apple is not known for selling user data because they do not need it since their revenue mainly comes from physical products. While, it is unlikely this financial information from the credit cards will be sold, Apple will use this data to strategize how to price products and the certain types of purchases made with the card. In this aspect it can be damaging. Apple can notice consumer trends from things that their card owners buy. Overall it is a concern that Apple is now moving towards a vertical integrated system. Although some people are worried with the market share of Apple, there are more risks looming with corporations like Amazon that have more exposure to the online marketplace.

  15. Apple is obviously one of the worlds biggest and most successful corporations. It has gotten this way from monopolizing various markets from music to applications to payment services. They are in the works of a streaming services and a credit card to take over yet another market. A big issue risen in this article is that apple is swaying the app store in their favor. The author sees this as a negative concept and i frankly disagree. There are two types of people in this world, those who succeed and those who do not. There is a big difference between these type of people because those who succeed because they continue to grow and adapt to the always changing economy. Apple is a prime example of a company who continuously succeeds. Like all big companies, there is competition for the number one spot and in this case Apple would like to stay at number one and by them always expanding into other markets, they will stay on top. this article is almost criticizing them for becoming the best in every market and it is pathetic. As for those trying to break the charts with new applications in Apples app store, they get discouraged when Apple has its own apps there but if they wish to make it make better applications it is that simple. Sure Apple may advertise their applications better but they should be able to because they are the ones who made themselves that big and this is a benefit of having such a successful company. Overall I believe Apple should continue to achieve all of these accolades and run all of these markets because they are successful and it is up to other companies to make better products in an attempt to surpass Apple.

  16. Apple has been one of the most successful companies over the 10 to 15 years, the growth that It has gone through has been very impressive. All of the new innovations that they have made over the years have allowed apple to become the company that they are today. It is now to the point that we expect a new feature to come with every new apple product that comes out. Every new iPhone that comes out now has a new feature the most recent one that I can think of is the camera being better. I think that apple will have to continue to come up with new things for their apple products if they wish to grow their business.

  17. Apple has always been known to protect users’ privacy more than any other company. Even when the FBI requested access to a gunman’s phone, Apple denied accessing the data because that is how strict to their policy they are (maybe even more so for agencies like the FBI). While this article discusses antitrust issues that could arise with Apple expanding to different areas beyond digital devices, it only compares Apple to Amazon. Apple making this type of expansion is comparable to Amazon in the sense that Amazon offers such a variety of services from Whole Foods to music streaming. This article appears to be very skeptical of Apple’s expansion due to antitrust issues that it has never had in the past. And of course, even though it has never happened in the past, it could still happen. In my personal opinion, Apple is typically one step ahead aside from the battery life debacle. I feel they want to keep their image clean and are doing whatever they can from preventing the antitrust issues this article brings up.

  18. Apple is switching gear to become bigger than just IPhone, tablets, and computers retailer. They want to make a bigger impact in the tech industry and beyond. I feel that Apple is always trying to keep their leading role in the tech industry, by further branching out with new ideas that can be very profitable. In this article it states, that Apple is releasing its own credits cards, and they are also partnering up with some of the biggest news outlets, for a one-stop-shop media subscription service. They are using their devices to increase more revenue such as its Apple TV. Before Apple TV offered its streaming services, and promoting the services and content of other providers. Now they have decided to stream original content, and also using A-list celebrities to draw everyone’s attention. I agree with Tim Cook, describing Apple as the “number one” gaming, news, and payments platform. Apple likes having control in their consumers decisions, by creating apps that you must purchase and not allowing new users to sign up via App store; these varies things increases profit for Apple. The company created many services that both consumers and competitors turned to-cloud storage, advertising, entertainment, and online marketplaces. They are continuing to add more depth to increase revenue and further control the means of production. I believe that Apple will succeed with their new pitch due to its dominance in our society. Their consumers trust what they produce and they also invest in their products.

