Warren Buffett Says These 4 CEOs Are Among the Best

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Millions of Americans admire Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett as one of the smartest, most effective, and most personable CEOs in the United States. But which CEOs does Buffett himself admire?

In a wide-ranging interview with CNBC that aired this morning, Buffett discussed everything from changes in the tax law to the fact that he’s never visited a Taco Bell. Along the way, he named some CEOs he believes are doing a particularly good job. And you know he means it, because he’s put Berkshire Hathaway’s money where his mouth is, investing in (or with) the companies these CEOs run.

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  1. Warren buffet praises theses CEOs because they are opportunists, invest intelligently in their businesses and are managerially talented. They know how to manage their company and the people working for them. They envision the future and pursue those goals, surrounding themselves with competent individuals that Mr. Buffet calls, “200 IQ people”. They take advantage of the opportunities that arise in their path and exploit them. They bring their own culture to the company, the hard-working, determined mentality all great successful people have.

    Warren Buffet praises Jeff Bezos a lot for revolutionizing the industry because Buffet believes it was free game for many people to take advantage of but sat down with their hands folded. Bezos saw this opportunity and made it his little project expanding beyond his expectations, becoming a super company in the eyes of many in modern time. Still young and creative, Mr. Bezos has a long time to lead Amazon and conquer new markets as they have been so far. Mr. Buffet does regret not investing in Amazon in 2017 because since then the stock price has doubled in less than a year but Warren Buffett is smart and realizes he does not have to spend money on stocks but on his friendship with the Amazon CEO. They, including JP Morgan CEO, currently are attacking the health care industry by forming a project of their own, expanding into the heath care field.

    Warren loves great leaders and invests only in companies led by great minds. He talked about Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Wang Chuanfu, and Mark Donegan. What these entrepreneurs have in common are: passion, grit, and vision. You need to have these three traits to run a profitable industry. You need to love what you do, or you will fail doing what you dislike. Great entrepreneurial minds are incentivized by the idea that they have the next big thing and have to build it from scratch which is difficult. You need to have an attachment to your project and be happy to succeed in it. Happy people perform better and are more successful because they do what they desire and love as an occupation. How do they do this? Most heads of companies have grit. They look for answers to their predicament and are not afraid to take risks. Elon Musk risked his financial success when founding his SpaceX program in the beginning. He had used almost his entire budget and relied on the last testing of his spacecraft to bring him success. His first two times failed and he kept searching for the solution, investing in his tech and by bringing the brilliance of engineers worldwide. Did he know it would work? No, but did he try and succeed? Yes, because he never gave up even when his closest advisors told him not to. He took the fifty-fifty chance and got it right the third time. Bringing success for his new company and revolutionizing the space industry. All these great CEOs have imaginative minds. Envisioning their company’s growth and influence on the markets. They strive for power in market share and fight for a larger consumer audience. They foster projects for greater profitability. The main point of the envisionment of these leaders is to increase the number of people interested in buying their products. It is what brings value to the brand and in itself markets through word of mouth creating a prestige for the company.

    Great minds think alike is a true statement. They might not agree on certain aspects of values and beliefs but strive to be the best and use their strengths to their advantage. They are creative salespeople envisioning the future growth of their idea and creating a legacy with their leadership.

  2. The company Berkshire Hathaway led by Warren Buffet has made way in expansions in foreign countries it has laid ground in India. The company is involved in every industry you can think of they have a presence in industries ranging from insurance to restaurants. The company has been around for over 100 years. Berkshire Hathaway has a subsidiary company known as General Insurance Corp. (Gen Re) led by Venkatesh Chakravarty, it is currently tackling the largest and fastest growing reinsurance market. The growth speed and momentum is expected to rise for both the insurance and reinsurance industry conveyed by Chakravarty. “India is said to be one of the most important markets and is now considered a gigantic Silicon Valley. The company states they will have a large and long presence in the Indian region due to its profitability. Warren Buffet paved the way for a handful of successful entrepreneurial minds, some being Jeff Bezos from Amazon and Tim Cook from Apple. These two companies is currently running the race for the first trillion dollar company. The future will be comprised of companies such as these two on a larger scale as the world human population is expected to increase to 9.5 billion. An intelligent philanthropist, investor, economist and finacialist by the name of Benjamin Graham is considered to be one of the most influential figures in Buffet’s life from the age of 19. Buffet has obviously done well with the business he’s established and played a major role in the success of other businesses but, he is considered to be one of the most humblest philanthropic figures. Buffet understands what true monetary value is, without living lavishly, which now a days is rare to find due to the mindset of this new emerging and disruptive era that define who they are and what they are based off of what they have. Buffet has actually began to show a strong interest in a few companies with exceptional C.E.Os who has led their firms successfully over the past decade or so, he has actually decided to contribute funds from Berkshire Hathaway into these successful firms to show his support, appreciate and acceptance of the hard work they’ve done to get them to where they are now. It is safe to say that Warren Buffet is eclectic individual that finds value in everything as long as you look at it with the right light, he believes in education strongly and those who harness it and implement it successfully and effectively will yield the greatest rewards in life.

