How “Mr. Robot” Is Going To Reveal The Storytelling Possibilities Of Virtual Reality

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“You can look away,” the narrator of the Mr. Robot VR Experience tells you, the viewer, just before things get awkward. And of course, you can look away. You can look anywhere you choose in the entire drab apartment, which should be familiar to viewers of the bracing hit USA show. Up until now, the main feature of virtual reality experiences has always been that you can look away, anywhere you want in 360 miraculously accounted for degrees. What’s revolutionary about this experience, though, is that the story in front of you is so compelling, you don’t want to look away.

Besides, there will be time later to do this again and see what you missed.

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  1. Mr. Robot and virtual reality are two things that I think go hand-in-hand. I am a big fan of Mr. Robot, and it not only has a great plot and great characters, but it has a very unique environment and way of storytelling. A big part of this is due to its cinematography, which is very unique and you will not see another show on television that is shot like Mr. Robot. In Mr. Robot, we are seeing the world through Elliott’s eyes, and since Elliott feels isolated and cut off from the rest of the world, we as viewers are meant to feel that way as well. One example of this is when two characters are conversing. A character will be placed on the side of the screen looking off screen talking to someone else, and the person they are conversing with is also placed on the side of their screen, looking off. This is opposed to a normal show or movie, where characters are placed in the center of the screen, looking at someone else who is also in the center, and it is shown that they are clearly talking to each other. In Mr. Robot, this is meant to create the feelings of loneliness and isolation that Elliott feels, and is an example of how Sam Esmail uses these techniques to make a viewer experience the story in a certain way. This unique way of shooting the show is one of the main things Mr. Robot is known for. It creates a unique environment for the viewer and I think combining the Mr. Robot with virtual reality can make for some great ideas, and the virtual reality video here is one example.

    Sam Esmail was able to bring the world of Mr. Robot and combine it with a virtual reality experience in the video. It carried the same detail that the show does, and explored some interesting things. Like I said before, we are seeing the world through Elliott’s eyes in Mr. Robot, and we are doing exactly that in this video. We are able to feel what Elliott is feeling but in a much more intimate way, which I enjoyed. I have never been big on the idea of virtual reality, even though I know it is becoming a popular concept and many people have been exploring it recently. However, after seeing this video, I have to admit i was impressed. I liked seeing some of my favorite television characters in this kind of environment and I enjoyed the video. I think that if people like Sam Esmail and the people at Mr. Robot, who are experts on things like technology, cinematography, and storytelling, explore new ideas with virtual reality, then they can create some great experiences for people.

  2. VR is an improving technology that has affected society in many ways. What it has mainly impacted is the entertainment business. With movies, TV shows, and games are all beginning to accept VR into their systems. Depending on how movie and TV companies want to go forward, this could be a good thing or a bad thing for movie theaters. If VR becomes to be a good thing, this would start bringing more people to the theater and help with the struggling industry. IMAX has began offering certain movies involving VR technology. They have done this so far in two theaters and have thoughts on expanding the incorporation to other theaters and in America as well. The bad side of this however, just like streaming services, could lead the continuing end of theaters since people could have their own VR systems and stream these movies from their home. Depending on how these companies decide to incorporate this technology into their shows, movies, and games, they have to see if people would be interested in this or not and want to follow traditional viewings of the different forms of entertainment. I have only tried VR technology once due to a friend showing me and it was cool and interesting. I do know of a family friend who went to Toronto for work and his coworkers took him to this theater. He said it was large and full of different rooms with the headsets. He did like the experience but didn’t feel he would do it again or would know of anyone who would enjoy it. However, it can be different once you take the headset off and loose track of time as you are in the headset. I have asked others their opinion and my sister tends to enjoy the experience while my parents on the other hand are old fashioned and did not enjoy their experience. People will continue to debate back and forth whether they want to stick with old traditions or try the new trend that is starting to gain traction. VR is a very interesting concept and is something I feel will grow and branch out to more opportunities in the entertainment field.

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