  19. I agree with Weissman’s article about Apple and their current position. Apple has taken their position in the tech world to extreme levels. They are just completely dominant in tech market, and stand alone in the digital era. I also don’t think this is what Steve Jobs envisioned for his company to become.
    Apple is only going to continue to expand. They are essentially a monopoly when it comes to the tech world. The article mentioned that Senator Elizabeth Warren has mentioned of breaking the big tech giants up, and told Apple they need to break their company up. Apple is supposed to be a technology company, and put out their known essential products to the world. Instead they have decided to take over the app market also and made themselves dominate in that market also. Apple is becoming controlling and powerful, and need to be slowed down.
    It’s also concerning that they have plans to roll out a TV stream service. They are already in the music industry, this would make them a true powerhouse monopoly as they reach out to three different tech industries. Companies like Netflix, and other streaming services would probably suffer. It will be interesting to see how they roll out this new platform, and how it will affect other companies.
    Once again, I don’t believe this was Steve Job’s vision for his company. I understand Apple wants to venture into different fields of technology, but they should learn to come in as a competitor and not a monopoly. This will be an intriguing situation to watch as it unfolds over the next few months and years.

  20. I disagree with the message of Carl Weissman’s post. In the post, Weissman goes on to talk about some of the current actions that Apple has recently taken, ones they are going to take in the near future, and why he thinks they are wrong for taking this course of action. Weismann discusses how Apple has just recently told the public about its current plans to seek out new revenue in places where they have built a decent following. Apple has told the public about how they are launching a “credit card to end all credit cards.” As stated in the article. Apple is also beginning to create a new streaming service with original content. Apple is already fairly dominant and has reach in virtually every aspect of its company from news and games to payments and entertainment. As described by Apple’s Chief Executive Officer or CEO, Tim Cook, Apple is the “number one” gaming, news, and payments platform. Cook wishes to control every part of where Apple is dominant and has influence. Weissman thinks that Apple’s actions should make us stop and look carefully at what they are doing. Weissman believes that it is time for apple to be broken up because they wish to control how people get their content, the devices they use it on, and control the content itself. Weissman mentions how Elizabeth Warren had recently made headlines in the news for her plan to break up the tech giants and specifically apple must be broken apart from its own App store with them either “running the platform or playing in the store.”. I disagree with Weissman’s belief that Apple should be broken up. I think that a company should be free to do what it wants with itself regarding how they manage and provide their own services to the public. Yes the competition might be increasing getting taken away for individuals in certain careers and it may be tough for other companies with Apple having such great dominance, but that is not the fault of apple because that should be the goal of any and every for-profit company to expand its reaches and generate more revenue. It is a single company’s own fault for falling below another one because they simply weren’t doing as well as another one. Even if we consider some of the actions that Apple has taken to be morally wrong in acting as a monopoly by controlling all the services we use, they are not harming any consumers or affecting them in a very negative way, so I see the actions as alright for Apple to proceed to do.

  21. Companies are always looking for new ways to increase revenue that appeal to the general public. Netflix pioneered the convenience of streaming, Amazon made online purchasing desirable, the list goes on however, Apple has taken things a step further and not for the better. It seems clear that the control Apple is gaining with all the areas of consumerism they are reaching out to could create a problem for the general public. They would essentially have control of how most people gather information with now branching out into the media department. On top of the multiple other industries they are branching out to it is one thing to create a platform, but another to create said platform and market your own product at the same time.
    I agree with Danielle’s comment as well in regards that Apple should decide whether they want to keep the app store or not. With such problems like hackers invading the app store and causing harm to individuals, it still has created opportunities for small time coders to develop their own product with an easy to use system. Apple should look into higher level firewalls and security codes in an effort to protect something that a wide variety of people use on a regular basis to buy and sell digital products. Apple has obviously made a significant change in the technological world every since their first desktop and smartphone, but I believe they should still maintain some of the things they started out with before they branched out to so many different markets.
    I would also agree with Brandon’s opinion that Apple has grown too big in the sense of the markets they have expanded to. It is one thing to dominate a certain field and grow that area while simply benefitting other communities. However, it is a different story when a company starts to expand into areas they never had intentions in the first place. Apple already dominates so many fields and they know they are able to get away with things due to their loyal consumer based. This does not justify that they are taking over areas they do not need to. It more so stuns the creativity of their original products which ethically hurts the community. Apple has a good name behind them, but in recent years they have been spreading themselves instead of building upon what they already have.

