Even Steve Jobs Didn’t Predict the iPhone Decade

from Wired

When Apple set out to build a smartphone, the team tasked with doing so didn’t plan on changing the world. It didn’t foresee the App Store becoming a billion-dollar business full of billion-dollar businesses like Uber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. It wasn’t trying to reinvent how people communicate, shop, and even hook up.

It was trying to build an iPod that made phone calls.

“The grand vision wasn’t really articulated, because there wasn’t one,” says Andy Grignon, a senior manager on the project and now a partner at design firm Siberia. Even the name, iPhone, started as an homage to Apple’s hit music player. Most early prototypes featured a screen and a click wheel. “That was kind of the mindset that we had. It was just going to be, not a revolutionary product, but an evolution to iPod.”

Eventually, they came around to a bigger plan. “It was a general computer that was connected and in your pocket at all times,” says Tony Fadell, one of the senior execs behind both iPod and iPhone. “We saw the dramatic usage of both the iPod and the cellphone of the time and knew people would carry and tend to only one device wherever they went.” You know what happened next. The device Steve Jobs launched at Macworld 2007, 10 years ago today, became so much more than even he imagined. It became an economic and cultural revolution while almost single-handedly making Apple the most valuable company on the planet.

But as now-CEO Tim Cook looks ahead to the iPhone’s second decade and the rumor mill speculates on the next device, it seems appropriate to ask whether Apple has accomplished the goals Jobs laid out on that January morning in 2007. And to wonder what might come next.

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  1. Not many people can change the world, but Steve Jobs did. He is known for many things, like buying a small group of computer scientists, and incorporating it as Pixar, but is most know for co-founding Apple Corporation. He changed the world of computers and technology forever. Steve Jobs revolutionized the PC industry, changed the way we listen to music, and took the world to the next level on cell phone usage.
    Apple’s products were unique and different than anything people had seen before. Apple along with Steve Jobs opened the door to the future in technology. The pc industry was never the same after Steve Jobs got his hands on it. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs we would not have the many essential computer features we have today. One of these essential parts of every computer is the mouse. Every computer in the world uses a mouse and if it wasn’t for him we would not have one. Along with the invention of the mouse, he introduced the world to the IMac. As well as the PC industry Steve Jobs also changed the way we listen to music. Steve Jobs completely redesigned and changed the way we listen to music around the world. With the invention of Itunes people were now allowed to buy songs and albums right off the internet. Before this there was always an object that would have to be bought. This meant you did not have to go to a store or even leave your house to buy music. With the invention of ITunes the IPod soon followed. The world did not think that something like this was possible. To be able to have hundreds of songs on one device was extraordinary. It was years before its time. This item honestly altered the world. Before, people would have to carry around CD and cassette players but after the invention of the IPod, all their music was in one small portable item. Along with the music industry Steve Jobs changed the way we use the phone. Steve Jobs thought of what no one else did before. He combined a phone, computer, and IPod and came up with the IPhone. To have all these devices in one was astounding. This really brought the world into the future. Before the IPhone we had to have each of those items separate, but with the creation of it, it really made life much easier for everyone. The IPhone brought the world into life with apps, touch screens, and much more. Also with apps it made the world a little easier, and everything about it just seemed to make life a little easier.
    Steve Jobs revolutionized the PC industry, changed the way we listen to music, and took the world to the next level on cell phone usage. I myself have had multiple iPhones and they are a huge part of my life and I barley even realize it. I probably use my phone more than anything else on a daily basis. Jobs left behind a legacy that changed the computer, music, and wireless industries. Without Steve we would not have many of the items we take for granted today that make life so easy. Steve Jobs did what no one else was capable of, with the invention of the IPhone.

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