Five Ways Mobile Is Changing the World

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Mobile is about more than a device or platform. The combination of immediacy, personalization, scale and global reach mobile provides has democratized content, commerce and culture. It has given unlimited power to consumers who spend on average 11 hours per day on mobile devices.

Those who view mobile as simply an extension of their advertising program are wrong. Mobile is becoming core to all consumer-brand efforts, both in terms of time spent with these devices and because they are home base for search and social media and, increasingly, all things video.

For marketers, mobile is our industry’s greatest opportunity and one of our biggest challenges. That’s why the number of marketers attending Mobile World Congress has steadily increased each year. MWC isn’t just for hardware manufacturers and tech guys anymore. It has become the place to be in order to see the trends and technologies shaping the world’s collective mobile future. And it’s way beyond advertising.

Here are the five most important trends for marketers to emerge from this year’s MWC:

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  1. Mobiles are more than a device; it helps us to feel connected to the world. People spend most of their time on it. Mobiles are becoming the core of all consumers, we spend time searching, social medial, and mostly watching videos. 5 g becomes the malice increase in network capacity that makes download, streaming, videos to be faster and higher in the definition. That’s will help students if they would like to take online classes everything will be easy to download and they will not face any difficulty. Virtual reality became the excitement for Hollywood studies and mainstream media because everyone is into the VR games. VR devices sales were three million in 2016. Besides, it will grow from there to around 30 million by 2020. As we can see today in almost every mall that we go to there are VR games for children to play. In addition to that, there are VR glasses that you could attach to your phone and play from home. Technology as a whole control and change our way of living every day. For example, online shopping is so popular now in 2020 but comparing it to 2016 it was not like now.

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