  22. Cale Guthrie Weissman brings up one of the realest current forms of much needed government intervenes that the United States has needed since they broke up the railroad companies over a hundred years ago. The United States has built many organizations that are supposed to block monopolies from being formed and being able to dictate the whole market. In her article, It’s Time to Break up Apple, she talks about how much of the market that Apple has already taken control of. The mega giant right now alone with it’s app store dictates how companies are able sell their app’s to customers. If they do not follow how Apple wants you to handle a situation, then you lose the ability to be on their service. Since the services goes through the apple product, which indicates the mobile industry in handheld devices, they have no choice but to listen to any rule Apple puts into place. Losing one point four billion customers from being taken off of Apples services, to only be on the Android marketplace would kill a company. The FTC needs to step in to help protect the consumer from Apple abusing not only the customer but also other businesses. With Apple telling the government that they plan on being the only one in the market, they are now asking to be broken up. If Apple chose to buy the Android market and put it under their umbrella, then they would be the only dog in the fight. Causing prices for the customer and for the parties in the store to be strewed by the monopoly.
    Amazon right now is the other giant in the online world that is taking everyone by storm. Amazon has their own market that forces online stores to go to their market if they want to reach users from around the world to customers. However the biggest difference between Amazon and Apple is that Amazon does not sell products on their own website. They allow for other business the ability to reach anyone and everyone, and they can do this by using a computer from a different company. Apple however is using an app that they manage on a software that they made, that only works on their phones or computers. With so much of this being made by Apple, even the largest online company in Amazon does not come close to the monopoly that has become by this giant. If the government wants to help protect the basic consumer they will have to move in and finally make a move on a giant online company. The government has had problems with dealing with online companies. The communication companies are been slowly turning into a monopoly slowly and they have allowed them to keep growing. Apple has always been a monopoly with the smallest competitor being at their side. If the FTC did not stop the communication companies from combining to four giants, and possibly three. Now they have the chance to finally make a move on the biggest monopoly in the United States and they have to finally bite and stop them or they will see what is happening in the communication industry happen to the online industry.

  23. Apple is, and always has been known as an extremely successful tech company in my mind, so it will be interest to see what they can do in other areas like the ones stated in the article. I’m sure they’d bring countless heaps of information to the different communities, and I’m also sure they’d find success in at least a few of them. That being said, I’m also sure that Apple should break off into different children companies in order to successfully venture into all of these outlets. As stated in the article, Apple would get too big if they were to just stay as what the community knows as “Apple” today. Yes, they are fantastic at their technologies like the iPhone and Mac computers, but people will most likely find errors in all other facets of what Apple wants to do.
    The reason I think that Apple will be so successful comes from their initiatives in defining the ‘app’ atmosphere on the smartphones we know and love today. While they don’t create all of the apps, they still stick their foot in multiple outlets of technology. Whether that’s hosting apps like Netflix and Hulu, or other apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bank of America, Apple knows what it takes to provide efficient security matched with a high standard of quality on all of these apps. Through more research as well as more hiring, Apple will most likely find the talent to create a profitable market for themselves in these other outlets. Furthermore, they have the funding needed to dive into these new ventures without having to cut any corners.
    Another minor issue I see is people who are diehard Windows people. Although many Microsoft lovers have iPhones, Apple watches, etc., many of them would rather not use a computer than use a Mac. Assuming Apple will do the “forced change” ideas they used on the iPhone charging cable and likewise ideas, people will have to use Mac computers to use some of the features they want to make available. This could mean that only Mac computers have the capabilities of the new streaming services, which cuts the market. If Apple stays as one company, they might be limited to where and how the provide their new outlets.
    Overall, I’m not too worried about the changes that might come from Apple moving into these new outlets in tech. Technology is always changing, and when it changes people always have issues with it… the only important part is that eventually, everybody gets used to the new changes. As long as Apple creates a good product (which I’m 99% sure they will do), then I don’t have any worries about the change. Change is good, and it only means we’re advancing towards a new future. Without changes like this, our tech world would stop, and nothing would ever be ‘new.’ In conclusion, I don’t see an issue with Apple exploring new ideas like TV and credit cards, but I do think they should separate into other companies before doing this.

  24. Apple is a very well-known, major technology company. This company is setting big goals, taking big risks, and desires to achieve these aims at a fast pace. It’s amazing how Apple has grown to this big company that we view it to be, yet this is not what Steve Jobs had in mind when he started this company. His primary goal was to make phone calls easier for people, while adding the ability to listen to music and find music. Throughout the years, Apple has created itself to have many purposes; “It’s Time To Break Up Apple,” published by Cale Guthrie Weissman in Fast Company, clearly illustrates the many roles Apple desires to play in the technology industry, taking down all of the other tech giants. According to the article, “The company is no longer to keep building computers and providing real estate for other services. It aims to control the way people buy things, essentially building its own bank; it’s also forming a Hollywood studio and producing its own content, while also providing one of the leading platforms for OTT content consumption; couple that with its new offerings and updated gaming ambitions and it’s clear that Apple wants to dominate all aspects of computing and digital media- from the programming people consume to the business models and platforms on which the content creators rely.” This basically displays the “market dominance,” as described by Elizabeth Warren in the article, that Apple wants to obtain.

