1. To be a citizen of this country we have certain rights and privileges. We also have certain responsibilities to be active in positive change. The right to vote is a fundamental democratic right that is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is the cornerstone of democracy. Now we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place and we now have the right to do so. We can and should be aware of policies and officials. We should read the news and understand the direction our country is going in. Many important, critical issues are at hand currently. When we vote, we choose the representatives who will make the laws and policies that govern how we live together.
    The legitimacy of a government lies in the fact that it is elected. Low voter turnouts may call into question this democratic legitimacy. When we do not while democracy involves much more than holding elections every five years, voting is a powerful way to send a message to governments and politicians. The more votes, the more powerful the message is. In other words, every vote counts.
    Compared to other forms of political participation, voting does not require a lot of time or effort. In other words, it is one of the easiest ways to have a say in how your society is governed and all it takes it a few minutes out of our day. The old wise saying rings true today, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” by JFK. We need to be a strong country once again….it can happen but each and every one of us must do our part. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
    In conclusion, we all need to vote. It is our right to do so but more importantly, it shows how patriotic we are. It also shows that we care about our country and who is responsible for making it better. By not casting a vote, we are saying we do not care what happens and we make our selves look insignificant when really we are very powerful.

  2. I believe that everyone who is able to vote should make sure they are registered and eligible to vote. As citizens of the United States we have the right to vote once we are 18 years old. In the United States it is a big privilege that both men and woman have a say and are allowed to vote. You really don’t see that in many countries. I feel like everyone should have a vote and say in who they want the next elected person to be. For example when the presidential elections come around every four years, everyone should go out and vote because I feel like everyone should express and choose who they want to run this country. I think everyone should partake in all elections and should have somewhat knowledge of who is running. The people who are running are usually trying to do better for us the people and the world. Seton Hall University does a great job of promoting voters registration. They are trying to make sure everyone that is eligible to vote is signed up and registered. Last week when I was walking to the cafeteria, I was approached by one of the students who was running the registration booth and she was making sure I was registered to vote. Also the university has a website where students can go online to register. Also voting just doesn’t consist of just voting for who the president of the country will be. You are able to vote for your town mayor and other town related seats. One you are eligible, you have the right to vote for anything. Believe it or not usually for town elections, every vote makes a difference. I encourage everyone who is 18 to go register to go vote. Your vote can matter in many ways. We want the guys elected who are going to be beneficial to us and our country, state and towns. If everyone goes outs and votes, many things can be favored in our way. Also we all can make a change by voting. I registered just in time to be able to vote for the presidential election. Going out and voting only take 5 minutes at most out of your day and then you are able to go do whatever you want. So please make sure you get out and vote as much as possible.

  3. Voting in elections is very important and is something that everyone should not only do, but also want to do. Anybody that is at least 18 years old is allowed to vote and have their voice heard when it comes to elections. Does not matter if the election is for the local mayor of your town, or for the President of the United States, because it is very important to make sure that your opinion is heard. When I talk with friends that are not registered to vote I hear a lot of them say that it is because one vote will not make a difference in the outcome of whatever the election is. After they tell me this I always respond back by saying imagine if 90% of the people that do vote had that kind of logic, then only 10% of people will get to decide who they want in office. Another common theme that comes up with nonvoters is that they only vote for the president and not the other elections that happen all around them. I will personally admit that I have fallen into this trap, but I defiantly plan on making sure that I get out and vote a lot more. As a college student I believe that I really need to make sure my vote happens because as I get older I want the right people running in the offices.
    Since I am a college student, I pay a significant amount of money for school and every little bit helps toward me making sure that I can receive an education. When I vote, I want to make sure that I am voting for someone that will support college kids and try everything in their power to lower debt and make paying for college a lot easier for us. If I stay home and do not vote then there is a chance that someone could get office and not make any changes to how debt is currently being handled. I am doing my part in helping to solve the college debt issue by simply just going out and placing a vote. Nobody gets elected into office without getting voted in, so it is the people that get to decide who it is. When people do not vote then voices do not get heard, but when people vote voices get heard and changes might actually begin to happen. Imagine if everyone that could vote actually did vote. We would then have even more legit elections because everyone’s voice would be heard. A lot of people complain when someone they do not like gets elected, and sometimes it comes from the same people that will not vote. In the end, all I am trying to say is to make sure that you get out there and vote because every single vote actually does matter.

