Google Adopts Single Sign-On For More Desktop, Mobile Apps

from Infoworld

Google is expanding its identity service to provide single sign-on for more desktop and mobile applications.

With enhanced OpenID Connect Identity Provider support, Google Apps administrators will be able to add single sign-on capabilities to mobile apps and to SaaS apps available through the Google Apps Marketplace, said Shashank Gupta, product manager for Google Apps for Work. Google also added support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 for popular SaaS providers and made it easier for administrators to add custom SAML app integrations.

Organizations are increasingly adopting single sign-on because it improves corporate application security. Employees don’t have to remember complex passwords for each application as they use their Google Apps credentials to sign in.

“These single sign-on options help us address the growing demand for a central cloud based identity service,” Gupta said.

Single sign-on makes it possible for users to switch seamlessly across different Google applications, such as Drive and Gmail, without having to retype the password every time. Google already supports single sign-on for external applications via SAML, including, Dropbox, Freshdesk, Concur, Workday, Amazon Web Services, and Zendesk. With the enhancements to OpenID, Google Apps administrators will be able to provide the same type of invisible login to their employees across more applications.

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