    I can see how it is not surprising because Apple is such a big company, and they are striving for bigger goals to gain more dominance, but I think they need to slow down because just from reading this article, it seems as though Apple wants to accomplish their set goals in a faster time period just so they can gain control. Also, they need to reorganize their goals, break them down, and take them one step at a time because this company is trying to reach their aims in a very disorganized way. Along with that, Apple needs to have a clear motive or direction in which the company should steer to. Elizabeth Warren, in the article, explains, “Apple, you’ve got to break it apart. It’s got to be one or the other. Either they run the platform or they play in the store.” It is great that Apple is going for these big ambitions, but this company just needs to keep everything concise.

  25. I found this article very interesting. I think Apple is a company that is going to shape the future. Apple creating a credit card can be beneficial to human society. Loyal customers are definitely going to obtain the credit card immediately. However, credit cards are not Apples expertise. It is going to take market research for the venture to be successful. Also, Apple is coming out with multiple other services which will greatly impact society.
    Primarily, Apple is coming out with a TV streaming service. This will compete with companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I think this will be great for consumers. At first Netflix dominated the online streaming industry. However, with more competitors it brings prices down and gives consumers more show options.
    Furthermore, Steve Jobs never wanted Apple to create anything besides cell phones. In fact, Steve Jobs never wanted his cell phones to access the internet. However, Apple raises the bar for all technology companies, and this raises product quality for the consumers. Apple needs to stay innovative because they are the trend setters in the technology industry. Society is better off when Apple is coming out with new products.
    Since Apple is not a monopoly there is no reason for the company to be broken up. Competitors need to step up to be able to compete with them. Apple is changing the world for the better. They are creating more jobs with every product, and keep boosting the economy. I think Amazon should be looked at because it possesses many monopolistic properties. However, Apple does not own the industry, Apple just works smart. I think Apple is ready to peak. They will have a huge part in influencing technology for the future. Apple is an amazing company, however, other companies are going to need to be more innovative to keep up with them.
    All in all, Apple should not stop what they are doing. If they continue on this path it is only going to help consumers. Apple is keeping prices competitive, and providing excellent service at the same time. I have never heard of Apple getting bad publicity. I think “shady” companies should be evaluated before Apple. But until bad news comes out about Apple, I think they should continue on the path they are on.

  26. Diversification is key to almost any business trying to remain relevant with the times. As the economy continues its shift to primarily a service market, its both important and expected for leading tech firms to follow suit. As such, its really no surprise Apple’s intent to grow its app development. Its good to see that despite the somewhat stagnant cell phone development, that there is at least effort seen in other areas. Despite my initial impressions, I do see a concern in how Apple is now playing on their own field they regulate. In a sense, bias is a concern. I see now problem in apple offering its products, so long as the field remains open to other firms, no matter their size. Competition is natural and fosters a drive to improve existing forms of tech, but one firm should not have immediate control of such a large sector of end users. We may not be able to make everything fair and level, but monopolization must be prevented. As such, Apple really needs to choose whether it wants to regulate the field or be on it themselves. They simply can not have both without their intentions coming into question.

  27. Apple has grown into a company that most never saw coming. It has expanded into so any fields since it first began. Starting with personal computer it has expanded to laptops, music, phones, watches, television and much more. Apple has entered almost any industry one can think of and are still continuing to do so. One of the most recent endeavors would be a credit card to be first of its kind. In the article, it says “This Monday, the beloved tech giant announced its big plans to seek fresh revenue in areas where it’s already built a significant audience. You’ve been able to get loans to purchase Apple products–now it’s launching the credit card to end all credit cards.” It seems that whatever apple dips its toe into it becomes great and successful. These actions further push apple and make it an even larger company then before. This may seem good but there are many downsides and is what the article is stating. “Warren’s plan is relatively straightforward in theory: If you are a tech giant that offers both products and services, you need to be broken up. ‘If you run a platform where others come to sell, then you don’t get to sell your own items on the platform because you have two comparative advantages’ she told the Verge”. This is saying that apple has too much power in too many fields. I agree with this apple is starting to control and have part in many industries. This is not only apple, other big companies like Disney are doing this as well. Disney has ABC, Espn, Lucus films, marvel 20th Century Fox and so much more. The United States has built road blocks and check points that are supposed stop monopolies from being formed and being able to dictate the whole market. This is still happening though; big companies are controlling the world around us. If we do not change something now it will continue to grow and become a problem that might not be able to be solved.

