GoPro Focuses On Olympic Heroes With Two New Original Video Series


When you think about GoPro content, chances are it lands somewhere between an insanely impressive action sports moment, an eagle’s eye view of the world, life as a toddler, or maybe just your buddy’s bike ride to work set to Iron Butterfly.

But the brand’s own content strategy is evolving, including a move last October to bring in former vice president of creative development and operations for HBO Sports Bill McCullough to serve as executive producer of GoPro sports content. McCullough says GoPro’s content strategy is ultimately to tell the best, most immersive, and most compelling stories, but they’ve learned that character-driven pieces are some of the best performing stories. As a result the brand is looking for opportunities to deliver more of that episodic content.

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  1. Go Pro has revolutionized the way we view sports. The company created a product that allows us to see through a new lens. The creation of the device changed how videos are produced and viewed. The sports industry quickly took advantage of this by giving fans all around the world more insight and perspective from athlete themselves. Action sports took these devices and rode with it as they are arguably a huge reason why Go Pro took off the way it did in the beginning. Now, with innovating and improving the company has essentially reached a new market with a whole bunch of new ideas and motives.

    The Olympics were a big step for the company. With Olympic athletes now partnering up and advertising, using, and promoting the device, Go Pro can set itself up for the future. Now that they have the world on its stage through the infamous Olympic Games, the company should see sales going through the roof. When Go Pro first launched the company did exceptionally well. This was because it was basically the first of its kind. With sales being down however, Go Pro hopefully found the right move with telling stories of nine different Olympic athletes. Documenting their journeys through the Go Pro lens got viewers and users excited as the company is exemplifying what they wanted the device to become all along. As it first began to shoot footage of action sports athletes, it is now transcending into professional athletes and a lot more.

    Professional athletes nowadays want to give their fans more. And one way of doing that is by utilizing the Go Pro more often. Through training, exercising, or going on adventures, many fans would love to see more of what goes in an athlete’s life on a regular basis. Starting with the Olympic Games, it is awesome to see the athletes competing first hand. Adding a different aspect to viewing can gather more viewers, leave fans more satisfied, and gain a lot of publicity just through the Go Pro.

    Go Pro’s idea of creating a mini series of athletes in training and at the Olympic Games is a great marketing campaign. The company’s strategy is to use the Olympic Games as an advertisement essentially to gain even more popularity if possible. Adding a Go Pro feature to the games will bring viewers closer to the action and that brings a lot of excitement.

    But the device reaches further than sports. Many people are using the device to document their lives. It has slowly become common for families to carry the device around when on vacation instead of cameras. The Go Pro is fun to use as families can easily access it and take videos instead of pictures. Many prefer this because it feels like you are saving memories by documenting them and not just putting them into a photo. I personally know many people who do this and recommend it heavily. It is a fun, unique, and simple device that makes all the difference.

  2. It is fantastic to see such a great brand revolutionize how athletes are viewed. We all have this colluded perspective that all athletes were born with this god given gift and that they did not need to work hard to be in the position they are in today. We think of them as almost non-human as 99% of the population could never attempt what they accomplish on a daily basis. Go Pro has always been at the forefront of action sports but this is such a great marketing strategy to get people who aren’t as athletic interested in their products. I have grown up as a full on action sports boy, with snowboarding in the winter, dirt biking in the spring and fall, and waterskiing in the summer. Ive owned 3 Go Pros in my time and i can honestly say that every year they are enriching the clarity and focus, as well as developing extra tools to make the process easier and easier. One of my favorite pro snowboarders always uses multiple Go Pros to film his insane backcountry runs and that has always given me the confidence that if he is using these devices in those situations then it must be high quality and durable. I love what they are doing with these olympians, but i really hope they continue to produce epic videos for the action sport pros.
    The two video series talked about in the article give such insight on how athletes train mentally and physically, and really show the struggles of becoming the best in the world in their own rights. This article came out in 2016 and since then we have had the summer games of 2016 and winter games of 2018. Since the breakout of following olympians, Go Pro has done a fantastic job. In 2018 I can remember seeing go pro Ads all over commercials showing some of the athletes stories as well as on Go Pros website more in-depth short movies about each person competing. Without a doubt they have followed through with their plan and now everyone knows what kind of company Go Pro wants to become. They are innovators in their own right, and are pushing the boundaries of the film industry. Go Pro has gained my upmost respect for their product and their company.

  3. When people talk about GoPro, they think about fun, personal content from the perspective of the person filming; anyone can film with GoPro and put cool songs behind the video. However, the company decided it wanted to alter its content strategy by bringing in the former VP of creative development and operations from HBO Sports, Bill McCullough, to develop a video series with episodes about nine different olympic athletes and one coach on their road to the Rio Olympics in 2016.
    GoPro’s mission in starting this video series was a brilliant and sincere way to put the spotlight on Olympic sports and athletes who do not typically get the media attention that they should. Not only do I support GoPro’s mission for the light it will shine on Olympic athletes, but I also think it can serve as motivational content for aspiring Olympic and/or professional athletes who are young and may not have the confidence to push themselves to the next level. Olympic athletes train tirelessly to try and salvage their opportunity to shine every four years. Their experiences are humbling, and everyone should know about the work they put in to compete on the biggest stage in the world, The Olympic Games.

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