The Best Of The Best U.S. Jobs Are Tech, Tech And Tech, Again

from USA Today

Hey kids, want to grow up to land the best job in the country?

Then keep poring over those math and science textbooks.

Jobs that require a range of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math) claimed 14 spots in Glassdoor’s new “50 Best Jobs in America” survey, out Monday.

This includes the top-seeded position: data scientist, a job in which you employ considerable math and computer programming skills to wrestle huge amounts of raw data into intelligible and useful data sets.

That job took the crown with a leading Glassdoor score that reflected the number of openings for the position (currently 4,184), a top company satisfaction rating (reflective of culture and values) and a healthy median base salary ($110,000).

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  1. As the article is suggesting, the world is turning continuously towards big data and all the types of software that tech companies are trying to create. Big data is extremely important in today’s world as we are creating more and more data per year and need to find ways to harness its power. Each year more data is being created than the last and these companies are taking this information in and using it to help the company make more profits or even generate maps of information that users can use. This data is being brought in for marketing plans so the companies can market better for their targeted demographic. Even the less useful data that is being collected or created by companies needs to be recycled and kept to make a difference. That’s why all these different companies such as Uber which solely rely on its data to function are employing more tech employees than traditional office jobs because that’s what companies rely on now to survive in this evolving tech world. The data of GPS coordinates are constantly being collected while using Uber so that the driver and customer know exactly where each other are. The app even charges you exactly by how far the ride was and you pay within an instant. Uber basically single handedly disrupted taxi services within the world and they completely rely on their data being used properly to make an income. Even companies such as the New York Times are becoming more tech based and evolving for the changing world by employing more tech employees. They have shifted to be more mobile with their application they launched and the way of physical newspapers are dying so they need as many tech employees as they can get to evolve correctly. Everything will eventually be online so we can’t ignore this shift and we have to go along with it to stay afloat and that’s just what these companies are doing.

    There has also been a huge shift within the school systems as they are becoming more technologically advanced and kids are beginning to learn coding at a young age. Some schools solely just teach coding now as they realize there is no more need for trade skills as those jobs are being replaced by automation. As Elliot Otmani said, “According to the US Census Bureau, 85% of American homes have some sort of a computer.” This is a good fact to hear because if everything is going to be online people have to be connected and have access to a computer so they can stay in the now. Programming is now a hot skill to have and eventually all kids are going to have to know some form of coding to land a job. It’s going to be even worse for the older generations who didn’t grow up with this technology because they are soon going to be left in the dust if they don’t start learning the more up to date programs. It’s a scary thing because people who once would do a regular desk job might eventually be replaced by some type of AI (artificial intelligence) that will be able to do the same tasks. Jobs such as accounting are at risk as AI programs are going to become smarter and have the ability to learn from mistakes and then never make those mistakes again. It will become more reliable and cheaper this way so it’s a no brainer that companies don’t eventually go this route.

  2. Technology is constantly advancing in today’s society as a whole especially amongst the work place. After a survey was taken, it was discussed in the article that most jobs revolve around math and science. This means that technology will play a large role in what employers will look for while hiring new people straight from college. Having experience in knowing how to use various software and computer programs will give an advantage to those specific people. Everyday starting from a young age you see children using computers, phones, and laptops and as having these devices incorporated into their everyday lives shows that they have a gain in the world because they will be more familiar with the use of all these products compared to some baby boomers who could not access technology that easily. Even a few of the largest companies at the moment such as Google and Amazon that are mentioned in the article discuss the importance of the use of technology within their company and ensuring that all their workers are up to date with the latest skills because of the “tech-centric world” (Cava 2017). Knowing new technological skills can help you qualify for a greater pay amongst your department. Focusing on knowing technology allows companies to innovate and grow within their industry leading them to be better than their competition. With this being said, the STEM programs that students are offered in school is essential and should be taken into consideration when deciding an what career path you would want to take even if its in the business or health industry, being able to use various math and science skills assimilated within jobs that are top earning can lead you to succeed in life. Having easy access to technology gives multiple opportunities and if these opportunities are available they should be taken advantage of. Many schools focus now on including lessons through computers and activities especially if it is math related or using software to analyze data which can come in hand with any job that requires knowledge is being able to exam data. Therefore, as the world constantly advances through the use of technology, the jobs offers that will come in the future for us will revolve around the idea of having cutting-edge background of how to use it along with the department you work for within any industry.

  3. This is a very interesting article. One that would make a high school or college student reconsider what to major in before they get their degree and enter the workforce. With tech jobs becoming more in demand it is reasonable to consider that these jobs will be of the highest paying and highest ranking in benefits in the United States. However it was interesting for me to see that the educational system has not kept up with the demand for these new jobs. Is it because the school’s have made a mistake in their research predictions on the job market? Or maybe because new technologies and new markets are being created almost every other month and schools can not restructure their science programs or create new courses to meet the exponential creation of required skills businesses need today.
    Businesses are becoming much more competitive, especially in the tech space. According to this article there aren’t enough people to fill the job spots, this leads to higher salaries for those who are skilled in computer programming, software architecture, and database management to name a few. Top analysts who are studying the trends in the job market are seeing that there is a correlation between technological innovation and the rise in skilled labor demand, Less workers are getting jobs making physical things but in what they know, which is also known as “human capital”. Human capital and the ability to critically think is driving the innovation our country is seeing today in the STEM fields.
    I feel that although there is a high demand for these jobs in our country, which is a good thing. And people will eventually catch the next wave of high paying employment when school’s start offering more courses to fill the demand for these positions, I am very hesitant to think that this change in the labor force is entirely beneficial to the economy overall. Or at least the social welfare of the majority of our country’s citizens. My reasoning behind this is, the more jobs that require critical thinking, more specialized skills, and arguably a higher intelligence threshold, the more unemployment there will be for non skilled workers or people who may not have access to a college education. This in my opinion could cause a rise in unemployment in the next 5 to 10 years which may be very hard to solve. Overall I felt this was a great article and I learned a lot from this topic of discussion.