  28. In November of 2018, an antitrust suit was brought to the Supreme Court to challenge Apple’s monopoly over the App Store. Although it is unclear if the lawsuit will go forward, the claims presented reveal an underlying issue with the tech magnate. The charges involve the 30% commission paid by developers whose apps appear on the platform. Apple argues that it merely provides a medium for developers to reach consumers. A few Justices, including Kagan and Kavanaugh, believe that act violates antitrust law and consumers should be able to sue. The rationale surrounds the way in which it provides Apps for purchase, unique of other ecommerce firms.

    This isn’t the first claim against Apple’s anticompetitive practices. Apple is starting to monopolize other industries that Amazon is simultaneously targeting. It’s important to note Apple’s general transformation in the last decade. As the sales growth of iPhones has decelerated, the company has expanded into service-based revenue streams. The success of Apple Music, one of the most dominant streaming services in the world, quantifies the firms adaptation. This year it dove into the news business by releasing Apple News +, their subscription based news and magazine platform. In addition, Apple will unveil a subscription video service to go along with Apple TV. Now it’s diving into the credit card business. It would be difficult to make the argument that Apple isn’t controlling every means of production. One can watch television, movies, listen to music, read the news and download software to do literally anything, all within the same company. Oh and now you can use their credit card to pay for all of it on your phone. The only thing they have yet to do is dive fully into ecommerce like Amazon has done. However, let’s not forget that the App Store is a form of ecommerce restricted to software.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, who will likely run for president in the 2020 election, is one of the first major politicians to call modern monopolies out. Her targets included Facebook, Google and Amazon. All three of the listed tech giants exploit customers through data collection and mining. Additionally, they curtail advertisements and products based on user information gathered from said data. Although Warren did not explicitly mention Apple, she added the corporation to her list shortly after the initial announcement. Her case against Apple involves the App Store. The company violates antitrust law because it owns/operates a platform where it also sells its own products. This gives Apple a clear competitive advantage within their own platform. Therefore, It’s never been clearer that Apple is a monopoly. The problem is literally staring us in the face (if you’re reading this on your iPhone).

  29. Apple has become one of the world’s largest and user-friendly company making it very difficult to control the company. Originally Apple was seen as a small cap stock as it went public for $22 a share in 1980. If there were never any stock splits apples stock would be worth somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 a share. This is a ridiculous return on investment and many people could not even fathom this. Apple hit a $1 trillion-dollar market cap in 2018 making it the first American company to do so. This growth and dominance shows just how much apple has grown as a company since it started and how the company may even be considered a monopoly. Something that contributes to apples success is the shift in Apple’s business model. Apple used to sell simple computer hardware like keyboards and mouse’s, now they sell a lot of technology, a lot of software, and a lot of services. The area where Apple has become extremely dominant is the software and services sector of their business.
    Obviously, Apple sells a lot of IPhone’s and MacBook’s, but they also sell something else that allows them to monopolize their business. This is the Apple app store which turned into a monopoly where all apps must go through the app store and they have to comply with Apple’s rules in order to get onto Apple’s hardware platform. The app store gives Apple a stronghold for when competitors like Spotify, Fitbit and Netflix make applications for Apple devices. Apple can automatically make it more difficult for these competitors to succeed on their platform. By doing this apple is able to have a monopoly advantage over its competitors and this is why Apple must be broken up. Apple clearly has an unfair advantage over there competitors and the only way to stop this is by braking up Apple.

