Police Falsely Told A Man He Couldn’t Film Them. ‘I’m An Attorney,’ He Said. ‘I Know What The Law Is.’

from WaPo

One of the first things Jesse Bright did after being pulled over by police on a recent Sunday afternoon was turn on his phone and begin filming.

Bright was driving for Uber to make some extra cash, but he works full-time as criminal defense attorney in North Carolina. As a lawyer, he said, he believes strongly that when people record their interactions with police, it helps reduce confusion if their cases end up in court.

As he aimed his phone in the direction of officers and recorded, Bright was surprised to hear Wilmington police Sgt. Kenneth Becker tell him that there was a new state law that prohibited him from recording police.

Bright told The Washington Post that he knew better — no such law exists in North Carolina.

“Hey, bud, turn that off, okay?” Becker said.

“No, I’ll keep recording, thank you,” Bright responded. “It’s my right.”

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  1. Police are like the soldiers of the neighborhood. Whenever we are in trouble we depend on police officers to protect us from the evil crime doers. It is a shame to see people of stature abuse their power. Since these instances do happen it is important that civilians know what their rights are so they do not get taken advantage of by anyone let alone a police officers. Police recruiters need to know who they are hiring when it comes to developing a strong police force. If more and more people come in who do not know what type of real responsibility comes along with being a cop and who are not of a certain caliber they make the profession look bad and they put communities and peoples safety in jeopardy.
    Police are trained to be rough around the edges and forceful and that makes them graduate from training with this mindset that they have to make the common individuals afraid of them. Police need to be taught that not everyone that they meet is a criminal and that the public should feel safe and protected in their presence not hostile. People already understand that the police are in charge of enforcing the law. They need to know that not everyone is a criminal but they have to keep watch at all times because some innocent people may be evil crime doers. The police officer in Peter Holley’s article was acting very unprofessional as a police officer for lying about the law.
    Bright was protecting himself by videotaping the officer because he knows how police can twist situations to get themselves off the hook for doing something that is out of line. It is important that people know their rights so that when they do come in contact with a police officer so their rights will not become violated.
    If bright did not record what had happened to him he could have been thrown in jail for not listening to a police officer. Police officers need to realize what their job is and start protecting people from harm rather than targeting innocent people.

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