Welcome To New York, Where Tech’s Not Just An Industry

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Last night we hosted an event at our office in Union Square and I heard an SF-based product designer say seven words that encapsulate something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: “You’d never find this in the Valley”.

The visitor from the Bay Area was referring to the diversity of people gathered together for a Wednesday night event that was, for all intents and purposes, a “tech party”. Yet it wasn’t just about “tech.”

Paul Greenberg, Media Executive and investor in Human Ventures realized this when he observed, “Everyone I’ve introduced myself to tonight has such a diverse and fascinating story.” Among the crowd were top executives from Fortune 500 companies, fashion designers, titans of media companies, and even pro athletes?—?all gathered alongside founders, product designers, engineers and top-tier tech investors. Our office warming party (see photos here) last night highlighted the diversity that is New York City and emphasized to me that bringing smart and talented people together to collaborate is the formula for a good beginning.

I’m convinced more than ever that New York City is the best place to start and grow a business.

There is no disputing that the best of the best can be found in New York. Finance, fashion, hospitality, media?—?all industries that thrive here and have been attracting the best human capital for decades. But in New York, tech is different. It’s not yet another industry, but a transformational force that affects all the others. Every company is now a tech company. The real opportunity is when traditional businesses become tech-enabled and can dramatically change consumer behavior.

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