  4. Personally, I believe that voting is one of the most important parts of being American. Being able to elect officials and vote on pertinent issues represents our freedom to choose the way we want to live our lives. To put it simply, that sort of freedom and ability to choose is not available everywhere and to everyone. I have been giving this right just by being born here, and I feel this sort of advantage should not be wasted. This election will be the first I get to actually participate in, although I have followed the major elections in the past. In 2016, I turned 18 in the beginning of December, so I just missed the last presidential election. I was all excited in studying the candidates and everything in the years prior, until I realized that I could not even vote. Then, in 2017, when I was actually old enough to vote, I forgot to register. After being so involved in researching candidates and wanting to vote, I guess I just lost interest. I blame it on being in my senior year of high school and preparing for and them starting college. Anyway, regardless of how I got here, I am registered to vote back home in Pennsylvania. I am going to vote in this election, and I am working on making sure I can get my vote heard, whether by mail in vote or actually going to the polls at the fire department in my hometown.
    Something that I have noticed this year is just how much my generation wants people to get involved in using their voting rights. I have been approached multiple times on campus by fellow students asking if I am registered. This was not something I expected, I thought voting was just something people either did or did not do. But everywhere I look, someone wants me to vote. For example, on our PirateNet accounts, there is a new app added this year called TurboVote. This helps students who are not register to register, or if they are registered they help set up mail in votes for people who live too far away from home to vote. Basically, anything a student needs to be able to vote in November is contained in the PirateNet account we use on a daily basis.
    Based on what I can tell, this movement comes from the idea that our current politicians are not appropriately represent the values of my generation, and we have a way to fix that: vote them out. It is cool to feel like I can help change the course of not only American history, but the history of the world.

  5. I don’t like associating myself with either political tribe, I think its a dangerous political environment we’ve selected for through our media where people have to choose one palate of similar-sounding, uniform social and policy views over another and be expected to side with that tribe for their whole voting lives
    But what overrides my instinct to want to associate with one of these groups, to belong politically, is the most pressing issue of our time.
    Before we deal with anything else, we need to address climate change. It is the overriding issue of our time, the one that we will be judged for posthumously.
    Since this issue requires immediate attention, I never get passed it, I look for the candidate who has the more developed, practical response to the problem and vote accordingly.

  6. Voting is one of the best freedoms that we have when it comes to the United States, and it’s a shame that unfortunately it seems like people forget that they can take advantage of it and vote for who they want. Even though programs are put into place to help encourage more and more young adults to vote (such as SHU TurboVote and a new software through Snapchat that allows you to register and vote), a lot of people still seem to wonder why a lot of younger adults aren’t voting.

    One of the reasons of this could be because United States citizens have to go through a registering process to vote. The U.S is a minority in being one of the few countries that require citizens to register on their own to vote, where as some countries (like Germany and Canada) automatically register you to vote. For some people out there, voting could be a burden on them and could be considered unsatisfactory to them, as they can be doing plenty of other things instead of going through the hurdles and hassles of registering (I know from experience, because that is how I felt about it until this year). Many programs like SHU TurboVote are programmed to make it much easier, but we still have to wait and see to view the results of these programs to see how successful they turn out to be.

    Another potential reason could be the fact that we might need more options besides the two parties. Even though it was not a state or local election, the Presidential Election of 2016 featured three main candidates (being Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton). It seemed like a majority of the people that I talked to (including family, peers, fellow classmates and friends) that they hated one or multiple candidates. The problem could also very well be due to the fact that no candidates, regardless of the election at hand, may encapsulate their political ideas and agendas correctly, leading a lot of people to just hold out as they see no great candidate that jumps out from the rest.

    Regardless, It is so very important to vote. Personally, I don’t care how long it takes or what I have to go through. Voting is a very important right in this country, and if we want to steer this country the right way, all of us better do our part and vote for the candidates that we think are the best for the future. Otherwise, we might be up a creek with no paddle.

  7. 74 percent of seniors said they are certain that they are voting in the 2018 midterm elections, but only 28 percent of millennials are planning to vote (Sabes). The younger generations of voters only think the presidential election is important, but for specific issues, a millennial’s vote counts even more during the midterms. Congress is made up of people who have different stances on environment policies, student loan policies, infrastructure spending, and immigration. Therefore, as voters, we have the chance to make a change on various political issues. Another essential thing to keep in mind is if the Democrats take over the Senate after the midterms, the Senate will put in a democratic justice instead of Kavanaugh if he is not confirmed. Hence, the midterm elections are equally as important as the presidential elections because it can decide the direction of the country.

