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  1. In today’s society, the invention of the Internet has been instrumental into shaping the world, as we know it. The Internet has resulted into a fast paced society where almost everyone in modernized countries use it daily. For the first time in history, information can collective be stored onto the Internet and can be accessed in a mere seconds. This has played a crucial part in how people make decisions. Recently, I have notice that people today rely on the experiences of others via the Internet in making decisions that will proved to be beneficial to the person in the future. For example, if people wanted to order products online from a website, they have the ability to look up reviews on the website. On websites like Yelp, people can rate the easiness and efficiency the website is in delivering the product. They can also see if the product is worth their money and is of the high quality that is advertised. Need to plan a vacation? People can look at the website TripAdvisor to read about the experiences other customers had at the destinations the people planning the trip are looking at. For more important matters, people can also look at the reviews and stock trends of companies they are looking to invest into. They are able to observe through the Internet how well the company is doing at any second. And they are able to execute a decision within seconds. Overall, this has proved to be a positive tool the Internet can provide to people. Using data on the internet can help people make more educated decisions and can provide a way for people to make decisions that will affect their future.
    In my personal experience, I use data provided on the Internet almost everyday. For example, I rely on data on the Internet when purchasing or renting books for my classes. When looking for my books, I use site reviews in order to find ways to save the most money when purchasing books. I also use data to compare overall prices, tax included, plus shipping and handling in order to make a better decision for myself. Another example would be when I buy products online. I rely on data on the Internet to determine the legitimacy of the website and use reviews to give me more details on the overall quality of the product and the reliability and efficiency of the mailing services to make sure I get my products in a timely manner. In my personal experience of using data for the future, an example would be when I choose to attend my university. During my senior year of high school, I had been accepted to different colleges. Where I spent my four years in college and how attending the college would be better for my future was a big decision in my life. The process that I underwent when choosing a college to attend, I relied almost exclusively on data on the Internet. I compared tuition prices, the level of professionalism, the benefits of attending different colleges, the community around the college, etc. I also researched the strength of my program and which college can help me with my career. Ultimately, the data provided to me from the Internet proved to be the focal point in committing to my current university and without the information, this process could have been more difficult and I could have potentially made a bas decision.

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