  3. Warren Buffett was born to be one of the best businessmen in history. He has built a legacy for himself, his company, and what he stands for. Buffett has created a standard that people look up to, model their own investments from, and create businesses after. He has ultimately changed the way people think and react to how they conduct their lifestyles. However, unlike many leaders, Buffett often praises his competitors and others in the industry, creating a healthy relationship with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in varying fields.
    One of Buffett’s key tips and investment strategies is to invest in companies that you understand, and because of that, he tends to stray away from the upcoming technology companies. Buffett is known to avoid companies that do not pose a profit nor creates something that he uses or eats, however he does not completely disregard the leaders of these great companies. Buffett admires the diligent, hard labor that CEOs and prominent business leaders promote, both to the industry and to their companies and workers as a whole. Buffett genuinely respects the soft skills and the determination the leaders of businesses portray in the world.
    One of those prominent, influential leaders is Jeff Bezos. Bezos, for me and for millions. Is such an inspirational figure in that he essentially changed life. When people say they are going to change the world, they normally do not mean it and say it to sound cliché, but Bezos means and owns the term. Every household in America- and around the world- is completely changed because of Bezos and what he had done. For him, the imaginary becomes reality and like Elon Musk, the world is their playground. Anything they say gets done, and this is key in business; he backs up his words with actions and creates results for his company. It goes without saying that without Bezos, the world would not be the same; debates about Amazon would not have happened, leaders would not have emerged, and companies would not be the same. One of the key components- besides his strive for success and dedication to get it done- is the work culture in his company. I am generally not fond of how he conducts his cutthroat company policies and worker treatment; instead of worrying about his employees, Bezos cares more about being Superman. But, this is something Buffett looks for- positive returns month after month, and Bezos supplies just that.
    Along with the CEOs Buffett named, I also admire Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Benno Dorer. These leaders have paved the path for others, all leading their company from the ground up. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, so to say I look up to these four CEOs is an understatement. They have showed resilience, grit, and determination to form the companies and work cultures they have today. Richard Branson tells people to find an industry they are interested in, and when they find that industry, shake it up- Musk has done just that. As opposed to being Bezos and playing Superman, Musk is more of the real world Iron Man, creating and living life in a technologically advanced method and shooting for the moon- literally. I think young people can definitely take and learn from this- to find their niche and work on it, getting what they want. Gary “Vee” is one of the most inspirational and motivational leaders I have heard about, and I have learned so much regarding self-want and others. He has taught me to set goals, work each day, and smash those goals- exceeding expectations while not letting people get in the way; if you want something done right, you do it yourself. Benno Dorer is one of the world’s best CEOs from a leadership perspective and someone I look up to as well. Rather than the innovative type, Dorer leads with the soft skills and leads his people, putting them first- similar to Wakefern’s CEO Joe Sherridan. Leadership is very strong and holds to a growth culture approach while maintaining strong values about workplace integrity and engagement, and Dorer does just that. It is crucial to have a great work environment for your employees, as well as an exceptional product for your customers.
    Leadership is difficult to come by in a world that is advancing both financially and technologically, but when it is exemplified, it is critical to the development of a sustained culture and work ethic.

  4. I have always admired Warren Buffett, not necessarily for his ability to bring in money for a company, but for his personality, and the way he handles his money and fame. I know someone who grew up in the same neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska where Buffett currently resides, and he told me about how his house is not ostentatious, and how instead it looks like it belongs with the rest of the community. I also heard stories of how he did not give money to his children at no cost or spoil them growing up; he only gave them a small amount of money to get started, and made them go out and earn the rest of their money on their own. The article even mentions how he still uses a flip phone even though he invests a great deal in Apple, as well. Buffett, one of the richest men in the entire world, has an incredible amount of humility and modesty, which is why I admire him so greatly.