    From the low percent of millennial planning to participate in the elections this year, the above statistic is unfortunate because seniors are voting on issues that have little to no effect on them. For example, climate change is a crucial issue for millennials and their future children, but older adults will not be around to suffer any consequences. Also, gun policies may affect the amount of school shooting, but the elderly may be more concerned about owning a gun, so older adults are not targets for robberies. Therefore, young people should not rely on the older generation to make decisions for the country because ages 60 and above will most likely vote for policies that will benefit them.

    Sabes, Adam. “Majority of young people not planning on voting in midterm elections, says survey.” The Washington Times, 22 July 2018, https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/22/majority-of-young-people-not-planning-on-voting-in/

  8. A right that a good amount of citizens take for granted is the right to vote. This is due to most of them lacking the understanding and importance that lies behind this ability. Being that the United States is known as a democratic republic that means some activity is done by a direct democratic process and other ones are made by democratically elected representatives. For example, during a presidential election, citizens vote at their local polling place and then based on those votes a representative of the Electoral College will place the electoral votes based on how the state voted. The presidential nominee that gets the majority of electoral votes will become the President of the United States. However, some people decide not to go to the polls to vote because they think his/her vote will not count. Since, in recent elections, there have been instances where the President of the United States does not win the popular vote but ends up becoming president due to the Electoral College. When this has happened throughout history, it has always sparked debate as to whether or not this system has become outdated and either needs to be reformed or abolished. Either way, voting is something that needs to be taken seriously because if not then there cannot be complaints when it comes to who gets placed in office or other positions. A common saying is that even if one does not vote, technically they are then voting for the one that wins. This is because since they chose not to vote, they were not able to go against the person that won the votes.
    Seton Hall University has a site called SHU Turbo which enables students to register to vote and stay up to date on when elections are occurring. This is very smart and useful to get involved in because this generation should get more into learning about elections. It is crucial to learn about the people that are running for not only the president but also local elections. One of the stand out aspects of being an American citizen is our ability to have a say in who is representing the country so the wants of the American people can be met. If citizens become complacent and decide to not take the time to research, educate themselves, and vote it is a real shame of their part.
    Voting should also be taken very seriously because, at a point in history, not everyone was given this right. For instance, the Fifteenth and Nineteenth amendment are pivotal because the fifteenth amendment states that it “prohibits the federal government and every state from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s ‘race, color, or previous condition of servitude’” With that being said, women were also unable to vote until 1920 when the Nineteenth amendment was put in place. That was only ninety-eight years ago, which might sound like a lot, but if you think about the history of our country it was not that long ago. It is our civic duty and right as an American citizen to participate in all elections so the American citizen’s voice can be heard. When I first turned eighteen I made sure to register to vote because I wanted to be able to get involved in being an active citizen and have my vote count. Overall, voting should not be pushed to the back burner and everyone should take the time to get out and vote with the understanding of the significance behind it.

  9. Voting is a right that many men and women have fought and died for throughout the history of the United States. Still today there are countries where it is increasingly difficult or even impossible to vote. Every year, around this time of year, the ads start popping up advertising ways to register and encouraging people to register and get out to vote. It is the one of greatest ways citizens can use their collective voices to make a change. The key word there is collective. Unfortunately, with over 300 million Americans, on a per-person basis, their personal vote does not matter. A single Republican vote in a very Democrat county won’t matter because the county will end up blue anyway. Especially in terms of the electoral college and the presidential election, the popular vote is not taken into account anyway, so the individual vote matters even less. However for midterms, where there is a more immediate presence, and the people in office make more immediate decisions for their constituents, voting is very important. Overall, it is good practice to vote and support candidates the one actually believes to be a good candidate. Choosing the “lesser of two evils” is a poor way to exercise the right to vote. It does not express the voter’s true beliefs in the candidate. Voting is the one way we as a people can change the make up of our country’s political realm, and it is time we choose to exercise that right.

  10. As a United States citizen, we have rights and privileges, and some of those rights allow us to make decisions for the country, and decisions for individual states. One of those privileges that allow us to make decisions for the country is voting. If I am going to be honest, I am not huge on politics and I do not follow politics too much, however after reading the different comments on this post, and playing around on the website and learning more information about voting I learned how important and beneficial voting really is. Not only for the country, but it is also for myself. I was never one who wanted to vote, or someone who wanted to follow politics, but as I grow and get older I learn it is extremely important, and I should be more thankful that I live in a country where I can vote.