  30. Even months after the publication of the article, this question of whether or not to break up Apple could not be more pertinent, given that Attorneys General of 48 US states have just launched an antitrust investigation in regard to Google’s advertising business. We live in an era where tech companies dominate in the business sphere; they get the investment capital, the media coverage, and the sales. It has been the goal of contemporary tech companies to integrate their products into the everyday lives of consumers, and they’ve succeeded. So, the question is now how far is too far? I concede that I do not know the answer to that question, or the question of whether or not Apple should be broken up, but I do have some thoughts on the matter that I will express by addressing some of the statements and implications made by the author of the article, as well as some comments made by Alison Schwerthoffer in her blog post.
    First, I’d like to note that the author seems to be envisioning a sort of Apple-ruled dystopia in the distant future when he says “Apple is using its platform power to nudge businesses–from gaming to entertainment to media–into begging for access to its 1.4 billion devices. That’s precisely the “market dominance” Warren has been talking about.” (Weissman Par. 11) This corresponds to the first point I’d like to make — just because there are 1.4 billion Apple products in circulation does not mean that there are 1.4 billion Apple users. There are households in which an individual may own several of their products. Also, in the way of smartphone sales, I’d like to point to this Forbes(1) article citing an IDC study that ranks smartphone producers by market share. At Q3 2018, Apple had only 13.2% of global smartphone sales as compared to Samsung and Huawaei’s respective 20.3% and 14.6%. At least in that domain, it is clear that Apple does not have a monopoly. Also, if technology is the instrument that Apple wishes to have complete control over, it will also be the instrument in their downfall. What I mean by this is that virtually any anti-competitive move Apple makes will be instantly known to the public and to lawmakers because of instantaneous messaging and social media. Apple’s own platform is what holds them accountable, so they will be unlikely to make actions too brash, since they do not wish to be broken up.
    Alison Schwerthoffer makes the point that it would be bad if Apple controlled every part of our society. I agree with her; it would be terrible if any entity could somehow gain control of our entire Society. Alison also makes the contention that Apple should be broken up and also barred from entering the credit and banking industry. I completely disagree with the latter of these two points. Barring Apple from creating their own credit card would be an arbitrary and unfair thing to do, especially considering the history of so many other stores that offer their own credit cards which give users special discounts. For example, Kohl’s and Macy’s, two large department stores that have been around for a large portion of American history, both offer their own credit cards to be used on purchases in their store. It is not a new phenomenon that Apple is introducing a credit card or even entering the mobile payment arena. In that arena, there are strong competitors to be found in PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and others. It will not be a detriment to society if Apple is expanding into that sector. Further, I would hardly call what Apple intends to do “banking.” Apple could not possible contend with the biggest banks in the world, or even medium sized banks. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Banking Industry Outlook(2), the top 1000 banks in the world hold $124 Trillion dollars in assets; Apple’s entire market capitalization is 1/124th of that amount. I think it is safe to say that Apple will not be taking over capital and debt markets anytime soon, if ever.
    With all of this being said, maybe the author of the article is right to agree with Elizabeth Warren. Maybe her wanting to break up Apple does have some prescience to it, but for the time being, it seems that Apple is not engaged in any corporate behavior that is clearly monopolistic in nature. I say this from an objective point of view — after all, I do not own an iPhone, nor do I feel particularly strongly that Apple delivers the best products in their respective categories. Still, it will be interesting to see what happens to Google in these coming weeks, and to see whether that will set the tone for what will happen to Apple, too.



  31. Nearly every technological device in my life is an Apple product. I have the iPhone, the MacBook, an iPad and the Apple Watch. I even recently purchased Apple Music despite always saying I would never spend the money. My entire life revolves around Apple and their products. Recently, I even added my credit card to Apple Wallet so I would be able to make shopping easier. I trust this tech company enough to leave my credit card information on it so I can quickly pull up the app and pay from my phone rather than taking out my wallet and pulling out my credit card. I rely on my Apple Watch to give me text updates and phone calls. I use my Macbook every single day and trust Safari to keep all my passwords for different websites secure.
    Even though Apple is now has a lot of influence over everyone’s lives and that they keep expanding into things further than just phones and computers, I still don’t see it as a bad thing. For me and my family, it’s easier that everyone has the same Apple products. I’m able to help fix their phones and computers and update their phones when needed. Being able to rely on my phone for my credit card, my computer for everything else, and now Apple TV makes life simpler. I don’t think Apple needs to be split up. I understand how it’s becoming a monopoly and how it’s taking over aspects of people’s lives but it’s also made life so much easier. I’ve even considered getting the Apple Credit Card so I would have all of my money going to the same place and be able to continue to rely on Apple for everything. Apple is definitely a tech giant and slowly taking over the industry but as a loyal Apple user from their credit card to the Watch, I don’t have a problem with it. I would rather rely on one big company than a few smaller ones.

