Teaching After Hours: The Rise of International Online Teaching

from Forbes

After teaching all day long, most teachers want to go home and rest. But with meager teacher salaries, many teachers take on additional jobs to make ends meet. We normally think of teaching as something that’s done within four classroom walls, but technology has expanded the ways in which teachers can work. At the forefront of this expansion are virtual teaching companies that give teachers a chance to tutor students internationally, outside of their regular workday.

VIPKid is perhaps the most well-known of these companies, connecting thousands of American teachers with students in China. VIPKid was founded by Cindy Mi in 2013, when Mi saw that there was a tremendous demand for English language education in China, but not enough native English teachers. She envisioned an online, global classroom that could help meet this demand.

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  1. Online Teaching has been around for a while now through the help of technology. Students all around the world can now be taught from the comfort of their own home. Back in the late 1900’s this would have been looked at as an impossible task. However, through the advances of technology, we now have the capability to video chat people all around the world as long as we have internet connection. Teachers are now able to make extra money after school by logging in online to teach students that may not be in the same town or even the same continent. However, could this advance in technology actually hurt later generation and make in class teaching irrelevant. Recently, with the 2020 global pandemic of the coronavirus, all classes are held online. There was a lock down mandated and therefore all schools were closed. But students still need to be taught as they did not want students to fall behind or have to repeat a grade due to these tragic times. The school allowed teachers to work at home on video calls and have the whole class log into the call and were able to teach that way. Back in early 2020 we assumed it was just going to be temporary and more than likely only up to the summer. We are now in the fall semester and almost the whole country is teaching from online.
    All the students I have talked to have expressed to me how much more they enjoy having class online but is this really beneficial to our learning? I have had online classes since I started college so it was nothing new to me. I, personally, was fond of online classes in college because I was a commuter and it was easier to do certain classes from my house. In addition, it saved me money on gas. However, certain classes like biology seem impossible to be done at home and yet during this pandemic they are. My brother, who is in fifth grade, I feel like has a harder time learning from home as it is easier to pay attention in class than it is to sit behind a screen for a kid that young. However, because so many people are enjoying it could this be the future of school? I recently read that in New York, students no longer will have snow days because they can simply log onto the class from home. To me snow days were the best part of the year, you never knew when you would get them and the morning you wake up to a snow day you know it will be great. There will no longer be an excuse to miss school, even when you are sick you can log on. Is the classic four wall classroom teaching becoming irrelevant? Teachers will lose their job and there will be a shortage of teaching positions.This can even affect the economy. A teacher will no longer have a reason to leave their jobs when they can simply do it from home. In a way this could be terrifying. Our advances in technology have become very significant in our lives but I believe classroom teaching is still important especially for younger children. Are they really going to learn if they are just in front of a computer. Some younger kids do not have the mind spane to be starting at a screen for so long and actually comprehend the information that is being taught to them. We all hope that after this pandemic things will go back to the way they were but unfortunately that may not be so simple because we have learned a lot from this pandemic and things will forever be changed. I guess we just have to come to accept it.

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