The US Is No Longer The Dominant Engine Of Global Innovation, And Europe Will Overtake It? – Here’s Why

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This is a guest article, my first for, which provides a brief introduction to my new book, which was published on May 31st and explores a controversial topic I raise in the last chapter: I believe the EU is on the verge of overtaking the U.S. as the better place for entrepreneurs to reside.

Let me start with a quick personal background and the basic framework that guides the book and leads me to this conclusion.

I have had the great fortune to live in some amazing cities in the Western world in the past two decades. Prior to my Ph.D., I lived in numerous cities in the U.S. and finished my Master’s degree in Copenhagen. Since obtaining my Ph.D. in entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado in Boulder (the subject of Brad Feld’s recent book, Startup Communities), I have lived, researched and participated in local entrepreneurial ecosystems in Madrid, Spain; Victoria, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Buenos Aires; Santiago, Chile; and now Barcelona.

In my book, I introduce the Urbanpreneur Spiral, which highlights three converging forces of urbanization, collaboration and democratization that are driving entrepreneurship in cities.

In short, the world is urbanizing, bringing many challenges and innovation opportunities to cities; collaborative business models and the sharing economy are taking off in cities; and democratization of innovation and technology are putting the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship in the hands of more citizens than ever before.

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