  32. I agree with the author’s position in this article that the size and breadth of Apple is becoming concerning to a business and economic standpoint. While its full effects may be far out, it isn’t difficult to speculate how this could negatively affect everyone, consumers and business alike. As large tech companies like Apple and Amazon, as mentioned in the article, become more and more dominant and relied upon, it leaves less room for competition from smaller, less established companies. In the end, this hurts consumers by forcing them to rely on a few megacorporations that provide few options should the consumer not like something about their products/services, as well as reducing their incentive to price their products and services competitively; if they know that their consumer base relies on their product and does not have a viable alternative to switch to, there is nothing to stop them from increasing their prices. With Apple’s latest announcement of introducing its own credit card and digital content media services, Apple is stretching its tendrils further and further into neighboring markets, overwhelming its competition with its sheer size and might.

    This is only going to become an exponential trend. Companies that promote both products and services have an inherent advantage when it come to the promotion of their own products, and the larger they get, the more users they can promote to and the more control they have. This is something that should be concerning to everyone. With the breakup of companies like Apple, this effect could likely be mitigated a good deal. Unfortunately, I don’t see this as something that could happen soon. Changes happen slowly when it comes to large corporations like Apple, plans which make logical sense but many view as ‘radical’ because they deviate from what we as a society are used to, since this has never happened before in our history to follow the example of. I hope soon we see some kind of resolution to these companies that works for the protection of us, the consumers.

  33. As a company, the main goal behind a business decision is to increase the shareholder’s wealth, provide value to its customers, and to generate profit. Apple’s optimistic point of view to expand into a new industry is not necessarily a bad thing. Apple will not become a monopoly and take over everything. Yes, they may drive certain of their competition to get off the market, but things like this happen all the time to competitions who are not able to keep up. The definition of monopoly is “the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service.” When considering this definition, it is clear that Apple is no near being a monopoly. Apple’s main competitors are Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, and many more. All of these competitors have very competitive market share values. When considering Apple has a company, we must not only look at their main products, such as phones and laptops. We should also consider accessory devices such as headphones; such is not the top-selling headphone brand. Besides, just by looking around, it is also apparent that Apple does not have the most sold smartphones. People are continually making a switch from Apple to Samsung. More importantly, the United States antitrust law “regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations, generally to promote competition or the benefit of consumers [and]…prohibits the abuse of monopoly power.” I have not heard that Apple has been charged for violating this act; therefore Apple is not a monopoly and should not be breaking up with. The company is only trying to find different ways to innovate and create value for their customers.

    “Monopoly.”, Accessed 7 Nov. 2019.
    “United States Antitrust Law.”, 25 Sept. 2019, Accessed 7 Nov. 2019.

  34. Many companies do not really know when they are turning into a monopoly and to be honest it is really hard to pin point it. Many big companies have trouble knowing when to stop and that’s the point where other small companies get crushed by them. Companies like Apple, started of small but ended up becoming one of the biggest companies. Apple is so big now and they have so many products like AirPods and MacBooks and so many other things. Apple products are used by so many people and it’s so easy to use it. I personally love what Apple provides and their customer service. Many people are now obsessed with their products and people stand in long lines to get their products. This shows loyalty and shows how people want this brand way more. I like how Apple built their company and how they are building it more and more. Their marketing brings more customers in every day and I don’t really think any other phone can beat the concept of IPhone. I just get scared for the small companies because they won’t be really making money at the end of day. Apple should also try to give opportunities small companies trying to grow because at the end of the day Apple won’t really lose money. I think as of right now Apple is a monopoly compared to other phones which is crazy.

  35. Apple is ofcourse a very large company being one of the most popular and well known tech companies across the globe. And although I do see the issue with the company becoming even bigger than it already is, I do not see the company being broken up anytime soon. What scares me the most about apple is their customer loyalty and their amazing ecosystem. Before anything else, Apple is a tech giant that specializes in the cell phone space as well as the laptop, wearable audio and desktop spaces. With the seamless compatibility across all of their devices, consumers are almost forced to get all Apple products in order to have the best experience. If you want a device with no compatibility issues and to provide the overall most convenience, then Apple products paired together will do that for you. This almost forces a consumer who has bought an Iphone to buy Airpods or Beats Headphones for example. Consumers even go as far as to buy Macbooks and Apple Desktops in order for all of their devices to work together. Apple is an expensive brand and this device ecosystem easily adds to thousands of dollars per customer.
    Consumer loyalty is extremely high within the company and this only fuels profits as consumers are willing to spend those previously mentioned thousands of dollars “because it is Apple.” Also because of this loyalty, as long as Apple continues to come out with new tech every year, customers will buy. It does not matter to the customer if the new device is hardly different from the last one. Apple customer loyalty in my eyes is their most dangerous tool and why they only continue to grow.

