Gill v. Whitford: Gerrymandering at the Supreme Court

from Brennan Center

With Gill v. Whitford, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken the most important case in decades dealing with how Americans are represented in Congress and state legislatures. The case focuses on a Wisconsin legislative map drawn in 2011 by the state’s Republican leadership to give their party a significant, enduring partisan advantage ? essentially, to keep their party in power regardless of the will of the voters. By striking down the state’s map, the Court could finally draw a clear line indicating that some partisan gerrymanders are so extreme and harmful to American democracy as to be unconstitutional. With 2021’s redistricting looming, the stakes are high. But there is good reason to believe the Court will take a stand in favor of fair maps, and against the manipulation of district lines in a way that undermines the representation and accountability at the heart of our American democracy.

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