    After reading some of these comments with regards to voting and seeing how certain people feel about politics and voting it made me feel a lot better to know I was not the only one who really was never interested in politics and voting. Although some of the comments did persuade me to want to learn more about voting, and want to learn more about the country and what is going on in the world itself. Everyone wants to come to the United States for the freedom we have, such as voting and after reading the comments on this post it made me realize that I should be more thankful and grateful that I have the opportunity to vote and the opportunity to help make such important decisions for my country.

  11. As a United States citizen, we have rights and privileges, and some of those rights allow us to make decisions for the country, and decisions for individual states. One of those privileges that allow us to make decisions for the country is voting. If I am going to be honest, I am not huge on politics and I do not follow politics too much, however after reading the different comments on this post, and playing around on the website and learning more information about voting I learned how important and beneficial voting really is. Not only for the country, but it is also for myself. I was never one who wanted to vote, or someone who wanted to follow politics, but as I grow and get older I learn it is extremely important, and I should be more thankful that I live in a country where I can vote.

    After reading some of these comments with regards to voting and seeing how certain people feel about politics and voting it made me feel a lot better to know I was not the only one who really was never interested in politics and voting. Although some of the comments did persuade me to want to learn more about voting, and want to learn more about the country and what is going on in the world itself. Everyone wants to come to the United States for the freedom we have, such as voting and after reading the comments on this post it made me realize that I should be more thankful and grateful that I have the opportunity to vote and the opportunity to help make such important decisions for my country.

  12. The right to vote in the United States has been fought over, and people even died for their right to vote. Yet in recent years more young people are not registering or showing up to vote in state and federal elections. When you turn eighteen in this country you are allowed to register to vote and cast a ballot in elections, so why are people not voting? Millenials and other generations complain about the elected officials in this country failing to properly represent their views and interests. The Boomer generation has no problem making time to vote, and as a result they have a much higher presence at the polls.

    For those that claim they have no time to vote, there are so many ways to cast your vote other than going to an actual polling station and casting your vote in person. For example you can sign up for mail in ballots, which allow you fill out your ballot and send it in through the mail. There is absolutely no reason for someone to not vote, and yet every year millions of Americans fail to vote in elections. Registering to vote is encouraged everywhere and volunteers spend their free time on college campuses and other public forums trying to get people to register to vote. If you haven’t already you should register to vote and mark your calendar for important elections coming up.

    What baffles me the most is when people don’t vote, but then voice their political opinions on social media. Voting is not about being a Democrat or Republican, it is your opportunity to help elect someone you believe best represents you. I have voted in every election since I turned eighteen and I can honestly say that it feels good to cast my vote, knowing my vote counted towards something bigger than myself. Whether it is a local municipal election or the 2020 Presidential election, every single citizen should take it upon themselves to do their civic duty and vote. You can’t skip jury duty just because you don’t feel like going, so don’t skip out on the opportunity to vote. I know that I will be voting this November in the primary elections, will you?

  13. In the United States of America, as a citizen over the age of 18 you have the right to vote. Voting means you have a say in who represents you in government and whether certain initiatives are passed. For this reason, it is very important to have your voice heard by simply voting. Even more importantly, men and women over the years have sacrificed everything to ensure we continue to have this freedom. However, there are many people who choose not to vote and for many different reasons. Some of the different reasons for not voting include people thinking their vote won’t count, registration requirements are confusing, or they cannot get to the polls. Personally, these are not valid reasons for someone to not vote. To begin with, every vote matters! Votes can shape economic, social and foreign policies. If someone is having issues trying to understand how registration works there are many resources that can help you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, many people are not able to get to the polls because they might be sick, disabled, or simply because they live to far from home. In fact, this is a major issue for many college students. College students usually do not pay attention to politics and have a bunch of other things on their plate. Taking a trip home to get to a poll isn’t one of them. However, in my opinion college students need to set aside time and vote. In fact, Seton Hall University has made it easier for many students who are part of this major issue. Seton Hall University has a site called SHU Turbo which enables students to register to vote. This is something many students should take advantage of. For this reason, Seton Hall University will always be a home away from home. Their SHU Turbo site has created a great opportunity for many students to stay up to date, receive election reminders and make voting easy!