    Buffett’s overwhelming modesty provokes the question of what it means to be a truly great chief executive. Certainly, a chief executive must have the capability to make smart and wise business decisions in order to bring in as much money for the company as possible, just like what Bezos, Chuanfu, Donegan and Cook do daily. There is most certainly a noble quality in elevating their company’s status through genius moves in the market. But it is whenever your only goal in life is to make money and bring your company to an elite level when it becomes a problem.

    I have always loved the analogy of looking forward to your own funeral, and what the people in attendance would say about you. No one would be praising your ability to strike a deal with a big time corporation or how you increased your company’s market share by a significant percentage. Instead, people would be praising your good virtues and qualities. In other words, everyone would focus on the type of person you were and the type of life you lived, rather than the decisions you made for a business or how much money you earned here on earth. Truly great CEOs are those who recognize that money and power are not everything, and that there is a greater nobility in practicing humility and modesty, and elevating their personal life instead of their own wealth and the status of their company.

  5. I’ve always believed leaders were born, not made and an organization can rise or fall because of the leader. I also know that Warren Buffett is among the greatest forward-thinking minds of all time. He was able to predict the success of dozens of companies and made billions of dollars doing it. I’ve seen his interviews before and one of the things he tends to repeat is that he isn’t always investing in the service or product but in a person. If he thinks a person is capable of running a successful business then it usually does well. When Buffett was asked about his investment in Precision Castparts he makes it a point to say he is betting on CEO Mark Donegan, it is not just a bet on the company. This article does a good job of explaining a little bit about his thought process behind each investment he makes. Even though he did not have the foresight to invest in Amazon in its early stages he still believes in Jeff Bezos enough to partner with him on a new health care project. It says a lot about Buffett’s trust in Bezos to go into business with him after seeing the mistake he made by not investing.
    The article also gives some investing tips if you read carefully. When discussing Buffett investing in Wang Chuanfu he needed to be 110% confident that it was the right decisions. Even when his partner said Chuanfu was a combination of Edison and Bill Gates it was not entirely enough for Buffett to feel confident investing in him. Any time you are making an investment you need to make sure it is safe and will pay off. Risky bets can yield large profits but safe, low-risk bets are the ones that will always help in the long-term. I also found it interesting that he does not own an iphone yet he is buying large amounts of Apple stock. This shows that he lets his investments speak for themselves and feels confident enough that he does not need to advertise their product. If I had such a large amount invested in a company I would feel the need to do some marketing for them to make sure my investment did well. Knowing about so many of the companies that Buffett invests in, it will be cool to see how some of these play out. Perhaps more interesting than the companies he invests in are the companies he failed to invest in like Amazon. Small companies are surprising people every day with huge amounts of success and I want to see if Buffett comes out with any statements about companies he wishes he’d invested in sooner.