  36. Apple has unquestionably been one of the most innovative and largest companies in the world the past decade. Their products are used by many people all around the world and their products have helped lead the digital revolution. However, along with other tech companies like, Amazon and Google, I think these companies have become too big and there needs to be some kind of government intervention. I don’t think there was any problem with Apple when they were just selling computers and smartphones. Now they are beginning to offer their own credit card and are also producing their own content on their own platforms. Like the article states, Apple is attempting to control what people are buying and in my opinion I think something should be done about it. Allowing a single company to have that much power over people and what they are buying and the content they are seeing is very dangerous. There is a reason the United States has antitrust laws and this is a good example of where a company has a monopoly over the digital media market. With Apple continuing to find new revenue streams, they might continue to go into other industries and become the leader in that industry as well. I think it is important for the government to take a look at Apple like they are with Google.

    With the power and how large tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have become, I think it is important for these companies to have some of their power taken away. All of these companies including Apple have started to reach into other industries and this hurts other, smaller businesses in these industries. Also, I think consumers will be hurt by these monopolies because if Amazon controls a large portion of the online marketplace, then they can start to charge higher prices until the government stepped in. Companies like Facebook also control what content people see and what ads they are shown on their pages. This can control what people see and companies can exploit consumers this way. Google and Facebook also have so much personal data on people and there is no regulation on what they can do with that information. I think to protect consumers companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook should not be allowed to get so large and some of their power should be taken away. Without checks on these companies, they will continue to do whatever they want and do not have the consumer’s best interest at heart.

  37. This article was an interesting read. I never really considered Apple as such a big force this world needs to reckon with. When I think of monopolies I usually immediately think of companies like Amazon that sell almost everything under the sun. However, I do see what the author is saying by Apple being close to this “monopoly” description since they control the technology side of the business with their phones and products and the store side with their electronic app store and walk-in store. I can understand how Elizabeth Warren wants to break up these “big tech” businesses due to their control over the markets and their interference with other companies through the app stores. This allows Apple to have control over the market in these app stores since other companies have to get their product in these stores so they can be bought and downloaded on Apple products. This creates no competition in the market.
    This can be especially concerning now that Apple has released their newest product, their version of a credit card. This creates a chance for Apple to get absolutely direct profit from people ordering products or getting a percentage from whatever people buy in their daily lives. Overall, this may be too detrimental to the general population if Apple was forced to be broken up.

  38. Apple set out to be a company that was totally different from anything most people have seen when they came out. I would say they have definitely changed the game for tech companies. They have gone further than just creating amazing products that most people love to have and use. In this era, because most of us have grown with technology it is still new in terms of what can and cannot be done. What rules and regulations need to be set or changed that once would work for businesses back in the day that no longer work for today’s business world. I think lawmakers are still trying to figure it all out. Apple has control of many areas and has expanded into places that as beginning as a tech company that created computers and music devices you would’ve never thought they would go into.
    The definition of a monopoly is exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices. The plans that Apple have purposed in the presentation I think is exactly what a monopoly is. They would have control over entertainment, news, games, and payments. Apple is also not going to have only control but they will be in the app store as well which is a conflict of interest. Just like Elizabeth Warren has said when she announced that she wants to break up the company, “either they run the platform or they play in the store.” If they are in both then there will be no competition for them anymore which is a monopoly. Apple is not the only tech giant that is doing this or wanting to do this. All the tech giants want to be number one and make it known that they want to be on top. The problem is when we got into a digital era, we didn’t establish the rules for digital business as I mentioned earlier. I think breaking Apple and any tech giant that is trying to sell on the same platform that they run is the best thing. Since Apple is not sure how or when they will go about all these plans, they have made for themselves its hard to tell where the company is actually going. Once we fully understand their plans, I think more decisions will be made on what can and cannot be done for tech giants.

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