Security News This Week: Taser Bets Big on the Surveillance State

from Wired

Well, we sent 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles smack into a Syrian airbase this week. But other stuff happened too!

The week started off with some clever hack revelations, including a backdoor that Russians have used for two decades, and an ATM hack that just takes a drill hole and $15 worth of gear. And some particularly industrious hackers took over a Brazilian bank’s entire online footprint for a few hours. Spies got their own cool new app that you can’t play with. Top-secret iOS spyware popped up on Android too. And drones are behaving badly again.

Then there’s the Trump news. Despite what you’ve heard, it’s perfectly normal for Susan Rice to have asked for “unmasking” in her previous gig as Barack Obama’s national security adviser. Devin Nunes stepped aside from the investigation he kept upending. And DHS and CBP picked a very dumb fight with Twitter that they backed down from in less than a day.

And there’s more. Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth but that still deserve your attention. As always, click on the headlines to read the full story in each link posted. And stay safe out there.

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