4 Things Freelancers Should Say No To, Every Time

from Forbes

There’s no denying how difficult it can be to make it as a freelancer. A lot of potential clients are out there to take advantage of you, and no one’s going to spontaneously offer you more money unless you ask for it.

If you want to succeed freelancing and earn income that make you happy, then you’ll need to toe a hard line. Here are four questions you should say no to, every time.

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  1. In any job, if the employer asks the employee if they could be paid them later the answer would be no. The employee or the freelancer, in this case, has worked hard for that paid. If the freelancer had said yes to that question the person will probably not paid them at all. This means the freelancer did all that work for nothing and could have taken that business somewhere else. The second question a freelancer should say no to is could you redo this for free. Freelancer needs to get their income from somewhere and doing something for free is not getting it. It would best if the customer pays if they want it to be redone.
    The third question a freelancer should say no to is willing you do this extra thing also. This question reflects that back to the second question because the way a freelancer earn money is through doing a work. Also if the freelancer says yes to that question the customer will keep asking them if they could do this extra thing free of charge. The fourth and final question a freelancer should say no to is will you teach me how to do this? This will ruin business for a freelancer because their job is to fix the problem that needs to be solved. Showing the customer how to do it will lose that client from their business because now they know how to do it.

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