Coastal Cities Could Flood Three Times a Week by 2045

from Climate Central

The lawns of homes purchased this year in vast swaths of coastal America could regularly be underwater before the mortgage has even been paid off, with new research showing high tide flooding could become nearly incessant in places within 30 years.

Such floods could occur several times a week on average by 2045 along the mid-Atlantic coastline, where seas have been rising faster than nearly anywhere else, and where lands are sagging under the weight of geological changes.

Washington and Annapolis, Md. could see more than 120 high tide floods every year by 2045, or one flood every three days, according to the study, published last week in the journal PLOS ONE. That’s up from once-a-month flooding in mid-Atlantic regions now, which blocks roads and damages homes.

“The flooding would generally cluster around the new and full moons,” said Erika Spanger-Siegfried, a Union of Concerned Scientists analysts who helped produce the new study. “Many tide cycles in a row would bring flooding, this would peter out, and would then be followed by a string of tides without flooding.”

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  1. The current climate crisis has been clouding the horizon as far back as 2011 when notices were being sent out that the accelerated melting of the polar ice caps were going to cause coastal flooding. This was a major concern back then for states that border the ocean, for example the garden state: New Jersey. Coming to a school in New Jersey became an eye opener to me of how this climate crisis can affect anyone’s life including my own, nobody is above mother nature and her will. The major carbon footprint Americans have imprinted onto this earth beginning with the industrial revolution has caused worsening detrimental effects to the environment which are soon to be irreversible. With current rates of global warming the current habits of Americans and other countries are contributing to the damage of the environment and need to be changed immediately to avoid the damage passing a point of being able to reverse the strain on the environment. These dirty energies are causing ecosystems to collapse causing several species at a time to go extinct from the face of the earth which hurts other ecosystems depending on specific inhabitants of ecosystems for food. With the climate crisis emerging in 2010 communities internationally decided to go green. President Barack Obama advocated for the switch over to renewable clean energy so that America could be more aware of their carbon footprint and lessen it. It is important to understand that although there is no direct treatment or action that Americans can take on the polar ice caps it does not mean that there is nothing that Americans can do to help lessen the detrimental effects of global warming and indirectly help slow the melting of the ice caps. The most important thing to keep in mind is that athough this climate issue is not as fast coming or as noticable as a pandemic like corona virus it is still just as important as if nothing more because nothing can save us from natural disaster, no amount of social disrancong. The older generations faced these issues as they were trying to establish and build the American culture, society, and economy and had bigger concerns in closer futures then the possibility of detrimental effects to their urbanization decades later. The people were also just trying to survive day to day and make life easier in the present during this period of industrialization. With this being said the actions of the other generations in their earlier periods of life is not why the youth is furious; the youth is enraged because millenials and gen Z will accept responsibility for their hand in the climate crisis, while oder generations will dismiss it and refuse to accept responsibility for their part in it. Overall, climate action is serious and needs to be taken care of aggressively and as soon as possible before the effects cannot be reversed and who the blame should fall on for this disaster will no longer matter.

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