  6. Unless one lives under a rock, they probably have heard of Warren Buffett. He is one of the richest men in the world and one of the smartest. He is known for making great investments with companies such as Coca- Cola and Apple. Buffett is also the CEO of the world famous Berkshire Hathaway which continues to grow and get better every step of the way. People tend to look up to Buffett’s strategies and what companies he uses when it comes to investing. He recently sat down for an interview and discussed the four CEOs that he thinks are doing an incredible job and the companies that connect to them for his investment purposes.
    First on the list is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. There is no surprise here that Amazon caught Buffett’s attention because of all the success they are having. When a company basically controls the whole online market and is one of the biggest “stores” online, they must have incredible talent running the place. Bezos currently is the CEO and it is said that Buffett is possibly the biggest Bezos fan. He is very impressed with what he has accomplished over the years and how he took Amazon to the next level. He did regret not buying stock in Amazon a while back because in a short period of time he could have made a hefty amount of money which is exactly what Warren Buffett needs. Buffett just announced that Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan, and Amazon have entered into a joint venture together. This is going to do great things because all of the CEOs have incredible minds and have been able to accomplish so much just alone, imagine all of their mind power together.
    Next up is the BYD CEO, Wang Chuanfu. This name or company does not seem familiar to me at all, but Chuanfu and the company must be doing well because it caught the attention of Buffett. BYD is a company based in China that makes automobiles and batteries for electric bus fleets and monorails for different cities. Buffett’s business partner actually brought this company to his attention and told him that he must invest ASAP. Luckily for Buffett, he listened to what his partner had to say. Chuanfu has clearly been doing a great job and apparently runs the factories better than he has ever seen, so this choice to invest was a no brainer.
    Another person on this list is Precision Castparts CEO, Mark Donegan. Again, this is another company and a CEO that I have never heard about, but this does not mean they are not successful, clearly. Berkshire Hathaway purchased this company back in 2015 for a major fee of 37.2 billion. Buffett was very happy with this purchase and loves doing business with Donegan. Buffett has only great things to say about the CEO when asked about him and even though he bought the company, does not mean Donegan will not stay and run as CEO of the company. He stated that they did not get the projection numbers they expected, but this is not a huge shock. Buffett is looking ahead and more of a long term deal then something so rewarding in the beginning stages.
    Lastly on this list is the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. Apple has done extremely well over the years and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Many people got worried after the death of Steve Jobs such as how would the direction of the company change or how would they be able to move on to someone else when Jobs has been doing this all of Apple’s career, but Cook did not disappoint. Buffett actually started selling his share of IBM and bought more Apple stock recently, he just sees this as a better investment overall. Buffett loves the direction and the strategies that are implemented over at Apple and also is a huge believer in Tim Cook. Tim Cook has done great things for Apple and they have not gone unnoticed. When someone like Warren Buffett has great words to say about a CEO of a certain company, they are doing something right. Even though the love for Apple is clearly there, Buffett still uses a flip phone that has no affiliation with Apple. Buffett jokingly said that he will get one soon and even though he had stock in Samsung, Buffett will get an Iphone when the time is right.

  7. Warren Buffett is one of the smartest CEOs in the United States and his company Berkshire Hathaway had the highest per share price in the market. During the interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett name four CEOs he believes are doing a good job.
    Warren Buffett said Jeff Bezos saw the future of the industry. Jeff Bezos knows changing how the business run is better than coming out an innovate product, because the product cycle only last short amount of time, and a new business method can last a long time. Buffett is Bezos’s number-one fan. Amazon.com is a famously unprofitable company. And the reporter question Bezos” Are you concerned about it?” Bezos answer” In the short term, no; and in the long term, of course.” Every company need to be profitable at some point, but the idea of online shopping is so big, Bezos will not have to worry about, just like Uber is not profitable too. In the other hand, Warren Buffett refuses to buy Amazon’s stock. In December 2017, the Amazon stock was valued at $935, and today it’s selling more than $1500. Warren Buffett said “ He doesn’t like to bet on a company like Amazon. However, Warren Buffett did start a joint venture with Amazon.
    Warren Buffett also believes BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu did a good job too. BYD is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles and batteries. BYD build the hybrid vehicle like Toyota Prius. Warren bought the large share of BYD in 2008 and longtime business partner. Wang is like the combination of Edison and Bill Gates. He can come out innovate product like the high-performance hybrid vehicle with affordable price, and he can grow the company from the smallest auto manufacturer to the largest in the country.
    Precision Castparts CEO Mark Donegan also did a good job too. In 2015, Warren acquires Portland, Oregon, metal components maker Precision Castparts. Whenever Warren wants to buy something, he knows the potential value of the company. At the beginning of the acquisition, Warren said Mark is the worst CEO, he ever meets. However, Mark manages to growth the earning per share 18.7% per year and become the most significant titanium manufacturer in the United States.
    The last CEO that Warren mention is Tim Cook. Tim Cook is Apple CEO. Tim come under pressure after the founder of the company pass away, for a while he can’t deliver invocation product. Until last year the iPhone X came out, Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones over the holidays and increased 18 percent of revenue. The warrant had heavily invested in Apple, and he believes Tim will do a good job like Steve.

  8. Warren Buffett, for many years, has been one of the most intelligent, innovative, and naturally born leaders that this world has ever had. He has had some serious success as an investor and has made billions of dollars doing it. He even owns Berkshire Hathaway, which is one of the largest companies in the Unites States by way of revenue. As the newer generation continues to blossom in the modern-day economy, Warren Buffett believes that he sees the future in the industry in Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder), Wang Chuanfu (BYD CEO), Mark Donegan (Precision Castparts CEO), and more recently, Tim Cook (Apple CEO). He believes that these people are all the reason why business continues to grow and run more efficiently.