    In addition, I was never interested in politics. As I got older, I realized how important it is to vote. My general excuse was always “these registration requirements sound so confusing”. I would then immediately rip apart the correspondence. However, after truly understanding the importance of having the right, privilege and duty to vote as a citizen of my country and a member of my community, I refuse to let this opportunity go! Everyone has an opinion, and it is important that your opinion is heard. In America’s democracy, we value our ability to choose who is in office, and revel in the fact that we have a say in what goes on in the political world. Many Individuals fought for our right to vote. For this reason, do not put their efforts to waste!

    In essence, society seems to have lost interest in politics for several reasons and I don’t blame them. However, this should not stop anyone from voting. Many people feel that our present leaders don’t attempt to accomplish anything while in office and others feel they have been lied to that they have forfeited their right to vote to be trusted. I get it, a lot goes on in the political world. For this reason, encourage your friends, family, and fellow colleagues to vote for someone who is truly committed. Make sure the candidate that you want to win does. With this intention, it is important that you are committed as well because voting is a way of showing your commitment to the democracy that you live in. If less than half the country is voting, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

  14. Every citizen in the United States has the right and privilege to vote in elections to make the change they want. Voting is an American right that is protected, promoted, and practiced every year so that the citizens have the right to elect the officials they want to see run this country. Not every country in the world allows both men and women to have equal rights to voice their opinions. According to the US Census Bureau in 2008 it stated that only 63% of people registered to vote did actually vote. It can seem like that is a good percentage until you know that only 72% of American citizens are actually registered to vote. That means ¼ of the US population is not even registered to vote. That is unacceptable, everyone has an opinion and we must value our ability to choose who is in office and have a say in what goes on in politics. The most concerning is that the age group that does not vote or are not registered to vote is the younger group from ages 18-24 years old. This age group has removed themselves from the election process. America needs young voters more than ever. Young voters account for about half of the voting population, which makes them a powerful force in the political world. These students must vote to directly influence major issues that affect millennials such as college tuition and job programs. Additionally, every vote counts. Many young people think that their vote does not count as they are only one vote in the polls. The younger generations do not follow politics as much as adults do. We do not follow the news or even keep up on political news. I can personally relate, I do not like politics or even understand it. I generally do not have an opinion of elected officials and do not even know much about them. I do believe that the kids like me need to be more experienced into the political force but it is tough when the interest is not there. Maybe high schools and colleges should force students to take a class just on politics and current events just to keep up with the news to show how important it is to vote.
    Seton Hall shows its students on how important it is to vote by helping them register if they are not already. Seton Hall has this program called SHU turbo vote which will help students like me help find their polling location and sends a text message to inform students that there is an election coming up and encourages us to go out and vote. I have signed up for this program and I get a text every single time an election is upon us. After I get the text I do some research on what election it is and who is running for that position. SHU turbo really helps me keep up with the political world and has changed the way I think about my vote. Now, I take voting seriously and will continue to as my vote is important in electing our officials. Therefore, the United States needs millennials to go out and vote and every vote counts in determining how our country is run.

  15. Everyone’s right as a citizen is to vote and every citizen should vote. People come to this country to be free, and to make a better life for themselves and their families and It is very hard to do that without voting. Throughout my whole life my parents have always told me to vote and that people fought so hard just to get the right to vote just so that I could. And in all honesty, I try my best to stay out of politics. I never thought that my one vote would make a change and that if it does not affect me now, then will it really affect me later? I would always hear people talking about it in school, arguing or just shouting nonsense. I never liked the device that politics caused between people. The fact that kids would be talking about it and be fighting over sides even when they can not vote is ridiculous. People should keep their opinions to themselves, and if they would like to talk about it, pressuring people is not right. I have always called myself an independent and thought I would never end up voting. Growing up I have learned that voting is important. I have started to slowly ease myself into politics and voting, because in reality it is going to impact me a lot. Weather it is me directly, my family, job, or income my vote can help make a change. The scary thing about voting, is that some people do not educate themselves. Some take after their parents or vote for who their friends do instead of learning about it themselves. Voting is also more than just the presidential election and a lot of people do not know that. Voting can be for mayors, or construction projects and much more. I first learned about this when my town tried to tear down woods near my house to put a mental facility. My whole neighborhood got together and talked through what is happening. They decided to come together and vote against the mental hospital for the safety of the neighborhood. This is when I realized that my word, and my vote matters.

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