Security News This Week: FBI Finds Hackers Poking Around More Voter Registry Sites

from Wired

Concern about potential election tampering continued this week. As noted in the roundup below, the FBI found evidence that hackers have been assessing the defenses of voter registries around the country and the cell phones of some Democratic party officials. But election officials aren’t the only ones on high alert. A bombing in New York City led the FCC to reassess its emergency text alert guidelines this week, and Tesla turned a hack of its Tesla S into an opportunity to launch code signing, a fundamentally more secure way to verify code.

As fallout from last week’s Yahoo hack news continued, experts questioned the effectiveness of security questionsand urged people to make their answers random and meaningless strings of characters whenever they are compelled to use these mechanisms. But maybe you’re not so worried about any of this. RAND researchers recently found that users whose personal data has been compromised in data breaches generally remain loyal to the institutions that were hacked. Meanwhile, an exploit broker announced it will pay a whopping $1.5 million for previously undisclosed vulnerabilities—known as zero-days—in Apple’s new iOS 10. The, ahem, colorful life of John McAfee is on display in a new documentary. And in the dystopian not-so-future, researchers have evidence that machine learning-trained artificial intelligence systems can be reverse engineered, reconstructed, and stolen

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