  9. Everyone in the world knows who Warren Buffett is. Everyone knows him as one of the most successful investors, who made a fortune from investing in different companies. If not, at least, someone, such as a coworker or a friend who craves affluence and fortune, constantly mentions him. Of course, he is not the only rich person in town. Other personalities such as Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page with Sergey Brin are on the list of the richest people in the world. Although they all came from different backgrounds, they all had one thing in common: luck. Most often than not, they are now where they are today because they were in the right place at the right time to seize their opportunities. For Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were close friends at Stanford University. If they had not met, things could have gone in a different direction. Perhaps, Google would have never existed. For Bill Gates, he was a teenager messing around with computers at his local school. His curiosity took him far in his life. This was the time when the computer was at its infant stage and no one knew about the possible implications. This was the same for Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and others whose intellectual curiosity with their matters of a subject that would be worth billions of dollars one day. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, delves into detail about the luck factor with a variety of people from child prodigies to hockey players. Factors such as a birth of dates and the location matter, according to Gladwell. These seemingly uncommon traits played significant roles in people’s lives.
    Of course, luck can only take someone so far to success. The other aspects that successful people often display are tenacity and ingenuity. Albert Einstein once stated that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Jeff Bezos definitely was able to stay ahead of the competition because of his imagination and tenacity to make his ideas into reality. No one would have expected his online bookstore would one day become the world’s largest online store back in the early 90s. It also helps to be friendly and approachable as a CEO whenever an important business negotiation takes place. Having a business model strategy that focuses on quality customer service and empowering employees often bring better results. In other words, attributes such as vivid imagination and people’s skills can go a long way.
    Although many people already possess some of these positive traits, one of the defining distinction between an average employee and a CEO is leadership. Nowadays, good leaders are hard to come by in any industry. This is especially true in for the CEOs in the United States. Many articles discuss the journey that potential CEOs need to take in order to achieve their goals. Everyone agrees that the path for that position is difficult, as many potential CEOs often make personal sacrifices to attain their dream positions. It takes a combination of soft skills and knowledge, among other factors, to be eligible for a CEO role. Therefore, the people who made it to the top have performed extraordinarily to prove their worth in the corporate ladder.

  10. Whatever it is that Warren Buffett is doing, he is doing with vision, and in anticipation of the future. Warren buffet is one of the most successful investors in the world. Whether it be through investing through in businesses or in people, he is always looking to expand and make the most. His investment all started at age 11 when he began the process of expanding his money. By the time he was 13, he made his first tax return. What does that say about him? Well, it gives support to the famous saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” However, an 11 year old investing his money is like saying the egg itself will get the worm. His success, like any other successful person, is driven by and attributed to his hard work, dedication, and vision for the future. It is easy to see why he chose the four CEOs: Jeff Bezos, Wang Chuanfu, Mark Donegan, and Tim Cook to acclaim for their success. They, all like Buffett, had vision of the future. They saw the current day, long before it came which is what sets apart the billionaires from the millionaires, the millionaires from the middle class, and the middle class from the impoverished. Not only does Buffet praise these men for their work but also, he invests in them, placing his trust and money in their hands. He does this with anticipation of what is to come and because, like he, these men are the best at what they do and share common thoughts and beliefs. Warren Buffett knows a good investment when he sees one along with a good investor. Unfortunately, his lack of financial investment in Jeff Bezos may have left him out of a few dollars he did not need. However, his personal relationship allows the sharing of ideas, which can only lead to great things. It may be easy to take the possession that he only supports these people because that is where his money is and they are in return he is receiving exponential profit but as you can see in the case with Precision Castparts that is not the case. He truly believes in the people he works with and does so not only for his benefit but also for theirs and others around them as well. His outlook on philanthropy has changed the lives of many and allows the common man to say, “Wow, he is not just some corporate prick that is on the hunt for everyone’s money.” Although, it may be easy to be to think so since he has billions of dollars in self-worth. With the time and money invested in these people who share attributes of knowledge, persistence, and vision, there are no questions as to why they are doing so well except for, can Warren Buffett invest in me?

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