No Business Too Small to Be Hacked

from NYTs

Just as the holiday shopping season neared, a toy company, Rokenbok Education, was navigating a nightmare situation: Its database files had been infected by malware.

Online criminals had encrypted company files, making them unusable, and were demanding a hefty ransom to unlock the data. Rokenbok, a California-based company that uses building blocks and even robotics to teach children how to think like engineers, lost thousands of dollars in sales in two days.

Rokenbok’s founder and executive director, Paul Eichen, was already struggling to adapt his seven-employee company to a fast-changing toy world. Even worse, the malware attack was not Rokenbok’s first. The company had been hit earlier with a denial of service attack that shut down the company’s website.

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  1. I agree with Constance’s post. No matter what company or corporation someone works for they can be hacked. Over the holidays, I noticed many companies trying to fight the hacking crisis like Target. Companies that are so large like Target show everyone that hacking is very serious and can endanger anyone. They can get very personal information like social security numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and more. As technology advances and more tasks in our everyday lives are becoming digital this can cause harm to those who have their lives online. For example, hackers have been recently being able to hack into baby monitors and cause harm to the families. This has caused much danger and distress to those families. In comparison to companies, I work for a small business where most of their work is not digitally. About 60% of the store is digital. The other 40% is done by paper. This gives them a sense of protection of having information being hacked and losing a large sum of information about the workers and the company. This is not a good looking at the company, but some like the old fashioned, retro look. This also is noted by my bosses that if there is nothing wrong with the system, why fix it when it will break it? The general overall business I work for is somewhat dying and last year, many of their competitors were moving and largening their companies heavily online. However, this can affect the company positively if everything isn’t online, less of a concern if they are hacked. Another example is my dad working for a big business company. With that, they keep a very tight security on their system and send their employees to seminars and making them constantly change their passwords. As much as this seems like an annoyance, it is helpful that the company has never had any hacking issues. Companies big and small need to be concerned about this and use different techniques to protect themselves. As much as our culture is to heavily relying on electronics, we can still benefit from in person and old-fashioned writing to give a protection of privacy and safety for the workers and companies.

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