  4. In recent years, jobs are all beginning to revolve around the use of technology. For example, if a retail store’s computers are down, they cannot continue to sell their products until they are fixed. The article discusses how even jobs in the finance field or in government require that employees have basic knowledge of how to utilize technology. When technology fails, many businesses do too, and people cannot complete their jobs. This is definitely why jobs in technology have grown to be so popular and so highly demanded over the past ten or so years. It is not surprising to me that so many technology based jobs are among the best to hold in the country, seeing how much we rely on our phones, computers, and internet to function daily. I also understand why they are paid so well even when they are just starting out, because it takes a lot of knowledge and studying in order to become capable of performing jobs completely dealing with the use of technology.
    Jobs in the tech field are very interesting to me, because the workers need to be constantly keeping up with the advances being made. Technology is ever changing, which means that people need to continue to learn about it all the time. Rather than employees holding positions where they are repeating the same tasks every single day in the same way, they are now completing tasks differently with each improvement of the technology they are working with. This gives the employees the opportunity to keep their brains active while on the job, and to learn new things almost every day. Many people’s jobs become routine and boring after a while, but jobs in technology seem as though they remain interesting for workers. I also think it is important for workers in the tech field to individually spend time learning new things that come about, though, because once they fall behind, companies have a hard time staying on top of their tasks.
    This article helped me to understand why technology classes such as management information systems are required for business students to take when pursuing their degrees. The field of technology is very competitive, as everyone has the same pool of available knowledge, but only the most knowledgeable will get the jobs. Even if students are not planning to go into a tech based career, it is still very important to understand the basics and be able to utilize technology, because as I previously stated, most jobs require some sort of adequacy with technology in today’s day and age. Giving students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on technology in school in my opinion is fantastic. We are being exposed to something else that some of us may enjoy and want to pursue in the future, therefore helping to reduce the shortage in tech workers that the world is facing at this point in time.

  5. As technology takes over more and more of our world it is no surprise that tech jobs are in high demand. As the article stated, “These days, almost every company is in some way a tech company, requiring workers who are able to create and maintain a firm’s technological infrastructure.” These companies are now made up of more workers who deal with the technological side of the business. Where there is a dentist there is also someone who makes that dentist’s Facebook page or website. This sort of marketing of one’s brand, company, or self is what makes these jobs in such high demand, as well as the need for instant results on how to make things better for the future. When reading this article my mind asked two questions. The first being, “Will we over produce workers for these jobs?” Eventually, we could over source employees for these jobs. More and more kids could decide to go into the tech industry because it is dependable and then we could easily have an overpopulation of workers. The second question that I asked myself was, “Will these job positions go on infinitely?” If you look back even five years ago there were so many job positions that did not even exist. With the expansion of technology and its use for business we have seen more and more jobs be created in order to better a company. Therefore, with the continuous expansion of technology will we ever see the end of these jobs or will more be created as time goes on. I believe it is easiest to say the latter. However, when we do educate these workers to hold these positions that are in high demand can we expect them to last very long? These days, technology moves at the speed of light and with that speed comes newer and newer material for these employees to learn and understand. Involving yourself in an evolving industry opens the door to a continuous game of catch-up. Talk to any coder in the industry today and they will tell you the same. Although we are faced with these issues, I believe it’s very clear why these jobs are number one and why they are now so sought after. They pay well and are central to the world we live in at the present moment.

  6. The best of the best U.S. jobs is tech. There is no surprise there. The technology industry is booming at a relatively fast rate and is vital to the way society is run today. There’s no question that emerging technologies designed to grow and scale business, such as AI, machine learning and automation are having an impact on the types of jobs employers are hiring today. In today’s society I don’t know of any job that isn’t run by some type of technology or know of any job that doesn’t require a computer. According to Glassdoor, the top 10 best tech jobs of 2019 are data scientist, DevOps engineer, data engineer, software engineer, security engineer, project manager, product designer, java developer, solutions architect, and data analyst. According to Glassdoor, software engineers are the most in demand job. Also, the highest paying job is a software engineering manager. These are all vital jobs in the workplace. Not to mention most of these careers fields you earn the 6 figures. The technology market is very demanding and competitive and can be hard to find a job in this field. No one’s looking for an associate degree anymore you must obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher to even be considered in the tech industry. Companies nowadays don’t want entry level workers; they want experience well knowledge workers. Tech jobs aren’t easy and it’s not something that is going to be the same for a long time. Technology continues to grow every day and as it grows more and more, the people who possess these types of tech jobs need to be able to grow and adapt to the new technology.

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